Now, that’s empowerment! Fox News contributor, author and Daily Beast columnist Kirsten Powers refuses to toe the leftist line. She’s not a leftist faux feminist;  she is an actual feminist, one who respects women as people, and knows that they are not just walking girly bits. Unlike, you know, our President who gleefully and incessantly reduces women to “lady parts.

Twitter users loved Ms. Powers’ recent segment with Megyn Kelly and the always awesome Monica Crowley, during  which she said that women are more than vaginas. It’s a sad state of affairs in Obama’s world when that must be clarified. To him, we are just walking boobs who surely sit around contemplating our uteri all day.

Hear that, Eva Longoria?

We applaud it, too. “Lady parts” include functioning brains, contrary to the belief of most Democrats.

To the video tape!


Brava, Ms. Powers!

  • bakes

    I heart Kristin Powers

  • SameJerkDifferentName

    As much as I disagree with her, politically, I love that young lady! She is My Favorite Democrat, (and there aren’t that many).

    • Jon McPhalen

      She’s a actual, open-minded liberal that is willing to discuss and debate rather than slander and vilify as our president is so fond of (and practiced at) doing.

    • TomJB

      Kirsten is among those who the Democrat Party will leave behind soon if they do not change course.

    • r_coplin2001

      Yeah i would have to agree with your comment and i also think she is one of the more intelligent Democrats that are on any of the news channels.

  • Guest

    Smart woman.

  • Wigglesworth111

    Peepees are paid a lot more than vajayjays in the White House.

  • USAPatriotSC

    I think the women that vote with their lady parts are destroying all that women have fought for and achieved. 4 months ago I did not like Kirsten Powers much but she has been coming around lately, I wonder if she will defend her party but vote against her President.
    Kirsten, you should try the other side, the grass really is greener over here.

  • Danny Wheeler

    Go, Kristin Powers!

  • Jack Deth

    Gotta love that clip!

    Brava, ladies!

  • Keith Bliss

    Who doesn’t love Kirsten Powers?

  • Jim Cooper

    I told her last week moderates were welcomed!

  • grais

    If she keeps making sense, how long will it be before the left trashes her?

  • ZoriahShepard

    She certainly doesn’t sound like any Democrate woman I’ve heard before!

  • afvet4america

    Some women know it isn’t about ladyparts it is all about lady smarts. This is what they have to look forward to. And women are not STUPID and Eva portrays them to be. Taxes on the middle class are going up, and it’s Barack Obama’s fault. Thanks to
    the President’s new spending proposals, middle-class families can now look
    forward to a $4,000 annual tax increase.

    That means, if you’re like the
    majority of Americans who get paid twice a month, $166 will be taken out of
    every single paycheck. I can’t afford that 4 more years . And Eva L thinks women voting for Romney are STUPID!


    Romney’s definition of equity for women was letting them go home early enough to cook dinner
    Meanwhile in the real world: Women are working past 5 and MEN know how to cook. The horror!

    • fearfam

      You realize some women don’t have a husband at home to cook dinner, right? And I thought democrats loved single moms….


        On Nov 6th, Mitt Romney will find out just how many Binders of Women there are

        • Kent Vig

          Yes he will. They will be sending their binders to the WH to get a job at equal pay from Mitt Romney unlike the hostile workplace created by this admin with 18% less pay for women

    • grais

      He didn’t FORCE them to go home to cook dinner. They CHOSE to go home to cook dinner, be with their families, etc. Choosing how they want to live— the definitive Liberated Women. You have a problem with that?


        He didnt say “chose”…

        • grais

          I didn’t say he said “chose.”
          He described, as one example, that his chief of staff needed to be home for her kids.
          wtf is your point?

          • usmccp

            Now that’s not very nice to make so much sense so quickly.

    • Kent Vig

      So your in favor of getting rid of flextime? The feminists who fought for that for years would like to know that.

  • Dirks Strewn

    “Our Vaginas”. I like the way she thinks. I’d like to have a joint custody agreement in place before the weekend. All kidding aside, she’s pretty fair minded and is off the kool-aid.

  • Josephine (D)

    Finally, a Democrat that isn’t totally loony! Thank you Kirsten!


    Republicans. Dedicated to the principle that vaginas need reform but Wall Street doesn’t

    • Darth_Venomous

      Demoscum. Dedicated to the principle that an overstuffed puppet is more important than the lives of four foreign diplomats.


    It’s not SHOCKING that Tagg Romney wants to punch Obama for calling his dad a liar. What’s SHOCKING is he doesn’t know his dad’s a liar.

  • Patriotic Patrick

    And meanwhile our favorite libtard Jenny Mollen talks about how oppressed she is and

    • Patriotic Patrick

      oops… didn’t finish, was trying to link to bettyAnn’s post above. Good stuff. Good grief!

  • BettyAnn Baker

    And meanwhile, our favorite liberal harpie Jenny Mollen whines about how the evil government is at war with her ladyparts!

  • TonyMitch

    Women may be more than vaginas but they sure as hell know how to use that vagina to get what they want. They also know that the vagina is their most valuable tool. Then again if women were more than vaginas what would liberal women do. Where would we get our prostitutes porn stars and strippers

  • pococolo

    Go Kirsten, as always! I love me some Powers. The whole Dem meme of a war on women is so cynical and stupid! What Republican ever said anything about restricting birth control? It’s never been a Republican thing…except for, perhaps, the morning after pill. I’m pro-choice but also a strong economic conservative. I want other choices too. I want to choose what kind of light bulbs I screw into my light fixtures, not have government take away that choice. I want to choose an alternative to my public school if it is failing my children. I want to choose another good job if I need to make a change. To do that, there have be jobs choose from. I’m willing to coalition with social conservatives to make those other choices possible. My political decisions and positions are based on so much more than my lady parts and just the one choice Dems seems to focus upon. Besides, why does Planned Parenthood need government funding? It has got so much money that it’s been running pro Obama side, anti Romey side ads the whole election. It’s a very popular cause and organization. It could exist easily without taxpayer dollars.

  • nc

    Kirsten Powers is proof that an “honest Democrat” isn’t always an oxymoron.

  • Brandon

    I love that Kirsten is not your typical liberal and can disagree with her party on things and doesn’t make the most outlandish excuses ever heard for her party i.e Alan Colmes. Her and Joe Trippy are the only Dems I’ve seen that I can tolerate

  • Brandon

    I love that Kirsten is not your typical liberal and can disagree with her party on things and doesn’t make the most outlandish excuses ever heard for her party i.e Alan Colmes. Her and Joe Trippy are the only Dems I’ve seen that I can tolerate

  • Francis Arsenic

    Kirsten Powers is great.