Democrat apologitis continues! Senator Kerry and the U.S. embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, continue to not get the White House’s new memo. Days after the murders at our consulate in Libya, the White House finally admitted that it was a terrorist attack, after blaming a crummy video that no one saw and condemning free speech. For a week.

Yesterday, the U.S. embassy in Islamabad continued the State Department’s pattern of apologizing for ouchy feelings. Free speech is so meany pants! And today, they did it again. Right before yet another round of violence in Pakistan . What brought the apologitis on this time? Why, Senator John Kerry, natch.

Senator Kerry met with them yesterday in Washington, where he condemned free speech.

By substantive and constructive, she clearly means apologetic and craven.

This is his full quote:

Senator Kerry made these remarks to the media after an hour-long meeting with Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar and Ambassador Sherry Rehman at Capitol Hill. Senator Lugar, Senator Bob Casey, and other members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee also attended the meeting.

“All of us in the US, all of us condemn this senseless intolerance exhibited by the video which very few Americans saw and have seen. We feel it is without any legitimacy, any potential redeeming quality. It is an insult to everybody,” said Senator Kerry. He added that no religion deserves disrespect, and the US was founded on the principles of tolerance, that everyone needs to work towards.

Right. Tolerance for thee, but not for me. “Senseless intolerance” … which no one saw.

By saying the video has no redeeming quality and no legitimacy, he’s saying that free speech itself is not legitimacy enough. Free speech itself is a redeeming quality, Senator, and one upon which this great nation was founded. What is truly an insult to everyone, including the men and women who have died protecting our freedom, is your gross disregard for The Constitution. You seek to quash free speech, based on perceived insults to certain protected quarters, by condemning the free exercise thereof. Free speech is redeeming, sir. The quashing of it is sickening.

Pakistan’s foreign minister almost topped him with this statement.

In her remarks, Foreign Minister Khar thanked Senator Kerry for his statements on intolerance. “Islam is a religion of peace, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was a messenger of peace,” said the minister.

Peace? This is peace?

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This must end. The craven and disgraceful condemnation of free speech in order to appease people who wish to kill us has moved beyond just annoying. It’s deadly. A policy of appeasement does not keep us safer; it puts us at greater risk.

This is not America. November cannot come soon enough.

  • Iacobus

    As a citizen of Massachusetts, I apologize for my Senator’s stupidity. I’ll have to fire off an email to him, though I know it won’t do any good as I’ve done this before.

    ON EDIT: OK, fired off an email. (I was not confrontational but I was shrewd and to the point. Whether or not it’ll sink in is another story; he *is* a liberal, after all. You have to treat them like you would a six-year-old.)

    • Derelictus

      He won’t read it. Keep up the good fight though.

    • Garth Haycock

      A 6 year old will admit wrongdoing when confronted about it.

    • Gord Higham

      As a citizen of Canada I find you have no need to apologize for a drooling sycophant, I mean a Massachusetts Senator, who uses your Bill of Rights as so much toilet paper.

      America has many friends who will defend Free Speech by your side, the true north strong and free being one.

      • CoastalMaineBird

        Thanks to a Canadian friend. IIRC, Canadians came closer than this to losing free speech, regarding Mark Steyn.

    • Frustrated Teacher

      Not holding your breath, I hope! I realize this whole ‘free speechy’ thing is complicated but keep trying to educate Mr “I tried to keep from paying taxes on my luxury yacht”. It won’t do HIM any good, but you will have done your part!

    • EastValleyConservative

      Won’t do any good, but thanks for the effort. Once a moonbat, always a moonbat. And the problem with Kerry is he is an entitled, special kind of stupid. There is another Progressive Dem every few feet, they have infested this country and are rotting it from the inside out. One has to wonder why our leftist pols are so furiously apologizing RIGHT now? Could it be Iran is ready to fire up and they hope by groveling we’ll be taken off the number 2 spot on the hit list? Truly naive. The only way to ensure our safety is to ensure they get no bomb. Pathetic.

  • robcrawford2

    Mohammed was a messenger of peace. Just ask the Jews of Khybar.

    • Derelictus

      To Islam, Peace = no more Jews left on Earth. Or Christians. Or atheists. Or theists. Only Muslims.

