Wow. We knew that members of the press are frantically trying to spin for The One and insanely point fingers at Mitt Romney over a statement. But do we now have proof that it was a coordinated attack effort?

The amazing The Right Scoop has the goods.

CBS REPORTER: I mean your statement. Not even the tone, because then he can go off on…

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: And then if he does, if we can just follow up and say ‘but this morning your answer is continuing to sound…’ – *becomes unintelligible*

CBS REPORTER: You can’t say that..


CBS REPORTER: I’m just trying to make sure that we’re just talking about, no matter who he calls on we’re covered on the one question.

Read and listen to the whole thing here.


That’s a start. Kudos, Right Scoop! This blatant and unethical behavior by the press cannot continue. Thankfully, “just bloggers” are there to expose this for all to see. We bet they were all wearing their “Journalists for Obama” t-shirts under their suits.

Twitchy will, of course, monitor this situation and update as more develops.

  • BoltUp

    But you know they’ll just spin this as actual “journalistic integrity”, ensuring that important topics get covered, and that they are all just being thorough. This is what it means to be a “journalist” – and yet, Keith Olbermann still can’t hold a job…

  • rinodino

    yawn, Malkin and company already gearing up their excuses together when Mittens goes down in November, let me guess, the media right?… pathetic, man up and at least admit you picked the wrong candidate.

    • Ted Strout

      Suck it, dickhead.

      • Gary L. Prince

        He’s an liberal. Michael Savage says liberals have a mental disorder. But, let us not resort to liberal responses. Keep it clean and respond intellectually. It will annoy the hell out of them!!

    • Art Salmons

      What kind of prick responds to proof positive of media corruption with “ha ha you lose”? This kind, obviously.

    • LeMonJames

      Someone is getting very, very nervous about his re-election….

      • Corey Dennison

        Exactly…watch how acidic their remarks become, the closer to Nov we get. Obamaton desperation:it smells like…victory!

    • Daniel in Brookline

      Believe that if you want, dave. We’re fine with the candidate we chose. Unfortunately, for the past three and a half years we’ve been stuck with the candidate YOU chose.

      • Edgar DeCanniere

        Yeah…we don’t need any more NOOOOOBAMMA!!!

    • J. Cox

      Troll…go back under your bridge…the one you didn’t build btw..and keep telling yourself up is down and left is right..maybe a unicorn will hop along and whisk you away to the magical land of make believe you dream about.When the truth slaps you in the face….call out victory..and you meant for that to happen.Dumb hurts don’t it?

    • TocksNedlog

      And if (like, if we were living in a freakin’ fairyland or something) they were coordinating an attack-question strategy against Obama? What say you then?

      • Robert

        I believe the response would be RACIST

    • sysadminpgh

      Do you realize that either way your Welfare, Food Stamps and Section 8 Housing will be eliminated? Massive Federal cuts are going to occur. If o-Boob-o wins that means even more American businesses will go offshore. Right now thanks to him GM will soon import 80+% of ALL new vehicles. Most from that NEW plant that the stimulus helped build. Then you have Boeing building a “Super Plant” in China that will have the ability to replace all the plants here. Add GE Healthcare too. Their “campus” is unreal. All this in the last three years.

    • NWFL Conservative

      Go back to the Paint Huffing Post, The Daily Koz and the DU where you are surrounded by people of equally limited intellect and moral integrity. You have no place here; you are nothing but a troll.

      I have scraped higher life forms than you off the soles of my combat boots after patrolling the worst of the slums of Baghdad.

    • Corey Dennison

      So, what is it that made you this dumb? Drugs, eating paint chips or playing under power lines as a child?

      • NWFL Conservative

        He is the product of consanguineous mating, or in more lay terms, what happens when relatives marry and procreate.

    • Hello Jerry (D)

      “man up and at least admit you picked the wrong candidate.”

      Hmmm… you should be asking the same thing, loser.

  • ZoriahShepard

    Here’s hoping that those reporters get named and shamed.

    • Mike H.

      How ’bout fired. It’s obvious they have no understanding of their job description!

