As Twitchy reported, the Jersey Shore started getting battered by Hurricane Sandy well before the destructive storm hit land. The aftermath of the storm has resulted in utter devastation and heartbreak.

Rasmussen reports that they will have limited data available. They are based in Asbury Park, N.J.

And hit hard it was.

The Stone Pony, which Bruce Springsteen made famous, survived and is still standing.

Atlantic City, N.J., and its world-famous boardwalk, is a disaster zone.

Like in Seaside Heights, N.J., the force of Hurricane Sandy has totally wiped blocks of the boardwalk away.

And Belmar, N.J., was badly battered. The destruction is massive.

The boardwalk is gone. Just gone.

Governor Christie expressed his heartache after surveying the damage.

Photos from his helicopter tour were tweeted.

Yes, you will. And Governor Christie is vowing the same.

You will rebuild, New Jersey. Stay strong, together. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you all.


    What’s amazing is the destruction. What’s even more amazing is how quickly Americans will stand up, brush off the tears and get to work rebuilding.
    What I want to see is how many foreign countries pitch in, send disaster relief aid, send workers to help us clean up and rebuild. Who will come to help us? Who will be here first?
    My best guess: Americans will help. As we always do.
    GOD bless all who were impacted and the families of all of the victims. You are in our thoughts & prayers.

    • col

      Seeing all this devastation is heart breaking. American’s are strong people. We are survivors!!! I will keep everyone in my prayers. You will not be forgotten.

    • NRPax

      In the interests of fairness, we did have a lot of countries send supplies and ships to us in the aftermath of Katrina. And while any help is appreciated, I know we’ll start digging out no matter what.

    • Armando

      The Mexican Congress has already requested the federal government to help:

  • Pingston

    Worth noting that the picture identified as Asbury Park’s Convention Hall, isn’t. It’s the former Casino in Asbury Park, long since dismantled and the power house and casino which remain intact. They look like they did pre-storm, except for one window panel popped out of the Carousel — and surrounded by sand. Had it not been torn down a decade ago, The Palace, made famous in Springsteen’s song ‘Born To Run’, would be sitting forlorn about a block to the west of the Casino, far left…

    A whole lot of heartbreak in these pictures, but Convention Hall not among them.

  • SAndrews

    Didn’t Obama campaigner Bruce Springsteen have a song titled “4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)”? Eerie coincidence.

  • RanierWest

    Hope we see some of the WV blizzard photos

  • cruXsader

    Blame it on Bush

  • Marty Luther

    Al Gore will make another 100 million blaming the storm on Global something.

  • yu tube

    It looks bad, it is bad, but as others have said NJ will rebuild. How many times has San Francisco been destroyed and rebuilt? They did it NJ will too.

  • Dee Dunbar

    Grew up here and seeing these photos is breaking my heart! My sisters are still living there but they are ok! In my prayers and tears :'(