Beautiful. Mitt Romney’s body man tweeted photos of the Governor’s pre-debate activities last night. The pictures of the governor and his wife clearly show the deep and abiding love that they have for each other. It’s a joy to see.

And backstage.

As the saying goes, behind every great man, there’s a great woman. And, boy, does Governor Romney have a great one!

  • Rick Bulow

    Now Mitt and Ann Romney are a CLASSY COUPLE! JUST what we need in the White House now!

  • Renie

    I love you guys. I didn’t at first but I changed my mind at the Republican convention. I can’t wait to have a beautiful classy First Lady and an honest American loving president

    • BlueGood

      An Awesome loving couple and family…LOOK at the huge photo of their Grandchildren on the wall of his dressing room!

      It says to me that this couple have at their core, the most important in life…FAMILY! Family is sacred to Mitt & Ann.

      How anyone could not see Mitt Romney would take this very same caring & concern into all of his endeavors and the Presidency, is beyond me.

      Can’t wait until he takes the White House and will thereafter be called Mr. President!

      (“O’Bama bin Lyin’ no doubt, had photos of himself in his dressing room)

      • Eddie Lutz

        Having photos of family nearby really helps when you’re under severe stress. A hug from your spouse goes a long way too. I can’t imagine the enormous anxiety they must both be dealing with.

  • nc

    Can you imagine how the tone of the country (not to mention the economics) will be elevated with this family as role models in the WH? Please God!

  • FLCommonSense

    We need to restore American strength and values in the White House. No more apologies.

  • Laurie Bismarck

    Definately all of the above…Wonderful Role Models!

  • Red Fred

    I really took notice when Romney said that a child benefits from having both parents, How it gives a child an advantage. Good role models for American families

  • $30423294

    This reminds me of when Bill and Hillary Clinton coordinated that photo-shoot on the beach in which they attempted to convince America that they had decided to heal their marriage. What woman could turn down a dance on the beach with a sexual predator?

    It reminds me of this in the sense that here we see genuine intimacy. With the Clintons? Sheer calculation.

    Mrs. Clinton, like all American women (not), ends each day by getting on her knees and praying her psalm of thanksgiving: thank you God for the statute of limitations.

    • pragmatic

      ummm, is that like the joke where hillary goes to a fortune teller, who states she will be a widow. hillary asks if she’ll be acquited.

  • Danny Wheeler

    Wow! Very sweet. Rock on, Romneys! Show O-Bummer what for!

  • Steve

    Oh such bullshit. If anyone doesn’t think this is a staged picture, you’re crazy. The light is on so they can clearly get a shot of him looking at her while holding her hand. How many “body men” do you know that randomly take a picture of their employer?

  • elijahzabmom

    What a beautiful picture. Did anyone notice how the Obama’s gave each other the friendly pat last night? Strange.

    • Aestro

      Are you trying to imply something here?

      • elijahzabmom

        I’m not implying anything, I said it was strange. When my husband and I are having a spat or not getting along we tend to do the friendly pat instead of a loving hold. There is also a rally with Allen West where Mitt holds his wife, it’s really sweet you should check it out. :)

  • Timothy Noonan

    These are nice images of Romney’s, like those of all Presidents and their spouse of years past.

    To those that choose to malign the images of the Obama’s – If the above images were of ANY Democrat all of you would grouse that the images were staged.

    • pragmatic

      no – I think bess and harry truman had genuine affection. fdr was known for affairs. jack kennedy was legendary for affairs as was billy boy. as for bho- two men from his church claimed to have homosexual affairs with him – they later turned up dead.

      • Guest

        You guys will make up anything, so bogus it was printed in The Globe.

        The picture below shows the absolute crap and abject racism the Obamas endure by Republicans/Conservatives.

      • Timothy Noonan

        The lengths you guys go to make crap up. Some of the reporting was from The Globe, not exactly Pulitzer caliber.

        Republicans/Conservatives will go to any length with their abject racism to malign the Obamas.

      • MissQuinn82

        I also believe the Carters loved one another, so… yeah. Crappy President, decent human being.


  • wineplz

    I love that he has a pic of his grandkids behind him. Shows he’s focusing on family, the future, and an overall positive of love and life before going out onto the stage.

  • LuCha

    If Americans vote Obama into office, this country is less intelligent than it ever has been. We’ve become a bunch of whining, lying, self absorbed people.

    • Aestro

      Your second statement is beautiful following the first.

