Whoa. This is huge; early voting numbers show a swing of over 250,000 in voter turn-out. In the GOP’s favor!



And there’s more.


More from The Examiner:

Even more dramatic, while the GOP has cut the Democratic advantage in early voting throughout the state, the changes favoring the Republicans in certain counties has been huge. In Franklin County, home to Columbus, for example, a 2008 Democratic advantage of 5 percent is now a 5 percent GOP advantage. In Cuyahoga County, home to Democratic Cleveland, the GOP has shaved six points off the Democrat’s 2008 advantage. And in Hamilton County, home to Cincinnati, Republicans have expanded their 2008 advantage to 13 percent.

University of Dayton Professor Larry Schweikart told American Majority Action President Ned Ryun that the GOP gains favor Romney. “Although it is early, we will soon be at a point where–assuming Republicans vote for Romney–the Democrats will have to overwhelmingly win all the remaining early voting just to be even on November 6. But, given Ohio’s voting history, if the numbers are even close after early voting, Obama will lose, and possibly lose big.”

Double whoa! But, evidently, Nate Silver’s mock-worthy model didn’t get the memo.

Someone is going to need to keep an eye on Nate. Poor dear. Also needing watching? David Axelrod, who seems to be fixing to start scrawling in a tear-stained diary, if his appearance on “Fox News Sunday” is any indication.

Delicious, indeed. Watch and smack your lips!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hrsbm-nCy24&w=420&h=315]

But, hey, it’s not really his fault.


Exactly. Facts are so hard, and so is reality.

We were wondering why Axelrod wouldn’t bet his creep-stache on Ohio. Now we know why.


  • Dandee

    Speechless along with mustacheless on Tuesday

    • Garth Haycock

      Does anyone really think that Axelrod will shave after Obama loses? He’s a liberal. They promise the world but deliver nothing.

      • ked5

        yeah – remember all the libs who promised to leave the US if Bush won? they’re still here. . . . . .

        • TundraThunder

          And the Canadians don’t want those who said they’ll move there.

          • ked5

            I think you’re safe. They’re cold-blooded and they tend to prefer warmer climes. they’re paralyzed by the cold.

          • http://twitter.com/species_x Species X

            They won’t like our Conservative government anyways. We got rid of our Liberals in our last election. Best wishes to Romney /Ryan on election day!

        • Sheerie Knoll

          Yeah I remember that too. And I laughed when I heard the same threat concerning Romney win.

      • James Neal

        He will be so convinced that the conservatives somehow stole his blue states that he will renege on the bet. After all, his pres hasn’t kept a single promise he made either, so why should be be surprised? Just winning will be enough — I could care less about his 70’s porn creeptache…

      • Dick Bass

        It’s necessary to parse every word with these guys.

        The bet was not about losing…. it was about carrying PA, MI and MN. It doesn’t include the traditional path FL, NC, VA…. OH & NH = 270. or… WI, CO & NH = 271 or WI, CO & IA = 273 or with NV.

        If any of the 3 (PA, MI or MN) fell to Romney ( IMHO game over) it would open so many more paths to 270, make for an early night and watch the 10:00 local news. That is something that Axelrod could not possibly contemplate now. Maybe Nov 7th.

  • Michelle

    Booya! Keep it going Ohio!

    • Rabid

      Damn,I wish my ex (also named Michelle) was as smart as you…she’s voting the other way..

  • SAndrews

    It’s potentially even worse than these numbers indicate. The Republican percentages for Romney this cycle rival the Dem percentages for Obama. In 2008 there were many more Republicans who voted for Obama. Every time he attempts to energize his base, he loses these voters who were ‘fooled’ by that post-partisan, hopey-changey BS.

    • Jim Porter

      How does it feel to be totally wrong and look like a deluded fool?

    • Jim Porter

      How does it feel to be totally wrong and look like a deluded fool?

  • disappearing moderate

    Best news I’ve heard all day.

  • RightThinking1

    Axelrub: “Hey …, does anyone here have a razor strop?”

  • http://twitter.com/Miller51550 Bob Miller

    Being from OHIO.. here is HOPING this sends OBAMA and the DEMORATS back to their CAVES on Wednesday.

    • http://www.facebook.com/faith.dunn2 Faith Dunn

      we are not all bad..my friend and I are registered Dem..we proudly voted for Romney..i think there are a lot more people like that cant to evict this self righteous ass..Obama is not a democrat..he is socialist who lied to get in office..after this electric i will be changing my status on my voter card

      • chocolateheart

        There are still many good Dems. The conservative blue dogs who still have more traditional American values. Unfortunately many of the far left ones are turning socialist! :(

      • Brandon Billings

        Good for you Faith. High five

      • http://twitter.com/DaDessertLadie Clora Form

        Thank you Faith. Just thank you. <3

      • Conservative

        Well put, Faith. Not fair to charactarize ALL Dems as socialist followers of this misguided administration. Good for you for making your own choice, not what some would have you make because of party. :)

      • SansMercy

        Blessings, Faith! You did us proud!

      • http://www.facebook.com/eddie.dyer1 Eddie Dyer

        Faith, you help bolster my “faith” in America! Good for you!

      • Martha Amerine

        faith i am also a registered democrat who will be voting for romney!

