GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s motorcade made an impromptu stop today, after the governor spotted children outside an elementary school, waving and cheering.

Mitt Romney’s body man reports further.

Adorable!  More on-scene reports and photos come in.

Neither can we! What a wonderful reminder to smile and delight in the wonder and joy of childhood. Of course, some can’t even just do that.


Keep the impromptu visits coming, Governor Romney. You gave those children a day they will always remember and we are sure that you will, too.


  • Josephine (D)

    Cute! Oh, and this is kinda funny:

  • Junie3

    Tomorrow, Obama will begin doing the same thing. They are so predictable.

    • Rob

      Obama? Mix with the PEASANTS?! Ewwwww! Are you MAD?!!

      • J.N. Ashby

        Those urchins aren’t even wearing brogues or blazers…the barbarians.

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        How daaaaaaaaare you!

    • Michael Payton

      Obama will need his teleprompter. Just hope he doesn’t go at lunch time, when the kiddies are being force fed their Moochelle Menus

      • snowcloud

        LOL!! Good point! They’ll probably throw the food at him!

    • [email protected]

      Yea sure.. Obama will meet with all the middle class folks at the Ritz Carlton like he did yesterday. LOLOLOLOL

    • James Atkins

      Nah, Obama wont do anything like this because these young kids can’t vote and thee will be nobody to pander to.

      • strat77

        He could always meet with the teacher’s union thugs.

        • RIChris

          He already owns them.

    • Sinjun

      doesn’t he basically do the same thing everytime he meets with Biden?

    • AZcommenter

      Barry will make an “impromptu” stop at a medical marijuana dispensary, in a nostalgic nod to his own school days in Hawaii.

    • Donna W

      I thought the same thing lol Then remembered that we aint Beyonce or JayZ – or Snoop Lion.

    • Netmilsmom

      But it will be an “Inner city school with high risk kids”.
      Barack Hussen Obama, Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm.

  • LadyLiberty1885 – A.P. Dillon

    Most excellent!!!

  • DianaRae_FL

    This IS the Real Mitt Romney. He is a wonderful, decent, caring man. And, Big Bird? Well, he’s a multi-millionaire. He will be just fine.

    • candy martin

      yep and the liberals just hate it when we have someone who so much better than their guy! Nothing phony, pretentious and not a lying socialist and it drives them crazy! hehehehe I like that!

      • Kidd

        Is this the only website ya’ll read? The only reason Mitt made this so called “impromptu” stop was because he was already being bashed on other sites for refusing to participate in Nickelodeon’s show, “Kids Pick the President.” A program former candidates have participated in along with Obama who did so for the second time. Mitt’s excuse for not participating was “I am too busy to answer kids questions” which of course set the media off and suddenly Mitt’s team went out of their way to hype this up on twitter. Romney has made it very clear there is going to be big cuts in education, how many jobs will be lost? Cut funding to PBS, how many jobs will be lost? ( big bird and the gang will be fine, a Network will pick them up and Romney will lose the revenue the gov. gets from that). He will shut down all agencies offering services to the needy or that he feels are not necessary. How many jobs will be lost? How is he going to replace those jobs and what is he going to do about the massive surge in homeless families that lost jobs because of the cuts and will get no help because of the cuts?. All those people will increase Mitt’s 47% to at least 70%. He is all about the wars and taking control mid eastern world. How many lives will be lost?

        • PickledPeach

          after Nickelodeon allowed their employee Jason Biggs to denigrate both Ann Romney and Jana Ryan, I’m glad he didn’t participate in anything to do with Nickelodeon. I don’t allow it in my home any longer.

        • Wendy Wagner

          The guy in charge of Nick said Romney should be killed. Why would he do anything with someone like that? Just like David Letterman said nobody should vote for Romney if he refuses to show up on that show.
          Maybe nobody should vote for Obama till he makes time with Netanyah, and starts taking the nuclear threat of Iran seriously. That makes a lot more sense to me.

          • d55may

            So are you saying that it’s really Letterman who picks our presidents?

          • Stumpie

            I hope not, he’s a tool….like most of the left.

        • Wendell Hurst

          You seem to know a lot about what Mitt is thinking. Are you a mind reader? If government jobs are lost, the government saves. When those people get new jobs in the private sector, everybody wins, TWICE!!!! Romney understands, as apparently so many people don’t, that government jobs don’t produce anything. They are a drain on the economy. When Obama “creates” jobs by hiring people to work for the government, at taxpayer expense, he’s not really improving the situation. When you see what President Romney can do (with help from a lot of patriotic Americans) for our economy, you’ll wish we could have elected him years earlier.

