Listen to the whole thing? That would not suit. How could the lapdogs then deceptively edit video in order to attempt to shame Mitt Romney and boost up The One? First it was Andrea Mitchell over at MSNBC. Remember, she ran a deceptively edited video trying to paint Mitt Romney as confused by Wawa. That “real journalist” was exposed by “just a blogger.”

And it has happened again.

What video? Oh, just one that Joe Scarborough ran on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and other media outlets breathlessly ran with it.

Turns out, he should be double facepalming himself.

That’s right. MSNBC ran a clip that tried to paint a false narrative. They claimed that a crowd at a rally was chanting the name Ryan. And that Mitt Romney jumped in and tried to get them to chant Romney instead. What really happened? The Blaze uncovered the deception.

Indeed, the MSNBC closed captions claims the was crowd chanting “Ryan!“ when attendees say they were actually chanting ”Romney!” Obviously, this changes a lot about the situation. Instead of awkwardly inserting his name into what sounds like a failed chant, Gov. Romney was actually including his running mate in a crowd chant of his own name.

“Mitt said, ‘Let’s try this, Romney/Ryan, Romney/Ryan, I like that better!‘ Jewett’s email continues. “I thought to myself ‘what a humble guy to include Ryan in our chant.’”

Video via TownHall:


And, as we discovered, live tweets from a couple of journalists covering the rally prove it as well.

Journalists for Obama aren’t just shamelessly cheerleading now. They are trying to fix the game. Twitter users are disgusted, and rightfully so.

Some are still falling for the deception. Perez Hilton just posted and tweeted about it this afternoon, even after the video was proven to be false.

At the end, he writes:

Based on the priceless reaction from Joe Scarborough, the Republican host of Morning Joe, the moment was a far cry from “great.”

You know what else is a far cry from great? Lying liar who lies, Joe Scarborough.

These lapdogs need exposed every time.

Enough. The Fourth Estate is completely insolvent. Time to pack it in, lapdogs.

Update: Aww, call the waahmbulance!

Really? That’s all you can come up with? You double face palmed. Why would you do that if that is what you referring to originally? What on earth would be face palm-y about that? Why would you say “sweet Jesus” for that? You can’t even lie well, dude.

He continues stomping his little feet.

Oh noes! He’s taking note! We are quaking in our super cute shoes. Of course, it’s quaking from giggle-snorts, but still.

Why? Will you be “editing” some more?


According to “Morning Joe” spokeswoman Lauren Skowronski, you guys just don’t get the program’s playful brand of “humor.” Really:

This story is an attempt to generate a false controversy. The tape clip was untouched and was played as it was recorded. The panel was responding to Romney’s playful response and having fun with it. Joe and the gang apologize for making people laugh in the morning

  • Guest

    Joe Scar’s contract @ msnbc requires him to act like a Doofus, he’s happy to be a 110% in his workplace.

  • orringtonmom (D)

    shameless hack.

  • weRbroke

    MSNBC sucks D-onkey, LITERALLY.

    • orringtonmom (D)

      lol, well they certainly give new meaning to the phrase…

  • TugboatPhil

    When I was younger I’d occasionally read about Pravda altering the reporting of events in the Soviet Union. They were pretty funny at the time since we had relatively unbiased news outlets to compare them with.

    This stuff. It’s scary.

    • grais

      Anti-Americanism, plain and simple.

    • Catchance

      Yes! I always felt so sorry for the Russian people who couldn’t hear the truth. I’ve been calling our media Pravda and Tass for quite a while now.

      • Grumpa Grumpus

        @Cathy Chancellor Wright:
        Well a couple-three years ago, I’d not have agreed with you about the renaming of MSM to Pravda, Tass, et al.

        Those “news organizations” produced transparent falsehoods. In conversation several members who lived there before the Soviet transformation have opined that so transparent were the lies that only the most benighted actually believed. Everyone else operated under “official belief”, just like they officially believed that “…next year is prosperity, this year maybe occasional spot shortages”.

        Up until very recently our “news organizations” were care not to be so consistently and constantly transparent liars.

        So, in a manner of speaking, Pravda was more honest at its zenith than the MSM was.

