So, that happened. No translation from MSNBC during Craig Romney’s address at the Republican National Convention last night. Just “speaking Spanish” or something. They aren’t quite sure. But, shut up, racist wing nuts with nutty wings.

This Twitter user was cunningly prescient!

Evidently, no one did.

So do we! Hmm. This makes us wonder …

Is this why the partisan lapdogs at MSNBC didn’t air the speeches of several ethnic minority RNC speakers? Too scary! What if there was more of that tricky Spanish stuff?!?

Paging Chris Matthews and his fellow progressives of pallor!

Lucky for MSNBC, they won’t have this problem during the Democratic National Convention, what with its unbearable whiteness of being and all.

  • Maria

    Another Epic Fail.

    • Smart Grunt

      That would imply that they actually tried to cover the convention in a fair manner. I think they succeeded. They succeeded in showing everyone that they are a bunch of morons.

  • Richard Blaine

    This would explain why they cut away from Hispanic and other minority speakers.

    • TugboatPhil

      Well that, and the fact that they are a bunch of actual white supremacists. I wonder if they have Aryan Brotherhood tatts?

  • weRbroke

    Can anyone imagine if FOX would have pulled that? But it would NEVER happen because as Mrs Juan Williams stated, FOX was more diverse than PMSNBC and NPR.

  • Tidewaterhorse

    Now they do have Al Sharpton.

    • Liz

      Yes they do. They have added diversity and reduced what intelligence they had.

      • Penny Robinson Fan Club

        Good move. They got their quotas for color and for mentally handicapped all together!

  • Paul C.

    MSNBC is how we coined the phrase “Bottom of the barrel.”

  • Penny Robinson Fan Club

    There really are people that still take PMSNBC seriously? Really?