Yep, that happened. President Obama has now literally reduced women to the sum of their “lady parts” only. His campaign is telling women to “vote like your lady parts depend on it.” Wow, how empowering. You’ve come a long way, baby!

From his official campaign Tumblr:

How dare he? Shame on him. First he tries to reduce women to “Julias,” enslaved by and tethered to Big Daddy Government from cradle to grave. The poor dears can’t manage a thing on their own, except for maybe making Obama a sammich.

Now, he quite literally tells women to vote with, and for, their “lady parts,” grossly diminishing women. Beyond reprehensible, Obama campaign. War on women? As always, it’s from the Left. They believe women are stupid and incapable of thinking for themselves. In fact, they are incapable of even using their itty bitty brains; they must think with their girly bits only. You know, like dancing vaginas.

Women, and men who aren’t sexist pigs, are outraged and rightly so.

Yep. That’s fine, of course. Even if they survive an abortion attempt and don’t “just come out limp and dead,” as President Obama repulsively said.

Yes, what about that? The “future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” But Muslim “lady parts?” Nothing to see here, move along.

A hashtag enters the mix:

You are. President Obama does not think so, though.

To him and to his fellow travelers, you are only a means to an end. And you must be scared away from daring to stray from the Democrat plantation.

Guess what, President Obama? Women will vote with their “lady parts.” Their brains.

Shame on you, President Obama.

Shame on you.


The campaign has yanked the reprehensible “vote like your lady parts depend on it” e-card from its site.

But Twitchy is forever.

Update: Campaign is now claiming it “wasn’t properly reviewed.”

More from The Daily Caller:

An Obama campaign official explained to The Daily Caller that the post was taken down because it had not been properly reviewed.

“We have a review process for our online content and this piece did not go through our regular review,” the campaign official wrote in an email. “When it was discovered, it was taken down.”

When it was discovered. By that, they mean when they were caught. Huh. Sounds familiar! You have to post the misogyny, to find out what’s in the misogyny!


Citizens demand #PresidentLadyParts answer for his misogynist ‘lady parts’ campaign move

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    One of my lady parts nestled inside a steel-toed boot will be more than happy to help send you packing in November, Mr. President.

    • Mike Simpson

      With apologies to Blazing Saddles:
      “Vote for Obama or the #LadyParts gets it!”

      • TugboatPhil

        I saw that about a month ago for the first time in many years. I’d forgotten just how funny that was.

      • Karl Morey

        “I think he’s serious!”

        • PennyRobinsonFanClub

          Isn’t anybody going to help that poor man?!?!

          • Orangeone

            If you are referring to O’Blameveryonelse, he isn’t poor, he has stollen billions from us taxpayers and hidden it where he thinks it won’t be found.

          • Mini14’sBlkStrat

            I wouldn’t even give him a “Laurel & Hardy hand shake”.

      • Johnny Blade

        too bad Mel couldn’t get away with a movie like that these days… :( one of my favorites

    • Mini14’sBlkStrat

      They can fit in a boot?

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        Uh… all of my parts are ‘lady parts’. Including my foot… Nope. Doesn’t look like a man’s foot at all. 😀

  • Claire Adams


    Well, I never! The left has lost its way.

    Children are running this campaign – it’s been made evident over and over, on twitter at least. This kind of “humor” starts to be revealing of their thinking. (And it goes all the way to the top. Recent example, Mr. Biden saying he’d go out with the woman who introduced him if he weren’t married!)

    Anyone remember the feminist movement led by leftist icons? Will NOW speak up against this? Talk about a 50 year set-back in the fight towards equality.

    • grais

      I could not agree with you more.

    • TugboatPhil

      Don’t wait on NOW to comment. Ever since the Clinton administration they have become THEN.

    • grais

      You’re absolutely correct.

    • tvonthebrain

      This is what happens when people get desperate.

  • SansMercy

    This sums it up pretty well. Women (even Dem women), you should be pissed off at this vajayjay monger. WTH.

  • grais

    It doesn’t even make any sense.
    These ‘people’ are vile.

