This afternoon, Fox News aired a car chase live. Tragically, it ended with a man committing suicide by shooting himself in the head. On live television.

Fox News apologized.

Yet, BuzzFeed and Mediaite felt the need to clip the video and post it.

Absolutely appalling. In a quest for sick viral clicks, BuzzFeed and Mediaite posted the graphic video of a man committing suicide.

Yep, BuzzFeed and Mediaite felt the need to post it. You know, in case you missed it and felt like reveling in a sick snuff video.

This Twitter user thinks they were right to do so.

Yes, people are talking about it. But there is a little thing called human decency. Most on Twitter realize that and give BuzzFeed and Mediaite the business for apparently caring more about viral clicks.


In the meantime, everyone can take the advice of IowaHawk.

And this Twitter user.

  • MikeR

    This idiot shot at police and drove on the freeway at over 100mph! Thank god he didnt kill a police officer or an innocent family on the freeway.

    • Elaine

      I thought at first he had HOSTAGES! Thank god he was alone in that stolen vehicle! The Fox affiliate here in NH DID cut away so I never saw it. Better to kill himself as opposed to other innocent victims.

  • FlatFoot

    The video is not even the least bit graphic.

    The video shows the guy putting something to his head — then he falls forward. No blood. No brains. No blow-out. He just stands there a moment — then falls down.

    Big freakin’ deal. Shepard Smith is a pillow-biting bedwetter. The little children — whom I dare say don’t even watch FOX News unless they have to — see far far worse on their so-called ‘children’ TV shows and their gore glorified video games each and every single day.

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      You’re a (o(sucking assh0le. I think kids understand the difference between seeing Daffy Duck taking a load of cartoon buckshot and reality.
      Got it downloaded and saved? How many times did you watch it? Didja wax the weasel each time? BTW, I don;t think anyone is complaining about Fox here, if you missed that — that was a hideous accident. The question is, have we really grown so callous as to take snuff films as part of normal entertainment?

      Well, comfort yourself with this thought – much as I may dislike it and think it crude and offensive, I won’t be burning down any embassies or murdering diplomats because of it.

      • PennyRobinsonFanClub

        BTW if you’re interested, I know where you can an unedited clip of that famous footage from Vietnam, where they pop the guy right in the side of the head.

        Oh yeah, he’s getting a woody.

        • Walker Bennett

          haha, damn man

      • FlatFoot

        You mad, Bro?

        …and obviously childless.

        By the way, Cupcake, it wasn’t a “snuff film”. It was a live breaking news story.

        I guess that original ‘pillow-biting bedwetter’ remark struck too close to home for you, eh?


        • PennyRobinsonFanClub

          No, when it ran the first time it was a “live breaking news story.” When the other 2 posted it up for the prurient gratification of others, it became a snuff film.
          And as a matter of fact, I have six children, and a grandson. Also, I believe its been at least 15 years since I had any sort of bladder event, and for that I blame an unaccustomed combination of potent beverages. To the best of my knowledge, though, I have never bitten a pillow.

          • Aestro

            I’ve bitten a pillow during an abscess. Wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

          • Grumpa Grumpus

            @Ice Cold Troll
            I also find myself in agreement.

            I’ve many more children than that, over 47 grandchildren and expect even more great grandchildren, fought in two wars — and I don’t think ot is acceptable viewing.

            It used to be a 5-second delay in live feed was standard. Do you know why it’s no longer so?

      • rinodino

        I am blaming… Fox News, they has always chased after (excuse the pun) car chases, why? Because of ratings; they never saw that this day would be coming ? Please!

      • Aestro

        I can’t believe this, but I (mostly) agree with @e9bdb6f2662b1f2f9456f6098e8f6bb8:disqus on something. I am complaining about Fox because while it was an accident, it is one that’s avoidable and it was a huge accident. I do agree that it’s far more disturbing that people flock to see someone blow their brains out on TV. That’s an actual human being taking their own life, not a cartoon, not a movie. That’s something you can’t unsee.

        • Kent Vig

          I agree. Very well written

        • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

          Yes, there’s a reason that the ‘eyes are the windows to the soul’…. and it’s not because you can see your lovers’ souls in their eyes… the eyes are the quickest route to the soul, and hence the quickest path to corruption of said soul.

          Otherwise, the saying would be ‘The eyes are the mirrors of the soul’. ‘Window’ implies passage, that there’s a threshold to be crossed.

