As Twitchy reported, actress Stacey Dash refuses to toe the Hollywood leftist line and openly supports Mitt Romney. For that horrible CrimeThink, she has been subjected to vile and unhinged hate. Last night after the debate, she tweeted “Well done, Governor. Godspeed.” The sane applaud Stacey Dash for the courage of her convictions.

Indeed, she should be able to support whomever she wants, based on the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

But, to the morally bankrupt, that simple, gracious and dignified statement was further cause to viciously attack Ms. Dash.

Arsenio Hall started it off.

To be fair, he wasn’t vicious and was just making a joke. Sadly, but predictably, not everyone who disagrees with Ms. Dash was able to do that.  Instead, they felt the need to hurl disgusting hate.

She’s not a “real” black woman, you see. Probably not even a “real” woman.

Want to talk actual toxic souls? Keep reading.

Get back in the kitchen and make them a sammich, Stacey! As always, scratch a leftist and find a misogynist. But, that’s not all. You’ll also find vile racists.

Appalling. But, of course, totally predictable. The Left always tries to punitively shame those who dare flee the Democrat plantation. The only people seeking to put others “back in chains” are repulsive leftists who enslave people by putting them in gender and identity boxes that they’ve created for them. And how dare anyone try to break out of those chains?

And then came the death wishes.

Works for Jesus. Unreal.

Is that a threat? It seems so. Twitter needs to investigate.

Tolerance and diversity! Except, of course, when it comes to diversity of thought or tolerating an individual’s right to have her own informed opinion.

  • Bruce Creech

    To these idiotic morons who haven’t a clue about life, economics, or anything in general, you know absolutely nothing. And to the illiterate who tweeted at Stacey about Romney ruining the country? Where have you been the last four years? Have you been on the Kool Aid or suffering from insertion: that is having your head so far up Obama’s anal orifice you haven’t a clue what year it is? Maybe you like living in a socialistic society and being told what to do since and a lot of you are women, maybe you can’t think for yourself? So I see now how the war on women really works! The Liberal Dembocrats brainwash you into thinking the conservatives are raging a war on women a look at what you’ve become? Degenerate, racists whom when someone disagrees with stupid ideology, you cry foul. Looks to me the war on women has really taken its toll on the Liberal Dembocrat women.

    • Colleen Kelly

      Apparently a socialist society benefits them as long as it doesn’t infringe on their sophisticated use of the English language.

  • BlueGood

    Very disgusting that these vile people choose to use such gross indecency publicly to attack an accomplished woman for her political choice.

    Most of us at times, use vile language…but mostly in a private venue, or at ourselves or at inanimate objects, rarely at others.

    Makes one wonder how these people can eat with those filthy mouths….

    Ignore them Stacey…you just keep being you!

  • Shawn E. Johnson

    Well, after reading what Obama’s supporters write to her I think it will only strengthen her beliefs that she doesn’t belong on their side.

    • Elaine

      Are those Obama supporters not the most evil, vile people you have ever seen? How sad they carry that much anger and hate in their hearts!

      • Pater Tempus

        No, they are not.

        • Mini14’sBlkStrat

          Yes they are! The dems/libs have become the party of Perverts, Miscreants, Deviants, and all other assorted oddballs. You should be embarrassed to be one.

          • George

            Ignore Peter Troll. He’s probably on the Ministry of Misinformation’s payroll.

      • George

        Slime for slime.

  • carolyn thomas

    Well Stacy we can see where the racism is coming from. and it was getting better now we have to start making peace all over.again. wonder who incited such racist thinking in the last few years?

    • Pater Tempus

      Right wingers who can’t stomach having to refer to a black man as “Mr. President”.

      Who indeed…….

  • grais

    Obama’s base Base…illiterate, vile, racist, uneducated, intolerant, un-American.

    • Pater Tempus

      Correction, grais… would be describing Romney’s base here.