      • Diggsc

        They understand their job perfectly. Their job is to get Obama re-elected, and they are willing, nay, eager, to sink their personal and professional reputations to do it. Think Dan Rather.

    • AlmaAlma

      The People call on these Propagandists to be FIRED! Don’t lie to us Media.

      • Edgar DeCanniere

        They do that every day!

    • Postbackxp

      They may get named but they have no shame.

    • Charles Seeburger

      One of them was Ari Shapiro of NPR…Id know that voice anywhere, I scream at it regularly.

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    The Obama media were coordinating a negative meme that they could damage Romney with. It’s so obvious listening to them on open mic, but it becomes even more obvious when you listen to the “questions” they asked which weren’t really question at all but instead charges and accusations.

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    The girl in the middle of the video sure sounds like the “reporter” who heckled Romney in Poland. If you remember that event, it was also a coordinated affair designed to heckle and badger Romney in order to make him look bad. You can see that she is joking about that event when she repeatedly says “Governor” while smiling in what seems like an inside joke between the media members. She’s saying “remember the last time we conspired against Romney in Poland and I kept yelling Governor over and over?”

    • Kiliman

      Exactly. Governor Romney! What about your GAFFES?!?! What about the PALESTINIANS?!?! Bunch of Presstitutes.

  • Kenny Hitt

    In fairness – speaking as a former member of a news crew – coordinating questions is actually pretty common, especially when either A) news is breaking, or B) the interviewee is pressed for time. We often would work together with crews from other outlets prior to a pool interview or presser to make sure that the questions we all needed got asked and get them prioritized, so that we weren’t just repeating the same questions over and over and making sure we weren’t holding up the interviewee any longer than necessary. That way, everyone had all the sound bites they needed for air and we’re not trying anyone’s patience.

    However, if these reporters were coordinating in order to specifically put Romney in an awkward position, as the questions clearly suggest, then their collaboration is HIGHLY unethical.

    • papertiger0

      Tell me Kenny. When you were working “together with crews from other outlets prior to a pool interview or presser to make sure that the questions we all needed got asked” did you ever give a consideration to the fact you, your family, your children, will have to live in the world that results from a rudderless cull like Obama pretending to be leader?

      • Kenny Hitt

        Did I, at any point, say anything to make you think I wanted that empty suit to be President? In fact I took a lot of crap at the office for being one of the few conservatives/libertarians on staff.

    • Corey Dennison

      Let us know when you have examples of them doing the same thing to Obama…

      • Gmama

        I think they take the list sent by the White House and divide up the Obama questions, so it is much, much easier. Sometimes they fight over who gets to ask about how much he loves his wife, etc.

      • Kenny Hitt

        You apparently failed to read the second paragraph.

        • AaronHarrisinAlaska

          Kenny, don’t sweat these guys. Like liberals there are conservatives who want to shame you for not openly towing the line. You some times have to smack them with a phone book sized stack of your voter registration forms before they understand your not an obamabot. I get called a liberal all the time just because I’m not ultra conservative

    • falcon7204

      Yeah, I used to be a TV reporter too, and even in pool situations I never coordinated my questions with the other stations. My goal was to report the news, not play some game and have the same story show up on all three local stations. I didn’t mind trying anyone’s patience because, if they’re public officials, they’re fair game. If another reporter asked a question I had planned to ask, I scratched it out and asked another – or asked a follow-up. This baloney of reporters coordinating their questions just screams “agenda” and “attack.”

      • AaronHarrisinAlaska

        So what you’re saying is that there is diversity in journalism, and that you did things differently than Kenny, right?

  • BobbyBobby

    The American Experiment has gone awry, perhaps terminally.

  • Robert

    They are coordinating, and yet they still sound stupid.

  • Gmama

    Did the reporter say “the one question” or ” The One’s question”?

    • EstebanCafe

      LOL, well played, sir !

  • sysadminpgh

    Wait till the debates! Romney question: How will you reform Social Security & Medicare? o-Boob-o: Are you wearing boxers or briefs? Romney: You said you would repeal BoboCare. How are you going to insure that illegals from Mexico continue to receive FREE healthcare while Americans face MASSIVE prem increases? o-Boob-o: What is your best golf score this year and what are you doing to get better? Maybe you need to take more family vacations… Americans OWE you!