        Now, of course, the whole MSM is a clown car of respectability.

        Have a good evening!

    • pragmatic

      the difference between the old pravda and US msm is pravda was biased in favor the party elite out of fear of a siberian gulag. the US msm is biased becasue they espouse communist principles willingly.

    • MikeR

      Has anyone asked Joe about Lori Klausutis lately? You know the intern he murdered

      • Andrew B

        Only time I ever agreed with the Daily Kos and Michael Moore was when they demanded the media cover her death with the same zeal they covered the death of Chandra Levy. Joe and his Congressional sycophants and toadies behaved extremely strangely after her death, immediately claiming she had medical problems which I believe her family refuted. If the Internet accounts are true, Joe then opted not to run for re-election and resigned his position as publisher of some rag in Florida. Not the actions of a man with nothing to hide. I wouldn’t put it past a sleaze bag like Joe to off someone but think having an affair with her is more likely. Unfortunately, due to Joe and his staff’s knee-jerk coverup mentality and a snoring press, we never got the full story.
        Explain yourself, Joe. Explain your bizarre behavior when Lori was found dead in your Congressional office. Explain your staff’s bizarre behavior when she was found dead in your Congressional office. Explain why you were so terrified of the press looking into it. Explain why you and your staff immediately put out an “explanation” for her death when no facts were known and when Lori’s family apparently refutes your “explanation” of her having medical problems. Explain why you get so touchy whenever anyone brings her up. Explain your relationship with Lori. Explain why you tried to scrub her name off your Wikipedia page. Are these the actions of someone with nothing to hide? Explain yourself, Joe. Explain your behavior.

  • Burt Zerker

    The media has turned against the core principles that this country was founded upon and WE need to start thinking along the lines of a Senate investigation into media collusion to subvert the democratic process.

    Don’t wait for the ‘cavalry’ to come to our rescue,..WE are the cavalry.

    • Alyse Sullivan

      Well said – you are so right on. First let’s make sure we take this election away from them and then move on to the media. I hope the calvarly makes it’s appearance on November 6!

      • Burt Zerker

        Alyse: Stay positive. Justice and truth will always surmount their contrived biases and fabrications, as long as we’re here to support and defend it. Being right is the best weapon we have.
        The media won’t be getting away with it,..for much longer.

    • Teresa Sanft-Nelson

      The new DOJ under Pres Romney can start by charging MSM for campaigning for Obama in violation of existing federal law. They need to add “I’m Barack Obama, and I approve this message” at the end of each “news” item they report on, and at the end of the program a blanket “approve this message” for the real news they DON’T report on.

      • GaryTheBrave

        I wonder if we could file a civil suit against the MSM for Journalistic Malpractice?

      • ziggyff

        Yes there’s around 25 mainstream media outlets in this country and your take is 22 of the non-Conservative ones are in collusion. Besides the fact on how difficult a task that large would be,,,how about we go with the simpler premise that the other outlets are colluding with the GOP…remember, Fox are the only outlet with 7 on air employees whom are also on paid staff for Romney. I don’t hear that taking place on the Progressive side..HMMM?

  • Chip

    The media thinks it is OK. How many times have you heard the White House spew bald-faced lies? Obama can’t answer a question without a snide aside and a joke about something unrelated to diffuse the focus of his answer. Lies begat lies and they only grow in the telling.

  • jacamina

    What does it all matter; PMSNBC is left and known to lie and cheat Americans. The good thing; American’s are awake to their manipulation, except for the ignorant part of society that just follow what they say.

    • ziggyff

      as opposed to Fox which has 7 on-air paid employees whom are also on Romney’s paid staff..only Fox thinks they can do that…pay attention to more than one news program and you will learn something

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    What happened to good, old-fashioned, unequivacations?

    Always weasel words.

    They LIED!

    See, accuracy improved!

  • weRbroke

    Just how many other times has dear Andrea Mitchell messed with the narrative and presenting altered “evidence” as fact?

  • goldenpipewrench

    Has Mitt Romney campaign actually disputed the original tape? If they have could you post a link as it should be on their website. If they have not disputed the original tape by CNBC then the original chants must be true. .

