Classy, as always.

As Twitchy reported,  Mitt Romney cancelled planned campaign rallies due to Hurricane Sandy and its devastation. On Sunday, the campaign began using its resources and its bus for East Coast storm relief efforts. On Monday, the campaign announced they would hold a disaster relief event in Dayton, Ohio.

That event was held today.

And the Left was out in petty force.

Self-awareness  is lost on this guy. What are you doing, sir?

The lapdogs in the media were also out in petty, and biased, force. As always, the Left and the media are concentric circles on a Venn diagram.

Note the sneer quotes.

Gee, the campaign didn’t miraculously whip up new press badges after the rally was cancelled and the relief event took its place? How dastardly! Why didn’t they care more about press passes than, you know, the people devastated by the storm? Only the elitist lapdogs would think their passes to be of the utmost import.

The always asinine Frank Rich weighs in.

Look in the mirror, toots.

CNN’s Donna Brazile chimes in with a case of the nutty.

Hey, Donna, you know what’s distasteful? Constantly accusing people of racism. Also, what about President Obama’s constant “Look at me! I’m in the Situation Room, all super serious and stuff” photos?

David Shuster took a break from spewing sexist rants to also whine about … the press passes. No, really. That’s his big argument.

And the pitiful Oliver Willis, of Media Matters, desperately cried out for a pat on the head from his Soros buddies.

A New York Times reporter tweeted about politics “creeping in.”

Cue the ominous (and probably racist) music!

Conservatives pushed back against this nonsense.

Seriously. Stop the pearl-clutching.

Plus, he wasn’t even campaigning. On-scene photos and reports show that this was an event held to benefit those who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy.

And here are reports from one of those generous Ohioans.

But, but … press passes!

Indeed. Also the American way? Rolling up one’s sleeves and getting to work. Doing what needs to be done to help those in need, as individual Americans working together. Guess who did that?

And, that’s part of where the derangement syndrome comes from. Taking matters into your own hands? That doesn’t suit.


Kudos, Governor. And thank you to all who attended the event to aid those suffering from the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

  • Danny Wheeler

    Instead of griping, the MSM should join in the relief effort. But no, they’re high on O-Bozo’s Kool-Aid!

    • TundraThunder

      The MSM join in the relief effort . . . now that’s funny! Good one!

    • Rory Bellows

      So is Chris Christie, it would seem. But don’t listen to him, he’s only the republican governor of one of the 2 hardest-hit states.

  • Lisa

    Didn’t Clinton take over Obama’s campaign stop in Florida yesterday and…you know…campaign?

    These pictures illustrate something that really struck me in looking at pictures of Obama and Romney. Romney walking into a hotel carrying a duffle and garment bag. And in this series, Romney loading supplies into a waiting truck. Contrast that with Obama going up the steps to an airplane being followed by someone who is holding an umbrella over Obama’s head.
    Serving vs. being served.

    • redheadgrl

      Right. We need a servant leader. It’s about time.

      • AUBraves

        No, we need someone strong enough to do things for themselves. That is the beginning of becoming a leader.

        • ObamaPelosi

          Romney is just an amazing person. He is genuine and he cares. I seriously cannot wait until he becomes our president. I will have a breakdown if he does not win this election! Can anyone else relate?

        • rosalie

          And throughout the years, Romney has always demonstrated his kindness and leadership. This is nothing new for him. What a difference between him and the jackass.

      • $30423294

        Bless you @redheadgrl.

        Your phrase is perfect and it has deep roots in western culture. We need a servant leader.

        People confuse aggression and self-assertion with leadership. Witness Obama. Witness the pushy “leader” of practically every bad business meeting that you’ve ever had to endure.

        Rugged individuals contribute greatly to society, and God bless them, but they are not leaders. They “get things done” but they need guidance from above (and conscience from within) to recognize “the one thing needed”. Leadership requires self-sacrifice, and profound humility.

        Bless you!

    • $18912735

      Clinton… whenever he campaigns for Obama it just reminds people how completely inept Obama is. Hope they keep it up.

      • CalCon10

        Clinton: a man who never got 50% of the vote, campaigning for The One. What a weird picture.

        • bonnieblue2A

          Obama doubles down by sending out the impeached POTUS and serial rapist all the while the far left women scream about Romney taking them back to the 1950s. Go figure.

    • Garth Haycock

      Remember, it’s only wrong when conservatives do something.

    • BlueGood

      NO NO NO. Clinton wouldn’t dare campaign…he was only dipping his cigars freshly smuggled in from Havana…every day activities that the LSM can…. you know…understand and support….

