No, seriously. Team Obama is hitting Mitt Romney for not appearing in order to take questions from children at a Nickelodeon event. Hmm. Perhaps Team Obama should be more concerned with the type of people employed by Nickelodeon. You know, like misogynist Jason “Pig” Biggs. Since Team Obama is so concerned with lady parts and all, shouldn’t they denounce a company that continues to employ and promote such vileness? For the children, right?

That aside, oh, good grief. This coming from a man who frantically avoids big boy questions at every turn. He disses the White House press corps for stints with “Pimp with a Limp,” “EZ Street” and “Morning Mayhem.”

This latest and desperate tactic fell flat. Twitter users were quick to point out the absurdity.

Bingo. That’s all they have and they are panic stricken. They are also continuing the ridiculous Big Bird as a campaign strategy nonsense.

That’s fine, cupcakes. Governor Romney is too busy wearing his grown-up pants. While Team Obama is fiddling about and prattling on about Big Bird and Nickelodeon, Mitt Romney is out working. And doing things like this, in the pouring rain.

He doesn’t need to answer staged questions from children, either. Mitt Romney has shown his unabashed and unconditional love for children throughout his entire life. Obama lapdogs, like one at BuzzFeed, think his care and love for a dying child is “morbid.” But Americans think it is kind, gracious, loving, compassionate; all qualities to be admired.

Governor Romney also turned his car around today, just to make an impromptu stop at a school when he spotted the children outside, waving and cheering. His smile was genuine, as was his obvious delight in chattering with the children. Whom he treated with the utmost respect, by the way. Shaking each and every hand and making them feel important and noticed. Most importantly, Mitt Romney’s ideals and the policies he would seek to implement are all actually For the Children and their futures.

But, hey, if pathetically whining about a staged Nickelodeon event is all you have, well, bless your hearts. See you in November!

  • Vividiorque

    When Nickelodeon allows SCUM like Jason Biggs to remain on their payroll, I’d diss the blasted interview too!

  • Mr. Grammar/SpellCkr

    I was thinking the same thing, IMK. I would not want anything to do with a network that employs trash like Jason “Pig” Biggs and his wife, so I don’t blame Romney for backing out.

  • EastValleyConservative

    Mr. Grammar and I.M., you are forgetting….this kind of news excites the crowd that adores Obama in an odd way. Kind of like dodgeball after smoking weed. It’s what their priorities are, afterall.

  • Discontentwliars

    Obama is clueless, and has no idea that Biggs and significant others, and Nickelodeon tweet campain for children is a problem. Morality,as well as other conservative ideals, just don’t fit his party platform. Remember the fake vote that failed that would put God back into the Democratic party platform? It wasn’t just a fluke! (pun intended).

  • ceyanne

    Yes, Team Obama is fiddling about kind of like Uncle Ernie in The Who’s ‘Tommy’. And we the people are Tommy in that scenario, unfortunately.

    • ceyanne

      For those who don’t understand what I mean….

    • Jillane Kent

      Would that make Michelle the “acid queen”?

      • ceyanne

        Hahaha! Naturally…. ;o)

  • Bonita Ledzius

    I’m glad Romney didn’t go on Nickelodeon, considering they are not firing that Jason Biggs who tweeted disgusting things about Romney and Ryan’s wives, including talking about attacking them sexually. They don’t need his support, nor ours since they okay a pervert like Biggs working on a show for children. As for Obama showing up…he can only handle talking to celebrities, leftist, college students and children because those all have the same amount of education…or a brain compacity and attention span of a child. They are the only ones who will beleive his lies.

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    Of course Obama can answer children’s questions…

    It’s simply a matter of being on the same mental plane.

  • RIChris

    Obama makes time for Reddit, Letterman, The View, Pimp with a LImp, and Nickelodeon but when it comes to meeting with world leaders, he bails. Pathetic excuse for a president.

  • TiLiNi

    Obama is all about the kids…aborting them, that is. Ok, that was low 😛 but, you were thinking it. Lol

  • Brett McMicken

    so, the person who won’t meet with world leaders so that he can appear on the view is slamming romney for skipping nickelodeon? in other words, it gets under his skin that big bird and dora were snubbed. here’s some advice to obama: you lost the debate. deal with it.