    • Clay Buster

      Obama: what is your favorite color?
      Romney: explain the Laffer Curve

  • prlgrl

    Its on Drudge too. We need to start hitting FNC with this, get them to discuss it on air. Force media to respond.

    • AlmaAlma

      Yes, answers please and punishment. If people are to make informed decisions they need to know that media are not ‘twisting’ it to fit their own personal beliefs. I *&^% hate people who PUSH their opinions on me. This really pisses me off!!

  • Orangeone

    Somebody doesn’t like Scoop’s Exclusive Scoop, their website is down :(

    • Emmett Tankersley

      It’s back up

      • Orangeone


  • AlmaAlma

    Media, Report the F%*&ng News!!! Ask ALL questions!!! Do NOT give me shit.

  • orringtonmom (D)

    they can’t help it. it’s an election year and they all want their turn using the one brain cell between them. coordinating is expedient…

  • stillinthe60s

    The Bidet Stream Media tries to clean up for Obama again.

  • NWFL Conservative

    Two of life’s biggest oxymorons…….”jumbo shrimp” and “liberal journalistic integrity”

    • AaronHarrisinAlaska

      Those two are incomparable! Jumbo shrimp can be enjoyed

  • EstebanCafe

    “D’s” are covered. I used to think that it will take an “R” in your Whitehouse before these folks start to do their job…but clearly they’re alredy ‘doing a job’ on Romney.

    • NWFL Conservative

      Ronald Reagan didn’t take any crap from the media. He was a master at disarming hostile press, usually by using humor to make fun of them and their stupidity. He used to make Sam Donaldson look like an absolute imbecile at times. It was almost like watching a cat play with a mouse before it kills it. At times you almost felt sorry for that arrogant, self serving, sanctimonious jackass.

      He set the stage and laid down the law his very first press conference and stuck to it all 8 years in the WH. The media knew better than to pull crap like this because they knew they would get smacked by him like a red headed stepchild.

  • Ross Dmochowski

    OMG, you right wing nutjobs have your asshats on too tight again….

    Making sure he gets asked a question is GANGING up on him? For Christ’s sake, the man cherry picks questions and answers, and you are upset because the MEDIA DID IT’S JOB, unlike you you talentless hack Malkin….

    Should you be writing about internment camps for secret muslims,
    or how waterboarding can solve our immigration problem?

    • Edgar DeCanniere


    • Ameruban

      The media NEVER does it’s job. They are a tool, plain and simple. I trust nothing they say, nothing they write. Kind of like the reporter in Miami who ‘edited’ the 911 calls on the Trayvon Martin case… and was subsequently fired. Or did you miss that one? Stop worshipping the media, pull your head out and BREATHE.

    • Corey Dennison

      Someone doesn’t know how to click a link…or have their volume turned up to actually listen.

    • Hello Jerry (D)

      It would pay for you to loosen yours…Your stupidity is showing. That and lay off the Stupid Pills as well.

  • MovingToNevada

    So the media is carrying Obama’s water…what else is new.

  • Edgar DeCanniere

    Who are they AND why are they still working?????

  • CEH_in_NJ

    In business, when I go into a meeting with another party or negotiations, my team synchronizes on issues to bring up and key questions which should be asked. This is standard procedure and typical practice in any forum where the focus is gathering and/or exchange of information.

    There is nothing unethical about reporters coordinating key questions and potential follow up questions prior to an interview. Each reporter is only allowed a question or two, and tag-teaming on questions improves the chances that reporters can exit with a better insight into a candidate’s position by agreeing to focus on 1-3 issue-areas beforehand.

    Reading the transcript of the open mike, I did not see anything that appeared to be a conspiracy to embarrass or trap Romney, just a coordination of general questions to be asked. Can anyone in this forum point to a sub-set of text in the transcript which
    indicates a conspiracy to embarrass or trap?