        • Catchance

          Blah, blah, blah… why don’t you get your news from somewhere other than Huffington Post or Daily Kos? “He will shut down all agencies offering services to the needy”. Please. You’ve been listening to Debbie Wasserman Schultz too much.

        • Netmilsmom

          In the real world, people don’t pick our President by Nickelodeon shows. If some are, they shouldn’t be voting.

          • Stumpie

            LOL..good call!! Uuuuuhhhh……I pick, uhm…this one!!!! He has a nice tie……………………

        • Guest

          Tee-hee, Deb, you so silly! If you allow your children to watch Nickelodeon, you’re not paying attention. Their vile, leftist, agenda-laden programming goes back way before Biggs. Oh, and Obama is actually working for Satan. I’m neither crazy nor exaggerating. He, like Islam, is borne of madness and pain. You just mad ’cause Big Bird droppin’ fat stacks and you poor!

        • James Atkins

          Jesus Christ, Deb, please sit down, before your head explodes. Breathe…just breathe..

        • Stumpie

          Oh how I love blatant stupidity on display!! Thank you for being there for us Deb, your ignorance is amazing.
          PBS is a shill for leftist, liberalism and should receive no tax payer monies. They are endorsed by those evil big corporations as well, you know, like McDonald’s, and they make money hand over fist with Sesame Street stuff.
          I do forget, you don’t know how the free enterprise system works….it’s much like thinning the herd.
          Please, your trolling for the left and probably getting paid for it.

        • car2can

          Typical leftist rant. You’ve been marinating waaaaaay too long in the mainstream media Kool Aid. I’ll bet you didn’t know about Nickelodeon’s recent hire, Jason Biggs, who tweeted about what he’d like to do sexually to Ann Romney and Paul Ryan’s wife. I’m with Mitt. I’d refuse to associate with anyone that sexually demoralized my spouse or other women. It just proves that he is about more than buying votes.
          By the way, PBS is a multi-million dollar company. There is no reason why they can’t be privatized and do just fine.
          What about the massive surge (a 14% increase) in people on food stamps just since Obama removed the work requirement from welfare this summer? A big portion of the needy are suffering because Obama’s radical systainability policies are killing jobs and strangling small business. With Romney’s leadership, these government agencies will be greatly reduced because people will actually be WORKING. Obama is all about growing a larger, more-controlling government and creating more private sector, government union jobs at the expense of the public sector.

    • Lime Lite

      Is Big Bird all the Left have? You gotta pity them.

      • ThorOdinson

        No kidding. Millions unemployed, millions more on food stamps, nearly $6 billion in deficit spending added in four years, a dead ambassador, the Middle East on fire…

        …but PRIORITIES, PEOPLE! Big Bird is what really matters!

    • d55may

      Big Bird will be just find too! Look even our Space program, cut by Obama is going private now.

  • Chip

    How long is it until some MSM idiot makes a claim that this isn’t allowed on school property?

  • stuckinIL4now

    This sure beats those scripted events where brainwashed kids sing that insidious Obamuh song and I’m sure this will get crickets from the slimestreamers. But let’s start the countdown until Obamuh makes his totally random “impromptu” stop.

  • nickshaw

    The progs won’t leave this alone. I can see the MMfA headline now, “Romney campaigns illegally on school grounds to 10 year olds!!!”

    • Ferrell Gummitt

      Nick Shaw: The sad thing is you are probably right.

  • Mike Kerns

    My, what a monster! Good grief, the Left is amusing.

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    Kids know. Romney’s a good man.

    • orringtonmom (D)

      my son walked by the computer and saw a pic of romney and said, “hey, mom! that’s mitt romney!” he’s four and knows a good thing.

  • rivers

    Hey Zerlina Maxwell – if Big Bird can’t make it on his own on what he brings in, he deserves to be fired.

    • grais

      She thinks Romney wants to KILL BigBirdnot just fire him(her?)
      Bet she swears she heard him say that, too.
      Zerlina Maxwell = not.real.bright.

    • $1718659

      I just tweeted her almost exactly that.

      • Guest

        Wow, Bruce. You’re so cool.

  • Danny Wheeler

    Go, Romney! Prove those libs wrong!

  • pappy

    one of people against his stop is named…Zerlina.

    LOL…we KNOW who she’s voting for. ; )


    Obama only helps people with other people’s money – he would dream of giving his own money to others

  • Ferrell Gummitt

    The only reason Obama would stop at a school is to make sure Michelle Obama’s dietary regulations are in force.