    • Vinny Raineri

      No, the tape was ALTERED. The ORIGINAL tape is up, and we have MULTIPLE INDEPENDENT eyewitness testimony.

      • goldenpipewrench

        Great but has The Romney Campaign disputed it? If you are being accused of something you think you would speak first ? no?

        • Madelyn Martine

          NO. You are being purposely obtuse. Annnnd …. do your own research…look for the original vs. the altered if you REALLY don’t get it.

          • goldenpipewrench


            If an official Romney Campaign disputes this allegation I kindly ask that an update be posted, I am not trying to be obtuse but simply was hoping that something has been issued officially to refute what was on morning joe.

            Thanks for your help

          • hwy505

            Listen to the tape supplied elsewhere – you’ll hear they are just chanting “Romney” – until Romney makes a prompt. Why should we do all the work for you – wait I guess you’re a Liberal, you’re use to people doing work and benefitting from it!

          • weRbroke

            Goldplatedtool, why would Romeny BOTHER? Really? Think about MSNBC’s rabid base for an hour…not a one of them is going to vote for Romney and no amount of TRUTH will change their libertooled minds.

        • Kent Vig

          Why should they dispute what has already been proven to be a lie by every other news outlet

    • grais

      Why on earth would they dispute the “original” tape?
      The lie was in MSNBC’s manipulation of the “original” tape.

      • goldenpipewrench

        Would you not dispute a doctored tape yourself instead of relying on 3rd parties and speculation. Again could someone please show me an official Romney campaign response to the tape. Not conjecture but a link.

        • Kent Vig

          Whats the point? Your gonna blame Romney for not disputing an edited tape that everyone else has already disputed. Christ man, try to at least think a little for yourself

          • goldenpipewrench

            I am not blaming Romney. I am building a piece on this and am simply asking is there an official response. If you are being falsely mocked or accused of something and tapes have been edited would you not say something? In politics you would think that the party and Romney would refute the story.

            Again respectfully,

            Is there an official response from the Official Romney Campaign?

          • PennyRobinsonFanClub

            Offical from me — you’re an idiot.

          • rinodino

            Don’t bother asking the twitchy fans on here that question…. they can’t and won’t answer respectfully; the FAR RIGHT is absolutely becoming unhinged Mittens is getting spanked in pretty much every poll on the planet, so they are lashing out at everyone and everything. Even if you respectfully ask them for the Romney answer they have nothing left in the tank but to call you an idiot; see ICtroll below me for the unhinged right response.

          • Kent Vig

            ahhh the resident troll weighs in

          • goldenpipewrench


            not trolling Kent, just trying to get the facts. Apologize if your taking offense. This will be out Monday morning.
            Joe Scarborough


            The fake controversy over the Ryan chants is a joke.
            Romney said “What a guy!” The crowd chanted “Ryan!” and then Mitt jokes

            Sorry if I am offending anyone.

          • Kent Vig

            I wasn’t calling you the troll.

          • PennyRobinsonFanClub

            No that’s me, calling out the mealy mouthed idiots for what they are. PMSNBC was caught in a flagrant and deliberate lie, as warped and deceitful as anything that ever came from Der Stuermer, Pravda, or The Peoples’ Daily Worker. You tell us why Romney should even bother dignifying this ludicrous hypocricy with a response! But hey! You notice the pattern here? Another– ANOTHER — monstrous failure by this joke of an administration or the Collaborationist Media: whether it is burning embassies and murdered diplomats or just another video photoshop presented as news, the response isn’t “Wow, it really WAS terrorism!” or “We admit we distorted the facts.” but rather, “Hmm, what did Romney say about it?” Utterly shameless.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            Hey ICT: Nice unhinged and disrespectful response there. /sarc.

          • grais

            If your hearing is worth a damn, you can already listen to it. It’s right on this page. Now you need Scarborough AND Romney to tell you what you hear?

          • Catchance

            Well…. no. The crowd chanted “Romney, Romney!” It was the closed captioning that said ‘Ryan’. See, Joe is now trying to weasel out. Because, Lap Dog Media.

          • grais

            Maybe you can help him find Romney’s website. He seems lost, or something.

