Sigh. Donald Trump’s big announcement, which he’s been hawking for days, is set to be revealed at high noon!

Some have predicted that the “bombshell” is twenty year old divorce papers between Michelle and Barack Obama.

Twitter users are not anxiously awaiting the news.

But, the media, of course, are shouting Squirrel!


Twitchy will, of course, monitor this story. The things we do, so you don’t have to! We’ll update with the “bombshell.” At high noon.


Update. You can watch the “announcement” live. If, you know, you want to.

Press release to follow.

Double sigh.

The announcement? That Donald Trump is once again desperately craving attention. He and President Obama sure do have narcissism in common!

No, really. That was the bombshell. Trump will cough over cash money for transcripts. Or something.

What actually is priceless? Twitter mockery.

Yes, there is that.

Oh, no. Just stop, Donald.


  • Kevin Higgins

    I believe he is jealous BHO and Mitt are getting all the attention these days…

  • Stop Lying Dave!

    Maybe Trump will explain the secret in getting his hair to look so good.

  • Nexus Six

    I hope that if this is divorce related that the Romney campaign distances themselves from it. I mean, who cares? Same with whatever Allred has up her cape to reveal.

    • Jer

      I agree, although it would be cosmic justice considering that getting sealed divorce records unsealed and publicized twice was how Chicago slimeball politician Obama got into elected office in the first place.

  • CalCon10

    If The Donald has something juicy, WHY NOT run with it? Especially if it’s true, damaging, and relevant. Like, you know, what the Democrats do with lies?

    If we started crucifying Democrats with FACTS, the way Democrats do to Republicans with lies, the Dems would quickly lose their taste for “gotcha” games. Or we can keep playing “we’re so honorable we’d
    rather lose elections and the country” while the Dems keep making up
    phony smears.

    This kind of holier-than-thou, shoot-yourself-in-the-foot snark (a Michelle Malkin trademark) illustrates why Republicans don’t — CAN’T — win consistently.

    • Penmar

      Oh like this, maybe? Fact: Departing Security Forces asked for more security. Fact: Red Cross and British Amb leave Libya because of attacks on them. Fact: Amb Stevens sent a number of msgs requesting more security. Fact: More security denied by State Dept. Fact: State Dept watched attack on Amb Stevens in real time. Fact: Emails were sent from the ground by CIA director in Libya to White House saying Terrorists attacked and who was claiming responsibility within 2 hours of said attack. Fact: Obama/State Dept/his administration did nothing but lie about that fact for weeks afterwards. Fact: Hillary claims it’s due to a video while bodies are being returned to the US. Fact: Susan Rice goes on 5 Sunday shows claiming it’s because of a video. Fact: Jay Carney claims it’s due to video. Fact: President in his address to the UN, claims 6 times that it is due to a video. Fact: They all already knew it was a terrorist attack and not due to any video.

      • CalCon10

        Helloooo straw-men!

        I’m not saying ignore the important stuff. Or having Trump trump the important stuff.

        I’m saying if someone has something juicy and true, go with it. (Like Obama the Drug Dealer: under Bush 41, a conservative judge had to withdraw from Supreme Court consideration because he *gasp* smoked a joint or two in college).

        Give them a little return-game. Dems don’t like even playing fields. They’ll stop the smears.

  • Rabid

    LOL, Trump & Allread…Celebrity Deathmatch!

    • Elaine

      I think Obama will bite! hahaha NOOOOOO not really.

  • stuckinIL4now

    Watched his youtube video. So far a big nothing.

  • Matt Robinson

    Way to go trump. you cant just drop this stuff can you?! of course we would LIKE to know this, but at this point, stuff like this does nothing but HURT Romney and the right. I hope at some point you realize how petty you are, and see that this is the reason every elected official in America puts as much distance between you and them as possible. i dont understand why a man with all of the money and influence in the world, would use said influence in such a stupid and self deprecating way. he makes us all look bad. the sad thing is, Gloria Allred may actually have a story, and not just a Lawrence O’Donnel style bet against the President. way to go trump, way to go.

    • Matt Robinson

      it really bugs me that this man professes to be such a staunch conservative, and patriot, yet uses shameless self promotion like this, and possibly to the detriment of our candidate? what spineless amoeba he is. no shame. i wish we could pay him just to shut up

      • Guy_Montag_OG

        He’s a Showman, a modern day P.T. Barnum…and an unabashed capitalist. He provides Entertainment! I begrudge No One Entertainment. Laugh. Jeez, look at his hair…this is Theatre! lol.

