Oh, yes. He did. This is what President Obama’s Twitter account tweeted out as coffins bearing the four killed under his watch in the attack in Libya arrived home.

What’s a little murdered Americans? Obama has sweatshirts to hawk! Disgusting.

Tweeted a few hours before that?

Embassies are continuing to burn? Whatever! Send The One some cash money. Isn’t that what’s really important? Also, can’t President Slow Jam just finish his canoodling?

And some super cool squee! Behind the scenes at the DNC.

For shame.


That’s right. Vegas, baby! He also tweeted about canoodling with Jay-Z earlier, as Twitchy reported.


Lack of decency: Now with more Obama.

Update: Axelrod tweets as Obama is at Andrews Air Force Base with the four Americans murdered in Libya.


For shame.

  • SighSMH

    Well that’s about what I would expect. Check out the tweet last night from Michelle Obama while our Embassy in Egypt, Yemen, Libya and all over the Middle East are being burned:
    Michelle Obama [email protected] deadline: The President is heading to New York for an evening with Jay-Z and Beyoncé—be their guests. http://OFA.BO/oKVCVt

    My response:@MichelleObama Our country is in crisis or haven’t u noticed??? JOBS!!! Your husband should take his head out if his ass and do his job!!!

    • SL

      Obama is a low-class Chicago thug. His or the Wookie’s tweets do not surprise me. They’re disgusting.

      • rinodino

        Yep that’s not racist

        • Guest

          I don’t think she looks like a wookie. An angry baboon yes. Wookies are cute. She’s ugly.

          • rinodino

            Keep digging and soon you’ll see why nobody takes righties seriously anymore

          • weRbroke

            digging? The only digging I see is Michelle, when she attempts to sell a crapsandwich dipped in chocolate to kids. They say it tastes like shit.

          • Dave

            Hey, look. See that? Your side has finally overdrawn the race card. Scream it all you want, nobody cares. Lefties faux outraged over imaginary racism? *yawn* The sky is blue. Nothing worth commenting about. Probably the only good thing the JEF has done for the country.

          • Michael Rice

            Because they can’t handle the truth

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tami-Lockhart-Owen/1090682294 Tami Lockhart Owen

            HA! See you in Nov. Your boy king will lose big time.

        • weRbroke

          who the F cares anymore? She has just pissed of a lot of school kids and their parents by trying to STARVE the kids.

        • SL

          It is what it is. A hellofa lot worse was said about Laura Bush. At this point, I don’t give a big heaping, steaming pile of shit if it appears racist or not. You’ll figure out soon enough, I don’t care about being politically correct. K?

        • Michael Rice

          The racist part came from you. I know white people who look like wookies too. Why did you assume it was due to her race?

        • Catchance

          Actually, I think DWS is more like a Wookie than either of the O’s…. except I think Chewie was more truthful.

      • reneehaigh

        he changes his mind on issues more than i have hair on my head! and let me say this; he talks about gov. Romney and his rich friends and money: he is so hypocritical! he does worst with his hollywood buddies and hip hop freaks and all the money people he knows: this guy thinks he is God: watch him next time on tv when they show him talking: the media would lick his ass after he shits if they could! maybe they should! its pretty shitty what they do so if the shoe fits

      • MJ Pauls

        Hey, be nice to the Wookies. Chewie is much more articulate than either of them.

        • SL

          I would still like to know how ‘dave travis’ knows the race of Wookies? Talk about racist, LMAO! I don’t think he knows they’re a fictional beast. Psssst, I won’t tell him, if you don’t.

        • SL

          I would still like to know how ‘dave travis’ knows the race of Wookies? Talk about racist, LMAO! I don’t think he knows they’re a fictional beast. Psssst, I won’t tell him, if you don’t.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      I’m surprised you didn’t get #twittergulag’d. I did, and I wasn’t even talking to anyone who thinks they are important. Oh wait…

    • docmacs

      Or her telling us that obesity is the number one security threat to our country, as we are being threatened by “terrorist” inside this country.

    • Michael Rice

      He is doing his job”..he is pandering to blacks and Muslims”..

