Sadly, oh how true that is. Nearly everything is now a “code word” or a racist “dog whistle.”

The funny thing is, it is the racist Left who hears them. No sane person does, ever. If only there was some sort of handy-dandy guidebook so that we didn’t have to keep digging out our racist decoder rings.

He’s in luck! Twitchy CEO Michelle Malkin has put together just such a guide.

It’s a treacherous business exercising your freedom of speech in the age of Obama. As a public service, I present to you: “The 2012 Condensed Liberal Handbook of Racial Code Words.” Decoder rings, activate!

Read the whole thing, so you will never have to fret about missing a “dog whistle” that usually only the Left can hear. It includes things like “kitchen cabinet” (racist), “angry” (racist, unless Pig Maher says it) and “Obamacare” (racist, except for when President Obama uses the term to hawk his wares). Got it straight? If you think it makes no sense, that’s probably because you are racist.

The insanity, incredibly, got even worse today. Clint Eastwood’s appearance at the RNC? Totally a dog whistle. Why? Because, chair. No, really. It was also a “minstrel show.” According to the left-wing labor journalist for In These Times magazine.

No, cuckoo pants progressive of pallor. No sane person saw that. You know what they did see? Despicable racial slurs hurled at minority GOP speakers by the Code Word Police. And absolutely repugnant things like “negro spotting,” perpetrated by the racist Left. Got hate? You do.

“Dog whistle”! Drink!

The “soft racism of the Eastwood Chair.” He actually said that. Unironically.

No worries, Mike. We are sure Chris Matthews, he who sees only color while obsessively accusing Republicans of playing the race card, would love to discuss this with you. Next on “Hardball”: Rethuglicans bring out The Eastwood Chair in a chilling dog whistle attempt.

Cue the nefarious music!

Of course, no one actually watches MSNBC. Sorry, champ. Your desperate attempt of grossly using minorities to further an agenda has failed. It is entering the big, black hole containing all your other failures. Black hole? We know: Racist.

  • Lisa

    You forgot “Chicago”. I think I need a new secret decoder ring, mine stopped working. It says everything is racist!

    • GaryTheBrave

      That’s correct.

    • DavidKramer

      Well actually, BFH at IOTW had an article that was hilarious. It really does not matter what the whistle is, it is who is saying it. Pretty funny, it is a parody where Big Fur Hat interviews Chrissie. Worth a gander.

  • DavidKramer

    Time for a new hashtag? I am suggesting #DemCodeWhistles Chicago, Constitution, Founding Fathers, Debt, Deficit, Golf, Medicare, Medicaid, ObamaTaxCare, ObamaCare, Healthcare, Border, Illegal, Immigrant, Financial, Financial Solvency, Greece, Greek Columns, Barrack Hussein Obama, Bribery, Corruption, Pay to Play, Economy, Obama is not working, We Believe in America, Exceptionalism, Religion

    • WhoMeToo

      And… #NeedToLetHimGo

    • GaryTheBrave

      Because you did not list them in alphabetical order that, too, is a dog whistle. It implies that you do not think that minorities know the English alphabet. Of course by using the ENGLISH alphabet that was being racist as well since minorities can trace their heritages to places that did not speak English.

      • WhoMeToo

        Gary- You ARE Funny! ;’D

      • DavidKramer

        Oooops, I should have posted it in every language imaginable, including ancient Aramaic, that is RACIST!

        • Char Stevenson

          Oh-oh-oh-oh! None of that Aramaic business. It’s the language Jesus Christ spoke and you know how racist Christians are!

          • DavidKramer

            Good call.

      • Tom Lemley


    • joe

      add “common sense” to that

    • Erick Brockway

      Shared and done

      • DavidKramer

        I just got booted off twitter for commenting to a leftist. It will probably take a week or two to get back on. God I hate lefties.

        • Tom Lemley

          Tofu Farting Left Wing Libtards

  • Maria

    Mike Elk is a “journalist”? Wow, they really do let anything become one now days. The man types like a 3rd grader.

    • Char Stevenson

      I think he’s a relative of John Deere and they’re not known for their typing ability.

      • GaryTheBrave

        It took me a couple of seconds to process your comment. Ooooh, “process” is likely racist.

