President Obama is even losing his Hollywood supporters now. Former SNL-er, actor and comedian Rob Schneider is the latest to jump ship. He declared that he has come around and is not voting for “crappy Obama” again. Mr. Schneider tweeted this recently:

Was that the final straw? He teased being disenchanted with Obama earlier this year, in one of his anti-vaxxer rants.

In any event, he now makes his disappointment clear.

Let’s go to the video tape!


Twitter users offer their support to the newly enlightened Schneider.

Heh. And don’t forget cultist Russell Crowe, who creepily believes that Obama is “the light and the future.”

When you lose even the anti-gun zealots and avowed liberals like Schneider, things aren’t look so good, huh, champ?


Actor Rob Schneider, anti-vaxxer and Romney supporter? Tweets Obama is ‘that stoner from Hawaii’; Update: Schneider proud member of 1%

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  • Josephine (D)

    He’s got balls to admit he’s supporting Romney/Ryan. Wonder if the Left will hurl h8 at him, eh?

    • Christian Collins

      It’s coming…and when it happens, Twitchy will catch it, and it will be forever. Hope Rob is ready for it.

    • Sandi

      No, because he is white. They believe whites vote for whites (because they believe deep down inside all whites are racists) and blacks vote for blacks (unless they are trying to be white). Great logic, huh? It wasn’t just the black vote that got Obama to the White House to begin with. Durrrrrrr……….

      • Sarah Heard

        He’s actually half filipino

        • LochGates44

          So he’s a white Hispanic, which will eventually be shortened to white and than racist.

          • rrtrack

            Phillipino isn’t Hispanic, it’s Asian 😉

          • Ken Alan Draper

            well, some of them have spanish in their ancestry, but it’s a small percentage.

          • Mike Runkle

            Phillipino is not Hispanic.

        • candy martin

          HUH??? Where’d you hear that???

          • Dan Harris

            From Schneider himself, his mom is Filipino.

      • trueblues

        That is untrue. Blacks always vote for the Democratic party whether the President is black or white.

    • Kevin Krom

      Actually, I don’t see him say he’s voting Romney (unless that’s in the video clip that I can’t watch right now), just that he’s not voting for Obama. That could mean one of the 3rd party candidates (i.e., “protest vote”) or not voting at all, at least for President.

      • Flashbackjack

        I he is smart enough to not vote for president Obama again he is probably smart enough to not throw away his vote on a 3rd party candidate.

        • trueblues

          Or throw away his vote on Romney because the only win that Romney will be doing will be coming from his lower extremities.

      • Nonya

        So, to go along the basis of what you are saying about What a person Says, then, Does that then mean Obama’s words, from the Rose Garden, are up for interpretation as well, the day after the Consulate and CIA building attacks in Libya?

        “Obama used the words “act of terror”, but he did not apply those
        words to the attack in Libya specifically. He used those words later in
        context to the 9/11/2001 attacks.

        Are you totally incapable of reading, or dishonest???”

        “If the WH, Susan Rice, and Hillary Clinton believed it was an act of
        terror- by terrorists, why did they continue to spin it as a spontaneous
        attack for more than a week? Why fabricate the story and blame a video
        when clearly, as we now know, the CIA did NOT reach that conclusion?
        We’re told there was no protest prior to the preplanned attack.

        Why did Dem operatives lie (spin) the story about the female activist
        saying Issa put her in danger when there is a video of her on the web
        (Dec 2011) with a State Department nametag? Issa just released the
        unclassified documents.

        Why did Crowley think it was her job to correct Romney? Moderators
        are not expected to play the role of fact checkers, even lefty

      • Imyo

        Even if he stays home it would be more American than voting for that fool again.

        • trueblues

          Which fool? Romney. President Obama is far more intelligent than Romney

          • mac count

            I’ll buy that. Some of the most dangerous people in history have been very intelligent. He certainly fits in that category.

    • candy martin

      Of course, especially since he’s white!

      • JoH113

        Actually he’s half-Asian, so the hate will be even more vitriolic, probably.

    • trueblues

      Good bye to them they were just a bad pieceof rubbish.

  • Danny Wheeler

    Yay! Another celeb quits the O’s Kool-Aid!

    • trueblues

      Yes and join the binder full of women

  • chrisc72

    He’ll be even happier with his decision when the left talks shit on him as they do to anyone on their team that wises up. He’ll realize that group isn’t worth his time.

  • TwitWit

    The UPDATE says Schneider is proud member of the 1%- sounds like he’s saying: ‘I did build that’.

    • candy martin

      Ya think??! Good for you Rob!

  • Tanker74

    Rob. Rob-o. Robinator. Rob. Not gonna make the same mistake twice-o. Rob-o.

  • redheadgrl

    The Regular Guys have the best radio show in Atlanta! I would recommend their podcast/live stream to all twitchy fans.