  • Peyton

    This is just a Romney campaign rally? Not disaster relief? If they’ve actually been bringing this much food for every campaign rally to give to those in need, then Romney is the greatest guy on earth. Way to go Romney.

    • Garth Haycock

      That’s a great point. And imagine what could have been accomplished if it was an actual relief effort!

  • Brett McMicken

    a romney win is going to be soooooooooo sweeeeet!

  • nc

    He truly has won our hearts. Go Gov!

  • Jack Deth


    Doesn’t smug, sanctimonious Donna Brazile WISH she could arrange something like that for her sock puppet, Barack ‘Hiding & Leading From Behind’ Obama?!!!

    Expect a more noticeable downward spiral for Zero throughout the week and weekend.

    To steal one of Ambassador Kosh’s best lines from ‘Babylon-5’.

    “The avalanche has started. It is too late for the pebbles to vote.”

  • ACF

    I love how they say he’s campaigning as he stands by a table, meanwhile the White House manages to include the phrase “lean forward” in connection with the hurricane. The dimwits at MSNBC (speaking of “lean forward”) are in a tizzy about how people should only be giving money and blood to the Red Cross, not relief items. Somehow I think Ohioans (speaking as one) won’t be thrilled with criticism of their generosity.

    • redheadgrl

      I guess they don’t remember how during Katrina, the one thing people say they wished they had was toilet paper.

    • Jay Stevens

      And so many campaign signs present.

  • BigTBoom

    Romney rolls up his sleeves and works while Obama gives a speech…
    Makes one ask, Who is a better leader?
    The one who gets things done or the one who talks about things to be done?

  • AUBraves

    Who actually gives a damn what the biased MSM and the deluded Libs say? The people in NY, NJ, Conn, NH, RI and the rest of the disaster states will have more necessities and can have a little nicer day because of the wonderful people in Ohio and Mitt Romney. They will probably never know where this came from but that doesn’t matter either.

    God Bless everyone who is needy and Bless the ones willing to give.

    The MSM and taunting Libs can spew all they want. Why aren’t they having relief rallys?

  • detroit19

    WTH! Don’t help people, that’s Obama’s job/chance to be president. One word…Benghazi

  • GaryTheBrave

    The cries that the local food banks should get those donations in 3 … 2 … 1 …

  • elijahzabmom

    Well what exactly can Gov. Romney do right now? He asked supporters to donate on 10/27, he is gathering supplies. And what exactly can Obama do? Survey damage? Release funds when necessary? Interesting that the Gov. of NY asked Obama NOT to show up tomorrow.

  • JGMZ

    Of course the MSM only thinks that supplies can be handed out by the Red Cross. Most of them don’t realize that churches will be doing a lot of the disaster relief.

  • StatEco

    Way to way, Governor , knock them out!

  • KateNE

    And if Romney had done nothing? Imagine the outcry. Romney did something that is completely within his nature – helping out others any way he can. And people like Donna Brazile (especially her) can pound sand (nicest way I could put that). I can’t wait until they all have to deal with the reality of President Romney. I. Can’t. Wait.

  • Right Wired

    I’m guessing that the guy who spent 30 months in a cramped hovel while doing missionary work, donated his entire inheritance and 29% of his income in 2011, or $4 million dollars, to charity, while Obama Bin Biden lounges about the White House, is not a self-serving a-hole (as someone I know just put it).

  • marcellucci

    To paraphrase a quote….
    Romney in one hand, and O’Bama in the other, and see which one makes you understand the definition of “empathy” first……

    Romney understands the true meaning of charity….

    • KansasGirl

      Well said friend, well said.

  • Wendy

    these events are planned several days in advance, yes maybe would have been nice to move it to a non swing state to pacify the MSM but they would have just found something else to whine about…so what is wrong with taking advantage of a pre-planned gathering to collect disaster supplies!!!!! ONLY B/C IT WAS MITT ROMNEY!!! so apparently the MSM doesn’t really care about all the people affected by the storm that could benefit from what he is doing….

  • ObamaPelosi

    What the hell is wrong with Chris Christie? What the heck was he doing this morning practically endorsing Obama? Yes, Obama is doing the one Presidential thing he’s supposed to do by sending taxpayer money for relief aid to the victims of this disaster, as any president would do. But Chris Christie practically kissing ass, bending over backwards praising the president was irritating. We have one week to go till the election. Shame on Chris Christie! I knew there was something off about him with his keynote speech at the Republican convention where he made it all about himself, and now this. Christie, do you have any clue we’re one week out from election day? Don’t you get it that ofcourse Obama is going to show everyone how presidential he can be by sending aide one week out from election, when he could have cared less to help the victims in Benghazi as he watched them die in real time?? President Obama is a disgrace using this tragedy to benefit him politically, and Christie, for whatever stupid reason you acted the way you did by kissing his ass, a simple thanks for the help would have done, you didn’t have to practically endorse him, someone should lock you in a hotel and send you 50 boxes of pizza to keep you occupied from now until election day!!!!!!!!