  • Jon

    Jeff Dunham puts words in the mouths of dummies all the time and nobody really cares about that.

  • dio heerai

    Tens of millions have now seen Clint Eastwood at the RNC that would never have, and MOST will agree with Clint
    So thanks MSM for all your help ,everything you all do seems to FAIL

    • Mark Flaming

      LOL! Damn right!

  • TugboatPhil

    I forgot to bookmark the website for the daily code word. Is it imaracistnomatterwhatisay DOT com?

    • nc

      You said it. Racist.

    • Tom Lemley


  • mayorofshadyvil

    Soft racism? Is that similar to “legitimate rape?” I love watching a limosine liberal act like his Upper East Side bungalow has a view of Bed-Stuy. He is officially my “expert racist.” Honestly never ONCE did I last night, nor any other night, think about race. I mean where do they hear this dang whistle?

    • Donna Acosta

      Pretty sure it’s when they realize they have absolutely no logical reply.

    • carla5731

      I bet Soft Racism of the Eastwood Chair is already a 3-credit class at a handful of universities. When that program graduates its first PhDs, we’ll all understand it better.

    • Itold

      You have to be as deranged as they are to hear it. It’s not for everyone you know.. You won’t understand….


    No smaller-minded people than liberals. There are no bigger racists either.

    • Char Stevenson

      They’re just coming full circle. They started out lynching Republicans, black and white alike and when the white Republicans moved back north they donned their bedsheets and pillowcases and rode out to lynch black people. Now they lynch them with welfare and handouts so they can get their votes.. Then they keep them in rotten schools so they’ll never learn. Come into the light, people.

  • douchie

    The leader of the free world, the most powerful person on earth is being victimized by our thoughtlessly chosen adjectives. When will we realize the hurt we cause when we speak about our dear leader in less than glowing, pre-approved terminology?

    • $266791

      You are being sarcastic I hope

    • Shari Rhodes

      DEAR LEADER????

    • DebEast

      Dear Leader – or – Der Fuhrer?

  • Mickey Byrd

    @MikeElk LOL….. You are such a small drop in a large bucket. You can swirl and swirl and never make a wave.

  • maplebob23

    I wonder if OSHA has inspected MSNBC’s work site for tinnitus hazards?

  • Erick Brockway
  • govprof

    Wonder if Matthews is going to get a tingly leg next week?

    • Tom Lemley

      oh boy you guy’s are pretty funny on here. all jokes aside could he have a serious health problem? Left Wing Libtard disease

  • Jon S Standley

    Yea, there were also a couple of guys on FB, watching the RNC on TV, having Negro Spotting Drinking Game. Everytime they saw a Negro, they drank a beer, both Liberal Dems. Go figure.

    • Andrew J. Baldwin

      did you notice that a african american woman spoke at the RNC in support of Romney? oh *gasp*

  • Andrew J. Baldwin

    isn’t it a bit racist to presume and asume what those of another race are thinking? it kinda sounds like he is unprofessionaly profiling based on outdated and uninformed information. but he probably didn’t think that deep into what his reactions are based on.

    • Itold

      But for them, it’s allowed. For you to try to correct their incorrect assumptions is raaaacist. because they know better.

  • Johnny Blade

    hey Mike, you should take all your prescribed meds… you can’t really be that bat shit crazy… Oo

  • Mickey Byrd

    Osama Bin Laden was the most devout racist the world has ever known. Where were you, Mikey, when he was alive? Please tell me where I can read your articles declaring his racism… your screams at him and his band of terrorists? Your interviews with him where you faced him down with your will of iron? Or do your beliefs only allow you to criticize people that will not hurt you… will only forgive your ignorance? Go ahead, Mikey… shout your bravery from behind a computer. Sleep well tonight… be proud of yourself… you have taken a simple word such as “chair” and attempted to make it mean something hateful and divisive. I’m sure you will proudly tell your grandchildren of this day.