  • rocksandbroncs

    Trump is a fool. the PutzOTUS has had plenty of time by now to doctor up phony records just like the fraudulent long form birth certificate.
    Trump is all about Trump. There’s a closet liberal in there, somewhere.

  • Daisy Kristina Hill

    So the Trumpster laid a trap for Obama. If he releases them we see what he’s hiding. If he doesn’t release them he can be called heartless for not wanting to give to charity and/or accused of having something really horrible to hide.

    • NRPax

      Daisy, you are assuming that any accusations of heartlessness would bother Obama or that the media would allow the story to grow.

    • Cosmic Girl

      You might be right. At first I thought…big deal! But we thought about it and came to the same conclusion you did…Trump wanted to set a trap for Obama.

    • AUBraves

      I agree. This places Obama in a no-win situation. He doesn’t want people to know about his past but how can he deny a charity the $5,000,000 if there’s nothing harmful in his records? He definitely will not expose his record and this will show a portion of the true person he is. Could you refuse a charity this amount of money over your school records? I couldn’t.

  • Mistertbones

    Well, Trump’s bombshell was a dud, just like Allred’s bombshell.

  • littleones

    how much for mine?

  • Jim Wafwot

    As if George Soros wouldn’t offer $10 million to charity if Obama DOESN’T release college transcripts.

  • CelebrityThink

    THIS IS NOT A DUD. I love you Michelle, but I think you miscalled this. Trump Offers To Give Half Of Obama’s Net Worth To Charity For 1 Phone Call To His Secretary.

  • Jaynie59

    This is hilarious. Donald Trump single handedly steals Gloria Allred’s 15 minutes and it goes [swoooosh] right over your heads.
    Uh, you guys know what the clowns are for at the rodeo, right? So how come you keep attacking them?

    • Guy_Montag_OG

      Exactly! The Donald — thanks for the guffaw!


    Its as though Donald Trump and Sean Hannity drink from the same water cooler. On several occasions Hannity has baited his audience…including me, with promises of devastating revelations ‘to be released tomorrow’, only to find that the shocking evidence is a video of a left wing Obama hugging a left wing Harvard professor. Now we have Trump doing the same. $5 million doesn’t begin to influence someone who’ll spend a billion x 600 to buy favor. It’s like being promised a ‘hot’ blind date by your friend, only to find out she, the date, has a ‘nice personality’, if you know what I mean.

  • TocksNedlog

    On top of his head!!!

  • grais

    Trump and Allred should share a rubber room.

  • CarolK

    Unless the Donald already HAS the transcripts….so the charitable offer is really blackmail. Har, har!

  • W Randall

    As obscure as this challenge is, how difficult would it be for 0bama to produce these records and make a cool 5 mil for some charities? I mean if there really isn’t anything to hide.

    If “0” doesn’t, then using “left-wing logic” (oxymoron), maybe Trump isn’t so off base.

  • Adela Wagner

    The only saving grace here is that hopefully anyone who did not know that Obama has sealed all his college transcripts and his passport, now know a little of his non-transparent record if they knew nothing about it before. What with a PRESS RELEASE and all haha. Probably means nothing to anyone, but these days I find myself TRYING to find some silver lining anywhere I can…..

  • rant stocks

    Are you kidding me trump,I’m a follower but now I’m thinking of taking you off my guest list…..don’t be a attention hog…….

  • EastValleyConservative

    Trump is wasting everyone’s time. And Allred’s joke of an announcement isn’t winning any favors either.

  • AUBraves

    I like this move! Thanks Donald!

  • The Daffodil Times

    Meanwhile in secret, all you conservatives are waiting on pins and needles to see if Obama will do it

  • nc

    Why is Trump the bad/silly guy in this? We all have been wanting to see these records for five years and have been steamrolled and blocked at every turn. If Trump can shine a bright light on this, either BHO will be shamed into releasing the records (I’m not holding my breath), or many “low-information voters” will become aware of this perhaps for the first time.

    Who cares if Trump gets some attention too?

  • orringtonmom (D)

    the most awesome deal would have been trump offering to disappear from the media spotlight if everyone just voted for romney…