  • c2

    Suggested man ad for Obama campaign: “Vote like your ___ has been cut off.”

    • 1irishdell

      HAHA! Cause his sure was, long ago…

      • Orangeone

        Nah, he’s evolved and chooses to insert it up the back alley instead.

        • 1irishdell

          I don’t get it. And please don’t explain it to me either.

        • Maria

          I agree!

    • Mini14’sBlkStrat

      dem/lib men have been acting like their man parts have been cut off for years. They performed self emasculation years ago.

      • Ajean72

        Have you ever argued with a liberal man? Sometimes I feel like I am the man and he is the woman. I am really a woman!

        • Mini14’sBlkStrat

          As a Republican man it’s embarrassing to watch them, they(and most dems/libs) overdosed on political correctness long ago.

    • Orangeone

      Must be the singlular part because the duo doesn’t exist.

  • Hiraghm

    The left have had this view of women for at least 30 years…

    Whose opinion would *you* respect… a woman who runs a household, or a dressed-up sexpot?

  • grais

    Wait a minute. How can we be sure this wasn’t directed toward liberal men?

  • 1irishdell

    The people that run Someecards/Happy Place have had O’s back since I started going there. Just another Prog run site that gets away with idiotic, misogynistic BS. I quit following them and promoting them when their followers called me a retarded racist b**ch for standing up for Conservatism about a year ago. Yeah, BUH-BYE, winners!

    • 1irishdell
      • Laura Thompson

        Just went to that site…and was assailed with SEVEN animated pairs of animals F-ing…what a Klassy site…geez….

        • 1irishdell

          Right?! I should have apologized in advance for that link 😉

      • grais

        It doesn’t matter to them that the Romney fake tan thing is a lie?


        • Michael Hampton

          I’ve seen the pictures. What proof do you have that it was a lie?

          • 1irishdell

            Michael, pictures on the internet are all 100% true, right? Maybe read something instead for a change. AND this even comes from a LEFT-leaning site!!

          • grais

            The word of the Univision make-up guy.

          • Maria

            Who cares if someone has a fake tan? Millions of people have them. Yawn.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            My boss has a skin condition, maybe excema(sp), and he uses pads(wipes) that have a tanning agent to even out his skin tone. He’s not trying to impress the Mexicans that own the restaurant down the street, or anything, and he’s Lebanese, besides.

          • Maria

            I bet Mikey would have something distasteful to say about your boss and his medical condition too.

          • Michael Hampton

            If he used a darker one while addressing Mexicans in a public rally while running for President of the United States of America, I certainly would say something distasteful about that.

          • Maria

            @Michael Hampton: Oh you’re offended by everything. It’s like walking on glass with you people. And by you people, I mean your political party so you don’t get offended by me saying “you people” or “offended” or “walking on glass” or “the”.

  • redheadgrl

    Glad to know Mr. Obama and his campaign care so much about my mind, intellect, and conscience.

    • grais

      Yeah, they sure care about us, don’t they?


  • mpetrie98

    Some user named “vennstiel” posted that tripe on Obamao’s tumblr page. I suppose the fact that it’s up there 22 hours later implies that the campaign is OK with it.

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      either OK with it or utterly incompetent with a web campaign.

  • Jessica_Olson

    It’s been taken down. Not there anymore.

  • mpetrie98

    Aw gee, now it’s been scrubbed.

  • weRbroke

    Every day there is another reason to laugh and point fingers at the people running O’s campaign. Romney didnt hug his garbage man…awwwww. (rolling eyes) Ladyparts need to vote for O, or what? Clue to Team O-ring…your bleeding female voters like a bad period and what do you do? Make a call for 4 more years of bad periods. Blech.

  • WingedBishop

    It appears they took it down. Good thing Twitchy is forever :)

  • Brian Richardson

    Well well well, that sure didn’t take long for Obama’s Tumblr website to scrub this. 2pm Eastern, the post was there. 2:15pm, it says “The URL you requested cannot be found”.

  • Nick

    Damit he is still blaming BUSH!

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      -) -)

      I see what you did there…..