  • TVree

    So, let me recap, because I think I’m starting to lose track. As a middle-aged, white, republican, retired Marine, male I can no longer say any of the following: Chair, Eastwood/Eastwooding, Clint, Chicago, Navy Seal, Hold Down the Fort, Rule of Thumb, Race, Racist, Racial, Profiling, Israel, Jobs, MSNBC, Holder, Pelosi, Reid, Debbie, Wasserman, Shultz, Fluke, Card, Bus, Ditch, Entitlements, Medicare, Social Security, Hurricane, Golf, Fox, Fox News, Rush, Guns, Crazy, Off your meds, Liberal, or Socialist. I also am not aloud to make any move towards my neck, point to inanimate objects, hold my index and thumb in the form of a pistol (or use the deaf sign for the name Gunner) post any contrary views on social medium like facebook and twitter, or praise any member of the republican party regardless of their ethnicity.
    Have I missed anything? I just want to make sure, because when I retired from the Marines, I really thought I had served my duty to uphold the Constitution.

    • TVree

      Also… who is Mike Elk and why does his opinion matter? Am I suppose to know who this guy is? Or am I suppose to watch MSNBC more often to know?

      • Cathy Marcum

        I have stopped watching anything that ends with NBC a long time ago.

        • TVree

          I knew *NBC was bad news when they allowed Keith Olbermann to continue having a job beyond sports broadcasting.

    • Cathy Marcum

      Thank you for your service! It is greatly appreciated by me and so many others! I am sorry to say however that your comment is right on the money!

      • TVree

        Cathy, the honor is all mine. The Marines was the smartest decision I’ve made for myself (well, marrying my wife was probably the smartest, but that was a selfish decision).

        • Ned Frankly

          Who in the hell clicked the down arrow on your post?!? Who ever you may be, stfu.

    • Sandy Pfaff

      Is teleprompter racist? I haven’t heard yet.

      • TVree

        You know what… I would be shocked if it isn’t. I think I need to add that to the list, just to be safe.

      • Steve

        It will be soon
        I am sure!

        • Catchance

          Yes, TOTUS I and TOTUS II. Both raaaaacist.

    • Kelly Pocan

      I wish I could like this 1000 times!

      • TVree

        Kelly — tell all your friends to like it…. we should make this happen LOL

    • TVree

      I apologize for the mispelled ‘allowed’.

      • ClassicLiberal

        No matter which way you spelled it, its still racist.

        • TVree

          LOL. Touche

    • ekimp252

      Hey Leatherneck, when I was in the Corps, we used the term “sea lawyer”. Think that applies to the enlightened one? Semper Fi.

      • TVree

        Oooh Rah Devil Dog. Thank you for your service, sir! Yes, I had forgotten about that gem. Yes, that is not only applicable to him, but 90% of his celebrity followers.

    • nc

      Ooops, I replied to a re-post of this great comment by mistake.

      Thank YOU for your service, sir!

      • TVree

        Thank you. I have a theory. Every able-bodied, graduating high school senior should dedicate two years to some form of govt service: military, national guard, coast guard, local/state/federal service. It could be working for a local judge’s office, helping the local fire or police or ems, road work, painting/clean-up of parks, doesn’t matter. As long as it benefits the community as a whole. Only then can you be allowed to draw on government grants and other benefits. I believe this would give a better appreciation of civic duty, patriotism, and the greatness that is OUR Nation.

        • Cesar Alvarez-Castillo

          It would also help immensely if those seeking presidential aspirations would do some time at least in the Guard or reserve, if not actual active-duty time. Perhaps then they would have reason to pause and reflect before making life-changing decisions regarding the 1% of Americans and their families who do the actual deployments in the service and defense of those who do not or cannot serve themselves. OOH-RAH, Devil Dog!

          • TVree

            OohRah! Excellent idea Cesar!

        • showgozon

          Excellent idea Marine! That would be a great investment in the future of the graduates, as well as in our nation.

          • TVree

            Ooh Rah! If I sometimes wonder if I should run for office. That idea quickly dissipates when I realize how much the press would hate me, that I wouldn’t get along with a majority of the politicians, and that I couldn’t stand subjecting my family to such tortute.

    • BeenThereDoneThat

      Thank you for your service, Marine – thanks for keeping us free!

      • TVree

        Thank you! My pleasure to do something for a country that has done so much for me and my family.

    • treblehook

      According to the brain trust at the University of Albany in the once great state of NY, you missed “picnic”.