        • Julie

          Way to put America first Martha Thank you!!!

        • Judith Lewis

          Martha, Congratulations. You have made the right choice for all of us. I just pray that there are a lot like you out there. We love you.

      • Peggy

        THANK YOU! Please tell all of your friends who haven’t voted that Ohio has our fate in their hands. Ohio can end the nightmare or extend it. Please Please end it!

      • Glenn Wright

        I was thrilled at the number of “Democrats for Romney” signs I saw at the Englewood rally last night. Now I know they weren’t plants

      • Marcia

        Super great thanks

      • BossyBlonde

        I echo everyone’s sentiments….a big THANK YOU

      • VAMOM2

        Your first name says it all Faith. Faith that the people in this country come to their senses and gets us back on track. We gotta have faith!!!!

      • Woman CEO

        Thank you, Faith. You give me hope that the two parties can work together when we get Obama out!

      • James Neal

        Thank you Faith and Martha. A vote for your country. I hope there are thousands of Faith and Martha’s out there in the Buckeye State…

  • TrueCenturian

    Attention Ohio voters: I promise I will not wear my Michigan T-Shirt for a year if you deliver a GOP victory. I will even go out and buy Buckeye garb if you listen to your heart and vote for Romney/Ryan. I have nothing more to offer. Please, America needs you to do the right thing.

    • Garth Haycock

      A Michigan fan promising to buy Ohio State garb in return for a Romney win in the election? That is what I call dedication to the country! I applaud you sir.

      As a diehard Utah fan, I don’t know if I have the fortitude to buy BYU gear in return Romney being elected. Of course, I live in Salt Lake and Utah is the most solid Romney state in the country, so my state will be doing it’s part. 😉

      • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/SOMKNG5E5FWDGRSE5U43I3I75I David

        Hey, I’m not into sports at all so if Ohio pulls it off for Romney I’m yours completely.. where do I get one of those foam fingers?

      • BlueGood

        OMG…COME ON OHIO!!!!

        AMERICA is COUNTING on YOU & GOD to deliver us from THIS EVIL SOCIALIST MAN!

        Gonna be a LONG…….24 hours….and if this keeps up…it will be the sweetest!

    • http://www.facebook.com/mick.saravitz Mick Saravitz

      Sir, you are a patriot !

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/2VCM5XDOUSR53R6KXINPZPTLQI DEBORA

      Yes, and I’ll pull for all your ball teams every time I watch one play! I will! Vote Romney/Ryan!

    • Doug Bell

      As a Uof M alumni, I too will buy and wear Ohio State jerseys and wear them if Ohio does the right thing and dumps the chump in favor of Romney Ryan. Get em Buckeyes, do the right thing.

    • OscarK44

      I will take you up on that, see what you can do up north there and I will get a Michigan T-Shirt and wear it for every game. Down in Dayton, Oh. and a huge Buckeye fan.

      • SAndrews

        Talk about bipartisanship!!! If Michigan & OSU fans can work together why can’t congress?

        • BossyBlonde


        • reneehaigh

          i like it: politics and sports throw in religion and you have the three basics for breaking up friendships and family arguments!!! lol

    • LightSabre

      People, a Michigan (Wolverine) saying this about Ohio (Buckeye)? TrueCenturian, you should change your name to TrueAmerican!

      • stu11926

        Romney hasn’t even been elected yet and already he is healing the deep divisions between the People of our nation! How exciting!

    • TracyB

      As a Michigan fan my entire 48 years, I too will by an OSU jersey if they pull off a Romney victory. And that is saying something, considering the lullaby I sang to my babies went something like, “Hail, to the Victors…”

    • $30736095

      LOL! You’re on. I expect a photo link.

  • It’s just me again

    I think it may have the potential to be worse than the Dems think. I don’t think Obama won without Republicans voting for him last time. Voter registration doesn’t necessarily equate to the actual choice in the ballot booth. Add that to disgruntled Dems this time, can’t this swing in toward a huge victory for Romney?

    • TwitWit

      YES! i wonder why NO ONE has mentioned the “real” democrats that are NOT progressives.. so many of them will vote for Romney over obama.

    • jeanbean14

      I hope it does swing in toward a huge victory for Romney. As a bonus, it will shock the heck out of our clueless mainstream media.

      • http://twitter.com/Two_of_Five Amie Holladay

        That’s going to be almost the best part of it all. Poor Chris Matthews probably won’t last the night….

        • VAMOM2

          Here’s hoping!!!!

  • Michele

    I am praying so hard for Romney/Ryan!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MJGP4QXZ5PRW2MFA5E25CV2WNU rosalie

      With the Democrats, it’s groupthink. On our side, how about if we have groupprayer? Prayer is very powerful especially if we’re all doing it.

      • WSandoval

        There’s an e mail going around asking to stop what you’re doing at 8 p.m. and say a 1 minute prayer for the country,,,and R/R, so do it at 8 ??

        • reneehaigh

          done deal: did: will: want to: pray!! pray hard: pray we don’t fall to china or to islam!

      • http://www.facebook.com/billie.brown.127 Billie Brown

        I am already in ….

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MJGP4QXZ5PRW2MFA5E25CV2WNU rosalie


      • http://twitter.com/Two_of_Five Amie Holladay

        Amen! I’m in :)

        • Rabid

          Me too I’m in….

