“Ten more days, ten more days.” Goose bumps! The crowd in Pensacola, Fla., started lining up early.

The long wait didn’t deter them any. Fired up and ready to go? You betcha! Take a gander at these on-scene photos and reports from the crowd.



“Ten more days!” Now, nine more days! And the Mittmentum is strong.

Bingo. And this troll plane, flying after the Pensacola rally, shows the Left is running scared.

Pitiful. And a total fail.


  • http://yourdaddy.net/ NotaLemming

    Do you think BuzzFeed will be able to find all the places the crowd was cloned this time? NOT!

  • agroulx

    The attendees of an Obama rally would never dream of coming together to create an American flag in the audience… This rally for Romney is quite a site and very uplifting. I hope we can bring our country back from this horrible mistake in the White House..

    • Dandee

      No doubt they would call our flag too incendiary

    • jackay

      You always see the red/white and blue at Romney/Ryan campaign events. I started noticing this weeks ago. Patriots for Romney! Love these pics!

      • Bill

        Yeah, and at Obamaloser rallies we see that creepy logo – after four years of this clown does anyone still not believe he has the best in mind for preserving America? Remember the Obama flag? He said he wanted to transform America and if re-elected he will finish the job, transforming America into something none of the Founding Fathers would recognize. Vote and volunteer for Mitt the next 7 days. One week to go and miles to cover before we get there.

    • Junie3

      They would form a certain lady part.

    • ChicksLoveRight

      Obama suporters would create Obama face! The fitting tribute for narcissist-in-chief!

    • Sam Knudson

      The people in the stands don’t come together and do it Romney people put those shirt on the seats of those chairs thats the way it has always been. these seats probably cost extra to get….

      • agroulx

        Understood, but it still goes without saying – Obama people would never create an American flag out of attendees at one of his rallies..

        • Sam Knudson

          and why do you say that? Because liberals are un-american? There are always flags all over every rally of both sides. It would be like me poking fun of Romney wearing a tie that is considered eurpian style instead of an american tie like obama wore during the second debate and calling him unamerican for doing so. Cherry picking things is one of the worst things one can do

          • Bill

            It is European (and also American). Must be a product of the wonderful union dominated K-12 system and liberal dominated higher education system.

          • Sam Knudson

            Or it could be me trying to type on my phone quickly though i will admit that was a horrible mistake. And again cherry picking things. Do not reply to someones point with spelling criticism then go off a completely different tangent makes it look like you are avoiding the original message. As for the Union dominated thing you obviously have not talked to a k-12 teacher. They have absolutely no control over the class room. A teacher is rated on the grades they give NOT the education. So if a teacher dumbs down a class so all you have to do is sit there that teacher will get good reviews and keep her job. But lets say a teacher challenges students to educate them and ends up giving out not too stellar grades then they are in danger because of that. And if a parent calls to complain about their students grade the teacher is thrown under the bus. Unions have no power in the classroom neither does a teacher. This system was in place long before Obama took office. Obama wants to reform this. Romney has no plan for this. As for the higher education system that is where the learning actually happens. As a college student i pray to god that Romney does not get elected. I am neck deep in student loans because of the system that is in place. Luckily for me Obama is Reforming it so i can go to school and get a higher education. But if Romney is Elected there will be Education cuts thus meaning i and a vast amounts of students will need to drop out of school for good. I already work a full and part time job to pay for school. For the love of God use your head and dont make me pay more

  • DB


  • BlueGood

    This is incredibly good to see…very encouraging as well, the latest from Rasmussen

    Sunday, October 28, 2012

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Sunday shows
    Mitt Romney attracting support from 50% of voters nationwide, while
    President Obama earns the vote from 47%. One percent (1%) prefers some
    other candidate, and another one percent (1%) remains undecided.
    See daily tracking history.

    The president wins support from 86% of Democrats, while Romney has 90%
    of the Republican vote. Among unaffiliated voters, it’s Romney by 11

    9 more Sleeps!

    • LookOverThere

      Obama has been stuck at 47%, give or take a point or two since the spring. It’s not moving, that’s all he’s going to get 47%. Tough to win with just 47%.

  • Vividiorque

    Great pic of the crowd in ‘stars & stripes!’ This gives me hope – (shoot..B.O ruined that word)…I’m looking forward (dang, BO’s campaign slogan destroyed that word for me too)..Oh hell, can’t wait for the ’empty chair’ to be dumped on the sidewalk outside the WH Nov 6th!

  • Jack Deth


    Where is that bygone ‘Obama Magic’?
    It seems to have evaporated, Oh, so tragic!
    These photos are elegant, delightful proof
    Of Obama’s blood pressure going through the roof.

    The Magic’s gone, arrogantly frittered away
    ‘Hope and Change’ has long since lost its power to sway
    When prices climb, seasonally dip and then sky rocket
    And voters have less in their wallets and pockets.

    Reality swirls and crashes like a Tsunami wave
    There’s not enough banal rhetoric around to save
    The plight of Chicago politics disgusting bastard son
    And Obama realizes that he is ‘One and Done’!

    • Armando
      • http://pennyrobinsonfanclub.net/ PennyRobinsonFanClub

        So what, Barry’s whole ffking LIFE is a cheap photoshop.

        Ooh, it doubled up an aisle, what a racist or something, huh? Ya know what’s an even bigger hoax farce sack of sh1t? “We’re intentionally limiting crowd sizes.” Sock Puppet is DONE, you loser, he’s DONE.

