Meeting with Obama? He don’t need no stinkin’ meeting. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu killed it during his address to the United Nations this afternoon.

The hashtag #Bibibomb immediately sprung up after Netanyahu used a powerfully simple diagram to show the danger Iran imposes.

Those who understand how the world actually works and who understand that there is, in fact, evil in the world were quick to rightfully praise the prime minister.

Badass indeed.

That it did. But will President Obama even understand?


Yep. Evidently the Smarter Than You ™ crowd is still misunderstanding. Reality, it’s so hard. See, it’s super hilarious to mock the fact that Israel is under constant threat from crazy evil-doers who wish to wipe them off the face of the map. It’s hilarious that Prime Minister Netanyahu is desperately trying to make people understand the dire threat faced. Aren’t your sides aching?

Sky News:

The Atlantic:

Freelance photojournalist:


Ronan Farrow works in a Ryan slam along with a Bibi bash. Mr. Farrow describes himself thusly: “Writer, human rights lawyer and diplomat, most recently Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Special Adviser for Global Youth Issues.”

American cable news stations:

And, as Twitchy reported, “comedian” Rob Delaney slammed Netanyahu and called him “bush league.” Other cuckoo pants wearers follow suit.

These are the same people who blame terrorist attacks on videos, as this Twitter user snarkily points out.

Bingo! NRO’s Jim Geraghty and others sum it all up best.

That they were. Were they listening? Will they learn?

The people at whom the Smarter Than You ™ crowd sneer certainly are.

We stand with Bibi and Israel. And so should we all.

  • @Xtuthdr

    i notic how many of the very smart Libs use words exactly like those used earlier.
    Now that is really smat.

  • silverzone

    picture was simple, so simpleminded ppl at UN will understand.

  • Love of Country

    What’s that I see? Is that the little condescending liberal piggy who would make fun of Bibi Netanyahu with foolish tweets as well as the all-knowing Republicans across the aisle? That’s what I thought, lol.

  • NWFL Conservative

    I wonder if he would consider faking his birth certificate so he could be our next President. It is not like the precedent has not already been set.

    Hey Bibi call me, I am a MASTER at Photoshop……….and I don’t make rookie mistakes like not merging layers before I saved the file as a .pdf file (with the option to keep the layers intact)

  • BlueGood

    I just received this disturbing email from a trusted friend…Please check it out! BlueGood!

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    political views are, please watch.

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    I already emailed to Michelle Malkin! and many others, please do same!

    • Milhouse

      Oh, please. Nobody believes this nonsense. 0bama is no more a Moslem than he is a Xian.

    • Aestro

      Remember: only facts are passed through chain emails.

  • http://www.facebook.com/walker.bennett.5 Walker Bennett

    Come on, you gotta admit, I mean not even a little silly? I know I would certainly be ragging Obama if he pulled out a cartoon bomb.

    • NWFL Conservative

      It was apparently simple enough that even you understood it so it must have served its purpose.

    • ZoriahShepard

      Sometimes the simplest ideas speaks the loudest.

    • Michael Rice

      Well, since oBamab seems to think teh world is just one big cartoon where no one dies, I mean has bumps in the road…this was perfect.

    • Milhouse

      Um, what’s even a little silly about it? Why would you be ragging 0bama for it? (Not that I believe you.) I don’t get it.

      • Aestro

        Do you really mean to say if Obama pulled out a drawing of a cartoon bomb to illustrate a nuclear threat, you wouldn’t make fun of him for it? REALLY?

        • Milhouse

          Of course not. Would you? Why? What would there be to make fun of? Of course if he said something silly (which is likely) then I’d make fun of that, but I utterly fail to see how the quality of a drawing relates in any way to the seriousness of the argument it’s used to illustrate. How would the argument be improved even a smidgen by calling in a professional artist to do a more impressive picture, or whatever it is that you seem to think he ought to have done? (I’m not sure what you think he ought to have done instead of that drawing, because I don’t understand your problem with it in the first place.)

  • NWFL Conservative

    The only way he could have possibly made it any clearer is if he substituted the bomb on the card with that Danish cartoon of Mo with the bomb on the top of his head. Now THAT would have gotten everyone’s attention and no doubt started more riots!

    • TheCH00|/|M0BILE

      Maybe he should draw a translucent cartoon of muhammed (poo be upon him) on a piece of paper, then print up his intelligence reports on Iran’s nuclear ambitions over it. If there was a cartoon of Islam’s prophet on them,maybe then we could at least get the appropriate response to the intelligence reports. Kind of condition liberals to accept reality,Pavlov’s dog-style.

    • cheeflo
  • otay

    Mr. Netanyahu looks worried to me. He is afraid for his people and their country. Pleading for help, and falling on deaf ears. We had the madman here in NY, and we should have handcuffed him and tried him for crimes against humanity. CNN interviewed the thug, Louis Farrakhan met with him, and we let him go home. Could have ended it.

  • seanmahair

    Let me make this really simple for those out there who can’t seem to grasp the reality of the situation. Israel has no where to go. They’ve been driven, beaten, tortured, spat upon, rounded up and murdered for several thousand years.
    You know that joke about the stupidity of picking a fight with an old man…….an old man doesn’t have anything to lose. Well the Israelis have nothing to lose. If they don’t fight they lose, if they do fight we all lose but they get to take their enemies with them. I can understand that. So Abi nutjob, what’s it going to be nuclear winter or WWIII. Your choice but once it’s made, you are done and we get to chose from then on.

    • Michael Rice

      That’s just it. THese people don’t care what happens to Israel. They do not even believe the country has a right to exist.

  • Michael Rice

    Just don’t let Iran access Youtube and everything will be fine. Haven’t you heard? That’s the biggest security threat, next to obesity, Youtube…

  • Aestro

    Is Iran holding a school fundraiser for nuclear weapons?

  • Guest

    The vile comments posted on here about the peaceful-seekin ahmadinejad is appalling. I never seen so much hatred-only from the zionist rabid neo-cons, who seek war…
    Perhaps you people think American patriots have forgotton about the USS Liberty? Or, Israel’s hand in pulling off 911?…you people are sick!