      • TVree

        Treb — I hadn’t heard about this one. Added to the growing list. You have a link you can share? For the life of me, I can’t connect the word even remotely to something racial. LOL

        • Cheesylady

          Here’s the link to snopes (which I don’t normally read but they do debunk the “racism” of this word so I guess it’s okay this time. LOL):

          Basically, the idea that the word “picnic” is racist is patently absurd.

    • Seralynn

      Yes, Thank you for service! And to ALL men and women who serve in our armed forces. May THEY be the ones who are held in high esteem instead of stupid actors and actresses who benefit from the freedom of speech that these men and women sacrificed, were injured and many times died for. Too bad they don’t think on THAT before making dumb remarks and spouting off. My husband and i recently had the privilege (due to him doing some work for military) to live in Germany where we saw (well at least I saw because he served in the Air Force back in the 70s) how these men (AND their families, I might add) serve their country with pride and dignity…something sadly lacking in this administration, for sure.

      • TVree

        Thank you Seralynn — and yes, much gratitude goes out to all our servicemembers — past, present, and future. I was very fortunate and have been extremely lucky in life. The Marines was the wisest choice I could have made out of high school. You’re correct as well that we, the volunteers of the Armed Forces server proudly. We have to weather all types of political climates; shifting national and international policies; deploy at a moment’s notice; miss holidays, birthdays, major life events; live on a fraction of pay compared to similar civiian pay scales; and sometimes have to survive in inhospital locales. We do this because we believe in our country, in the Constitution, and we know that defending the United States is worth any amount of hardship we have to face.

    • Toaster Crisp

      Thanks for your service and your comment. I also thought when I left the Corps that I had done the best job possible in upholding my oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Then I realized that my oath had no expiration date, and that good men are needed now more than ever to watch and call out those who violate and impune our laws and traditions in the pursuit of personal power.

      Please check out Oathkeepers my friend. You once earned the title of Marine. Now you can earn the scorn of a master class that would reduce Americans to chattel slaves.

      Semper Fi!

      • TVree

        Semper Fi as well, sir! You’re correct, the oath never expires. We Marines know the value of such an oath. I ensure that my sons, whether they choose to server or not, are aware of what real threats are out there. Whether they be foreign or domestic. Since my boys are 1st generation Japanese-Americans, my wife and I have raised to them to understand both heritages, and to understand the meaning of what an American means. I will check out Oathkeepers. Thank you for all you’ve done for this great Country, both past and present.

        • Marty

          I am so excited, someone…you sir…replied to my comment, elsewhere. The list of letters replies and comments are so long, that I wasn’t sure if I could find the reply in my highly excited state. You wrote out all the very real dog whistle words. And I was then able to name you a racist for writing them out in such a traitorous way. You replied that you are now probably on multiple lists. I knew right then that… that is exactly where you belong. I kicked myself for not recognizing it earlier. I looked for my list and realized I actually only had one list… my grocery list. And you sir are now on it, and I am going to forward it directly to the White House in the hope of some kind of immediate action. I. hope. it. hurts.

    • Kenny Budd

      Semper fi sir,, God, Country, Family, Corps. The rest can go to hell. Your post is on target. Thumbs up. Good job.Won the race. LOL

      • TVree

        Semper Fi Kenny. LOL… not exactly sure I want to win this particular race! LOL

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      Rule of thumb? I missed that one.

    • Jerrielyn Rod

      TY shared your comment on Facebook!!!

      • TVree

        That is so cool! Thanks! Would be interested to hear any feedback you received 😀


      Yep, you missed “Kitchen Cabinet” – wondering if that applies to contents of kitchen cabinets…bowls, glasses, saucer, etc? Thank you for your service!! Coming home from the convention yesterday there was a loud applause for soldiers returning at the Atlanta airport! How proud I am of our military!!!

      • TVree

        With this mentality, anything in the kitchen probably applies: stove, dishwasher, table, blender, etc. Shirley — thank you. Those service-members are the ones most worthy of praise.

