Self-pedastalizing is exactly right. The feckless Matt Lewis doubled-down on his “Michelle Malkin is execrable” remark yesterday. As Twitchy reported, the hacktastic concern troll tried to grasp at a straw of relevance by weighing in on David Frum’s despicable attack on Michelle Malkin. When doing so, he called Michelle Malkin ‘execrable,’ and bravely ran away when asked to explain.

Bingo! Yesterday Matt Lewis continued publicly shooting blanks by offering up a piece at The Daily Caller, titled “No apology.” It should have been called “No explanation.” The entire alleged article was a study in Better Than You and Smarter Than You concern-trolling, all used as a way to pat himself on his smug back.

See, according to Lewis, he’s awesome and everyone else has a “schtick” and they make an icky living at it. Michelle Malkin’s success? She built that. And Matt Lewis says it does not suit.

Twitchy founder and CEO Michelle Malkin takes Mr. Lewis to the woodshed. Again.

And that she does. She has built wildly successful websites, employing others and contributing to their success. She promotes “just bloggers” every chance she gets. She treats everyone as an equal, always.

But according to Matt Lewis, being a strong fighter and a successful woman is all icky schtick. Here’s the thing: Mr. Lewis projects too much.

Guess what being a Beltway Bubble hack is, toots? A schtick. Constantly playing “let’s be fair” and “oh-so-above it all?” Schtick and schtick.

Michelle Malkin speaks truth. That’s not schtick; that’s honesty. Treating people as equals who can understand hard truths? That’s not schtick, that’s human decency. That’s caring about people and our country. That’s being a happy warrior, as opposed to a Smarter Than You jackass who sneers in contempt at those silly rubes who don’t wish to sit on the fence like a milksop. In fact, he went so far as to call those who came to Michelle Malkin’s defense “minions.” See, no one smart could possibly agree with or admire Michelle Malkin. Well, some of her “minions” weighed in today and, as always, brilliantly.

No, no. Lewis is totally Better Than You ™.

Matt Lewis, of course, gets ready to bravely run away again. In a ludicrous statement, he mentions “retribution.” Oh, sweetie; No one needs to give “retribution” to a pesky gnat. Plus, this proves how little he knows Michelle Malkin, who doesn’t have an evil bone in her tiny body!

Bless his heart! Her “minions” continue trying to explain reality to Mr. Lewis, ensconced in his sad, little bubble.

Indeed! You know what else it is? Schtick.

Poor, little sad boy again bravely runs away.

Why on earth would she care what you have to say anymore, Matt? Plus, wait … what’s this?

That’s right. Matt Lewis is blocking people simply for agreeing with and supporting Michelle Malkin.

Aww, he can’t take the concern-trolling heat.

And the hashtag #MalkinMinion takes off!

That’s it right there. Michelle Malkin does not talk down to people. She talks with them and she gives voice to the feelings and beliefs of many in this country. You know, people who are willing to fight and not pontificate impotently while going along with the status quo.

These Twitter users sum it all up.

Yep. We’ll take truth, honesty and fighting like a girl any day. Conservative women don’t shoot blanks. They, and their brass ovaries, hit the target every time.

Move out of the way, boys, and save your concern trolling. We don’t have time for that nonsense. Women like Michelle Malkin, and the strong women and men who support them, are too busy doing the job that you can’t.

  • GTFOBigGovt

    Matt Lewis blocked me, like, a year ago. He definitely can’t fight like a girl. Wuss.

    • TugboatPhil

      I’m not familiar with his work, but it appears that he puts the “metro” in metrosexual.

      • Cyborg0012

        I am. He’s gone down hill recently. He used have some really neat insights, but now it seems he goes out of his way to insult conservatives.

  • Dio Heerai

    Wow this Matt Lewis gives new meaning to the word TWERP . Time to tweet bomb this fool let him spend his whole day BLOCKING!

  • LightSabre

    Proud to be one of MalkinsMinions!

  • rinodino

    FIGHT!!!! LOL… Love it, both are insane so a fight to the death is great!

  • Josephine (D)

    You know who else blocks people who disagree with them? Liberals, and infamous RINO Meghan “I Talked About My Sex Life In Playboy But Andrew Breitbart Was an Idiot” McCain.

    Hey Mr. Lewis: don’t insult someone just because they make money. If you keep that up, just join Obama and his minions. Mrs. Malkin is a smart, hard-working lady, and you don’t nearly match up to her awesomeness or her brains.

  • TheAnthillGoddess

    Might I suggest a line of #MalkinMinion t-shirts? I’d buy =D And then she’d have yet another market successfully running!! Wouldn’t that just tick someone off?!?

  • DANEgerus

    If you are on Twitter… follow all of these people… seriously.

  • hrh40

    Hey folks, this can all be easily explained:

    Lewis’s boss is Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson aka Tucker Carlson. Who got boatloads of $$ from his rich buddies to put up DC.

    As opposed to Malkin who built her business from the ground up … and THEN sold it to Town Hall.

    And is now building up another whole business with Twitchy.

    These things come from the top, you know. It’s all about the management.

    So … Tucker training in action …

  • NeoKong

    I gave him a little tweak this afternoon and Mr.Candypants blocked me as well.


    Matt, baby; come off the envy train. It will consume you. Seems to be doing so now. I don’t even know you personally; but I do Michelle and she deserves none of your negativity.

  • Poptoy1949

    Matt, you are a Great Big TOOL. You are no journalist.

  • CrashFroelich

    Why do these fake journos like Matt Lewis have such high opinions of themselves? Knowing everything there is to know about politics is equivalent to knowing how to drive but not the physics behind it. I’m pretty sure that every kid I flunked from weed-out calculus has more practical and worthwhile knowledge of the world than Lewis.