Shameless and really, really sad. That’s right, Keith Olbermann is humiliating himself again: Now, with more webcam!

Oh, our aching sides! Where can we see more, Keith? Clearly, not on television. Since, you know, you’ve been booted from every gig.

Keith Olbermann taped his sad, little webcam show last night, after tweeting a little TMI.

And after attacking Michelle Malkin (whom he often conveniently claims not to know) and Dana Loesch. Again.

They are just stupid girls and stuff!

His pig is showing once again. Which is ironic, since he seems more fond of cows.

  • Claire Adams

    Remember 2nd grade when the boys pulled the cute girls’ hair!? It fits: Olbermann has the thinking and temperament of a child. (Nowadays, schools call boys like him “bullies,” but our conservative women are no victims!)

    • shimauma

      He wouldn’t be pulling her hair because he secretly has a crush, doh-lberman does it because he’s jealous. That’s how the the pansy boys in school are. Now days they get special taxpayer classes that says we aren’t allowed to bully them for their pansy asses.

  • Upstate Conservative

    the camera work reminds me of the Chris Crocker ‘Leave Britney Alone’ video.

    • Visitor

      You know his name? Wow.

    • Buckshot LeFonque

      Truly a world wide web classic! “She’s a human being, weave Bwittney ALONE!

  • AUBraves

    Olbermann needs to follow liberal policy and practice “safe speak”. Put a condom over your head before talking again, Keith. As you know, they’re free. Ask Fluke where to find them…. if she hasn’t used them all.

    • TomJB

      That implies there is some value to his words. He should be looking for diapers

  • rinodino

    Wow Malkin and Company are on full blast today about the 47, shows you that they are worried BIG TIME, lol, told ya’ll it wouldn’t take them long to blame the media….. But Mittens needs Damage control big time, so keep pushing the stories about how the 47 is FAKE OUTRAGE, lol


      In fact, this ‘secret video’ collection is the best thing that could have happened to Romney. Just saw him on Cavuto. Excellent appearance and the wussie libs have egg all over their drone-like faces. Poor MOTHER, GREASE AND CORN. Another ‘oopsy’ for the elite media.

      • PennyRobinsonFanClub

        Haha yeah and this was SO shocking and SO dreadful that little Junior Grits has been sitting on it since May. Guess it took him that long to figure out all the big words. Srsly, Sock Puppet must see the writing on the wall, and had this leaked now because he knows he’ll be dead in the water long before November, or this woulda been held until the week before. Hmmm……a suddenly-discovered video released at a curiously opportune moment, and churning up predictably manufactured outrage…..why DOES that sound familiar??????

    • BOPOS

      No damage control, it’s called clarification and the truth. Romney is 100% correct. Sometimes the truth hurts.

      • TugboatPhil

        With libs the truth hurts all the time. It keeps hitting them square in the face and they don’t know what it is.

    • grais

      Romney spoke the truth. You’ll have to deal w/it at some point.

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      Oh look, the nickel-a-word Media Matters hack is back! Guess he’s running short on meth again.

  • Elyse Fulton

    It must be killing him not to be on real tv during an election.

  • J.N. Ashby

    So is staging sex parties illegal or something? I don’t see how that’s news. Or are we to assume Republicans don’t have sex?

    • Boris Melton

      Wonder if Slick Willy (Bill C) and Spitzer are RSVP’ing … he must be REALLY happy Hillary is always out of the country

      • J.N. Ashby

        Depends on your definition of the word “is.”

  • grais

    He wouldn’t be attacking Michelle and Dana if all those girls hadn’t always beaten him up.

    • Judith Lewis

      He needs to be beaten up. I think he’s mentally ill. He’s delusional.

    • Judith Lewis

      He needs to be beaten up. I think he’s mentally ill. He’s delusional.

  • Claudia Smith

    Look at my facebook profile home page, This crap they send. Total BULLCRAP PERVERTS.

  • Claudia Smith


  • Bonita Ledzius

    Olbermann is an idiot, who wouldn’t know the truth if it hit him in the face. May his video cam, his twitter, his computer and his camaramen all turn on him and fry him like an egg on the inside of a volcano.

  • Postbackxp

    Keith has gone from msnbc, to the Al Bore Channel on cable, to self webcam
    vision on the net.
    Congratulations Keith on the big promotion did you get a pay raise also.
    Can we call your new show Pig Soup.

    • goldwater89

      If you don’t believe in Karma all you need to do is look at Keith Olbermann.

  • AUBraves

    LOL.. as bad as Olbermanns life is right now, he seriously doesn’t need America watching Michelle kicking his ass. He needs to quietly shut the door as he walks away.

  • Love of Country

    IMHO/proven fact ….bitterness, stupidity, lying, feeling entitled, tantrums and racism just come naturally for democrats. It’s who they are and it’s what they do. All the proof you need can be properly summed up this way …

    OWS – Over 3500 Arrests
    Tea Party – Zero Arrests

    Need more proof? Turn on MSNBC or listen to the POTUS.

  • Buckshot LeFonque


  • orringtonmom (D)

    i think it might be time for dr. drew and his vh1 celebrity (using the term loosely, but then again so do they) rehab team to intervene.

  • brianmouland

    Go away Keith!

  • FlatFoot

    Keith Olbermann is a crank, a hack, and a kook all rolled into one big sack of gelatinous goo.

    He knows that already. He has to. He also knows the whole world knows that already. Why he insists on proving it on a regular basis is mind boggling. I guess the attention wh0re in him overrules his grain’s worth of common sense.

  • Jack Offelday

    Olbermahn throws a hissy fit over the production value of Current TV and now appears on a self-promoted webcam… priceless.

  • Joe

    Where is bottom for a man? like this?


    My god! Can you imagine the humiliation of being fired sequentially by MSNBC then Al Gore…, and being replaced by Eliot Spitzer? It’s as though Olbie took a shot at playing Moe, then Larry, and now is trying to solo as Curly.

  • DG

    I predict a Howard Hughes lifestyle for Keith arriving in 4…..3……2…..

  • DG

    I predict a Howard Hughes lifestyle for Keith arriving in 4…..3……2…..

  • Mark James

    Obly is a nut case that is afraid of strong women. He attacks at a distance. Now he’s reduced to a hand-held. Edward R. Olbermann

  • CrashFroelich

    If I contemplate the sort of woman who would be sexually attracted to Keith, I get a little wobbly on abortion.

  • cravin_moorehead

    KO sends you right wing-nuts into convulsions.

    He’s not afraid to speak the truth to power.

    RMoney is just another hypocrite republican that only speaks truth to his friends and enablers, “in quiet rooms.”

    Want to know why Regressives hate him and I love him? He spits truth on his finger and then sticks that finger in their eye. Poor babies.