    • Jim Denney

      Just like his convention speech, Christie is setting himself up for 2016. Exactly what we don’t need, another narcissistic opportunist in the WH!

  • Brett McMicken

    so, romney does nothing and he’s labeled a rich, heartless pig.
    he does something and he’s labeled a rich, heartless pig.

    i’m glad they’re so tolerant! i was beginning to think that they viewed the world in black and white.

    • Jim Denney

      “I was beginning to think that they viewed the world in black and white.”
      They do … black is good, white is bad.

  • Penny Robinson Fan Club

    Well come on, we knew they were gonna pull this kinda crap

  • KansasGirl

    My respect for Governor Romney has doubled.
    Romney-Ryan 2012!

  • Moue La Moue (D)

    Even Bloomy wants to keep Obama out of NY! Check the article from Very telling.

  • TitzyFritzensimmons

    Obama gives a speech, Romney takes action!

    For all of the scathing criticism of people in the “red states,” the Houston area has already sent 40 Centerpoint Energy repair trucks to NJ (they’re in Tennessee tonight), the Gulf Coast Red Cross sent 25 people yesterday and 50 more were heading out today. (BTW, the Red Cross does NOT receive FEDERAL FUNDS.) Suncoast Resources is sending tanker trucks to the East Coast for fuel for generators for hospitals and emergency agencies.

    Yeah, they call us names and seem to hate us, but we respond in emergencies anyway. That’s just what decent people do.

  • yviemarie88

    I’ll be the first to give kudos to Chris Christie for what he did for NJ disaster preps but today I am just left smh. I don’t get it. Did he get govt money for that?

  • SAndrews

    I guess MSNBC just wanted Romney to #StandDown.

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    @Chris Christie, no one ever thanks me for doing my job, because it’s my job. And what has Obama done, promise to do something? I’ld maybe wait til he actually came through since he doesn’t have a credible record on following through on promises. MSNBC would love Romney to stand down so they could shower Obama with acclolades, but we all know Obama is the master of ‘stand down’. I’m surprised Andrea Mitchell and MSNBC haven’t uttered ‘misstep’ and ‘gaffe’ while denouncing Romney’s relief drive to help out Sandy victims. Their hate of Romney and the Right has no bounds. If I see one more staged
    photo of Obama supposedly being
    President , I am sure I will lose it. Obama’ campaign

    • afvet4america

      MSNBC did slam him, and disrespected 1000’s of Americans doing all they could to help other Americans in the process. Shame on them again..

      • Jay Stevens

        Like the scorpion in “The Scorpion and the Frog”, it’s in their nature.

  • dwsmokin

    Ironic that the only two to show any class in this disaster so far are Christie and Romney. Christie for giving credit to Obama for actually doing his job, and Romney for doing what he has always done-work. Funny how Obama rolls up his sleeves and people swoon-yet Romney does it and they scream “photo op”. Disgusting

  • orringtonmom (D)

    this man is damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. the nerve, giving people a place to bring their relief donations…

  • stuckinIL4now

    I guess those libturd entitlement pushers have no concept of the idea of giving instead of taking, or of focusing your taking to taking things into your own hands, taking action, standing up, pitching in and helping out. And I must ask the question so many others are asking: Where’s the picture of Obamuh in the Sit Room during the Benghazi attack that is so conspicuously missing?

  • Michael Rice

    Let me get this straight.
    A hurricane, nothing ROmney, or anyone else could do anything to prevent, no matter what Meghan McCain tells us, hits and ROmeny collects food and donations only to be called politicizing.
    Obama skips out on the happenings in Libya to campaing and raise money, in Vegas of all places and not only is all okie dokie, but any criticizing of those actions is called politicizing.
    I’m sorry, I don’t follow the logic.
    And so what if ROmeny used his status as a candidate to raise money. I would think that was a good thing…bringing in as much money and food, etc as possible.
    Than again, maybe hurrican relief is nto a “real charity”

  • Michael Rice

    Reminds me of seeing the great President Ronald Reagan taking his place in a sandbag line in Fort Wayne, Indiana, during a monumental flood many moons ago.
    Send relief from Washington and you don’t care about blak people. Go to the area and you are just using it as a tool to get elected…..unlike those situation pics, of course..