    • crazygemini12

      But I’ll bet he can spell “dammit”.

      • Jillane Kent

        and destroy economies and economic standing……..

      • Maria

        Doubtful. He can’t even spell “OHIO”.

    • Kent Vig


  • DorothyGrissom

    Obama hires the stupidest morons for his campaign. I just have this to say about #LadyParts: Dear Barack Hussein Obama~My body parts are none of your ignorant business.

  • mandygirlie238

    Just because you Mr Obama think with your little man part…doesn’t mean that I think with my girl parts. I have a brain and I vote.

  • Aubrey Gross

    A liberal friend of mine posted this back on Sept. 25, from the Ms. Foundation’s Facebook page. What’s even worse is that they don’t seem to understand just how demeaning the message is. SMH

    • weRbroke

      so the Ms.Foundation is fine with using gender as a reason to vote a certain way. Why am I not surprised that they would want Better than Equal treatment for All people, regardless of gender?

    • Rach M

      Because liberal women are only lady parts. Nothing is as important or vital as birth control apparently or the ability to kill your fetus whenever you get the urge to. (Regardless of whether someone coerced you into it.)

  • Kenneth James Abbott

    Vote like your sphincter depends on it!!

    Because it sorta does–if Obama gets another four years, it’ll never recover.

  • Rach M

    Oh heavens! Mr. Obama, thank you for reminding me that all I am is a delightful set of lady parts. My vagina is a little sad today, could use a pick me up. How about some birthcontrol/anti-depressants from the government Rx dispensary? That should put me back in my place, daddy. XOXO

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    This whole administration sounds like a bunch of 8th graders left alone for half an hour in study hall.

    • Morgan Greer

      I teach 8th graders and they are better behaved and smarter than Obama and his clowns!

  • Merry

    You guys are making out to be 100000 times worse than it is. Literally, our “lady parts” do depend on this election. (i.e Romney’s plan to overturn Roe v. Wade, and his plan to cut funding from Planned Parenthood.) You must be a COMPLETE moron to interpret this as Obama saying “vote WITH your lady parts.” He’s just promoting the idea that women’s rights are HUGE in this election.

    • grais

      Oh, for heaven’s sake. Romney has no “plan to overturn Roe v Wade.”
      Our lady parts do NOT depend on this election. Our wallets do.
      Stop letting them make you hysterical.

    • disqus_CR25ev2Z1s

      My lady parts are doing just fine without resorting to abortion to hide my promiscuity or to begging for free birth control from the government. We’re not all required to act like irresponsible hedonists and no organization has the right to demand to be subsidized by the government.

      What about a woman’s right not to subsidize things she doesn’t believe in? Obama spit in the faces of religious women (and men) and violated all of our rights.

      Some things are more important than sex. Like the First Amendment. The right to free speech and religion is far more important than the right of a woman who refuses to take responsibility for her own sexual choices to obtain free birth control and abortion. I won’t let my rights be violated in the name of someone else’s libido.

      • Grumpa Grumpus

        Hear, Here!!
        Well said!!
        Well said.

    • redheadgrl

      There is no way to “overturn Roe v. Wade”. It was upheld by the Supreme Court. There is no overturning Supreme Court rulings. If abortion is so important to you, worry not, it is here to stay. That being said, the states can make laws around abortion ie: how many weeks pregnant, etc. But, Roe v Wade cannot be overturned. Please don’t fall for the scare tactics that somehow a Romney presidency will ban abortion on a federal level and then ban birth control. It is not a realistic point of view.
      And, yes, to me, this “lady parts” bit is 100,000 worse than some things. It is an insult to women in thinking all we care about in this life are our uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes. Because I’ve got to tell you Merry, there is a lot more to me than my ‘lady parts’. I have a brain, and I like to use it. I have a sense of humor. I have a soul and a heart that loves. I care about my opportunities to earn money and improve myself both financially and educationally. It saddens me as a women that there are so many out there like you who cast their ballot based on the single issue of abortion.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      Re: Planned Parenthood funding. Why should I subsidize your murder?