        • Jack Deth

          Hi, Ice:

          You would have thought that some aspiring Obama sycophant would have used Photo Shop to fill in the upper two tiers of Obama’s last three indoor rallies before the first Presidential debate.

          Mighty pitiful picking. Even when Zero’s rallies were deliberately downsized due to lack of interest and participation.

      • Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

        How’s that Hoax’nChains working out for you?! lol

  • $30736095

    Romney’s even got his sleeves rolled up like he’s ready to get to work. Love it!

  • http://twitter.com/IamJohnCosta Costa

    I was there yesterday and the event was AWESOME. Lots of veterans!

  • JoH113

    Rock star! :)

  • http://twitter.com/DaffodilTimes The Daffodil Times

    So many misguided people

    • http://twitter.com/masquer08er Billy Jones

      I agree. When they start flying childish banners behind planes…..classless!

    • Penmar

      Yeah, we all feel sorry for those still supporting Obama, too, Ari.

    • http://twitter.com/UltraVenia Jules

      How can they not vote for their own best interests? We know the Left knows what’s best for everyone, even if they don’t know it themselves.

    • http://twitter.com/UltraVenia Jules

      How can they not vote for their own best interests? We know the Left knows what’s best for everyone, even if they don’t know it themselves.

    • Gallatin

      Mitt Romney is absolutely brilliant. Why? Because he hired this Ari J character to troll Twitchy and continuously parrot libtard talking points. Romney told Ari J to keep the conservatives pumped up until election day. Romney told Ari J to keep the fires burning. Why do I say this, how else can you explain Ari J? If Ari J were truly a libtard Ari J would understand that it is a complete waste of time to come to a place like Twitchy. If Ari J were an actual libtard she would understand that she would never convert any of us to the dark side. If Ari J truly wanted to make sure that she got the vote out for obowmao she wouldn’t waste time here she would be on huffandpuffpost. So that is why I believe Ari J works for Romney. Because the only other explanation is that she is just plain—-STUPID.

    • bret robertson

      yea misguided becuase we are not voting for obama who watched as 4 americans died in lybia and told the navy who could of had planes nad drones therein 20 mins to help the consulate to stand down yea we are so misguided

    • LookOverThere

      I know, all those Obama supporters are SOOOO misguided, it’s sad. Maybe they can get a new ObamaPhone before the Big-O’s term is up. In fact you should get on line now.

    • http://pennyrobinsonfanclub.net/ PennyRobinsonFanClub

      Yes, so many lost souls voting for the empty, vapid spoutings of Hope, Change, and Forward. One really almost feels sorry for them.

    • BeeKaaay

      Misguided people voted for Obama. An empty suit. With an empty conscience.

  • http://twitter.com/masquer08er Billy Jones

    Also, note how orderly the crowds in line were. I heard, “you go ahead of me”, or something similar, so many times.

  • Jim Denney

    In other “newz” Sandra Fluke filled TWO parking spaces with supporters at a UC Berkeley rally.

  • Jim Denney

    In other “newz” Sandra Fluke filled TWO parking spaces with supporters at a UC Berkeley rally.

  • LookOverThere

    This is what a winner looks like. If you want to see a loser just watch the President and his very negative campaign.

  • ChicksLoveRight

    ha ha ha @ the plane sign!Looking forward to more such signs after we elect Romney our 45th on Nov 7th!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/brett.mcmicken Brett McMicken

      i hope they have their signs attached to the planes carrying them out of the country! it’s a shame their claims to leave are nothing but hot air

  • RDPortland

    Go Florida! Way to show the support!

    We’re almost home…just need to keep it up a bit longer..we’ve got the momentum, we’ve got the the sense of victory, and we’ve got the right candidate to get this nation moving again.

    November 7 should be a very good day, if we can just keep up the fight a little longer! If you’re in a swing state, don’t hold anything back–get those friends and relatives involved, donate, and volunteer your time. If you’re in a reliably blue state or red state, ditto. Don’t take anything for granted–I say this as a Hoosier who had his state go blue in ’08. We won’t get fooled again…

  • http://www.facebook.com/rbstarnes Robyn Bumpas Starnes

    GOOSEBUMPS Indeed!!!! What a beautiful site gives me the GLEES!!


    My goodness!!! THIS IS TOTALLY DOWN RIGHT AWESOME!! LOOK AT THE CROWD!! Went to a show this weekend and let me tell you..we were not expecting to hear the person comment on Obama and how horrible the last four yrs have been…well he did and let me tell you…it went from silent to everyone standing up and clapping as hard as they could! Obama is going to lose and the only way he will win is through FRAUD and everyone knows it! We have got to make people understand that in America our voting needs to be protected from fraud! There are so many ways they could have done this and still can! This liar and fraud needs out of our WH! Only issue I have when he packs his things is that he knows so so much about our security and other things he could use in the future to hurt us! Regardless he needs to be out! Romney has done a great job and I know I will be celebrating good when Romney wins this election!!!

  • Tish


    • Florida Girl

      Early voted yesterday and the line was two hours long!!!!!

  • whatadifference

    Wow, sensational!!! I am so happy for Mitt, Ann, Paul and Janna. This must be the most exhilarating thing for them. Mitt inspires this patriotism, can’t wait for his Inauguration!

  • http://twitter.com/DaffodilTimes The Daffodil Times

    An Ocean of Whiteness.

    • BeeKaaay

      What does the employee roster of MSNBC have to do with this?

  • disqus_eric

    What’s Romney doing? Winning! That’s what.