  • J. Cox

    20 bucks says he didn’t hand them kids a 55k bill for their future and take their lunch money as a “down payment”.

  • poljunkie♪

    I love it!

  • disqus_eric

    These kids are obviously racist.

  • John (it true me am)

    Reminder to the left: These are the children we have saddled with trillions in debt. These are the children whose futures we have mortgaged to China, in part to fund even the beloved Big Bird. These are the kids growing up in a school system failing them because of progressivism and the union stranglehold. These are the children you would doom to live in a world dominated by Islamists and secular Fascists. These are the children you would win by indoctrination and tales of the glorious leader, decrying the age old truths of work and sacrifice.
    A more solid Romney demographic I could not imagine.

    • vetgal1970

      ^5 Kudos!

      • Jedd McHead

        vetgal, I’ll see that 5 and raise you 10!
        Well put, John!
        R&R, 2012

        • vetgal1970


    • Hank DeCat


    • justlisa

      Oh wow… I am sooo stealing this. Well said!

  • vetgal1970

    These pictures are really cute, and the kids will always have that. It was nice of him to stop and it was nice that the school let him.
    My daughter just reminded me that Mitt did something quite similar when he was in our state. They were at the airport getting ready to leave, and a plane carrying a group called “Honor Veterans” was returning from taking some of our WWII veterans on a daytrip to DC to see the monuments. He took the time to stop and greet them and asked questions about the organization. We usually like to make their return a big deal, with lots of people to meet the plane and say “Thank You” to our Veterans, but that night we were chopped liver. 😉 Thank You Mr. Romney


    All without a teleprompter! Obviously he was just ‘acting’.

  • orringtonmom (D)

    you mean, the kids didn’t care that about what he said about big bird, and the teachers were ok w/ a republican candidate on campus? mind blown.


  • Michael Hampton

    “So THAT’S where you get all of your numbers from!”

  • Matt

    Is there no act or gesture that Liberals won’t spew venom about ? Sometimes, most times, it seems the libs think that the very existence of conservatives is some kind of affront.

  • suqsid4

    In response, the Obama campaign will be placing a stool on the front lawn of every school across America.

  • Kenneth Glenn Koons

    At least Mitt did not have the kids chant some propaganda song ala Obama. This was a good thing for all concerned because no matter the pol, education is still a priority in America. I would love to see George Allen campaign with Mitt.

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    Here, I got the NYT lead-in: “Shamelessly pandering to innocent children in a cynical photo-op….”

  • victorykd

    He really is a good man. This pictures are wonderful.

  • Noone

    Big Bird is the 1%. He doesn’t need to be on a Democrat propaganda channel to bilk taxpayers for more money, that’s what teacher unions are for. Eliminate Big Bird and these kids will be able to find jobs in the future instead of having to slave away their days trying to repay the Chinese for the spending Obama has done.Tell me how many generations will it be before we can get out from the debt Obama has amassed?

    Stupid Democrats, you can’t tell something that’s sincere, genuine and heartfelt from something that’s produced and scripted by Hollywood fat cats anymore.What a sad pathetic life. Get off the plantation idiots and go create a job.

  • Noone

    Damn these Democrat trolls. I wanted an aww moment with Romney and elementary kids and they stole that away from me. It’s amazing that these kids even know who Romney is. There is hope for the future that these kids won’t be as stupid as their parents.

    • nc

      Don’t give them that power. This was beautiful!

  • Chester

    Big Bird is a one percenter. Why do liberals want to take more money from the 99% and give it to a rich elitist like Big Bird. He would have a private jet if he wasn’t a bird.

  • Dandapani

    We’re they singing: MMMMM Rommmney :) I think not. Romney is a man, a good man, not an idol.

  • Brandon

    The more I hear about Mitt the more I like him.

  • John Conservative

    Do you really really think Mr Obama would have stopped

  • Travis Wilde

    MSM will report:
    Mitt Romney’s motorcade fails to run over a large group of school children, makes a u-turn to try again and fails. Romney then joins the crowd of children and lies to them.

  • CJinPA2

    my 4 year old told me she’d rather send the money (from PBS support) to keep our soldiers safe than to big bird…says she likes disney better anyway. (and…um…they support themselves…)

  • Stumpie

    What?? No teleprompters No secret service?? No planned speech of indoctrination?? Oh, wait….I’m thinking of the one that’s leaving the Oval Office……

  • Marcy Cook

    Children can see goodness and will respond spontaneously if allowed to be free to do so….unlike the children that are forced by their teachers to sing mmmm mmmm Barack Husein Obama