      • ConservativeChick82

        I’m in! I hate to admit it but I think Obama was the wakeup call conservatives needed…God works all things together for good.

    • Sheerie Knoll

      So is this California woman~I figure my state won’t go Romney~so I have to rely on every other state

      • CaliforniaMimi

        I’m also a California woman and I’m with you Sheerie. It’s lonely in a blue state but rumors are you can’t even find an Obama sign in liberal San Francisco so he won’t get a landslide even here.

      • Sheila Morlas

        Maybe we will Sheerie!!!

      • ked5

        I saw a report by a guy from LA – lives in a black neighborhood in LA. His homosexual friends are voting romeny – they own businesses. His latino entrepenur friends are also voting romeny. the blacks are so fed up with being hit upon for money, they’re refusing to vote. they’re also talking about their hatred of obama on FACEBOOK. some are openly supporting romney the only ones he knew voting for obama were rich LA housewives without a ‘real’ life.

      • YeahWeWill


      • YeahWeWill


  • http://www.awinninghabit.com lissa

    Bluffing. That’s all he’s got?

  • http://twitter.com/johnwquinn John W. Quinn

    Barber – “So, what are we going to be doing for you today?”

  • tjp77


    Seriously, we need to keep our game faces on until Wednesday morning. This isn’t going to be a walk… and even if it is, we still need every single vote in order to send the clearest message possible.


    • http://www.facebook.com/dickie0228 Richard E. Smith

      I hope the Repubs learned something in Fla in 2000 and have the lawyers lined up and ready to go in many of the swing states. It may be a long month. Save us Ohio!

  • TwitWit

    We already know who is “bluffing”..

  • Cynthia Ingraham

    This is great..

  • PJBFan

    This is great news!

  • Jack Deth


    A quarter million early votes!!!

    To quote Mr. C. Montgomery Burns” “Exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcellent!”

    Davey… You cannot bluff the Math!!!

    Waiting patiently for Axlelrod’s ‘Chip Diller Moment’ from ‘Animal House’.

    “REMAIN CALM!!!”
    “ALL IS WELL!!!”

    Though it is nice to know that Axelrod is far too deep inside the belly of the ‘SS. Obama’ to escape with all the other rats busily jumping ship!

  • Dio Heerai

    Its ALL about CLEVELAND, CUYOHOGA COUNTY … THIS and ONLY THIS is the key to OHIO Obama has so UNDERPERFORMED in Cuyahoga that he will need to better his 2008 performance here BY 20% in order to win , not gonna happen . Intensity there is DOWN , WAY DOWN from 2008 if it RAINS or is COLD on tuesday in Cleveland ROMNEY WINS BY DOUBLE DIGITS, if not he wins by 5% to 8%

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1165479390 Sharon Ferry

      Praying for a cold rain in in Cleveland on Tuesday, ALL day. i KNOW Republicans would swim, crawl on hands and knees, lol, to get to the booth to pull that lever for Romney/Ryan.

  • Steve Wiser

    Axelrod silent, early Christmas present for the country.

  • Walter Rampton

    This does not look good for the Obama camp. I think Obama opened up a can of worms in his “Vote for revenge” statement. Really?? I think a lot of Americans think in that way Mr President. Only problem is the revenge is voting you out of office.

    • http://www.facebook.com/faith.dunn2 Faith Dunn

      he sounded like a chicago retard with that speech

      • Jim Denney

        Make that “Special Olympian” willya … it’s so much more Obamaesque!

      • ked5

        uh – there’s a reason he sounded like a chicago thug with that.

    • http://twitter.com/yahneverknowCB yahneverknow

      They can defend “what he really meant” all they want.
      It just showed his true self, prompter-less.

    • reneehaigh

      his phony photo op with gov. Christie didn’t help either: the tide went out on that deal: people are waiting for their supplies to even live!! where is everything? storm forcasted for almost a week: LIAR LIAR obama the great liar! how can he smile the next day on the campaign when people are suffering? he don’t CARE ~smiling faces tell lies!!! remember that song?? i didn’t ! yea lets use HIS revenge for the poor storm victims that are STILL waiting for the phony liar to get the supplies there like yesterday:

  • setnaffa

    Don’t get cocky.

  • Michael Shea

    Time to shave that mustache Mr Axelrod! LOL!

  • alvin691

    I still have an issue that the Ohio votes are still down 77k, regardless of “trend”. That just means we need 78,000 more on election day

    • Ricky Spanish

      You assume all Democrats are voting for Obama. They are not trust me

      • http://www.facebook.com/odoris.brucken O’Doris Brucken

        My thoughts exactly!

    • Darkstar1661

      Republicans always show up more on election day – even McCain beat Obama on Election Day in Ohio in 2008.

      In fact, just do the math based off the numbers we have above from the video…
      712,088 Democrats early voted in 2008
      372,498 Republicans early voted in 2008

      Obama won Ohio by 262,224 but won early voting by 339,590, so McCain even won Election Day voters by 77,366 – and who the heck wanted to vote for McCain?

