That was the scene in Virginia last night. Here is a bit more from the plane.

And today? Crowds formed hours in advance, and up to 10,000 are expected in Fairfax later today.

First stop, Lynchburg!

These great kids are fired up and ready to go!

As are the rest of the supporters in the huge and enthusiastic crowd.

Yes, you can, Virginia!

Romney is now heading to Fairfax, Va.

The crowd is already showing itself to be massive. They had to move to a larger venue!

Heh. Biden was given the big, old “Dear John” letter at his rally in Va., today: A whopping 800 showed up.

Mittmentum. It’s real.

If these crowds are any indication, this is prescient.

Twitchy will update with more on-scene reports from the Fairfax rally.


Romney supporters have the rally venue thoroughly packed!

The crowd is definitely fired up:

The Patriot Center has officially hit crowd capacity:


Even those who weren’t able to get into the Patriot Center are still thrilled to be a part of Mittmentum:

Kids are getting in on the excitement, too:



We can feel it from here. Wow!

That is the kind of change Americans are looking for.

  • Steph VT

    As a Romney/Ryan supporter in California, I am grateful to the tens of thousands of supporters in these rally states for the sacrifices they are making and the weather challenges they are enduring to be part of these inspirational events. Thank you all for representing all of us who can’t be there in person.

    • Peggy

      Steph, I’m from California too and I feel the same way. Well said.

      • nc

        There are a lot of us Californians here, aren’t there? One thing I’ve noticed when talking to lib friends and co-workers: they aren’t nearly as informed as we are. They don’t listen to the news and are uninterested in politics (hopefully they won’t bother to vote). I imagine those living in battleground states are much better informed whether they like it or not.

    • Susan Borden

      From L.A., I feel my vote is worthless and disenfranchised by the many illegal and illegals voting to keep these Dem/communists in office decade after decade (but still I keep voting). It strengthens me to see actual people with their heads on straight fighting to keep us free, at least in the red states. Thanks…

      • Guest

        THIS is why it’s so important for voter fraud to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! It undermines the Republic and our value as individual citizens. I will be voting for Romney here in Ohio tomorrow.

      • Bill

        for everyone in a deep blue state – after you vote for Mitt and Paul then find a Romney or Republican office and offer to make calls. I think the campaign is utilizing deep blue states to help make calls into states like PA, VA, FL, OH, WI, NH, CO and IA.

        • BlueGood

          So excited for you people…you know I am doing all I can to support a Romney/Ryan win from Canada. Verbally slapping down Libtards at every opportunity

          Can hardly wait for tomorrow night!

          GO GOP

          • Vennoye

            Thank you!!

      • cscape

        your vote is vital….. it feeds in to the surging popular vote for Romney

    • RightThinking1

      Don’t give up the ship, guys.
      Hang tough, and vote. It will reflect in the popular vote, and it will affect the way Browns sees things. GO VOTE!

      • Daisy76

        Oh yes, will be casting my lonely vote here in NY. I stand in solodarity with all of those who stood many hours to see Romney- in all of the swing states- and whose votes will propel us to a new beginning on Nov. 7th!

        • RosiesSeeingRed

          Hey, you never know! NY State has a lot of red areas, and there are a lot of really PO’d liberals without lights and heat in NYC right now. I’m in NJ — same boat as you, but oddly, there hasn’t been an Obama sign to be found here, and now with the gasoline lines, the only people willing to burn gas to get to the polls are REPUBLICANS.

          • Daisy76

            Love your post! :)

          • nc

            God bless you!

      • Christine Lewis

        Very few Obama sign here in Southern California. Almost shocking.. in 2008, you couldn’t spit without hitting one.

    • Man of Little Means

      Yeah it’s nice to know they are doing what we can’t. Voting for a republican president in CA is like peeing in a wet suit. You really get a warm feeling but nobody notices. Too many liberals here in CA

      • Laura Thompson

        Awesome metaphor!!! Take heart tho….we ARE going to rid this great country of the parasitic POTUS and FLOTUS….