    • mreichard7

      Shameful. Neither of the Obama’s thoughts are with the murdered Americans. They appear to be blaming America! No surprise, really. Two of the most narcissistic people I’ve seen: Obamas. Mrs. Clinton? Get a clue, and a real job so we don’t have to support you. Is she actually helping America? Michele saying or believing that obesity is the number one security threat is ridiculous. I never liked her, or Dr. “look at me” Oz.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-Kidd/100003232225469 James Kidd

      His head is toooo far up & “HOPEFULLY” people see what is going on w/he & his supporters & their”hypocracy & ill will” to this country!

  • Pizza the Hutt

    Are these tweets auto? I would fire whom ever is running this account for poor taste.

    • MACook

      i agree. but “they” dont care about poor taste. we have personality disorders running our country, and the re-election campaign.

  • J. Cox

    Because sweaters will bring peace to the middle east.This guy has 0 class.

    • Gladys Crump

      If I was rich I would buy every swearshirt with his cursed name on it and send them to the murders in Libya that is where his friends are.

  • LoneTree, WY

    I’m not naive enough to think Obama himself actually sent the sweathshirt Tweet himself. Frankly I wish he had, as that would be evidence of only one clueless person to worry about. Unfortunately, the ineptness is across all those he hires to represent his policies and our country. Its not JUST the sweatshirt tweet.
    Its the sweatshirt tweet, its the Che Guerva icon for the EPA’s Hispanic Heritage Month posters, its the ‘ally as an art form’ comment, etc., etc., etc. If ONLY it was ONE thing I might not be so frustrated.
    But its daily. Are there any adults in the Obama Administration and in the Obama Campaign???

    • Donimal61

      Simple anwer, it’s not about our country, its about him. I’m no psychologist but Narcissistic Personality Disorder seems to explain a lot (do google serch); look at who he surrounds himself with… hollywood stars, athletes, pop-culture types, and like-minded socialists/communists (van jones, valarie j, remember the Mao praisers)… and remember how he has injected himself into issues no US President should, e.g. beer summit.

  • MPR1776

    On top of that there was Hilary’s speech there….one minute she is talking about the loss to the country and the next it’s…but we didn’t do it, wasn’t our fault, was all because of that movie. I find that extremely vulgar and crass not to mention an insult to those that just gave their lives for this country.

  • MACook

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a pig. Equally as anti-American as the President and First Lady. If you are Chair of the DNC, you really need to reign in this disgraceful campaigning. No respect. RIP Christopher Stevens.

    • reneehaigh

      i am waiting for her to start baaa’ing: she looks like the goat i had when i was younger!! she is a piece of shit and spews lies then lies about the lies!

  • http://www.facebook.com/yabetcha Cynthia Clement

    What is coming is Economic Winter thanks to the 16 trillion dollar debt brought to us by the Spender in Chief Obama… printing money to hand out as the Middle East goes into stupidly thought out plans for change.

  • Patrick L

    ‘Yeah so sad the dead guys are home, But hey everyone buy my sweatshirts they’re so cool!!”

    • reneehaigh

      he is in love with himself! wonder if his palms are….never mind

      • Patrick L

        we both know they are!

  • Patrick L

    Leadership starts from the top and obviously the POTUS can’t even order his minions to “hold all tweets” on a sober occasion. It’s a simple little task and proves he fails there too.

  • MILAN68


  • http://www.FiveFeetOfFury.com/ Kathy Shaidle

    Well… Winter IS coming. #metaphor

    Hopefully he’ll be in Hawaii. Permanently. With “Hawaii” not being a metaphor for anything btw, @SecretService

    • Harlan Hikaru Fox

      He should be forced to live in his own Chicago hellhole with Rahmbo and the rest of the Crazy Brigade. Or better yet, put in jail next to Blagojevich.

  • jacamina

    He has no clue how to be President…

    • Sandra Meyer


    • nc

      And after nearly four years he’s a real slow learner.

  • allenbarr


  • [email protected]

    That is right Mr President. Winter is coming. By this time on November 7th you are going to find yourself out in the cold. You may want to keep a couple of those sweatshirts for the family. Get the hell out of our Whitehouse you boob

    • rinodino

      I wonder what the latest FOX poll has to say about that lol

  • irishgirl91

    Couldn’t possibly be bothered to send out memo halting emails and tweets for a day or two. Beyond offensive.