  • afvet4america

    I find it despicable that anyone would throw caring American’s under the bus for wanting to help their fellow American’s in times of trouble. These things Romney collected will go to help with replenishing Food banks, and Cross Line type programs, all very needed. God bless President Romney, and God bless all the caring Ohioans for their kindness.

  • Scott

    I bet the people hit by Sandy won’t tell Romney that they dont want or need the stuff he sends, or that he should give even more of his money to charities like the red cross. And Lord knows if he gave blood the lefties would say it was tainted or that he cheated someone out of it. Can’t wait till they’re all pissing their pants when R&R win. Im sure he will be professional when dealing with the MSM, but I really hope he gets even with those jackasses even if it is on the sly.

  • Rob Stevely

    The day after Sandy Mitt Romney collects goods for victims of the storm…lefties are outraged. The day after 4 Americans are killed in Benghazi, Obama flies to Vegas and parties with Beyonce, lefties are quiet. #liberallogic

    • Paul C.

      The mask is off, the liberals are exposed.

      • rbtpowell

        To everyone but themselves…………..


    What a horrible thing to do ! Helping the American people in the middle
    of a historic weather disaster! How dare you offend us Mr. Romney! We
    recommend you do nothing for our brothers and sisters. After all, we
    did nothing during ANOTHER RECENT CRISIS. Just watch the event on a
    monitor or television from afar sir… Stop acting like a Christian!
    Later, we will ask you why you didn’t do something more immediate.

  • Rory Bellows

    So when is he going to New Jersey? Also, the Red Cross encourages cash donations, as canned goods /dry goods add several logistical layers and actually slow down relief efforts. So his efforts are actually hurting, he’s in the wrong state, but that’s all ok, because his heart is in the right place, am I right?

    • Sheerie Knoll

      He was doing two things at once. He was asking for donations to the Red Cross as evidence of the picture showing a big screen with a way to donate to the charity. He asked for food donations for the victims/survivors of Hurricane Sandy. I don’t believe he said they were going to the Red Cross. This is known as multi-tasking, I realize it is difficult for Obama supporters to recognize, as they have seen so little of it with this President.

    • Sheerie Knoll

      As for being in the “wrong state”, which state would be correct? NJ perhaps? I know NY? Although getting donations from people who have lost their homes would be quite the challenge. I live in CA, is that a correct state or a wrong state?
      Here is a thought: There is a rally scheduled in Ohio, why not cancell that rally, get out a notice for anyone who wants to donate to relief, to bring donations & the campaign can make arrangements for the donations to be shipped to where it would/could be used.
      Gee, what an idiotic idea? said an Obama supporter.

    • rbtpowell

      No….. you are an idiot, waiting for the Government to do something, is typical of lazy ass losers, your comment is a painful reminder of what is really wrong with our country. Moreover, stupid if the victims had adequate supplies and resources in their own state they wouldn’t need any external support. Ever thought about thinking before you you pop-off.

  • AttackOfTheKillerTomatos

    Once upon a time, it wasn’t uncommon for people to help those in need, even without a disaster striking. People just did good things for others, because they wanted to.

    Now days, some group of morons has to tie good deeds to other motives, when what they really should be doing is helping out the victims, instead of helping push an agenda that screams insanity and poor excuses for human beings.

  • precursor

    This is the kind of president America needs…NOW!! Get out and vote America. Make Mitt Romney our NEXT CARING PRESIDENT!!

  • Jim Cooper

    Liberals are skeptical because they think it better to receive and from the government. If people stop supporting MSM (prime-time TV, Sports, ect) maybe they will get the message. None of them work for free or their “ideals”. They don’t support any charities that do not have a political message. they are so Elite.

    • Jay Stevens

      We saw the same thing on a larger scale during tsunami relief efforts in southeast Asia. While the UN was screwing around setting up planning committees, we had the U.S. Navy on the way within hours with emergency supplies.

  • Baba Ghanoush

    I wish Romney would hold a press conference where he sarcastically apologizes to the MSM for collecting food and water for those effected by Sandy.

    “MSM, I would like to take this time to apologize for my actions. It was in poor taste for me to collect food and water for those who are in need. I was clearly thinking of others instead of focusing on my campaign. Now I will turn my attention back to my campaign so that you can bash me for being out of touch with my fellow Americans. Sorry, it will never happen again. Keep up the great work reporting the news, especially your through coverage on the Benghazi attack. Thank you.”