    • Jd Logsdon

      And the only reporter who has asked a substantive question of our Oval Office Furher has been banned from White House news briefings, hmmmm

    • Corey Dennison

      Of course not. Funny how this sort of thing is usually only pointed at Repubs/conservatives though.

      Looking forwrd to you pointing out simliar instances where the media ‘synchronized’ in preparation for a Dem/liberal.

      Didn’t think so.

    • Timothy Crenshaw

      Watch the entire video instead of just the transcription. Governor, governor, governor….*laugh* seemingly reminiscent of heckling in Poland. Yeah not a sub-test for conspiracy at all. Listen to the video so you can actually be informed instead of relying on a partial transcript. You sound like one of the biased reporters yourself if you don’t.

    • falcon7204

      “There is nothing unethical about reporters coordinating key questions and potential follow up questions prior to an interview.”

      Yes, there is. Reporters are not there to “coordinate coverage”. They’re there to report the facts. When reporters tag-team against a candidate like this, it proves they have a desire to catch him flat-footed about something. They’re like hyenas trying to corner an elephant (probably an apt metaphor), and of course if the elephant isn’t careful the hyenas will kill it. But this is why today’s “press” gangs up on political candidates, because they know individually none of them have the brain power or the insight to truly ask the hard questions. “It takes a village,” as Hillary once famously pointed out, and apparently this “village” is full of idiots.

      A business team, as you describe, is just that – a team. Journalists are not a team, they are individuals working for different news organizations in competition with each other. Journalists should never – I repeat, NEVER – coordinate.

  • xristosdomini

    It seems like “real reporters” are largely unnecessary anymore–due to the proliferation of Twitter and Facebook–and have been replaced by a sea of analysts and pundits. Thus, it would make sense that the generally leftist reporting tank would be interested in telling an opinion-laced narrative.

  • SAndrews

    It’s not really their fault. The mainstream media is sorely out of practice. Obama rarely takes media questions anymore (unless he’s on Letterman or The View).

  • Love of Country

    I haven’t seen the journalists/whitehouse press corps behaving like this in four years.

    Never mind they were all FOS, disingenuous and petty …. we haven’t seen that kind of relentless pressing tone since Bush was in office … stark contrast to the last four years of those state run media jerkoffs doing their very best to cover for the unforgivable plethora of mistakes from the pinko commie behind the podium instead of digging for the answers we all deserved. Makes me sick!

  • PapaRick98

    We need to dis-allow those illegals Obama granted to stay in this country and receive benefits. That would create jobs that he could actually count. I know lots of guys right now that would take any job, low pay or not, to feed their families and pay their rent.

  • Setsail98

    Americans NEED TO TURN ON THE MEDIA! They are getting away with murder!

  • Eagle_hs_landed

    @kenny hill, when you were “coordinating questions” with other news crews to make sure they were synced up, did you ever review those questions to make sure they were the right questions to be asked? NO ONE asks Pres O or any of his administration any hardball questions or follow up…

  • Rob Stevely


  • Jd Logsdon

    It makes me wonder how many of these conversations and planning sessions were not caught on an open mike. Congress should subpeonea these reporters and find out where they got their orders. Conspiracy to fix an election does not fall under Free Speech

  • Corey Dennison

    What liberal bias? But, but, but Faux news and Koch brothers, or something!

  • trollskinner

    Ok…so the one candidate who has the backbone to say what the majority of America thinks about the blatant attack against what constitutes our sovereign soil is being ambushed and fed upon by the “sharks” that pass for journalists today…don’t they realize that “Shark Week” was last month? Ethics and moral judgements aside, where was the CinC at the crack of dawn? Shouldn’t he have at the very least released a statement early this morning to show who’s in charge; instead of waiting til almost noon and having the media do the heavy lifting for him again by snapping at Romney’s aggressive, no-nonsense, “Presidential”-tone statement? No, that’s too much like taking responsibility and calling it like it is…

  • John Fowler

    Why are they wasting their energy on this and not playing hardball with the Administration about supporting Muslim Brotherhood puppet regimes? Do they not care our diplomacy is utterly based on appeasement or do they intentionally want things to get shittier? Whatever the case, why go for the jugular on the guy that has no say in policy? Counter-intuitive, to be kind.