      • TVree

        I researched Kitchen Cabinet and I just shake my head. This seems to be a new form of conspiracy theory. Michael Crichton theorized it best: “[…] we know that social control is best managed through fear. […] Politicians need fears to control the population. Lawyers need dangers to litigate, and make money. The media need scare stories to capture an audience. Together, these three estates are so compelling that they can go about their business even if the scare is totally groundless. If it has no basis in fact at all.”

        • Itold

          I still cannot figure that one out, maybe because English is my 2nd language.
          But I think this condition that lib media and many blacks are exhibiting has a very definitive name – “persecution complex”. It appears to be a type of collective paranoia.

          • TVree

            I wouldn’t even say “many” blacks. I think it is a very selective few. In fact, I see more white people in the left media that purport this nonsense in an effort to rabble-rouse. My wife is an ESL speaker, and it does her head in to keep all these hidden meanings straight. I tried to explain this to my youngest son. His reply, “well that’s just idiotic!”

    • Tim Brown

      Yeah, thanks for your service!

      • TVree

        Tim — my pleasure. I’ve taught my sons that anytime in public, when you see a veteran (active duty or not), make a point to walk up to them, shake their hand, and thank them. Today, more than every, our service-members need to know the American people truly appreciate their service.

      • TVree

        Thank you. I was proud and honored to serve.

    • MaryAnne Kennard

      These words are not racist, some are insulting, but none of them refer to race. I think the Oxford Dictionary should be utilized to look up the meaning of the words. I wasn’t born yesterday, but I don’t ever remember a time when the word ‘ racist’ has been used as much as it has in the last 4 years. This is why America is on the verge of no longer being the America we used to know! I feel like I’m living in a foreign country or something. It’s ridiculous!

      • TVree

        MaryAnne — I agree, except with some of these words are insulting. Sure, there are words in the English language that can be quite insulting, even vile and disgusting. However, which one of these words or phrases are insulting? Oh, never mind — found it: MSNBC.

    • freeinaz

      We all spend our entire lives upholding the constitution or the liberal/ progressives will shred it at every turn.
      Semper Fi.

      • TVree

        Believe it or not, I believe that the two party system we have could actually work. Being progressive and/or liberal, and having a party that represents their values, is not only a good thing, it’s an important thing. We need the two parties to keep intact what the founding fathers intended: a balance of power. The intent of the Constitution is to ensure the government compromises to meet the needs of the American people. However, the Democratic party has been hijacked (oops that’s another word I can use now)… erhm… has been,uhm… has been overthrown by a radical (oops, another word)… a fringe element of the party and those are believes in socialism and communism. In fact, the Communist party of America is aligned with the Democrats. No! No! That’s really true. So, I will call this like it is, our domestic enemies are the socialists, and a majority are found in the Democratic party. Sadly, some of them are even in a position of influence and power.

        • Marty

          Did you know that when Al Gore ran, it was the first time in the history of the Communist Party that they did not run a person for President? When they were asked about it they said, “There is no need, Al Gore has all of our issues covered.” I actually read it in the San Francisco Chronicle at the time. Oh & I noticed that you used “balance of power” and that is a NO NO. What you are obviously speaking of is a balance between women, people of color, etc. & old white men. The problem comes in because you know that white racists (I know, white & racist is redundant.) subconsciously see “Lady Justice” blindfolded to cover her face so that you don’t notice it has white features, while she holds a scale. Of course we know which subconscious way the people are being told to tip the scales on election day with our first black President. Oh, did I mention he is our first black President… sorry I thought maybe you hadn’t heard.

    • freeinaz

      We all spend our entire lives upholding the constitution or the liberal/ progressives will shred it at every turn.
      Semper Fi.

    • treblehook

      Speaking of “Debbie” “Wasserman” “Schultz”, it’s odd to me that the phrase parsing eagle eyed leftists don’t have a problem Sgt. Schultz referring to the appearance of Condi Rice and Mia Love and others as “shiny packaging”. Calling an African-American a “shine” or “shiner” has always been a highly derogatory term and if the terms “picnic” and “Chicago” are now racist code, “shiny” should certainly clear the bar.