    • FDavis847

      Chuck: They WILL notice. CA is going to be much tighter than the liberals think…and that will get noticed.

      • Terry

        I agree. I think most “blue” states are going to be MUCH closer than the media protrays. Praying all go out and vote, even if they don’t think it will matter— Popular vote DOES matter, especially to the media an the perceived “mandate”.

    • Christine Lewis

      Yes thank you.. also from California.


    I bet these pics dishearten O supporters. Awwww…. Too bad.
    *teeny tiny violin*

    • Penmar

      I like that!

  • KinSlayer

    I really wish I could go to one of these massive rally’s but I live in Texas. An automatic state for Republicans.

    We know what is best for the country. But man, what an amazing ending of this campaign season for Romney. 30,000 in PA, 30k in Ohio, 10k in VA, the list goes on and on.

    • yahneverknow

      I think they had to turn away at least as many as are inside in VA right now. So that count is more like 20K.

      *O/* landslide!

    • Daisy76

      And the media is turning a blind eye. No one is writing about it. I am disgusted that our so-called mass media only serve their own selfish ends and not that of the masses. I’d say boycott!!!

      • Vennoye

        It is time to deal with the MSM after this election! They have gotten disgusting! I quit watching them in 2008, but we have to do more!!

      • cscape

        something better than a boycott…… the MSM has now become a caricature of itself, a subject for ridicule, and a laughing stock without any credibility whatsoever!…. in the end, they are the “emperor with no clothes”…

    • Ghost

      10K? uh, more like 30,000. really. easily. I wouldn’t be surprised if 50,000 showed up but some were dissuaded from staying because of the crush of people. I’ve seen enough sellout baseball and football games to compare.

      When I reached the end of the line (2 hours before event start) I knew I wasn’t going to get in. Then, at least as many people came behind me as were in front of me. But folks hung around, I think, just to be there.

      Team Romney (and Secret Service) scrambled to set up a microphone for Mitt and Ann to make an appearance on a balcony (with appropriate bunting, hurriedly put in place) to satisfy the thousands who couldn’t get in the building.

      Running joke: “is this the end of the line? for Romney (event) of for Obama?”

    • Robert H Parker

      Funny thing is, i saw a prediction today that had Texas a blue state… I dont think i have laughed so hard in a very long time…

      Libs are really counting on some magic beans to pop up within the next 20 hours…

  • RightThinking1

    As usual, looks like a wholesome crowd.

  • Dan Thorpe

    I am going to the rally tonight with future VPotus Paul Ryan. This will be my 3rd event in a little over a week, excited to finally have a President that is a proud American. #Romney/Ryan2012

  • Guest

    I had to try and get through the traffic outside the event in Newport News last night and it took forever. It was the most heart-warming wait in traffic I’ve ever endured!

    • Daisy76

      Love your post! Warms my heart too!!

  • Marcy Cook

    I want to see these same lines tomorrow…..I bet I will too!

  • Michael Hampton

    Is this the rally where they kept people from leaving? Even children suffering in the cold?

    • News Reporter

      That would be called ObamaCare.

      • tessaprn

        That was a good one! Too bad it is true.

    • Crunkomatic

      In an enclosed arena…you think children are suffering in the cold? Really? Just wow.

    • Jim Denney

      No, that would be NYC, where Barack the Bogus Bomber Jacket man couldn’t manage to “spread the warmth around”!

    • keller23

      Yes. That’s how horrible Mitt is. He freezes children. And puppies too!!! Libtards are getting more idiotic by the hour.

      • Michael Hampton

        So we are idiotic because Mittens tied his dog to the roof of his car and then the secret service made people stay at the Mittens rally? Your statement doesn’t change what actually happened.

    • Robert H Parker

      Oh well, since you say that, i’ll go out and vote for the obamanation… Thank you for your awesome rebutle, you changed my entire life…

      Oh wait, that came out wrong, sorry… What i meant to say was, your a moron…

      • Michael Hampton

        Does your pissy comment change what happened?

  • golftilidrop

    11-6-12, The end of an error.