  • Sandra Meyer


  • dpmeek71

    This guy is such a narcissist that he can’t stop talking about himself when one of “his” guys comes home in a flag draped metal coffin.

    May God comfort the families of the Marines, Ex Seals, and Ambassador.

  • chopper

    President Ben Dover, the bootlicker-in-chief and the mooch, first wookie…..need to set up shop as ambassadors to the southside of chikago…for life.

  • twolaneflash

    Wonder if Phelps got into President Choom’s stash while at The White House?

  • JAS64

    How do they type with all that blood on their hands?

  • ozconservative

    Hate to say this but if Americans re-elect this useless bastard they deserve everything they get :-(

    • http://www.facebook.com/vivian.luzar Vivian Luzar

      The only problem is, even if I don’t vote for him I will be saddled with the consequences of numb skulls who do vote and elect him.

    • http://www.facebook.com/vivian.luzar Vivian Luzar

      The only problem is, even if I don’t vote for him I will be saddled with the consequences of numb skulls who do vote and elect him.

  • KCallahan

    Well what do you expect from an Anti-American president? Sorrow? Grief? Outrage? The voters have gotten exactly what they wanted. A bloodless, cold-hearted reptile as president.

  • BruceMichaelGrant

    Petty, petty little man. Anyone who can flip people off repeatedly on international TV with a thinly disguised scratching of the brow should never have been allowed near such immense and grave responsibility.

  • momtothreebeagles

    The man (and I use that term loosely) is devoid of human decency. I have no idea how he sleeps at night.

  • MACook

    Wait, maybe Obama found some vague humility…”Winter is coming…” Yeah, it is, Economic Winter!


    Obama is a callous, vessel of evil and quite diabolical. He really is. That or he has deep-seeded mental health problems. Either way, he is unfit for duty. Hello congress? You have lots of material for which to base an inquiry as to Obama’s abilities to hold the office of the president.

  • Guest

    Obama isn’t the one sending those tweets. It’s his campaign people. There’s not one thing I agree with him about, but this is just silly to blame him for something he didn’t do.

    • J. Cox

      It shows a lack of leadership.The account is him,his campaign,his message,his people.He could very easily of told them to not use it for hawking goods until later in the day,but he didn’t.The very least he should do is act like he is upset this went out at the time when all messages should have been about the 4 families,and the safety of our men and women overseas…but he didn’t.

      • nc

        Agreed. Then he should have fired them.

    • mreichard7

      Disagree. Obama could have sent out a tweet: Hold all sales for now. The tweeters are rather stupid for not realizing the situation. Then again, look at their leader.

  • nc

    There is a basic commonality among people of all cultures. But these Dems are truly a breed apart. I just do not understand how they can think the way they do.

    • mhojai

      Well, the first mistake is to call “what they do” thinking …it’s more a mental form of defecation …an inner urge, an emotion-driven function with no basis but hatred and ignorance.

  • clocker1

    disgusting but I’m not surprised. I don’t believe for a second he cares one whit about any US service member let alone the slain ones. He really is the most transparent President in history. We can see right through him.

  • http://twitter.com/geekprincess3 Geek Princess

    Shameful, disgusting lack of dignity and respect. Why should the rest of the world have respect for the American people when our own leaders don’t?

  • nc

    Remember at the DNC Michelle said being
    president doesn’t shape your character, but rather reveals it?

    For once in my adult life, I agree with her.

  • Paul C.

    This is Obama’s world, he built it.

  • Paul C.

    Obama planted the seeds of appeasmnet now we are reaping the rewards.

  • cscape

    “Winter is coming, but these sweatshirts are perfect for fall”….. the FALL of the Obama Regime (perhaps they ought to have said “Autumn”!

  • cscape

    “Winter is coming, but these sweatshirts are perfect for fall”….. the FALL of the Obama Regime (perhaps they ought to have said “Autumn”!

  • JohnWest

    Hasn’t the N word Mike Epps heard that the N’s have an average deficit if about 15 IQ points compared to Honkies? Who’s the retard here?

    Proof: http://library.flawlesslogic.com/iq.htm

  • DorothyGrissom

    Wrong wording on sweatshirt. Was supposed to have read, in a sing-songy tone….. “Oh Bam Ah! mmm mmm mmm.”

  • EastValleyConservative

    Axelrod is pure trash and evil.