  • Josephine (D)

    As a future female voter, this beyond pisses me off. My lady parts are not the most important things in the world. Funny how Obama tells born women how important their parts are, but he’s okay with letting unborn women being aborted because they have lady parts.

    My vagina is disappoint.

    The sad thing is that a lot of Tumblr users probably agree with Obama. >.<

    • Donna Acosta

      If you knew what Muslims do to lady parts, I guarantee you’d be far more pissed off. Look up female genital mutilation.

      • Josephine (D)

        I know about FGM; I’d love to know where in the Koran or in Islamic lore they find justification for that. >.<

  • Walter Rampton

    And of course the liberal mainstream media won’t even bring this up. Its sick what the Democrats have become. Its no wonder you see more of them retiring or not seeking re election. It’s not even recognizable anymore.

    • ratizbad

      Or stepping down with full benefits on our dime.

  • AllTheGoodNamesWereTaken

    Can I vote with my man parts? No, that would be sexist.

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    Vote w/you LadyParts?
    Why not? He thinks with his SittingParts!

    And, why didn’t they go “whole hog”* and say “Vote like your Lady Parts depends on it!”?

    That’s a two-for: It’s not only ebonically correct, it insults old people,too!

    *(oh, I forgot! PrezDingleberry’s got that “thing” about pork…)

  • Joan Sullivan Fitzgerald

    The best lady part is your intelligent brain ladies. We need a leader. We need Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan. Ladies this is 2012, not 1950’s. We’ve come a long way Ladies.

    • Orangeone

      Just know Romney has come out as an amnesty guy and supports O’Bambi’s illegal allien illegal DREAM EO.

      • Maria

        I think it’s just to get votes. 😛

        • Orangeone

          In exchance for losing Independents?  He’s an idiot.  His response should be that he will work with Congress and American citizens to review the situation and develop a plan consistent with our Constitution and federal laws.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      I know it’s 2012, but I, for one, wouldn’t mind going back to the basic family values of the 1950’s.

  • emma dilema

    Since when did the job of govt become the vagina police?
    ??? Did I miss something?

  • Joseph Phillips

    How cute. My ecard reads “I’m gonna stick my ballot in your election box. Ooooh.”

    • Mike Simpson

      But is it provisional?

  • Jack Offelday

    I can’t help picturing a giant vag smoking a Virginia Slims cigarette.

  • jdog

    Obama’s war on lady parts.

  • Dave Frank

    what do expect? obama is a big lady part!

    • Donna Acosta

      I know you’re mad, but please…that’s seriously insulting to lady parts.

  • Johnny Blade

    Your ‘lady parts’ are counting on you.. vote Romney so your kids don’t have to climb back inside and live there… 0.0!

    • Orangeone

      Vote R Squared or you will lose them to O’Bambi’s ObamaCare Sharia butchers.

      • Maria

        Yeah I am bothered by that. However, I’m confident that IF he were to be re-elected and tried to push Sharia Law through, it wouldn’t go through. IF it did, then well civil war would break out. I don’t want my parts butchered!!

        • Orangeone

          See on Twitchy that O’Bambi is obsessed with “LadyParts” north of the wasteline and follows the pix posting of them on Twitter!

        • Michael Hampton

          Are you really saying that you think Obama is trying to completely do away with our systems of laws and institute Sharia law here across the entire US? Really? Please keep shouting this from the rooftops because that is the best ad for Obama that I can possibly think of.

          • Maria

            I don’t believe I have shouted anything from a rooftop, little one. And who knows what Obuma has in store IF he were *snicker* re-elected, he’s an Islam. Why don’t you go back to crying about the debate and leave the grown ups to converse! :)

  • Streetiebird

    haha awesome ad :) Too bad conservatives don’t have a sense of humor about their War on Women…

    • J. Cox

      And the lib troll tries to play it off…btw..hows that war on military voting going?

      • Streetiebird

        Since there is no war on military voting I’d say it’s going poorly. The Republicans war on facts is going great! They have this whole military voter suppression lie to cover up their huge voter fraud and suppression scandal LOL. Where are the vote fraud concern-trolls now that the Republicans have been caught red handed?