      • Jeanette Victoria

        Reading disabled I see

      • grais

        You think those tweets are from Romney’s base…interesting.

        • Pater Tempus


          I could just as easily find tweets even more vile than this directed towards those who support our president, but what would that prove other than Malkin is a hypocrite?

          You may roll whatever you wish, but when it comes to vile, racist, illiterate, uneducated, intolerant anti-Americanism, nothing tops your average everyday run of the sewer conservative.

          • grais

            Maybe you could, but you didn’t.
            Those particular tweets were made by illiterate, vile, racist, uneducated, intolerant, un-American OBAMA SUPPORTERS–the basest of his base. And not only do you not denounce them, you try to say they are better than the “average everyday run of the sewer conservative.” That’s delusional.

      • Wulfheard


      • operanerd1986

        How can you look at all these Tweets and assume they’re coming from Romney supporters?

      • Iacobus

        Way to comprehend there, sparky.

  • $30423294

    I see two different attitudes in these tweets.

    One attitude views Ms. Dash with dignity and respect, even if they disagree.

    The other attitude views Ms. Dash as an object to be used and thrown away.

    For what it’s worth, some of us religious folk see these two attitudes as the culture of life and the culture of death, respectively.

    If you’re the praying sort, please pray for a culture of life.

  • John W. Wilson

    This whole thing makes me sick. These unfortunate souls are lost on the democrat plantation, slaves to the lies and deceit spewed by the liberal and the state media. The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. would be so ashamed of all of them for abandoning his dream.

    • Christine

      Mr. King was a REPUBLICAN!!I put money on it..most people dont know that. His whole speech was about CHARACTER NOT COLOR!!!!! And these people that talk about slavery and whatnot..THEY ARE THE DEMS/LIBS SLAVES. these guys cant think for themselves..they’re told what to think!!

  • tsluf273

    Stay classy, proglodytes.

  • smiley_t

    Ms. Dash – stay classy my dear! You are on the side of light and goodness. May God bless you and your family. Stay safe.

  • Pat

    I think I’m beginning to see why these people don’t have jobs. Would you hire any of them based on their use of the English language?

  • rivers

    Now when I read tweets like this from these pigs my mental picture if of Obamaphone lady, whether the tweeter is male or female.These people are pure trash.

  • proud2beNRedState

    The lack of education appears to be one of the requirements to be an Obama supporter.

  • Rich Davie

    Do these morons who make these vile tweets even understand that in order to create a sentence it requires that you strings a series of words together ?

  • DANEgerus

    The Quran specifies death for apostasy

  • $129448

    wow, our public schools are doing a great job

  • earl

    they already know that they are racist, sexist, a hate group,etc. you cant convince a informed obama supporter that they are because they are already convinced. They DELIBERATELY act like that. Just like a drug addict they have to change when they want. If you continue to talk to them your talking to a tree.

  • earl

    I think the biggest misconception is that conservatives think that liberals dont understand them….They know EXACTLY what your know saying. Its common sense. Mitt romney was not all wrong when he said 47 percent will vote for obama anyway. Some are not TRICKED they really do want handout at the expense of the country. They dont care

  • Love of Country

    Look at/listen to Stacey Dash and then look at/listen to the average black Democrat.

    Which ones would you want for a neighbor or babysitter? (rhetorical)

    • Paul C.

      They are the racist and a bunch of lemmings.

  • Jenny

    I’m an Obama supporter, feel he clearly won the debate, but strongly disagree with the reaction to Stacey Dash’s tweets or her choices. I’ve seen nasty rhetoric from the fringe right and fringe left ( mainly crazed libertarians threatening violence or revolution…Obama and Romney haters alike). It’s not ok for anyone to become rabid about an invidual choice or opinion.

    • Mini14’sBlkStrat

      You sound way too rational to be a hussein obama supporter. By far the most vile are dems/libs, you don’t want to be associated with them.