  • Rick Stones

    Who knew Obama’s lies about warrantless wiretapping would do the trick for Schneider! The RNC should make an ad that copies his tweet but allows people to fill in the blanks for themselves:

    “Obama lies about {INSERT FAVORITE ISSUE HERE}”

    • candy martin


    • trueblues

      The liars are Romney and Ryan, they lie at the drop of a hat.

  • Patriotic Patrick

    How is Rob Schneider still relevant as a “celebrity”? This post is the first anyone’s heard from him in years! LOL

  • jmlsmb

    This makes me so happy because I really like his movies, and I have become jaded from the throng of vapid celebrities who have made my never watch again list.

    • Patrick L

      i thought I was the only one with that list I refuse to pay to watch a hollywood elitist’s movies IE; Sean Penn, G.Clooney,E.Longoria etc. same goes for TV talk shows and Musical Artists no one care what you think because you don’t live in the real world like the rest of us. STHU and act,play your music and do your talk shows and don’t be out there about your political affiliations.

  • Dee M.

    “It’s a testament to this nation that we’ve had a crappy black president.” That is one of the nicer descriptions I’ve heard lately.

  • Dee M.

    And cue the hate speech from the SNL libs in 3, 2, 1….

  • Richard

    Need a celebrity rehab show that celebrates celebs that stop the Kool-aid. “You can do it”

  • tsluf273

    SNL Alumni for Romney

    • Rick Stones

      You need to stop listening to whoever is telling you this (i.e., lying to you). Step away from the lies of Cutter, Schultz, Axlerod, Maddow, Matthews, et. al. and just do a little research for yourself. This will help you escape from the darkness and come into the light (I’m talking about actual light here. Not the made-up, imaginary kind referenced by Russell Crowe).

  • LibertysSon

    Coming back from the Dark Side. Good for you Rob!

  • Dave_in_MA

    Did he clear this with Adam Sandler first? He could get in trouble.

    • Kate

      Adam Sandler is a rumored Republican. I believe he donated $ to the Giuliani campaign in ’08, so I’m sure he won’t mind. =)

  • News Reporter

    Ok, this is the ONLY Democrat or Liberal that I actually have heard admit he was wrong and will not vote for Obama. I have not heard from one single legitimate other liberal telling us the same thing. I take Rob Schneider’s thoughts with great respect. If he says it, I definitely know many other liberals will vote the same or stay at home.

    • candy martin

      YOu didn’t hear about Stacey Dash?? Black democrat who voted for Obama in ’08 (she was in the movie Clueless)?? She came out publicly for Romney and black libtards spewed all kinds of hate and death threats on her.

    • nc

      Jon Lovitz? Kirstie Alley?

  • thohan

    “It’s a testament to this great nation that we’ve had a crappy black president.” That’s comedy gold. Is white guilt finally dead? Can we go ahead and bury that dead horse, if you don’t mind a mixed metaphor?

  • Nonya


    Rob, YOU CAN DO EET!
    Wondering what the liberal haters’ Tweets will be about this time. Mmm Probably more of the same. But I wonder if they will say anything about Race? Yea prolly will.

  • $30423294

    The Obama campaign seems to be in the final throes.

    They’re starting to abandon states, admitting they are abject failures.

    I wonder how Obama’s donors feel?

    On one hand, they may be feeling buoyed by the pride of having participated in a noble cause that simply wasn’t meant to be.

    On the other hand, their anger might cause them to see the President as the real human being he always was, laden with faults, and really not all that intelligent.

    Either way, history books are making space to add the minor and inconsequential footnote named Barack Hussein Obama.

    • trueblues

      President Obama will be declared the winner on November the 6th with 290 electoral votes. Buh Bye Mitt Romney the bully.

      • $30423294




        • trueblues

          LOL. Why stop, continue. 290 electorial college votes and 4 more years for President Obama. Now continue your Ha Ha Ha.

  • FAKEXTIAN Hunter

    Rob Schneider… LMFAO there’s so much influence that he has, I mean Deuce Bigelow Male Gigolo can move mountains with just one tweet – NOT. And you all applaud someone jumping ship: “Hey we have Rob Schneider on our side” embarrassing.

    • aegean1

      Anyone that takes off the blinkers and starting thinking for themselves deserves applause.

  • Ghost_of_XXX

    I had the unfortunate experience to work as crew with Rob Schneider. We called him “Hoover” because of all the coke he sucked up his nose.

  • Mylika Robinson

    Oh no, Obama lost the washed-up comedian vote. What ever will he do?

    • YeahWeWill

      Join the washed- up politicians crew.

  • Laura Palmer Holbrook

    Adam Sandler is a registered Republican, along with few other surprising people. Just google celeb republicans. I know there are probably plenty more out there, they just keep to themselves. The outspoken ones are the same as before but there are many celebs who voted for Obama that are unusually silent.

  • BeautifulAmerica

    Congratulations Mr. Schneider. Got Intelligence?

    • blue dilly dilly

      It looks as though he does, yes.

  • nc

    Rob, don’t think of it as “coming around” think of it as “coming out.” Much more edgy.

  • Darth_Slacker_

    You can DOOOO It!