        • ChelieinTX

          facts, please, for your claims.

          • Streetiebird

            I’d ask you for the same, but I know you don’t have any. Here’s a quote from the Military Vote Protection Project Executive Director, Eric Eversole: “The military voting issue has existed long before the current administration. I simply don’t see any politics at play,” The rightwing media is covering for the GOPs current voter fraud investigation, and their own efforts at suppressing voters. If you have links that actually show anything to the contrary feel free to post them.

          • J. Cox

            he said facts..not a quote from a no one.I expected nothing less from one as ignorant as you.

          • Streetiebird

            A no one? Oh please, cite where you’re getting your information about this military voter suppression? Who do you believe over the guy running the military voting program?

    • Donna Acosta

      So, you admit the left has a war on women, which they are waging using humor?

      • Streetiebird

        ahahahahahaha, quite the opposite :) Look at Obama vs Romney’s poll numbers among women, OH WAIT, polls are evil now that Obama is winning lol.

        • disqus_CR25ev2Z1s

          If women are truly only voting for Obama because he will subsidize their sex life, they’re doing nothing but accepting a bribe. And insulting the rest of us in the process. They don’t have the right to violate our rights by demanding money from the rest of us to avoid paying for contraception themselves.

          • Streetiebird

            oh em gee. You bought the Limbaugh dialog about giving away free contraception? WOW!!! You don’t even know what Sandra Fluke was talking about haha, Limbaugh really did a number on her.

        • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

          Well if only 9% of households are being polled, are they just asking the same people over and over again?

          • Streetiebird

            Yeah man, screw the polls! Unless Romney is ahead, in which case you can take those polls to the bank! Unless he starts losing again, then it’s unfair sampling!

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            According to those same polls, Obama’s been ‘winning’… so your comment makes no sense?

          • Streetiebird

            Oh, sorry, I was being sarcastic.

  • Wigglesworth111

    Dems are disgusting. Women should vote with their brains, not their vagina.

  • Conservative Mom

    Can you imagine what would happen if a politician told men to vote with their crotch? I intend to vote with my most important “lady part,” my BRAIN! And it will NOT be for for this disgusting, sexist administration that continually reduces women to brainless lemmings whose only voting consideration is the supposedly the “right” to kill their children, depend on government and demand that others pay for their birth control!

  • jrus51

    why do you think the cradle of civilization,starting sooo much earlier than the rest of the world, is barely up to the stone age? Well they deny equal rights to at least 50% of their people…Women!And when you take away that 50% you’re only left with 25%…do the math .Any women can figure it out.

  • joeyess

    “But Twitchy is forever.”

    You’re certainly twitchy, Ben. Especially when it gets close to deadline. Then the twitching leads to outright plagiarism.

  • vino veritas

    This president, currently, has more support from islamic extremists like the muslim brotherhood & al qaeda than from the American people themselves, maybe your lady parts really do depend on it.

  • Richard Jefferies

    The left has nothing. Absolutely nothing if they have to resort to this level of juvenile insinuation. What’s next? “Don’t vote for Romeny, he’s a Poo Poo Head.”

  • GTFOBigGovt

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

  • bunnyvision

    the outrage here seems a little manufactured

    • redheadgrl

      Yeah, I guess if you were thought of as a demographic whose only importance was your “cock parts”, maybe you’d be a little outraged as well. I like the ecards, I find a lot of them funny, but for this one to be posted on an official campaign site just shows the immaturity and/or stupidity of some of Mr. Obama’s campaign workers.

      • bunnyvision

        I am a woman and in my experience the term ‘lady parts’ isn’t really derogatory or even all that uncommon. The way the Obama campaign used it doesn’t really have anything to do with reducing women either…t’s a euphemism for abortion being a campaign issue. Anyway the outrage seems a little forced on this one.

        • redheadgrl

          So “lady parts” = “abortion”? If so, then why didn’t they just make the ecard say “Vote like your abortion depends on it?”. In my experience, referring to women as just “lady parts” is derogatory, but, to each their own.
          I think the outrage may be linked to the fact that the younger staff on Mr. Obama’s campaign team are trying to be cute with all these social media memes, but in reality, they have been more offensive to voters outside the youth demographic than cute/funny.