  • VAMOM2

    Being from Southwestern Virginia, this gives me hope for NOVA(Northern Virginia)!!! Let’s bring this home!!!! Tomorrow night, we can then shout from the Virginia mountaintops, unlike what Oblamer said here in Roanoke,”We did build this!!!!”

  • mkreider

    My neighbor went to the rally in Fairfax…wish now that I had gone too. Alas, I am not feeling all that well today…:

  • Jean Pennie

    Thanks to all of you who are able to attend these events and help to push our next President over the finish line. So exciting!!

  • Linds

    I got to see Romney in my tiny corner of NW Colorado last May. In a town of about 2,000, he got about 1,500 at that rally, and that was before Mittmentum even started! We’re in coal country, but we’re also in the middle of the deep-blue areas around the ski resorts. It was really heartening to see so many like-minded people there.

  • Stacie Mitchell Young

    man, in the blood red state of Tx, wish we could go to one of these rallies, but wow! guess VA didn’t like Obama dissing the military with his boats and bayonets remark in that debate.GOTV

  • bobclaville

    Everyone reading this. Please vote tomorrow. I know it’s never a good thing to ask God for such things, so. Pray for America, and for All of us who still believe We can do all things……who strengthens us! Forget the FOUR years. Start a New day and Vote.
    Remember. The Opposite of FORWARD is BARRACK-WARD!

    • Paula Zimmer

      I want Romney to win .. If Obama wins after all of the fasting and prayer that has gone on in America all one can say is woe for the world.. God is allowing disaster .. He did this to the Hebrews time and time again. to wake them up to bring them to their knees… I love my country but look at it with clear eyes. The guy who runs Playboy, Hefner; the filth of tv; teaching our children degrading things.. However, I am still holding out hope that Mitt and Ann win.

  • Redhotchilli Pepper

    I am from California, went to lunch yesterday with two democrats that were voting for Romney. Maybe one day our state will turn around and be for the people . God bless America!

  • Lee Cockrell

    There were thousands of people OUTSIDE the Patriot center. I spent 45 minutes in the car trying to get a parking space Originally Romney was going to hold his speech at Robinson Field, which seats 1500 plus standing room on the football field. Demand pushed it to the Patriot Center, which seats 10k (inside!).

    The Patriot center is the venue that Obama didn’t even TRY to fill two weeks ago! Instead he filled the CFA next door, which seats 2000!!

  • Aaron1960

    Other than these overflow crowds & intense voter enthusiasm, there’s not much goin’ on for this Romney fellow.

    • Vennoye

      Just a “struggling campaign” according to MSM!!! Am starting to despise MSM!!

      • Lynda Deming

        Starting? I have loathed the enemedia for at least 8 years now.

  • Bob Gayle

    wow, i am both impressed and thankful!

  • teapartydoc

    The MSM isn’t going to know what hit them.

  • keller23

    But turnout will be D+11 according to CNN. LOL

  • keller23

    And I bet once all these people leave there is not a piece of trash left behind. Unlike the Calcutta slum like scenes after a liberal event

  • redheadgrl

    I’m tearing up looking at these pictures. It shows me that we’re really going to do this tomorrow. It shows me the American spirit is not dead. It shows me these polls are wrong. It shows me I will be able to respect my president again.

  • Terry Murphy

    Too funny. Biden barely scrapes up 800 peeps at his rally. Romney over 10 thousand.

  • Ghost

    the tweets were good, but only a taste- there were more outside the arena than inside! we waited 4-5 hours in line and stayed to listen via speakers.
    All were Enthusiastic, Supportive and CAN’T WAIT for the next rally at the Mall on Inauguration Day- we hear they got space to handle a large crowd 😀

  • kaecie_berry

    wow! and this is “no free phones, no free vodkas and no free birth control” crowd!!! #romneyryan2012

  • bleufishcat

    To be fair PC was set up for half capacity with standing room too. So at least 5000+ were seated and an easy 1000+ were standing. And possibly a few thousand stayed outside. IT. WAS. AWESOME!!!