          • Catchance

            So, you’ve got the unaltered tape, you’ve got the words of numerous attendees, and yet you still won’t believe that MSNBC would alter a video to make it look just the opposite of what it is, because you haven’t seen a rebuttal from Romney? No, you know perfectly good and well, you just can’t bring yourself to admit it. Because if you do, you might have to admit that all of these polls you’re so enamored of are also skewed and spun by our illustrious press. Democrats are weighted by +9 in most of them, but the plan of demoralizing the Right to keep them from voting isn’t going to work. The people who are voting for Mitt aren’t the ignorant morons who sit in front of their TVs all day drinking Kool-Aid. The surprise is going to be on your side when you realize that, not only has it not demoralized the Right (they’re going to be voting in droves) but the poor idiots who believe the drivel that Obama is winning handily are going to stay home, thinking that their king as already won.

          • redheadgrl

            From the guy (dave travis) who never answers a question. period.

          • J. Cox

            1.Losing in the 13% dem skewed polls?You are a retard,really.Actually,I am glad you believe those polls.It tells everyone how much toilet water you drink.
            2.No one with half a brain is raging here except you lib trolls who come here posting non-sense.Some of your idiotic answers are funnier than the actual tweets we are laughing at…it’s just to bad you can’t see we are laughing at you,not with you.The super funniest is everytime someone post fact and destroys your claims…you run away and never respond,or you delete your post.Kind of sad when you call someone a racist,get called out on it ,and then have to delete it in a attempt to keep people from seeing you as the window licker you are.
            4.Google…its not just for conservitives,anyone can use it..if this guy wants to find it,he just needs to type.I mean,if a moron like you can type your blathering drivel on here,he surely can look at the official Romney site and see for himself.

          • Donna Acosta

            Are you the leftist I asked about herring breath earlier today? Or was that another troll? You all sound alike, with your personal insults and inability to stay on topic.

          • Maria

            I have a feeling it is the same person using different accounts.

          • Hello Jerry (D)

            He is now posting as “Darcy” as well. Either that or it’s his equally dumb sister.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            Hey Dave, please link to me Obama’s college transcripts, since you know all about Obama?

          • Maria

            How’s that Media Matters gig working out for you, bitter little davey?

          • Hello Jerry (D)

            You should seriously consider getting that cranial-rectal inversion reversed.

          • Kent Vig

            Anytime someone falsely mocks me over something I didn’t do I would only defend myself if others around me hadn’t already done so. For Romney to give any time to this opens the door for people to say it might be true because hes being defensive about it.

          • grais

            Since you’re the only one who doesn’t seem to be able to understand what happened and you need help from Romney that no one else seems to need, why don’t you go and look for it yourself? How hard can that be?

          • Maria

            Maybe he just doesn’t care? LoL Seriously, he knows the truth as do those with half a brain, and that is all that matters.

        • grais

          Why do I care if Romney disputes it when I can hear it for myself (the video is up the page) and I can also click the link to TheBlaze(also up the page? I have ears of my own, I don’t need Romney to dispute it, fcol.
          There is NO onus on Romney to clear up the matter.

        • hwy505
        • weRbroke

          Goldenpipewrench…are you a solid gold or electroplated libertool?

          • Hello Jerry (D)

            More like a solid gold electroplated libertool.

    • $28215153

      The event was live on cspan. I watched. MSNBC has balls to think no one would notice.

      • goldenpipewrench

        Great , with great respect…please provide a link to the video that as it is not here from what I see.

        • PennyRobinsonFanClub

          Please provide a link showing us that you’re not a resident in a home for the mentaly disabled.

    • TugboatPhil

      If you dispute everything thrown at you, you allow the other side to control the debate.

    • hwy505

      Has Obama disputed the fact that he took foreign exchange student privileges to attend Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard? NO? So then I guess it must be true!

      • Maria

        What about Harry Reid’s little problem that @AceofSpadesHQ brought to the forefront? Reid hasn’t disputed those allegations either, so it’s true until proven otherwise; with the Liberal mindset.

  • kbielefe

    Is this even legal? At some point it turns into fraud, doesn’t it? We should be hauling the media in for “probation violations.”