      • bunnyvision

        I am a woman. And I’m not particularly offended…it’s a pretty common and harmless euphemism. I just feel that this anger about this particular thing is a little bit strange?

  • Bitterblue

    I don’t know about anybody else, but I am delighted by this. It shows the usual liberal hypocrisy yet again, and the more examples of liberal hypocrisy, the better.

    Oh, and when I think of manufactured outrage, I think of every single grievance every liberal has ever had….the whining about gay “rights”, the whining about racism (definitely a shitload of manufactured outrage), the whining about sexism, the whining about religion (a metric ton of manufactured outrage), the whining about the wealthy (an infinite amount of manufactured outrage). It seems that the left is constantly outraged about something, and what’s worse is that most liberals seem to mysteriously become wealthier and more successful after a bout of expressing that finely manufactured outrage.

    Oh, but conservatives are never legitimately outraged about anything, especially sexist nonsense such as the idiotic image above.

    Vote like your WALLET depends on it, because it does! No more money for stupid spoiled whores’ contraception! Make the skanks pay for their own contraception!

  • Sharon Williams

    Oh boohoo…I’m not offended by it..and neither are my female frds…I’ve got a brain and it says…”keep your poiltical views off my body…above and below the waist”…

  • NotUnderGod

    Where will all you sad cons go to lick your wounds when the President wins re-election? For the sake of all logical people, will you just stay there? Thanks.

    –The United States of America

  • ratizbad

    What can you say,Hard to get lower than our so-called president…Speechless on that one.He is taunting all Americans,Especially women,What a criminal figure he wants to be.

  • G.

    Misogynist-in-chief now, eh Bammer? But it’s the Pubs war against wimmin…my administration loves wimmin.

  • Craig Edwards

    Thanks to the Obama Administration, even after Julia has died, she is still able to vote for the Democrats – Under a Mitt Romney Presidency, Julia would be taken off the voter rolls once she is clarified as deceased, or forced to show an ID before voting.

  • chitownmom

    I’m sure it was just a typo… They must have meant lady farts… Um no, lady pants? Lacy parts? Laddie parts? Damn… No way to spin this.

  • Guest

    It’s proven the Conservative women have more attractive parts than Liberal women! I’m just saying!

  • Greg Greenlee

    It’s proven that Conservative women have more attractive parts than Liberal women!

  • chitownmom

    I’m sure it was just a typo. They must have meant lady farts.. No, lady pants….lacy parts….laddie parts? Damn! There’s no way to spin this!

  • RimKitty

    Absolute proof that you right wingers have no sense of humor.

  • louisiana_mom

    I really believe the Left would like for us to think about sex 24/7 that way we wouldn’t notice how miserable we were under their policies.

  • Maria

    His campaign and him are some piece of work! Hurry distract America with lady parts, Julia, and Fluke so they don’t notice what we’re REALLY up to!

  • Jamie Wilson

    How could it not have been properly reviewed? SOMEONE has to have rights to put those things up. Who gave out those rights? Where is the responsibility?

    Oh, wait, it’s Obama’s thing. Nevermind.

  • Jamie Wilson

    BTW, this is the original site:

    You might notice, the card’s been around for a while. I’ll bet there’s an interesting epaper trail here.

  • Mary

    The photo is a simple reminder that how you vote effects the future
    reproductive rights of women. It doesn’t say “vote with your lady
    parts”, and it’s not hateful toward women. It’s the equivalent of
    “ladies, stand up for yourselves this election!”

  • Noonespecial

    What, we’re surprised that the Democratic party is sexist? Please…They are the epitome of sexism and racism. If it weren’t for so called “Liberals”, those words – or the attendant treatment of women and non-whites- probably wouldn’t even exist in our society. Remember the roots of the Democratic party? Does anyone really believe they did a complete flip flop and abandoned what they really stand for in the mid-60’s? I sure don’t. They just changed tactics.