      Edit to include that Obama won Independents y like 5 in 2008. This year, all polling is showing a consistent 10-20 lead for Romney among Inds. McCain would have been within a couple hundred in 2008, even while losing Independents, based off these 2012 levels of early voting. Switch those Inds and all of a sudden you have an easy Republican win.

  • $30423294

    You realize of course that the Democrat party’s endgame is to one day argue in court that actual election results are invalid on the grounds that they deviate from Nate Silver’s predictive model.

    You think they would not try it? Oh but they would! Such a scam would be nothing compared to the global warming hoax, and look how long they milked that sow with state controlled media help!

    I fear we have circuit court judges seated today who would be inclined to rule a state election invalid, or a federal election invalid, on just such a ground. I.e., that the electoral results failed to align with an established scientific model.

    All of this underscores the urgency of removing the coercive utopians from power.

    • http://twitter.com/yahneverknowCB yahneverknow

      Solution: Romney landslide.

      They can’t possibly argue that much voter fraud. Er… I mean, they can try to argue that much voter fraud, but they’ll just look really silly.


      edited to add: Uh. I’ll blame “New Math.”

  • http://www.jackiewellfonder.com/ Jackie Wellfonder

    There isn’t enough Obamacare in the Universe to cover the epic meltdowns that are going to take place on Tuesday!

  • John

    Wait a second, isnt this story from OCTOBER 4?

  • http://twitter.com/Stimulus4U Marty Luther

    I thought Axelrod was the official (sole) Obama spokesman for information on Benghazi. He does campaigns too?

  • http://www.facebook.com/faith.dunn2 Faith Dunn

    two more days..its hard to sleep knowing obama is still are president

  • MovingToNevada

    Nate Silver is still doubling down thinking (hoping) Obama has a 70% chance of winning the election. And the leftists hang onto every word he says…sheeple.

    • http://twitter.com/yahneverknowCB yahneverknow

      Most of them have wagered actual money on this (illegally) overseas or online.
      I think the current odds are about 1/4 for Obama and 3/1 for Romney.

  • GoRomney

    Axelrod, start shaving your moustache so we can see your stretch mark from blowing Obama in the last 4 years.

  • http://www.facebook.com/edog41 Eric Peyton

    O…H…!!! Just do it! Romney/Ryan!
    And… Go Buckeyes!

  • Ricky Spanish

    I live in Ohio. There are Romney signs EVERYWHERE. I can’t even find an Obama sign.

    Obama is not winning Ohio. No way

  • “G”willekkers

    So exciting! I’m scared to death of four more miserable years! Lets get this party started!

  • HW

    How many of those 150K votes were acorn votes?

  • Mikey_W

    Sorry, isn’t this a bogus comparison? Four year ago, the state didn’t mail every voter an absentee ballot application. With the state making it so easy to vote early and from home, without even having to ask for it, obviously there will be more early voting this time.

  • Ricky Spanish

    I know a lot of Democrats who are voting for Romney.

    • http://twitter.com/yahneverknowCB yahneverknow

      Independents, too.

  • scubaski00

    As Obama’s campaign manager, Axelrod has always looked like a cross between sleazy used car salesman and Adolf Hitler. Birds of a feather!!

  • http://twitter.com/DaDessertLadie Clora Form

    Lovin’ Ohio right about now. I’ll pull for all their teams if they eek out a R/R electoral win. #promise

  • Gallatin

    davey axeltwig get ready to shave that mustache.

  • JayRaskin

    You know that Fox News lies 24/7, so why do you believe anything on Fox News?

    For those who haven’t figured out how Fox is punking you, here it is:

    “Unfortunately, Ohio’s early voting data is limited. Party affiliation in
    Ohio is based on the last primary in which a voter participated, so new
    voters and those who don’t vote in primaries are listed as

    Read more: http://www.seattlepi.com/news/politics/article/Obama-seems-to-have-early-vote-lead-in-key-states-4005497.php#ixzz2BI7QoyP9

    The so-called 250,000 Republican shift is not a shift at all. There was no Democratic Presidential primary this year, so naturally fewer people who asked for ballots were considered Democrats when the ballot was sent out. The Democrats did not lose any voters, they just lost 154,000 mail-in ballots labeled Democrat because there was no Democratic Primary in 2012, whereas there was one in 2008.

    1.2 million voted in the Republican primary in 2012, while 1 million voted in 2008. We could expect a 200,000 mail in ballot increase from the Republicans on this basis. However only 100,000 more mail in ballots were attached to the Republican name because of their primary vote increase. All of these new 100,000 Republicans were likely hard Republican voters in 2008. The only difference is that they voted on election day in 2008 and they are voting by mail-in this time.

    So the increase in Republican mail-in ballots and the decease in Democratic mail-in ballots are based solely on the fact that more people voted in the Republican Primary in 2012 (probably because there were more candidates) and there was no Democratic Primary in 2012, while there was one in 2008.

    When we discount these meaningless numbers as all serious election analyzers have, we see that President Obama is on track to do somewhat better in early voting then he did in 2008 and on track to take Ohio by the same 5% that he did in 2008.

    • http://www.facebook.com/sandy.howell.7 Sandy Howell

      You just won’t accept that your King will be gone on Tuesday. Maybe you can move with him to his 35 mlliion dollar home he purchased and will be closing on Jan 11. in Hawaii!! Bye!