    • ziggyff

      The word from Conservative blog, is that the MSNBC version came from Politico whose copy had been edited to cut out excessive crowd noise but we’ll wait and see..however Hannity has been caught splicing two unrelated videos of Obama more than one time and he’s still working

  • GrumpyOldDude

    Who is this Joe Scarborough guy and what does he do ? Is he a blogger or something ?

    • Grumpa Grumpus

      Howdy, Sonny!
      Good to see another Grumpy Old Man(tm) here!

      I think this Joe guy is to the Progressives what Juan Zaldez, the “official harvester with burro” was to (Maxwell House? LDS don’t drink coffee…) Columbian Coffee: great image for the ignorant but about as authentic as any other Advertisement-street gimmick.

      Of course, it was once suggested that the simile I use for X=True:Y= Palosi, but I don’t want to enrage PETA by misconstrued comparisons to Juan’s burro. (besides, who could tell the difference between them anyway?)

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        Not to go off topic, but why don’t you drink coffee? I would um.. not be able to be lived with, if I didn’t have coffee.

        • ziggyff

          must be Romney in disguise…mormons cannot drink Tea or Coffee..oh, and alcohol…they must have boring lives

  • Thomasones

    He double face-palmed and said ‘Sweet Jesus’ and now he is saying, ‘Romney joked?’ Well, at least Letterman liked what Joey did, so I am sure he Scarborough is proud of himself. What a clown.

  • louisiana_mom

    MSNBC is to TV media as The Onion is to internet media, they both manufacture their stories…

    • SineWaveII

      Yes but the Onion is entertaining. BSDNC is a like a fart in an elevator. Only funny if you’re the one letting it.

    • ziggyff

      then how come Fox on air boob Steve Doody got caught saying they’re told to read GOP press releases as actual news… yes he let that slip out in May

  • QueenE

    Little Harry Potter is such a twit!! Democrats don’t trust him and Republicans can’t stand him. He could’t recognize the truth if it bit him.

  • exceller

    Oh my, Joes taking note! What’s next, double-secret probation?

  • Jack Offelday

    Propaganda: the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person.

  • exceller

    relax Joe, don’t get all concerned about this. It’s not like anyone takes you or your network as anything other than comic relief.

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    Joe is an obnoxious windbag of a lunkhead who claims to be conservative.
    The worst guy you would want representing Republicans.
    He is the reverse Bob Beckel

    • ziggyff

      Funny, Beckel was always a Conservative when he was on CNN or PBS, etc. but the Fox propaganda channel could not get any liberal that did not upstage their pundits every time so voila, he switched

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    Donny Deutsch is invited on to make Joe look smart in comparison.
    Doesn’t work.

  • Joseph Phillips

    Why do they try to act so cool and embarrassed for the guy? Oh, yeah, forgot… they’re in the tank for Barry. How can anyone take them seriously?

  • Love of Country

    Joe Scarborough and Geraldo Rivera …. two hosts from two different networks both competing for the title of most despicable RINO in the land …. and the winner is?

  • fivebyfive

    The REAL problem is people actually believe these idiots

    • SineWaveII

      I don’t think that’s a problem anymore. Morning Blow got its ass kicked by Fox in the ratings and the latest polls show that the media’s credibility has reached a new all time low. The only reason BSDNC is still on the air is because Comcast runs it at a loss for tax purposes. If we would reform corp tax law to get rid of these kinds of things. BSDNC and CNN would just dry up and blow away.

      • ziggyff

        also note: Maddow beat insanity and O’Donnel beat Greta the last 2 weeks in the ratings…feel free to look that up

    • ziggyff

      just for your info… people who watch Fox have been rated the most uninformed viewers in America for the 7th straight year but of course you’ll say it was a liberal survey..

  • JonInVa

    The media is finally fully infiltrated, through long patience and planning, with Marxists, Socialists, elitists,and gays in order to destroy traditional America and remake it in their twisted image.

  • Rob Stevely

    Just went to his twitter page to find I was blocked for asking how much NBC’s latest poll was weighted towards the dems. How thin skinned is he.

  • stillinthe60s

    For definition of “media whore” see picture of Joe Scarbourough.
    Joe used to be a conservative but now sacrifices all of his principles to keep his vaulted position on MSNBC. Too sad, too bad!