    • Michael Rice

      That soemthign was a gun. He shot himself. Quit downplaying it.The fact that you have no qualms about people, let alone children seeing someone shoot themselves is disturbing. I guess you would be ok with a rape video too??/ The fact kids may see worse on tv is part of the problem nto an excuse. Note – those shows are made by liberals like yourself.
      Pillow biter….gee you sound rpetty anti gay/homophobic there..what will your czat Obama think?

      • FlatFoot

        It’s fun to communicate in the English language — once you learn how.

        Work on it and get back to me.

        In the meantime, quit equating ‘rape’ to a live video feed of breaking news void of any gore whatsoever — and the vile scumbag shooting himself in the head and saving the taxpayers millions in court costs and a lifetime of prison incarceration. The world is a tiny little bit better place now — celebrate it.

      • wesmorgan1

        Um…speaking as a father of 4, I made it a point not to have news on the TV when my young kids were around, simply because one never knew what the next story might be (particularly on local news).

        If you’re worried about “children seeing it,” isn’t the real question “why would parents have live news on around young children”? News is, almost by definition, an adult topic.

      • GaryTheBrave

        During the Viet Nam War there was a famous event of a Buddhist (or some other eastern religion) monk self-immolating with international news media recording it. None of the “real journalists” tried to stop him or try to save him. The film and photos were seen worldwide.

        The argument then was that “real journalists” do not make themselves part of the story. They actually did by letting the images out into the world.

    • Jamie Wilson

      Wrong. I saw it live, and no, there wasn’t gore, but there was that moment of horrified realization when you realize this guy just ended his life, right in front of everyone. Death is a private moment, about as private as it gets. If you think it’s okay to air that, when he may well have family and friends out there, then you should go find your humanity wherever you lost it.

  • Love of Country

    I don’t see what the big deal is …. he’ll still be voting in November anyway albeit for Barack Owebama.

    • Aestro

      Keep it classy.

      • Love of Country

        Keep it classy? But you’re that classless troll who is constantly saying the GOP is far more racist than the DNC all the time. You’re nothing but a dishonest, hypocritical provocateur, for Pete’s sake.

        Beyond that, what you’re disingenuously trying to say is show respect to that guy who didn’t respect God, himself, police officers, the law of the land nor his family. Had he been killed in an actual accident then things would be entirely different IMHO. I’m just not the type to shed actual tears for career criminals who kill themselves but naturally my heart bleeds extensively for any innocent, small children he may have left behind. Liberal values ie stealing cars, shooting at policemen and forever disrespecting God are the work of the devil and this bloody incident is case in point.

    • Walker Bennett

      That was pretty crass but, admittedly, it was pretty funny. I’ll give you points for that.

      • Love of Country

        Well heck I appreciate that …. I certainly do. I thought it was awfully funny and accurate as well. The guy was attempting to kill police officers just so he could get away with stealing cars ….. I’m not about to show reverence to such blights on humanity but if someone actually does want to pay their respects then I’m not trying to stop them. Just don’t insult Shep Smith …. that jackanapes has legions of liberal fans here on Twitchy …. unbelievable!

  • TugboatPhil

    Note to TV networks: There is this magic technology that radio has used for years. It’s called a time delay on the broadcast. If you don’t want to air suicides, then put about 10 seconds of delay on the feed.

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      Yeah but really, who’s going to expect this? Has this ever happened before? Kinda doubt it.

      • TugboatPhil

        If you listen to LA radio running audio of car chases, this happens at least once a year. I get the podcast, which isn’t affected by time delay. They actually do that to avoid having live cussing go over the air.

        My point is that car chases never end “predictably.” If Shep is so upset that he needs to apologize, there is a way of avoiding that in the future.

        • Michael Rice

          And they have declared it won’t happen again. Meanwhile, these other sites put the video up AFTER they new how it was going to turn out….big difference,.

      • GaryTheBrave

        Several years ago the MD Sec of State or Treasurer offed himself at a news conference where he was expecting to announce he was resigning over some scandal. Since it was a news conference by some pol the locals didn’t use a delay (the field producers may have thought the station was recording it for the evening news). Some stations aired the news conference live (breaking news doncha know) and their viewers saw it happen.

        Since then I think the policy is to have ALL live feeds on delay.

    • Aestro

      I read the article on EW after seeing it on Twitter – Shep said that they have a 5-second delay, but didn’t cut in time. The article states Shep could be heard in the background yelling “GET OFF IT!”

      Sounds like his crew failed him big time.

      • Love of Country

        He actually said it after the fact … Shep is a troll, anyway.