    • Christine

      If they’re threatening violence and/or revolution..they’re not libertarians. But that’s the first I’ve heard of that…the only thing I’ve heard about are the obama supporters who are going to riot when Romney’s elected

    • lainer51

      Finally, an Obama supporter that gets it… I would never vote for him but I appreciate that you are tolerant of our differences. Kudos to you…

      • Rabble Rouser


      • Pater Tempus

        Can you say the same, lanier51?

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    God, what horrible people.

  • David Minnich

    This is not your father’s Democratic party. It is increasingly America’s version of Britain’s “soccer hooligans”.

  • David Minnich

    A Clockwork Orange

  • Jeanette Victoria

    Students left (way) behind posting… my goodness it’s barely English

  • Brandon

    These people are probably just jealous Stacey is a well spoken, respectful black woman and they are a bunch of illiterate thugs who can’t even string a sentence together. If speaking properly and voting based on character not skin color makes you an Uncle Tom than I’m sure Stacey is proud to be one

  • Wulfheard

    This example is the real reason we can’t have Obama as president. We cannot let these vile uneducated scum determin the future of the US. They represent EVERYTHING that is culturally wrong with America.

  • mmoore229

    I can’t even figure out what most of them are even saying. God! How illiterate we have become.

    • Mini14’sBlkStrat

      Not “we”, its how illiterate They have become. They’re getting worse too.

  • redheadinbluegrass

    Sorry, but I’m going to need help deciphering some of this “hate speak.” “For a real nigga juu hurdd.” What does that even mean anyway, and where do these people learn to talk like this? Sorry, y’all, but I only speak English – albeit with a southern twang!.

  • GOPcongress

    Don’t these idiots know that their twitter name can be searched and their real identities exposed? As such, if she wishes, Dash can press charges, though she’s a class act and won’t stoop to these lowlives.

  • Goldenah

    Oh, that’s how black people always treat black women.

  • Victor Kahuro

    Looks like libs really hate anyone who has an individual opinion.

  • Dank Sinatra

    and who are all of you to send the hate right back to Obama’s supporters? The amount of intolerance being displayed by BOTH sides is horrendous. Every single one of you who had something negative and racist to say as a reaction to this article should be ashamed. You’re only adding to the problem. If anything, you are all sounding like Grais’ description of Obama’s base. None of you are any better for buying into the Republican propaganda and honestly, just admit it, you don’t want an African-American in the White House. Just look at the amount of hate you use to describe Obama as a human being online or off. Educate yourself for yourself and not for anyone else. We’re all human beings so the color of someone’s skin shouldn’t scare you. Learn to be tolerant of people with opinions because the country is now more diametrically opposed than anything. What’s “Un-American” is how intolerant we are to anyone with a opinion that’s not ours. We are a country founded on tolerance and the ability to believe what you want without having to live in fear.

    I am under 30. I am African-American. I am a college graduate. I work at a Hedge Fund. I make enough money to put your children through college on a whim. I am Obama’s base. Good job Grais.

    Now let’s see how many negative comments I receive for that will only solidify the amount of ignorance being displayed in this comment section.

    • Mini14’sBlkStrat

      So, I guess you want “redistribution”? It sounds like you’re in the wrong party.
      BTW…The above tweets are part of obama’s base.

    • HarryPumkin

      In the same paragraph you plead for tolerance of the other side, you accuse Obama’s opponents of opposing Obama for being black. Would you stop using Obama’s skin color as a crutch already and admit there are serious issues that should concern any fair-minded person who cares about this country? These issues include but are not limited to unsustainable deficits with no end in sight, entitlement programs headed toward insolvency with no plan to fix them, anemic growth, a healthcare bill that only multiplies the problems we currently have and stifles the job market, cronyism with the green energy loans, leaks of classified information designed to make the President look good, the end of a successful school voucher program in DC schools, illegal stonewalling in the Fast and Furious investigation, and lie after lie after lie about a terrorist attack in Libya.