  • FreelovingJ

    Well, what you see is a man who is going to his professional wake claiming the video is the rel deal, which is funny because several other reporters were on scene have said the video is completely wrong. It’s just sad. MSNBC should fire him but who knows…. I think the MSM has just continue to defame themselves. Sad.

  • Brett McMicken

    i hope that joe is enjoying his bridge-burning spree.

  • BeeKaaay

    The LSM lying? Just like clockwork.

    • Hello Jerry (D)

      Doing what they do best!

      • ziggyff

        well now there you admit they are best… now if you could ask Fox why they have 7 paid on-air personnel whom also get paid by Romney or how they could not get the SCOTUS decision correct or could air a suicide live…etc. …hmmm?

  • Cindy Nowicki

    No way I’m watching Joe’s program….I’ll catch it here, or at The Blaze TV…I know they’ll tell the truth….Because THAT’s where “truth lives!”

  • GOP Julee
  • billiam

    Scarborough is a parody of himself. He’s just mesmerized by the MILF , Nika, who he’s screwing.

  • billiam

    Scarborough may be dumb enough not to see the difference. Clearly, anyone with a brain and eyes can see his narrative was a total lie. Romney was encouraging the Ryan chant. How daft id poor Joe?

  • Owen007

    I sense another anonymous firing in the works at MSNBC.

  • Richard

    Wow. Scarborough is a worthless lying piece of…..


    Ah! It just came to me…, it’s the Scarborough version of “What’s up, Tiger Lilly”. Heck, Woody Allen may even have suggested it..

  • DG

    When you can only report lies: the best defense, is even more defense. Double down. Triple down. Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth. The problem? The video and audio is real. And both clearly show the real truth.

    In what Universe is Joe S. considered a ‘Conservative’ or ‘Republican’?

  • 1azuce

    Show some integrity and apologize Joe. What’s that, you don’t know what that is. Go see Mr. Romney, he’ll show you what integrity looks like.

  • Andrew B

    The only thing that ruffles Joe’s feathers is the name Lori Klausutis. Wish the media had looked into that story. Joe apparently had a liberal critic banned from MSNBC for mentioning her name and tried to scrub her from his Wikipedia page. His Congressional staff also behaved quite bizarrely, but the sleeping dogs in the media continued to snore. Only thing more valuable in the media than a liberal is a faux conservative who sides with liberals. Good work, Joe

  • BarneyFranken

    Its too bad Andrea Mitchell wasnt on Morning Joe that day so she could give a little speech about “waiting to authenticate” the video…oh wait, she would only do that when its potentially damaging to Obama.

  • Ken Moore

    One has to hope that Obamatool Joe Scarborough is highly paid as the MSNBC hired “conservative” gun. Take note. ooooooohhhh. Shaking in my shoes.

  • Pennmom
  • weRbroke

    Joe basically looked truth in the eye and SPIT on it. i am sure he didn’t wait to watch the CSPAN tape, but needed the weekend to come up with a lie to excuse his manipulative reporting. Twitter is going to be the death of MSM, for decades they held the truth in their hands and then edited out what didn’t fit THEIR narrative, but now, more and more boots on the ground are recording history as it happens where it happens and blogging about it.

  • hankfromthebank

    Joe Scarborough is white trash chasing a buck in the upper west side of Manhattan.

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    Hey guys! Don’t you all know he ‘got Obama phone’? He gonna ‘keep him in President, you know’?

  • Maria

    Pathetic and sad. It’s even more sad the way Scarborough was trying to cover up his gaffe, or whatever you’d call it, of the doctored clip. And what is more sad x2 is how people like Perez are eating it up as if it were fact. Joe-Joe should just stop saying he’s a Republican, he’s not. He doesn’t have any of our beliefs, values, morals, norms, or mores.

  • Karla1953

    Looks like he has blocked or deleted any tweets that do not go along with his narrative…..this is almost as bad as the morning he spent about 15 mins blaming Romney for not letting them report on Libya but making them report on him……………he is now almost as big a joke as Tingles.

