Actor Rob Lowe called out President Obama, asking a question that most of the press doesn’t seem to want to ask. They’d rather ask about, you know, the Green Bay Packers. Because that’s important.

On Tuesday, Rob Lowe tweeted about President Obama speaking about the murdered Ambassador Stevens. Mr. Lowe wasn’t a fan of the background.

Heh. But more importantly, he asked, “Will Obama explain why our heroes had inadequate security?” We’d love to know as well, Mr. Lowe, and thank you for asking. It’s a travesty that the question even needs asked.

As Twitchy reported, Rob Lowe seems to be a rarity in Hollywood; he refuses to toe the lefty line and doesn’t seem to be drinking the Obama Cult-Ade. Ellen Barkin could learn a thing or two from him, although we are certain it is far too late for that. She’s too immersed in the cult.

Last week, he called out a CNN anchor for carrying “heavy water” for President Obama. He also consistently supports our heroes and not just with lip service. He puts his time where his mouth is. Of course, a Twitter lib finds Mr. Lowe’s rightful comment worse than Obama’s deplorable incompetence and woefully lacking leadership.

Sigh. In the mind of a cultist, it is never Obama’s fault. Everyone else should be doing his job. Can’t he just finish his waffle and his golf game? He has to canoodle, too. Sheesh!

Kudos, again, Mr. Lowe. You know you are doing something right when Obama apologists surface!

Evidently, Mr. Lowe is quite the gracious one, too, as this Twitter fan shows.

And in case y’all were wondering, he has weighed in on the NFL refs debacle as well. Funny, but someone who is actually “eye candy,” is able to weigh in without making it all about him. Unlike President Obama.

More, please, Mr. Lowe!


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  • rivers

    Isn’t it frightening that there are people as stupid as Synthee “why don’t u use ur millions to assure adequate security instead of blaming the President” out there who are able to vote? I can’t even begin to wrap my head around how someone could think like that.

    Unless unbeknownst to me somewhere along the line it became Rob Lowe’s job to do the Preezy’s work for him? Did I miss a meeting?

    • Mini14’sBlkStrat

      They will say & do anything to hide hussein obama’s ineptness. husein obama’s presidency is “affirmative action” at its worst.

      • $7421226

        obama was placed in the WH by the democrat communist party– in league with his arab backers the muslim brotherhood. as a Chicago blk cokehead gay he had to be placed [by fellow red diaper baby valerie jarrett] with that shemale wife of his so he COULD get ahead in Chicago politics to even begin with. do your homework, it’s even worse than we could imagine. “2016” documents his childish communist anti-colonial behavior, but new documentary “THE PROJECT” reveals a LOT more about obama’s ALSO pro-islam intentions to destroy America from the Oval Office. obama’s codename should be Janus.

    • TugboatPhil

      Obama couldn’t spare any of the $1.4 billion spent for him and his family last year.

    • TomJB

      Not only that, were someone to take it upon themselves to provide private security for an embassy, the federal government might have a bit of a problem with it…

    • lillymckim

      She thinks Obamas job is to party with JayZ and Beyonce.
      Yes a low information voter yes they walk among us.

    • James Neal

      LOL — maybe it was covered in one of those national security briefings that Obama missed before Benghazi. After all, if BSakaBO is not going to be president, the job has to be done by somebody. Rob Lowe or Clint Eastwood or Patricia Eaton or Kelsey Grammer could easily do a better job — even if they did NOTHING — at least they would do no harm. Obama is like a toxic cancer eating away at the body of American values…

  • lazypadawan

    Come on over Rob, we have cookies!

  • orringtonmom (D)

    wishing i could dig up all my old tiger beat photos and paste them on my bedroom wall again…

    • K King


    • jill childers

      I know! I have a new respect for Rob Lowe!

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    Obumbler needed the personnel to carry his clubs and wipe his chin.

  • kate_middleton

    I love Rob Lowe.
    That is all.

  • larp799

    Nice to see a Hollywood star go against the msm.

  • Johnny Banco

    I love how an uninquisitive Leftist dolt like Synthee so quickly equated wondering if Obama will explain why there was inadequate security at our embassies with blaming him for said lack of security – once again, a mentally/emotionally dysfunctional Leftist dolt showing us how they make great psychological test specimens!

  • HealthyAmerican

    Clearly not the same Rob Lowe of the infamous Democratic Convention in Atlanta…with age comes wisdom.

  • lillymckim

    Did I mention how much I love Rob Lowe?

  • Ann Ryan

    That Synthee character…..what is that even supposed to MEAN? Private citizens should provide ambassador security because…??? I think it’s high time that there be a basic knowledge test before one is allowed to vote. Of course, as far as this Synthee person is concerned, my initial reaction was that he/she/it was about 13 years old.

    The thing I am most aghast at is the media’s complete and utter malfeasance in reporting this incident, the surrounding facts, the unfathomable and unjustifiable incompetence of the Obama administration in performing one of its very primary responsibilities. If this was a Republican administration, the president’s political career would be dead in the water. They would be history. And this would be on the network news 24/7 until nearly every American was marching on Washington with pitchforks. I will NEVER trust the media again. Never.

    • Donna Acosta

      I told my kids the other day that someone posted here on Twitchy that Obama would be president for “at least another 4 years.” My ten-year-old immediately said, “No, there are term limits for the president. He can only be elected twice.” I do homeschool my kids, but there are children even younger than 13 that would find Synthee’s comment ridiculous.

  • K King

    It’s nice to see another actor that is comfortable enough with himself to voice a dissenting opinion. Go Rob.

  • Owen007

    Haven’t you heard, Mr. Lowe? It was the movie’s fault… somehow… in a complicated way… that’s classified… uh… hey, look, a squirrel!

  • $7421226

    we must remember he was on ancestrycom’s WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? and he found out to his SHOCK he came from a Hessian mercenary {fought AGAINST AMERICA} who was jailed andthen as a turncoat became an American patriot. this dude now is seriously confused. he was given a quick pass into the SAR. which he seemed impressed and honored by… so no way should he be backing OBAMA.

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      “This dude (sic) is now seriously confused..”
      HUH? I think you are seriously confused.

      /Meth — not even once.

  • Anthony Harmon

    Obama probably wanted to give the Muslims something to brag about. A rallying point.

  • Keiko_Shimizu

    OMG, his tweets are freakin’ AWESOME!