      • TVree

        That’s because the socialists can’t be called racist. They have given themselves immunity chips. Notice that picnic is on the list, but the negative meaning of the term has actually been debunked. As has the phrase “rule of thumb”. It doesn’t matter for them. The playbook is simple: 1) generate an irrational fear about a “dog whistle” word or phrase; 2) have every member of your party repeat that “outrage” until the media picks it up; 3) Let the media interview countless “scholars” and “authors” to verify the validity of such a claim. The mantra? Repeat it so often that the truth of the claim is irrelevant. All that matters is to convince enough people to be outraged to vote for us.

        • Itold

          Yep, I was just bluntly told that on one of the blogs when I commented that I don’t like the W()n’s socialist rhetoric and policies that calling him “socialist” = racist because it equates to N-word.
          By the way, mentioning ongoing killings in Chicago when they happen in the W()n’s old neighborhood is racist too.
          Basically, saying anything at all except praise to anyone who’s skin is slightly darker than driven snow is raaaacist.
          Just so that you folks are aware.

          • TVree

            While I’m not shocked, I’m saddened. When has definitions of words because so skewed?

    • Snowblind

      War is Peace
      Freedom is Slavery
      Free Speech is Racism

    • hjole

      1st I’d like to thank you for your service to our great country, men like you have made it great and continue to keep us safe, thank you. Both my parents were Marines in WWII, obviously I have great respect for the Corps.

      You are correct in your list of no, no words and phrases plus more to be said by anyone not a liberal.

      • TVree

        Then it’s people like your mother and father that deserve the highest measure of praise. For if it wasn’t for their generation, there wouldn’t be an America today.

    • Marty

      TVree are you nuts? You just wrote out the WORDS… oh my… oh my. These are meant to be held secret and only mentioned if someone uses them. You may well be the biggest racist of all. I’ve never seen so much racism all at once in one place…oh myyyyy…. Marty

      • TVree

        I know… what was I thinking? I’m probably on several watch-lists now.

    • Marty

      TVree are you nuts? You just wrote out the WORDS… oh my… oh my. These are meant to be held secret and only mentioned if someone uses them. You may well be the biggest racist of all. I’ve never seen so much racism all at once in one place…oh myyyyy…. Marty

    • Tami Lockhart Owen

      Great post Sir. Well played!

      • TVree

        Thank you. I have my moments. They don’t happen very often, but when they do, they tend to be on target.

  • Sandy Pfaff

    I love to hear Caucasions tell people how Black people must “feel”..this guy is White by the way….LOL

  • Wanda Faye Morris Forbes

    Ever notice Chris Matthews and his followers are the only ones that ever hear the “dog whistles”?

  • Max Doster

    Oh boy Mike, you’re obviously an escaped mental patient. Oh no, I put boy, Oh my gosh, I’m racist. Boy I really messed, crap I put boy again, what’s wrong with me? I’m so angry with myself. Oh no, I put angry…that’s a code word. Now I’m REALLY racist. Oh the insanity…eeeeehhhh, whatever. Get a damn life nutzo.

    • GaryTheBrave

      INSANITY?!! NUTZO?!! Now you’re showing your bigotry against the mentally ill.

    • Guest

      And “nutzo” too is bigoted.

  • Meaufaux

    Well, Bill Clinton told us that it depends on what your definition of the word “is” is. And now we know: probably something racist.

  • BruceMichaelGrant

    MSNBC also has a way of NOT using minorities to further its agenda.
    Remember the MSM’s ‘Photoshopping’ of a black male legally carrying a rifle during a political rally? They removed all traces of the man’s black skin so they could smear ‘white supremacists’ threatening Obama (who was nowhere nearby-in fact the Secret Service had no problem with the open carry). MSNBC had a field day (sorry, racist) with that one.
    Plus only recently MSNBC omitted every minority speaker at the GOP convention so they could smear the GOP as racist.
    Bias? Hell no. MSNBC is a cabal of cynical and corrupt propagandists.

    • Love of Country

      Yeah …. that video of the black man with the assault rifle had the most racist, most contrived editing I’ve ever seen in my whole life! I mean it made my skin crawl that a national “news” agency could be so blatantly racist and dishonest at the same time. But to use a black man, then edit out his skin color and then say look what these white people are doing was off the friggin’ chain! …. Shame on you, MSNBC!!!!