  • jenndee

    When Romney and Ryan win this thing, I honestly think I will be able to breathe a sigh of relief for the first time in 4 years.

    • sick2deathofthiscrap

      You know you’re so right, it’s been like I can’t breathe and he is my problem. Thanks I believe there is a cure for that and it’s free! Elect Romney and Ryan!!

      • Timothy Noonan

        Your cure is more cowbell and Obama has a lot more cowbell than Romney.

        • Gord Higham

          I believe you meant to say Obama has more cowpies and is more used to throwing them in the face of decent people struggling to survive in this Presidents New World Order.

    • Kim Andrews

      Oh i SO agree with you! I just took on my 3rd part time job as well as cleaning and sewing on the side, and im STILL struggling, especially with gas at $4.50 a gallon here in San Diego. Im fine with working hard if it allows me to prosper, save and move up. At the moment all this work just keeps me treading water. I cant take 4 more years of Obama, i dont have any time left for a 4th job!

      • Kele Johnson

        I’m in SD too…gas prices are killing me. I commute 76 miles round trip to work every day–no way to avoid ’em. My savings are down to nothing and any retirement I had set aside has been used just to stay afloat. My full time job and 15 year old son leave no room for another job–but I could sure use one. We’ve been on Ramen since Sunday and there will be no relief until Friday. Everything is SO expensive…I can’t save a dime and most of the time, I’m turning over couch cushions for gas money. I see Romney as being the last hope for America.

  • Bob Richards

    He’s drawing strength from her.

  • Paul C.

    R&R 2012

  • JSizzle

    I absolutely love that family is so important to Mitt Romney! Its posts like this that are really endearing because you can tell that there is a genuine love between him and Ann. They have a beautiful family! Ann has alot of class and will be an excellent First Lady.

    • pragmatic

      I think that’s why feminists hate him so much. no man will *ever* look at them with the love and devotion he plainly displays when he looks at ann.

      • Aestro

        I think quotes like this from Romney supporters are why feminists hate him so much.

        • Guest#42874

          I think they hated him prior to reading any comments from supporters, on account of he is a Republican daring to run against President Obama.

        • elijahzabmom

          Remember when Hillary Rosen said that “Ann has never worked a day in her life” The left is still fighting the mommy wars, it’s 2012 let it go. Choices should be about the choice for a woman to live the life that she wants, even if it is a traditional life dedicated to her family. I think working moms are great, childfree women are fine, homemakers are fine, it’s the left who has nothing but hate for certain women.

        • Gord Higham

          No. it’s because when faced with a man who has the ability to shower love and adoration onto the woman he loves so deeply and publicly it shows how vapid and lonely their lives are, hate is the byproduct of envy and it shows with every venomous attack.

          • Aestro

            So what does it say when someone uses a loving couple photo op as a baseless attack on feminists?

          • Gord Higham

            Because the photo was never meant as an ‘attack’ on feminists, that is just your own twisted view of the world on display.

          • Aestro

            Are you illiterate? I never said it was an attack on feminists. The commenter I was responding to did.

  • redheadgrl

    I like that he has a picture of him with his grandkids hanging in the backstage area. Reminding him what’s it’s really all about.

  • Marcy Cook

    An honest, long time, loving couple. Unlike those other two awkward people.

  • mlenz

    You can tell when two people truly love each other.
    This is the foundation of great leadership: devotion to family, love of Country, and accountability to a Greater Power.

    ps. Eva L. Real women admire these attributes.

  • $7421226

    decent and beautiful Mrs Ann Romney is going to bring American grace and class and dignity back into our White House in January 2013, we can barely wait.. 20 more days plus the lame duck 10 weeks to go…

  • $7421226

    our youngest vet offered a simple walk-by statement that sort of stopped us in our tracks: ”obama would not recognize his wife or kids if they were walking across the street.”

  • $7421226

    Romney’s debate word cloud was all ”PEOPLE, GET, GOING, JOBS…”
    and obama’s was ”GOVERNOR, I, ,I, I, ME, ME, ME.”

  • MissQuinn82

    Shoulda kept the streak alive and gotten a game of Jenga in. Most sports fans will tell you, if it works, do not fix it.


  • Kate

    He’s clearly a very genuine man who loves his family, God and his country. THAT is the type of man we need in the White House.

  • BeeKaaay


  • afvet4america

    Any speech that Mitt Romney gives or in any public event where Ann shows up you can see Mitt Romney literally light up with love for her. Don’t think so, just watch some of the events. I think Mrs Romney is a lovely woman.