    • mike_in_kosovo

      Funny how the numbers are only meaningless when they show Romney in the lead.

      • JayRaskin

        The numbers are meaningless because the numbers are meaningless. They do not tell you who is getting more votes. They only tell you that more Republicans voted in the Ohio primary in 2012 than in 2008 and fewer Democrats voted in the Democratic primary in 2012 than in 2008. If 150,000 new Obama voters signed up at the Democratic primary in 2008, asked for mail-in ballots, they were listed as Democrats. If 150,000 new Obama voters asked for mail-in ballots this year, they were listed as unaffiliated because they had never voted before,. Whether listed as Democrats or unaffiliated, they are still going to vote for President Obama. So what appears to be a shift from Democratic to unaffiliated voters of 150,000 votes is not a shift at all.

        • mike_in_kosovo

          Funny how they’re so meaningless that they can’t speak to a Romney advantage, but simultaneously meaningful enough for you to state that “Obama is on track to do somewhat better in early voting than he did in 2008 and on track to take Ohio by the same 5% that he did in 2008.”

          Oh, and btw? Ohio is a ‘Super Tuesday’ state and did, in fact, have a primary election on 6 March.

          And wow… Obama voters requested 2012 ballots in 2008? Amazing!!! /sarc

          I believe that’s called being “hoist on your own petard”, as well as showing the hypocrisy of your position.

          Go away, troll.

          • JayRaskin

            I am basing my 5% prediction, partly on the fact that 9 of the last 10 polls on Real Clear Politics shows President Obama with an average lead of 2.8% over the last two weeks. Other polls have shown Obama gaining strength over the last few days, moving from being 1% behind to about 2% ahead in the popular vote in national polls. That would suggest that he would do better than the 2.8% lead he has been averaging over the last two weeks in Ohio.

            Also, Rasmussen Shows Obama and Romney tied in Ohio. Rasmussen statistically gave 4.8% more votes to the Republicans in 2010 and they appear to be using the same faulty polling system they used then. Based on that, we again get a 5% win in Ohio for President Obama.

            The long lines at the polling places in Ohio today also suggest that President Obama will gain enough early votes to easily defeat Romney. Given the bad press Romney has gotten from his lying ads in Ohio, and the fact that President Obama supported the auto bail-out while Romney did not, I would not be surprised if he led by 6 or 8% by the end of Tuesday.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            I am basing my 5% prediction, partly on the fact that 9 of the last 10 polls on Real Clear Politics shows President Obama with an average lead of 2.8% over the last two weeks. Other polls have shown Obama gaining strength over the last few days, moving from being 1% behind to about 2% ahead in the popular vote in national polls. That would suggest that he would do better than the 2.8% lead he has been averaging over the last two weeks in Ohio.

            You might want to look at the internals on those polls, skippy. RV instead of LV at this late date? D +9 splits?

            Also, Rasmussen Shows Obama and Romney tied in Ohio. Rasmussen statistically gave 4.8% more votes to the Republicans in 2010 and they appear to be using the same faulty polling system they used then. Based on that, we again get a 5% win in Ohio for President Obama.

            Sounds like some Nate Silver reasoning. Are the Cincy Enquirer, Suffolk and Gravis using the ‘same flawed polling system’, perchance?

            The long lines at the polling places in Ohio today also suggest that President Obama will gain enough early votes to easily defeat Romney. Given the bad press Romney has gotten from his lying ads in Ohio, and the fact that President Obama supported the auto bail-out while Romney did not, I would not be surprised if he led by 6 or 8% by the end of Tuesday.

            And you know for a fact that all those people in line were voting Obama *how*, exactly? I see you even got the “Romney didn’t support the bailout” lie in there.

          • Jim Porter

            Anything else to say about internals? Time for a gut check. All the evidence was staring you in the the face and you completely ignored it. Are you man enough to admit you were just plain old wrong?

          • Jim Porter

            Anything else to say about internals? Time for a gut check. All the evidence was staring you in the the face and you completely ignored it. Are you man enough to admit you were just plain old wrong?

          • Jim Porter

            What funny mike is how your guy got his ass handed to him, oh and how you were too stupid to see it coming. That is hilarious.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            Took you five days to think that up? Don’t quit your day job, skippy.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            Took you five days to think that up? Don’t quit your day job, skippy.

          • Jim Porter

            What funny mike is how your guy got his ass handed to him, oh and how you were too stupid to see it coming. That is hilarious.

    • TundraThunder

      You and the rest of us know MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Yahoo, and most of the rest of the LSM lie 24/7/365. Polls are just that, polls, a sampling or collection of opinions on a subject, taken from either a selected or a random group of persons, as for the purpose of analysis.
      Tuesday night is what matters, and no matter what happens, the left will have lawyers out in force suing for recounts, to have votes against Obama thrown out, and anything else they can think of to have your side win . . . at all costs.

    • Love of Country

      Hey Jay ….. cry us a river. You state run media patsies who yearn for one sided news presentations on every single channel in the universe are embarrassing. Fox News is the singular voice of dissent on 200 channels and if you and the entire DNC had it your way they would be gone tomorrow. Four years ago you patsies were saying dissent is the highest form of patriotism and yet these days you’ve done an epic 180 and are now unapologetically calling it dishonest and racist.