      • Johnny Banco

        Even then, though, you’d have the Sunnis fighting the Shias…

        • Frustrated Teacher

          A religion of hatred, bigotry, misogyny, violence, intolerance….oh, you say only a small percentage are that way? What is 1% of 1.8 billion? Math, it burns!!!

      • Johnny Banco

        Even then, though, you’d have the Sunnis fighting the Shias…

  • Blue Dilly

    This guy’s opinion on free speech:

    • Shawn Smith

      Do you think he’s defending Nakoula now, or condemning this “senseless intolerance” along with all the other spineless liberals? (I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s the second.)

  • William J. Miller

    You don’t speak for me, Lurch. I may, or may not agree with the video (which is not the root cause of all this), but that’s not for you to determine. Go back to counting Theresa’s money.

    • TomJB

      I think it’s clear from 2004, that Senator Kerry, even in his most tested and scripted positive remarks, can only claim to speak for a little less than 50% of the US.

  • linnicy

    What really ticks me off, they have disrespected my religion (Catholic) with impunity and no apologies to us. Obama and his lackies should parade down the streets of Muslimabad and see where their lack of free speech will get them.

    • Shawn Smith

      It’s classic bully behavior: push around people who won’t fight back (in a physically threatening way, at least), and cower before people who are willing and eager to hurt you.

    • Derelictus

      Apparently Catholics need to start another Inquisition or Crusade to get Dems to respect them. Actually, I don’t even think that would be enough, since Catholics don’t really qualify as a “minority” any more.

      • Maria

        I’m sure the other Christian religions that have been disrespected wouldn’t mind helping.

  • TomJB

    Do people such as Sen Kerry use the (PBUH – peace be upon him) after speaking Muhammad’s name, or does he just go for the less common (PDHM – please don’t hurt me)?

    • Derelictus

      Haha awesome, you win the thread.

  • c2

    These embassy tweets, all along, have smacked with, “Don’t hurt US! We don’t like the U.S. Constitution any more than you do!”

    • Iacobus

      Just for giggles, I wandered over to the embassy’s Twitter feed too. Nothing but craven apologies. (And there are responses suggesting something be done about the filmmaker like “making him an enemy of the USA.” Comedy gold.)

      I think they blocked/deleted my tweet. lol My tweet (in response to the first tweet at the top of the page here at Twitchy):

      Ever hear of the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights, U.S. Constitution? It trumps their precious feelings. #Craven

  • RobertJ

    Gigolo Kerry is a traitor to this country. Did the POS ever pay his taxes on his foreign yacht?

    • Isahiah62

      or remove his opposition to wind turbines that might spoil his mansion’s waterfront view?

  • BeauDCrab

    If I were Senator Kerry, I’d be careful throwing around terms like “without any legitimacy”, or ”
    redeeming quality”.

    But that’s just me …

  • NWFL Conservative

    Oh yes. Lurch, Freedom of speech is a bad thing, unless of course it involves liberals, then it is all hunky dorry.

    Actually it is YOU who are without any legitimacy and any potential redeeming quality. You still breathing is an insult to everyone, curable only upon your assumption of room temperature.

  • Streetiebird

    Where was the apology? These rightwing sites love to call these statements apologies, but they never actually show any evidence of apologizing…

    • Isahiah62

      so Streetieturd- Do you advocate collective punishment? you think ALL Americans anyplace in the world should be killed by angry Muslims even though most of them DID NOT MAKE the FILM? or have anything to do with it? Why should they apologize for what they did not do?? You think the Coptic film maker has no right to say anything about the Muslims who are killing people of HIS religion? should he apologize for telling HIS truth about MoHammed (May a POX be Upon Him)?

      • Streetiebird

        No. Do you think Presidents should get into the business of defending hate-speech?

        • ZoriahShepard

          Well…seeing as how this administration is quick to condemn someone’s free speech…

          • Streetiebird

            And you’re quick to condemn the Administration’s free speech.

          • AUBraves

            Yes… that is proves our point… not yours. The administration has the right to say what it wishes but needs to be accurate when speaking for each and every one of us. We have the freedom of speech to criticize & condemn the stupidity of these remarks.

          • Streetiebird

            Cool story bro.