      • Jamie Wilson

        I saw it live. He started yelling to cut it a second after it happened – there was no warning whatsoever. The staff, I think, were stunned; there was this huge collective gasp when it happened. They went to commercial almost immediately, but it was too late to prevent broadcast.

      • Netmilsmom

        I watched it with the suicide cut off on The Blaze. What it looks like to me is that the feeds were switched. They were supposed to be airing the 5 second delay feed and Smith was supposed to be seeing the live. The suicide happened then Smith was yelling “get it off” over and over. But the viewers had already seen the suicide.

        • Grumpa Grumpus

          Thank you for that answer.

          I didn’t see it myself, I’m in bed w/pneumonia and being old I wear out fast.

          Because of my greatly reduced stamina I have to ration my intake of “stupid” so I jyst haven’t watched the idiotbox for the last week.

          I have a TiVo incase a show I do follow comes on. I’ll also admit, guiltily, that I follow a show called “Burn Notice”, and another show called “Grimm” because I love special effects (CGI?).

          News is near the bottom of my television viewing b/c I get more reliable information digging on my own.

          Again, thsnk you for the info about the feed-switch.

        • GaryTheBrave

          Apparently they were getting a feed from the local affiliate and I think that NY was expecting the local to cut away if it got ugly. The local obviously didn’t and that may have messed it up for them in NY.

  • Armando

    The local conservative radio station also has the video

  • DG

    There is a huge difference between scripted television and film violence and reality.

    This was accidentally shown. But, it is a real life possible ending of these sorts of news coverage.

    Responsible news outlets should not be hosting video or links to any videos showcasing it.

  • stuckinIL4now

    I can forgive FOX. They made a mistake, they acknowledged it and I believe they’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again. But there’s no excuse for BuzzFeed and Mediaite, their posting was premeditated and on purpose. So have the slimestreamers begun skewering FOX while making no mention of BuzzFeed and Mediaite? And I’m with Iowahawk–I don’t click video links to suicides either. If you wanna see blood and guts just tune in to just about any crime show on TV and you’ll usually see enough to make you hurl your lunch.

  • rrpjr

    Paddy Chayefsky saw this coming 35 years ago.

  • stillinthe60s

    Bet both media outfits have bans for showing an abortion procedure live. Why? Fetus is just tissue right?

  • Rena

    It was horrible and shocking to see but I dont find any fault with FoxNews. Every one of us had the right to change the channel as NO ONE held a gun to our head (no pun intended) and forced us to watch it. They had no idea what the outcome of this would be as most end with the apprehension of the perp. Get over it already, no one is perfect and stuff like this will happen again to someone else and probably to Fox again.

  • Scarlett O Richardson

    I can forgive FOX, they were reporting the ugly truth as it happened. I cannot forgive MSNBC for editing 911 calls or tapes to make a false story and then try to sell it to us as truth.

  • GTFOBigGovt

    So what? We saw Ruby shoot Oswald live and the video is still on the internet even on the HISTORY channel. Ditto JFK shooting. People complaining about their kids watching can blame themselves for being too lazy and selfish to NOT WATCH crackhead car hijackers with their kids in the room. Grow up and stop the nanny statism. And LOL Shep “my watch”. As if he has anything to do with the broadcasting except talking.

  • wesmorgan1

    Amazing how you couldn’t bring yourself to put “Man commits suicide live on Fox News” in your headline. I mean, you routinely name other media outlets in your headlines, and you named BuzzFeed and Mediaite in this one – so why not Fox?

    Having said that, I have a simple question for all the outraged folks – do you have the same outrage when you see gory footage from war? What about coverage from protests, in which we routinely see battered/bloody people?

    Should it have been aired? No. Is it worth all the outrage? No.

  • BigFurHat

    Reading this article and the comments I do believe I’m holding a pretty unpopular opinion. I posted the video with my explanation –
    Who is Fox kidding? They break into regular broadcasting with the “news” that some criminal is running from the police. How is this news? They pretend that what they want to happen is that the police will pull them over and they’ll be arrested. YAWN.
    They are hoping for a car to plow into pedestrians, otherwise, why are they showing what they maintain they hope will be a chase that ends mundanely?
    FOX is wrong either way – brutal outcome captured live, or a complete yawner captured live.
    I ran the video in protest to FOX.
    Stop these stupid sensational “breaking news” segments, only to cut away when they get remotely interesting.

    • marcellucci

      Dear BigFatHut,
      Does reporting of actual news upset you that much?
      Why don’t you just watch MSNBC for their “doctored video” du jour…..