      So what if Fox isn’t dishonestly editing videos all the time, burying stories that don’t fit your fascist narratives and aren’t doing everything they can to promote your gender wars, your race wars, your class wars and your religious wars like the others do …. for that they don’t deserve your hollow scorn but instead deserve the unyielding support of the nation which they already have. Fox News …. #1 in the country for 13 years and countng … particularly among hard working, patriotic Americans. If Fox News is at odds with OWS, felons and racists, and they are, I’m quite sure they can live with themselves.

    • ForNow

      Hit the road, troll.

    • sabrose

      This is a self delusional post. Its clear that independents are breaking big time for Romney and many of these early votes were done at the polls where party affilation was given. As for the Fox News comment -thats something only a self loathing liberal drone would say.

      • JayRaskin

        Rasmussen polling gave Republicans 4.8% more votes in 2010 on average than they recieved. If we exclude the Rasmussen poll, which showed the race tied, we have four different polls in the last four days showing President Obama ahead by 4, 3, 6, and 5 points. That is an average lead of 4.5%. This is quite consistent with the 5% he won Ohio by last time.

        According to one analysis, when 3 polls are taken in a state before the presidential election and they all agree on a leader, the odds are better than 90% that the candidate leading in the polls will win. When the lead is more than 5%, the results are 100%. At 4.5%, we can estimate the odds of President Obama winning Ohio at around 98% based on previous presidential polls.

      • Jim Porter

        Who looks delusional now?

      • Jim Porter

        Who looks delusional now?

  • GolfPro

    Remember this! It is God that gives Victory!

  • scubaski00
  • kc102

    What kind of statement is “we will know in 2 days who’s bluffing and who is not bluffing?” seriously this is the best Axelrod can do…I am sure he had more to say but this is his lead response? He spoke in such a faint way I think he may be thinking he’s about to lose his job and then he acted like he was in shock with his stammering to begin his rebuttal. Thank God we only have 2 more days left til we know the outcome.

  • Beautut

    Take it from this Ohio Buckeye, (Born in Steubenville)
    Put Obama out to pasture.

    If the president refuses to answer questions about the
    foremen killed in Benghazi before
    the election, Doesn’t that give us all a reason to change our vote? Regarding
    Transparency, Mr. “O” doesn’t seem to know meaning of the word. VOTE
    HIM OUT and ask questions later.

    An open letter to my Buckeye friends living in Ohio

    I was born in Steubenville, Ohio.
    Lived a short time in Youngstown
    and have friends and relatives in East Palestine,
    Ohio . I am having a problem as to why any
    one with common sense would vote for Obama. What has he done for Ohio?
    in fact, what has he done for or should I say done to the USA?
    Ohio is a great state so why not
    elect a great president?

    Think about Mr. Obama’s record? He hasn’t one worth talking
    about. He has insulted some of our closest friend around the world, Bowed down
    to a sheik, Apologized for America to countries who don’t even care about
    America, Lied abut Libya and the murder of four diplomats and claimed it was
    caused by a video which was repudiated four weeks later. Claimed to have saved
    GM which has the Volt to its collection of ugly cars. The volt cost about
    $70.000 to produce, and riddled with problems including catching on fire, not
    selling and now can be purchased for around $10,000 WOW! what a bargain! Do you
    want one?…I certainly don’t. Why vote for someone who hides all of his
    records. Do you know who this man is? I don’t and neither does anyone else with
    the exception of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Two losers to say the least. Does
    Obama deserve a second term? Not on his past record or should I say what past
    record? How’s Obama care working out for you? As far as what it will eventually
    cost, To quote Jimmy Durante, “You ain’t seen nothing yet” Mr. Obama
    has signed over 1000 executive orders, far more than any president in the
    history of the USA and many are a threat to you and to America. A true red
    blooded buckeye like me vote for this fraud,

    No way. Wake up OHIO
    before it is too late.

  • Winston

    Four years ago many people voted out of ignorance; this election, anyone who votes for Obama isn’t doing so out of ignorance, but wants to join Obama in finishing destroying the economy, making the United States weaker internationally, continuing to be subservient to foreign oil and the Chinese, who owns a large part of our debt. The government has reached a point where they are more concerned about China’s economy that our own. We need a change in the White House. Time to send Obama back to Chicago.

    Obama has talked about nation building at home. Why vote for the one who bears a great deal of the responsibility for the demise?

  • wodiej

    Tuesday Nov. 6th will be the first day in obama’s life he will be held accountable for something. Praise God, Amen.

  • riggy

    Friends, let us not forget that Obama has spent the last four years oppressing Christians, women, freedom-lovers, the self-sufficient, the moral, the military, and basically everything good and decent. So, when we win the White House, let’s show the left what eye for an eye is all about. De-fund and destroy every vile, lying, poisonous institution in the USA. Cut them off at the knees, then the neck, then make sure they NEVER get back up. Stay calm. Finish them.

  • ForNow

    Tuesday, America casts off the curse that has laid heavy on us for 4 years.

  • Carabella1

    Thanks for the chuckle. The Reichwing bravado is touching, but moot. Keep pushing the dream.

    • Love of Country

      Thanks for the chuckle? Oh, I get it …. you’re from the great state of Denial, lol.