  • inspectorudy

    I don’t think a lot of us here understand what this bag of excrement was trying to do. He wants publicity! We are all talking about him and as we have all learned from Hollywood any publicity even negative is good publicity. This dirt bag no longer cares about his Republican past and only cares about his disgusting future with MSNBC. Just look at the totallity of the lineup at MSNBC and you will understand their entire goal. One of the will be the biggest turd on the pile!

  • Mark James

    I really don’t expect much form an oily RINO like Scarborough. What kind of conservative would work for MSNBC?

    • ziggyff

      Pat Buchanan, S.E. Cupp, for a few…Scarborough was a Repub congressman for 4 terms..however Fox has no Liberals…unless you count Beckel who was a Conservative on other TV channels until Fox needed him to switch for balance

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    I like what Ed says at the end, how insurance companies make money. By denying coverage. To people that would pay the premiums. Which is how coverage is paid. So. No premiums. No money. Hmm. If that’s his idea of capitalism, no wonder liberals hate it.

  • GTFOBigGovt

    Exactly like when he misquoted McConnell’s “second term president” remark and didn’t bother reading his quote in it’s entirety, fought with Twitter that he was RIGHT, then a couple years later (last week) claimed “Oh wow Bob Woodward discovered the actual full quote”. Such a liar.

  • vetgal1970

    OMG He’s threatening to show the tape again in order to prove he was right? A REAL journalist would maybe get some actual facts from people that were actually there. No wonder people don’t trust the media. You are disgusting. If you would rather cheerlead then by all means go do it. If you want to report the news you owe it to people to be HONEST.

  • Jerilyn Westwall

    No self respecting conservative Republican should have anything to do with Scarborough. He is a two-faced, self-aggrandizing, hypocrite and traitor to the conservative cause. He does not shoot those in ‘his party’ that get wounded – he relishes in the “Group Think” torture of them. All for the sake of ‘making people laugh in the morning’. Admirable.

  • Jaynie59

    Hot Air, of course, came to MSNBC’s rescue this morning with a pathetic post written by Jazz Shaw.

  • Mike in Delaware

    Many thanks to Andrew B. for pointing out the ‘washed under the rug’ approach the news took about Joe Scarborough and the murder investigation….never even knew that happened…talk about keeping the truth in a box and letting the rest of us know only what they want us to know…it’s so damn sad now that you really can only watch a particular news program based on your politics and not just for the facts…What is happening to America? I thought we were going to become more of a solid nation once Obama took office…so sad it is the exact reverse….

  • Scooby_Doooo

    Joe has tied his reputation with that sorry fiction network. BS NBC is no news network. I have no respect for neither one.

  • effinayright

    After the election, maybe we should bring back the practice of having lepers place a bell around their necks to announce their presence. Joe will be one such [political] leper.

  • Steve Hill

    Wow, this made me laugh almost as much as NBC editing George Zimmerman’s 911. Haaarrrr haaarrrr harrrr. Morning Joke. Know what else is funny? The Libyan Ambassador was killed by a mob protesting a youtube movie. LOLz

  • Baitcarfun

    go and check out at Fox Nation Pat Caddell: Media Have Become An ‘Enemy Of The American People, it a great video, he tell the true about the Democrat media tell everyone to watch it, it is out of this world great, maybe it about time the GOP start talking like this, they want our votes but they are to afraid of the MSM to tell it like Pat did

  • Darcy

    Could be WAY WAY worse-at least there was only ONE channel that chose to show a man shooting himself in the head! FOXFOXFOXFOX.How will the “Bloggers” spin this? Great job, FOX!As bad as a Thursday morning on FOX, when a girl who obviously never bothered to attend 2nd grade speech therapy classes darkens the screens of the 3 people who watch FOX on a regular basis.

    • Hello Jerry (D)

      Projection, you are doing it right!

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady Morning Joe has a little list, he’s as funny as a cyst and it is about time that he tasted my fist!

  • scp2

    The only times I ever laugh with regard to Scarborough is when he claims to be a conservative or a Republican.

  • fivestring_assassin

    Joe has no other gig,,,,he needs to drink the MSNBC Koolaid for a paycheck,,,,kinda makes him a #whore