  • Colleen Kelly

    Romney’s actions, and really what Obama and liberals are all about (big daddy government, cradle to grave programs, we can’t do anything ourselves since the government does it for us, etc…), reminds me of President Kennedy’s famous line at his inauguration:

    “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”

    A bit off topic, but Kennedy’s whole speech is in such stark contrast to how liberals are today; talk about two different eras. I mean the horrors of acknowledging that our rights come from God and not the government.

    Thankfully, most Americans today reflect this line, and we now have the chance to elect a man who holds up this same idea. It is one of the things that makes this country so great, something that makes us Americans. I rather have a “can do” president who jumps in feet first to get the job done no matter what it is, as opposed to a “look at me” president who is all about talk (compare what Obama promised in 2008 to how things are now, and what he is still promising to do this time around…hint it’s all the same) and literally just looking at him “doing” stuff.

    As someone in the path of Sandy, I truly appreciate the efforts of Romney, all those in Ohio who took part in the event, and everyone else who helping out anyway that they can. It’s always a beautiful site to see when you see your fellow neighbors pitching in to get everyone prepared for the storm and checking in afterwards on each other.

    Not that I care what the LSM and liberals have to say, but they need to cut the BS and realize they are just getting in the way of a good thing. They are the ones making disaster relief a political event, so step aside and let the adults take care of things. Their snark and petty comments can be detrimental to such efforts and take away attention from what is truly going on at the moment, which is the handling the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and all those effected by her. Where are their donation rallies? Why aren’t they chipping in? If you aren’t going to do anything, then don’t cut down those who are. Wonder if any of those LSM people present at the rally will actually depict what happened and not what is happening in their heads.

    • Jay Stevens

      You do not understand. For liberals, intentions – not actions – are what is important.

      • Colleen Kelly

        Ahhh…yes thanks for the clarification lol.

  • writer59

    I hope the people of Ohio will remember this on Election Day. Their neighbors stepped forward to help those in need and the MSM and Obama’s team rushed to the microphones to say their donations were “distasteful” “craven” “tacky” and not “approved by the Red Cross.” Because we all know that America’s long tradition of helping each other in times of need is so yesterday. Why dirty your hands in such a craven way by actually buying supplies and shipping them where they are needed when we have government agencies to decide who gets what and when? If we let churches and other organizations hand out supplies, someone might actually get what they need when they need it instead of what the government decides they need when the government gets through the mountains of committees and paperwork needed to re-distribute it.

    Liberals had a choice. They could put the people affected by the disaster first or Obama’s re-election first. They were tripping over themselves to choose Obama. Voters should remember that on Nov. 6.

  • glarrn

    Wow. They bought food at an Ohio Wal-Mart, then handed it to supporters and told them to line up to “donate” it back to Romney while the cameras rolled. Can’t you people understand how cynical and staged this was? The piles of food are photo props! The point is to appear sympathetic without actually doing anything for the needy. If Romney wants to help the people of NY and NJ, he should invite some to live in the six homes he owns, bought with profits he made by closing American companies and shipping the jobs to China.

    • mike_in_kosovo

      Wow. They bought food at an Ohio Wal-Mart, then handed it to supporters
      and told them to line up to “donate” it back to Romney while the cameras

      By “they”, I’m presuming you mean the Romney campaign? Got any evidence of that, absent your fevered fantasies?

      Can’t you people understand how cynical and staged this was? The piles of food are photo props! The point is to appear sympathetic without actually doing anything for the needy.

      No, that would be an Obama event, not a Romney event.

      If Romney wants to help the people of NY and NJ, he should invite some
      to live in the six homes he owns, bought with profits he made by closing
      American companies and shipping the jobs to China.

      *yawn* Lame troll point is lame.

  • Red_on

    I hope Govonor Christie will thank Romney as profusely as he did Obama if any of the relief items make it to New jersey.

  • rbtpowell

    Staggering……Obama shows up for work once in four years, (the actual motivation being a bit more than a little suspect)…..shazaam, he regains deity status……. Does anyone really believe this latest Obama dog and pony show will have any affect?

  • Michael Hampton

    Um…Romney politicized that event. He played his movie that he plays at every stump speech. He spoke as he does at every rally. It was painted as a rally. It was a rally. Why aren’t you mentioning the lies he told about Russia? Romney’s son was in Russia to get financial backers for his company and told them that his father was just speaking about being tough on Russia and saying that they are the “number one foe” to get votes. But in reality he would work closely with Putin. Why isn’t Malkin pushing that in your faces?