      • http://twitter.com/yahneverknowCB yahneverknow

        tee hee hee…

    • Bobthefirst

      Idiotic posts like yours prove that the left is desperate to the point of despondence. But, we’ll take your advice and push the dream. You loons on the left can feel free to sell the nightmare.

  • Sheila Morlas


  • Sgman

    Can’t wait to vote Tuesday and win Ohio for Romney/Ryan!!!

    • Jim Porter

      How is that working for you?

      • Sgman

        Pretty badly Jim. Freedom and liberty just took a direct hit. More people will be jumping in the wagon now with fewer and fewer of us to pull the wagon.

  • http://www.facebook.com/donna.miller.5209 Donna Miller

    facts are fact,figures are figures/mitt’s in,as obama’s are running thin!

  • YERMOM182

    Get this shit done Ohio

  • Kathleen Frampton Crosby

    I rec’d email from a friend in MD, her county has higher Rep and Ind turnout than Dems! Praying MD, even thou a long shot will be close for Romney!

  • http://twitter.com/blueskyhigh Helen
  • Adela Wagner

    YARD SIGN REPORT >>>I’m in Adams county OH. Southern ohio. Went to Krogers today. Last time was Oct 11th. I was BLOWN AWAY. It was 54 miles round trip. We traveled state routes 41, 124 going, rt73 back. Saw 30-40yards with local Dem signs without any prez signs with them. Prez signs we counted were…Gary Johnson..3 Obama..7 Romney..92!!! NINETY TWO. Now the 30-40 local Dem signs (county commish, treasurer, county prosecuter etc.) may be Obama voters also. OR they like the local Dem but NOT Obama. But even if all of them LOVE King Obama, that is still more than 2 to 1 Romney. We are pretty much the gun loving, bible toting religion clingers round here….yep we are. XXXOOO

  • sabrose

    In several polls 10-13 percent of previous Obama voters will be voting for Romney. Thats too much fo BO to overcome Its the simple truth right there no matter how you libs try to spin it. Change is coming only its away from socialism ,undefended borders disjointed foreign policy and the absence of a moral compass in our president .
    The country is waking up. Have been slowly drugged by a constant stream of liberal propaganda it no longer trusts those that have been spouting it. The Axelrod’s The NYT the WP have been called out by a people wanting honesty and direction in our leadership. A new media the true media of the people has emerged and there is no turning back. If the NYT ABC NBC etc dont start reporting the news and instead shape and twist it they will continue to dwindle in stature and viewership.

  • Vennoye

    Thank you, Faith and Marsha! And Thank You to everybody who loves our country and helps to get it back on track!! We are all in this together!! R&R 2012!!

  • Vennoye

    Thank you, Faith and Marsha! And Thank You to everybody who loves our country and helps to get it back on track!! We are all in this together!! R&R 2012!!

  • without_hate

    The main street media is covering for Obama it would be a rout if they would put the importance on the following post as it deserves.

    The failure of Obama’s leading from behind foreign policy and appeasement of Islamic Terrorist is captured in an interview with Senator Graham on the Gretta Vansustern show. The contempt for Obama and his team is a world wide phenomena as displayed by the fact that Tunisia would not allow access to the captured eye witness to the attack on the American compound when requested by the Obama’s team. Two United States Senators, whom the Tunisia trusts, were able to secure permission with a phone call and a letter. This is a damning indictment of Obama and his leadership. The full interview can be seen on the Real Clear Politics web site: (http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2012/11/03/new_libya_developments_fbi_in_tunisia_questioning_benghazi_suspect.html)

    The CBS produced time line on the attack reveals the first of many lies that Obama was to spread on the murder and rape of Ambassador Stevens: The lie that they were not sure as to what was happening during the attack is exposed by Ms. Lamb statement that they were listening to events in real time at the state department. If the state department was listening then the white house situation room and the Pentagon was aware in minutes of the attack and was following it in real time. CBS NEWS/ November 2, 2012, 8:55 PM

    “9:40 p.m. (3:40 p.m. ET): Gunfire and an explosion are heard. A TOC agent sees dozens of armed people over security camera flowing through a pedestrian gate at the compound’s main entrance. It is not clear how the gate was opened.

    The agent hits the alarm and alerts the CIA security team in the nearby annex and the Libyan 17th of February Brigade, one of several powerful militias serving as a de facto security presence in Benghazi. The embassy in Tripoli and the State Dept. command center were also alerted.

    State Dept. Diplomatic Security follows events in real time on a listen-only, audio-only feed, according to testimony of Charlene Lamb, the deputy assistant director for international programs, given before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Oct 10.”


    “CBS time lines reveals that: “Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is told of the incident “shortly after it began at 4 p.m.,” CBS News’ Margaret Brennan reported Sept. 14. Clinton spoke to the Libyan President Mohammed Magariaf to “enlist his full support.”

    “11 p.m. (5 p.m. ET): Just ahead of the weekly meeting with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Chairman of Joint Chiefs Martin Dempsey, White House National Security Advisor Tom Donilon tells President Obama of the attack and the fire at the main villa. The president is updated several times throughout the evening.”