      I am just over 30. I am American. I am a college graduate. I am looking for work and refuse to see myself as a victim. I just want a more hospitable job market and confidence in the future.

      Hope that wasn’t too negative or ignorant for you.

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    Sock Puppet’s faithful will be delighted to learn that he has nailed down the long-awaited Honey Boo Boo endorsement!

  • michael s

    Stacey doesn’t deserve this she’s not a Jenna Lindsay drug addicted bisexual degenerate. Stacey is beautiful.

  • NCMike

    LOL yall should read some of these peoples tweeter pages hahaha I never seen so much ignorance in my 38 yrs.. Good for you Stacey for taking the time to read and study up on policy’s. Dont worry about these ignorant people..

  • Doug C DAV

    I believe one or two of these could be viable threats, one is a known felon (datrapgod) see story from Fox16 here is the link

  • Juan Pablo

    Thanks for the censorship Twitchy, it hurts when you realize that your belowed conservative fellas are also racially prejudiced, right?

    • WilliamAmos

      Spaming the site with offensive pictures isnt making an argument. I would delete anyone who posted links to offensive pictures.

      • Juan Pablo

        “spamming” happens when you send repeatedly unnecessary material to others, call the president with racial epithets is important, and the images are my argument, why can’t you accept it? you only post when a conservative or Romney supporter is affected, what a shame

        • WilliamAmos

          If you want to make that case don’t post the links. It makes it seem like this site endorses such views which it does not. Again if anyone posted a link to pictures like that I would delete it. You can make the case without the photos.

          • Juan Pablo

            I just wanted to be more didactic, sometimes writting is not enough

          • WilliamAmos

            I understand that. And like you I detest what some have done in stupidity. However it is offensive to Conservatives and Liberals alike the photos you linked to.

          • Juan Pablo

            it is what it is, but ok, no more photos

  • Mary Lee

    Totally disgusting, ignorant comments and so many racist ones. It’s amazing how many of them think that she must vote for Obama/Dems because she’s black. Liberals love to put people in categories, they are not independently thinking individuals but groups of victims based on race, gender, orientation, economic status, etc. that must think with one mind…Obamabots.

  • BeeKaaay

    Leftwingwackos have no soul.

  • Jackson Brim

    This post left knots in my stomach. I can’t believe people actually act like this.

  • lainer51

    Hang in there Stacey – the loonies on the left slept thru history class… as far as I know, we still have a TWO party system, and that is what makes our country great… If only someone would tell Barry that, we would all be better off!!

  • Richard Marroquin

    WOW, I was responding to some of these tweets and my twitter account got suspended. Now that is not right.

  • Rabble Rouser

    I will be looking at who is in a movie before I spend any money at the theater.These “actors ” that seem to think their poop doesn’t stink will not have any of my money.
    And yes I have to agree for the most part the people that support Barry seem to be hateful bigots. What a shame. Thank God we only have presidential elections once every four years. If it was more often this country would tear itself apart with the hateful prejudice that seems to be on both sides.

  • Rabble Rouser

    Thanks for posting such a positive message. Unfortunately there are a lot of people that seem to disagree with you. As I am sure you are aware most of them don’t seem to be literate. It’s frightening to see there is so much misinformation, that leads the left to the left and the right to the right. We as a country should deal with the Government and the Media. I can only hope that individuals like you will not knuckle under with the pressure that is applied to you.We need to educate the populous.

  • afvet4america

    Wonder if the Obama’s would feel comfortable letting their daughter’s live or even be around these folks? Somebody should ask them that question.

  • Socal71

    It’s no surprise that most Obama blacks use twitter to spread their hate and racism. Their feeble minds can’t process more than 140 characters, Anymore than that and it would be too much like work and Lord knows they don’t want to work. It’s hard enough for them living government check to government check as it is…