    • Reaver1

      Sadly this is how he’s dealing with it.

  • Rafael Eduardo Peña-Rios Riber

    awww, i like the “kids pick the president of nickelodeon” skit.
    oh well, maybe in the next 4 years there will be time

  • weRbroke

    Yeah, like the kids around going to VOTE. Oh wait, OFA was at a middle school registering students to vote….hmmmmm

  • vino veritas

    I was thinking the same thing that, apparently, everyone else posting here was when I first saw this headline. Question is, has and should Romney use this as the reason he did not attend and make that sentiment as loud and clear for the public as possible?
    I would really like to see Nickelodeon put on the hot seat, nationally, over this and raked over the coals too, as they deserve. Wouldn’t mind seeing that degenerate gutter rat piggs get what he deserves either.

  • nc

    I love the way Romney is really hitting his stride, showing the glaring difference between his sincerity, as in examples like visiting the school today and turning down Nickelodeon, and BHO’s phoniness.

  • TJCrane_NCC1701

    This and Big Bird is it ??? This is all these self proclaimed MENSA members can come up with ???
    It reminds me of the movie Armageddon (1998) where (Bruce Willis) Harry Stamper says: “And this is the best that you c – that the-the government, the *U.S. government* can come up with? I mean, you-you’re NASA for cryin’ out loud, you put a man on the moon, you’re geniuses! You-you’re the guys that think this s**t up! I’m sure you got a team of men sitting around somewhere right now just thinking s**t up and somebody backing them up! You’re telling me you don’t have a backup plan, that these eight boy scouts right here, that is the world’s hope, that’s what you’re telling me?
    The libs must be crying ! #HugeFail !

  • orringtonmom (D)

    Obama’s next campaign stop: kickin’ it with Dora at the gooey geyser. swiper NO SWIPING!!

  • Brandon

    If one of the kids asks Obama why he’s put such a big burden on them when they grow up, he’ll be out of there #LikeObamaAtADebate 😉

  • RaggedyAnn46

    I’m glad Romney bowed out of the Nickelodeon show, as Nickelodeon has dissed his supporters by keeping trash like Jason B. on payroll.

  • Herman LaClair

    wouldn’t it be great if one of the kids actually asks Obama “how much of the national debt am i stuck with?” (cue loud noise)

  • Craig Edwards

    If you hold the belief that going on The View or Morning DJ Radio Shows may have contributed to Obama’s poor debate prep, then by all means Mister President, Nickelodeon is the perfect practice ground for you.

  • CalCon10

    Is it just me, or does the “Big Bird” imitator in the pic here look kinda…psycho?

  • MostlyGenius

    Once you endorse child soldiers you have to make time for them like any other veterans group.

  • MostlyGenius

    Once you endorse child soldiers you have to make time for them like any other veterans group.

  • Guest

    Ummmm, Romney stopped by a school and met with a bunch of kids who were waving as he went past however the Israeli Prime Minister didn’t get the same respect.

  • stuckinIL4now

    Did Obamuh understand any of the questions the kids asked?

  • GoGalbadia

    Some say it’s because of the children? Well I still would like to know what child that still watches Sesame Street was up that night watching the debate and comprehending 10% of what was being said? My guess is that it was slim to none. Way to go parents, using your children for your own sad agenda.

  • CelebrityThink

    Twitchy you have become one of my favorite sites. I love what you are doing. LOVE IT. We had some thoughts on this same topic. Obama can meet with a station known for its cartoon characters but cannot meet with a head of state (Netanyahu) to discuss how to avert a national crisis that could lead to nuclear war … and Romney doesn’t meet with the cartoon station (instead he is talking to children on the campaign trail face-to-face) and does meet with Netanyahu … and Romney is the one making negative news?

  • CaptRexKramer

    So…who showed up at this years’ NAACP convention…and who did NOT!? Balls of steel, the Obamoron has.