        • Derelictus

          How is telling the truth about Islam “hate speech”?

          • Johnny Banco

            GREAT question – too bad the EXTREMELY befuddled Streetie is too dumb to know how to provide you with a coherent/rational/intelligent response…

          • Streetiebird

            Selectively choosing which parts of Islam to discuss is not truth. Demonizing an entire major religion is maybe not the way forward is it? But if you would prefer our President get into the business of defending these anti-islam characters like this filmmaker, and people like Pamela Gellar, then we can just start World War III now and get it over with.

          • AUBraves

            Your post copied and edited…
            Selectively choosing which parts of Freedom of Speech to discuss is not truth.
            Demonizing an entire guaranteed freedom is maybe not the way forward is it?
            You act as if going to war to protect our freedoms and basic rights would be unacceptable.We went to war to get them… we need to be prepared to go to war to protect them.
            Besides, only a Liberal would take it to that extreme viewpoint. Maintaining our freedoms has started a war in the past and it will not in the future… not if we have a true leader in the White House.

          • Streetiebird

            yawn, I’ve answered you elsewhere, but here again: You can defend someone’s right to free speech and still disagree with what they’re using that freedom to say.

        • AUBraves

          The President took an oath. If he was not going to keep this oath he should have said good-bye and walked away. He should defend Freedom of Speech as a whole. He has NO RIGHT to pick and choose. Read this again… he has NO RIGHT to pick and choose. This freedom was not meant to make him happy… nor you happy… it was meant to be a right for all Americans.

          • Streetiebird

            Geez man, get it through your head. You can defend someone’s freedom of speech and still disagree with what they use that freedom to say. NOBODY TOOK AWAY HIS FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

        • AUBraves

          The President took an oath. If he was not going to keep this oath he should have said good-bye and walked away. He should defend Freedom of Speech as a whole. He has NO RIGHT to pick and choose. Read this again… he has NO RIGHT to pick and choose. This freedom was not meant to make him happy… nor you happy… it was meant to be a right for all Americans.

  • Bill

    What hubris that this member of the US Senate feels he can claim he speaks for all of us. How does he know what all 300+ million believe? This from the traitor that sold out the US during the Vietnam War. I am forever thankful that W kicked his butt in 2004.

  • Cyborg0012

    STFU, haughty Mr. Theresa Heinz.

  • Rod McFadden

    Meany pants! Now you’ve gone too far

  • AUBraves

    Where was Hillary? Why does Kerry speak to anyone?

  • civet

    Piss Christ A-Ok, though. It should be perfectly clear to all by now that this is not, nor has it ever been, a speech or religious tolerance issue to the libs at all. It’s about hatred of Christians and cowardice in the face of radical Islam. Period.

  • Gladys Crump

    When he sad it was without legitimacy, no redeeming quality, and an insult to everyone, he was actually talking about “Inconvienent Truth”. He actually said he liked the “Innocence of Muslims” in his words, “….not often does such an absolute laugh fest come our way, I laughed so hard I pee’d my pants”, he doesn’t want any muslims to know that though, so keep it mum folks.

  • Terry

    That asshat has NO right apologizing for me! “All of us in the US, all of us condemn this senseless intolerance exhibited by the video…” Hey, guess what Kerry? I condemn the senseless violence of the jerks in MidEast who are killing people over a stupid video!

  • nc

    “We feel it is without any legitimacy…” Can’t he see that just by talking about this dumb video, he is establishing its legitimacy?

    Same with the embarrassing apology video from BHO and Hillary. Why continue to give it that much power?

  • DANEgerus

    Just off camera you can make out his drool bucket

  • David Gillies

    Mohammed (DIAF) was an emissary of peace in the same way that the Inquisition was a means of resolving theological disputes.

  • John Hanover

    “We feel it is without any legitimacy, any potential redeeming quality. It is an insult to everybody,” Sounds like John Kerry’s career as a politician. Get the syrup out next week he waffles on this statement as well.

  • C2

    Wouldn’t senseless intolerance also include killing 4 people that weren’t even involved in the film, even if it were the reason that they rioted? Critical thinking really needs to make a comeback, and we really need to start calling it “uncommon sense”, since it appears to be so rare.