      And I’m still completely disgusted, but not really shocked, that MSNBC avoided airing every single speech by a minority at the convention Tuesday night (including Artur Davis, Mia Love, Brian Sandovall, Luce’ Vela Fortuño, Nikki Haley and Ted Cruz) … during which time MSNBC’s all white, all racist panel talked about such foolish, hypocritical notions as dogwhistle, coded racism in the supposed “all white” GOP …… UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

  • Julie

    Sorry still laughing at the” No, cuckoo pants progressive of pallor” Fabulous!!!

  • cardinaldave10

    Who the f**k is Mike Elk? And why is someone of Michelle Malkin’s intellect giving him any standing?

  • Linda S. Carter

    another guy posted:
    So, let me recap, because I think I’m starting to lose track. As a middle-aged, white, republican, retired Marine, male I can no longer say any of the following: Chair, Eastwood/Eastwooding, Clint, Chicago, Navy Seal, Hold Down the Fort, Rule of Thumb, Race, Racist, Racial, Profiling, Israel, Jobs, MSNBC, Holder, Pelosi, Reid, Debbie, Wasserman, Shultz, Fluke, Card, Bus, Ditch, Entitlements, Medicare, Social Security, Hurricane, Golf, Fox, Fox News, Rush, Guns, Crazy, Off your meds, Liberal, or Socialist. I also am not aloud to make any move towards my neck, point to inanimate objects, hold my index and thumb in the form of a pistol (or use the deaf sign for the name Gunner) post any contrary views on social medium like facebook and twitter, or praise any member of the republican party regardless of their ethnicity.
    Have I missed anything? I just want to make sure, because when I retired from the Marines, I really thought I had served my duty to uphold the Constitution.

    • nc

      And don’t forget to keep up – new words are being added as we speak.

      (Thank you for your service!)

      • TVree

        Thank you.

    • TVree

      Linda — thanks for posting my post again! Thanks. And to NC– thank you!

  • Jumatul

    Imaginary empty chair of Julia & BO.

  • Tiffany

    This guy (mike elk) says that ”
    white man would never be demeaned like this bit.”…however…how much flack did President G.W.Bush get? Not only that, He sat and watched an impersonator roast him…and laughed about it! Grow up!

  • ohiojo1953

    This whole world has gone nuts.

  • Guest

    Call Obama by his real name Barry… that is RACIST!

  • Robin Monroe

    A white man would never be demeaned like that?? Every successful white man in America has been demeaned for working hard to provide for himself and his family for the last 4 years. Every single time someone cries about the 1%, it isn’t players in the NBA, or Oprah Winfrey, or even our President that they demean… it is hard working small business owners and entrepreneurs… and the photos are always white conservatives. Get over yourself ~ Take your workers socialist agenda someplace else, it isn’t flying in America.

  • Joe Dalla Chiara

    You are the racist my friend

  • Andrew Z

    way to go Michelle

  • Bill Shaffer

    Mike Elk, what is wrong. You didn’t see the empty chair as being symbolic for “Empty Suit” You stretch things futher than a rubber band. Oops, is rubber band a racial refference. Ha, only if you want it to be. Silly, silly man.

  • Bill Shaffer

    One other thing, VP Biden once said that the “Chair” was articulate, very well spoken and very clean. Gee, what a chair!

  • Paul C.

    Projection transferal is always used by the left, it’s one of their tactics.

  • Mr. Fever Head

    Loon a tick.

  • $129448

    Liberal are so full of themselves

  • Phillip McAllister

  • Phillip McAllister

    Mike Elk. Who is this fellow?

    The only “soft racism” that needs to be exposed is the one that claims “compassion” born of guilt at best, and contempt at worst.

    Liberals look at the problem of racism — and the poor — with disgust and want to pay for it to all just go away.

    Conservatives view it with concern and work to end the endless cycle of government handouts that creates not productive citizens but mindless denizens of an entitlement culture.

  • treblehook

    Why is Mike Elk so uppity over racist code words?

  • michael s

    Dog whistle. Sand Obama and negrospotting are racist also. It seems that its to be mocked when its Pres Obama and Atty Gen Holder, but so serious when Rep West and Congressional Candidate Mia Love are attacked. CONSISTENCY IS GOOD.