    “1:00 a.m. (7 p.m. ET): The first of two unmanned U.S. Predator drones, which already had been flying over eastern Libya, is diverted to Benghazi, as reported by CBS News’ Sharyl Attkisson and David Martin on Oct. 15.”

    Panetta statement that they did not take actions because they were not sure what was happening on the ground was a blatant lie and a cover up for the President not giving the order for the military to engage An unknown person in Washington gave the order for the CIA and the Military to stand down there by signing the death warrant of Ambassador Stevens and our other brave men assigned to post in Benghazi. The official with the final authority to go or no go lies with the President of the United States.

    Obama, Hillary and Rice lied to the American public and the world when they blamed this on a spontaneous demonstration that got out of control over a video on U-tube. This was a fabricated story to cover up the incompetence of Obama. These lies by Obama and his team has lowered the word of the President of the United States to the value of used toilet tissue. Our friends can not trust us and our enemies knows we have weak leadership which inspires them to attack Americans. Obama has reduced all Americans to the staus of “Targets of Opportunity”

    “President Obama addresses the public: “Make no mistake, we will work with the Libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people.

    “Since our founding, the United States has been a nation that respects all faiths. We reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. But there is absolutely no justification for this type of senseless violence. … No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for.”

    Meanwhile, senior State Dept. officials share initial details of the attack in Benghazi with members of the press via phone briefing. A senior official says in response to an inquiry about alleged protests outside of consulate that night: “We frankly don’t have a full picture of what may have been going on outside of the compound walls before the firing began. … With regard to whether there is any connection between this Internet activity and this extremist attack in Benghazi, frankly, we just don’t know. We’re not going to know until we have a chance to investigate.” (CBS News}

    Sept. 16: U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice tells Bob Schieffer on CBS’ “Face the Nation” that there is no information that suggests the attack was preplanned.

    “We’ll want to see the results of that investigation to draw any definitive conclusions. But based on the best information we have to date, what our assessment is as of the present is in fact what began spontaneously in Benghazi as a reaction to what had transpired some hours earlier in Cairo where, of course, as you know, there was a violent protest outside of our embassy … sparked by this hateful video. But soon after that spontaneous protest began outside of our consulate in Benghazi, we believe that it looks like extremist elements, individuals, joined in that — in that effort with heavy weapons of the sort that are, unfortunately, readily now available in Libya post-revolution. And that it spun from there into something much, much more violent. … We do not have information at present that leads us to conclude that this was premeditated or preplanned.” (http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-202_162-57544719/timeline-how-benghazi-attack-probe-unfolded/?tag=fdleft;fdmodule)

    The denial and lack of honesty by officials of the democratic party has rendered them unfit to govern. No Honest person can justify these deaths, the facts are clear and the denial of these facts by blind followers of Obama makes them equally responsible of the murder of these brave Americans. Thanks to the reporters of CBS, FOX news the President can not hide the truth from the American public. To those who are espousing the party line, we have to wait till we get the facts-We have sufficient facts to reject this administration and judge them unfit to govern and possibly bring criminal charges. (www.simplesite.com/without-hate)

  • Vorenious

    As an Ohio citizen of 57 years, Nobama needs to exit stage left and head to Kenya and run for President, his county of birth. It is a shame that we will need the military to pry Nobama from the White House, because he considers himself invincible and a dictator versus a person who lied their way into our elections.

  • Wilson Sheffield

    Please, please double check your ballot to make sure the machine submits YOUR actual vote. Numerous reports of “uncalibrated” machines switching Romney vote to BO in mostly swing states.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3E5Y3BSA4IYQ7YHWHNPA7LRU4U dr_bugsy

    Romney is going to take Ohio easily and win the election by a landslide, which will be followed by the tsunami that will wash away the Democrats.

  • reneehaigh

    boo hoo for axelrod: maybe he will shave off that cheesy mustache and put the plugs on top of his head: he needs something up there cuz it sure ain’t brains!! President Romney! hmmm nice sound to it!

  • http://twitter.com/sgraffwriter Stephen Graff

    It’s ludicrous to compare democrat numbers to 2008 and same with republicans. Instead, compare democrats to republicans in 2012. Early voting hours have been curtailed, and the storm has lowered them overall. Democrats are still beating republicans in real time, in the present time….2012.

  • diz1776

    Hope to see all the Romney voters go hibernate for the winter. Maybe we can all get some peace and quiet then.

  • avante296

    Now, you all, enough writing and go get in line to vote. Let finish this early and for sure. God Bless America!

    Help us to increase population of Hawai by one family.

  • Silence Dogood

    Once the rest of the Repubs get off work and head to the polls, it’ll be a RED STATE!

  • Silence Dogood

    Once the rest of the Repubs get off work and head to the polls, it’ll be a RED STATE!

  • Jim Porter

    How does the spankin’ feel so far?? To have posted about how your lyin’ flipfloppin plutocrat candidate was going to landslide and about how the liberals were deluded, but for the opposite to be proven. The polls were right and the Mitt has hit the fan.

  • Jim Porter

    How does the spankin’ feel so far?? To have posted about how your lyin’ flipfloppin plutocrat candidate was going to landslide and about how the liberals were deluded, but for the opposite to be proven. The polls were right and the Mitt has hit the fan.

  • Jim Porter

    How’s that for an Ohio shocker you delusional fools?