  • TMLutas

    It’s not bad that they’re coordinating on a presser. It’s that they very obviously aren’t doing it when it comes to Democrats

  • Mickey Byrd

    They seem to be overly excited that they, as a group, came up with one question.It doesn’t appear to be a “leg tingly” question that Mitt would have a problem with. Their desperation continues.

  • RebeccaH

    Note to the MSM: Once we clean up this political mess, we’re coming after you.

  • Walker Bennett

    When the names are revealed they will be rewarded, not punished. The media will come together to explain how what you heard was really top notch journalism and how you just don’t understand the ins and outs of political commentary and how they were only pooling questions to make sure the American public is well informed on the issues at hand. This is pretty standard stuff. They buried Ron Paul because they didn’t like his opinion that we should let Israel protect itself and that we should not have politicians with dual citizenship deciding our foreign policy. They are trying to bury Romney because he’s not a socialist and they don’t want a republican to be the one in charge if and when our country rebounds from the recession we’re currently in. I honestly don’t know why they’re so worried about Romney, he’s gonna push the same agenda as Obama. Our only chance of rebounding was put on ice when ALL the media got together to turn you against the only man that couldn’t be bought. Their is no law (yet) that says you have to let the media do your thinking for you.

  • tjp77

    Nothing will happen, because who’s going to report it? Yeah it’ll make some waves in the conservative echo chamber, but the media drives the narrative for everyone else, and they’re simply not going to pay any attention to this.

    They are fully campaigning for Obama. There’s not a thing we’re going to do to change that. Everything Obama says and does will be lauded as brilliant and his mistakes will be ignored, and everything Romney does will be dissected and painted as ridiculous or out of touch.

    The media filter is the only reason Romney isn’t up by 30 points right now.

  • John Hanover

    It’s not even disgraceful anymore. I am surprised that they don’t just wear Obama pins and ask Mitt why he sucks instead of pretending to ask him real questions. Nice shade of gold on those doggies, too bad it’s fool’s gold, and smells like fresh spray paint.

  • somercet

    Why is there a White House press office in the 21st Century?

  • Paul C.

    Media Matters (George Soros) is coordinating the MSM so it’s not surprising.

  • JGoldstein62

    Those reporters have been identified. Ari Shapiro of NPR and Jan Crawford. Shameless.

  • shlbycindy

    The Main Stream Media has been attempting to control the way people think and vote for a long time. This time they got caught. I hope they get named, shamed, and fired. A journalist’s job is not to give their own opinion but to give the facts of a story or situation in a fair and balanced manner. They’ve failed miserably. I haven’t trusted or listened to them in years.

  • MaddMedic

    Reblogged this on INTERNED in Northfield!!! and commented:
    But will anything come of this?

  • Saiga

    The mainstream media is a Calcutta train wreck to be sure. About all we can do is not watch them. I agree with Rush that we can withstand another 4 years of Obama, but having an electorate that votes him back in is a real serious problem that has the potential to take us down. The democrat vote farming operation is already making us drag a big anchor, and more vote farm livestock will just make the anchor bigger.

  • Corey E Price

    #presstitutes, lol

  • Cathie Chevalier

    Just more proof that there are no journalists left in the liberal media. Just a bunch of O’s flunkies. OMG! – Obama Must Go!

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    If this is simply “how the sausage is made”, then how come it always comes in the same flavor, “Romney sucks sausage”? Why isn’t there ever any “Obama sucks sausage”?

  • ObamaPelosi

    I’m so disgusted by the Media. I can so clearly see through their lies. But I was not able to see the lies until I saw the way the media treated Hillary Clinton in 2008. That was the turning point, when I saw the media’s bias for what it was. Before then, I blindly believed the media. But this is what I’m afraid of. So many people still blindly believe everything the media says, and they don’t know the truth. And they’ll vote for Obama because the media lies about Romney, spins everything Romney does into a gaffe and spins every gaffe Obama makes into ‘that’s not what he meant.’ Wish the media was fair and not biased and would let the American people vote accoring to facts and not presuasion on either side.