  • ClassicLiberal

    At least we can still say ‘cracker.’

  • catholic_citizen

    Any criticism of Mr. Obama will be construed as racism by the ilk of Mike Elk – because people like him cannot look beyond the color of Mr. Obama’s skin. Mr. Obama – and all people of color – are incapable of standing on their own merits in
    the world of the ‘progressive’. This is why conservative African Americans like Mia Love, Herman Cain, Alan West, Artur Davis, Micheal Steele, Thomas Sowell, and scores of others are despised by the Left because they expose the liberal lie.

  • Claire Adams

    As I sat in my chair by the kitchen cabinet in my Chicago home reading the Constitution, I began to get angry as I thought about all the socialist lies my professor taught me, and how Obamacare was an extension of those lies, and knew the only thing to cool me off would be a round of golf among the other people privileged enough to afford that sport. I felt so privileged to have such an understanding husband!

    Or, my boring story as reported by the media:
    black, black, black, black, racist, racist, minorities, black, black, black, RAAAACISST!!!

    • TVree

      Yes, you’ve now been added to the FBI’s watch list. Hear that?!?? Above your house? That’s a drone.

  • Claire Adams

    Mike Elk joker talking about “Menstrual Show?!” This man is a misogynist! We know what his “coded spelling” REALLY meant.

  • So you say

    You need to add the words “angry” and “PGA” to the list.

  • Conservativeanarchist

    Michelle, why give this guy a platform? He is a nobody. If you tweet and nobody sees it, was is it really a tweet?

  • Isahiah62

    and all this time I thought the chair referred to “empty suit” DUH! guess I should have read more into it- forgot to use my handy dandy racial decoder ring

  • Ron Chop Hansen

    they never heard ” Sticks and stones might break my bones…but words WILL NEVER hurt me “.

  • Reva Perkins

    Other racist s words…Is…Chicago….

  • Tim Brown

    Is “clown car” racist too? Just wondering, after his limo malfunction in Ireland last year. You know, the limo our “green” president uses that gets 8mpg….

  • billkoch

    They should look it up in their Funk & Wagnall. This comment also tests your age.

  • Dr What

    I better remove all the ., ah , the things surrounding my dining room table, is Table still ok to say? I better get rid of all those 4 legged, soft seated, high backed “squatting” devices surrounding my dining room Table. I don’t want to offend, ANYONE! I’ll simply re-name the big ones in the rest of my house to “Sitting things” so I don’t wind up with only a house full of couches to sit upon. Is couch still ok to say? Why oh why didn’t we just invite the actual Obama to sit next to Clint? That way the left would wind up hating the correct person and all this wold be over!

  • Vinny L

    Irony..if you go look at his latest tweets..he says ”
    its so sad watching the videos of the early days of the Obama Admin – there was so much hope & opportunity”.

  • porgiefirefighter

    The “soft racism of the Eastwood Chair”. Jaw dropping. Thoroughly contrived. Transparently desperate. Preaching to their choir. When everything is racism, nothing is racism. If they want to keep digging that hole, I say let’m.

  • Steve C

    I really think they know how absurd it is but I also think they’re trying to push us to the point of insanity. Hold fast my friends. Hold fast! We can out last them.

  • Marty

    Sorry TVree, you actually wrote the words out. You are not allowed to do that. You must be the biggest racist of all. Marty

  • Marty

    Sorry TVree, you actually wrote the words out. You are not allowed to do that. You must be the biggest racist of all. Marty

  • товарищ O

    Whoever this Mike Elk is, he isn’t too bright. Instead of making a far fetched stretch to connect Eastwooding to a minstrel show, it would be much easier to say it echoes Ellison’s Invisible Man. But leftists never are as smart or witty as convince each other they are.

  • DANEgerus

    I’m so grateful we have self loathing white LibRules to lecture us on our moral shortcomings. Although it makes me wish we hadn’t fought that war to liberate the Democrat’s slaves so we could read his column in it’s proper setting, from the porch of the plantation composed over mint juleps in the shade of a willow tree. Then we could read Mike Elk condemning us all for our extremist abolitionist rhetoric advocating the abandonment of the black man to their own devices. Oh wait… Democrats still do that.