As Twitchy reported yesterday, Samuel Cook III, a self-described coordinator for Obama for America, Louisiana, hopped aboard the anti-Mormon bigotry train. He then bravely ran away by deleting his tweet.

That’s right; Twitchy is forever. Too bad, Mr. Cook. Your bigotry remains captured for all to see. And, of course, bigots can’t ever resist continuing to spew their garbage. Even after bravely running away from his original tweet, Mr. Cook is continuing. This time, taking cues from the likes of Cher, Roger Ebert, actor Michael McKean, Ellen Barkin and Obama’s “Million Dollar Man,” Bill Maher. Wow. Obama sure is surrounded and supported by hateful bigots, isn’t he?


Mr. Cook also bravely ran away from his role as an Obama for America coordinator and has now changed his Twitter bio to reference “Republicans for Obama.” Technology is hard, evidently. Mr. Cook, you can’t escape your self-proclaimed Obama for America relationship, even if they try to throw you under the bus now.

And his LinkedIn profile.

Plus, no one buys it anyway. Everyone is well aware of the outright lies regarding Democrats claiming to be “Republicans for Obama.” Double fail, dude.

And, lookie here! Hmm. It’s weird that a “Republican” would be have been a co-chair of Young Democrats of New Orleans just last month.

July 10, 2012 / Comments Off

New Orleans, Louisiana, July 9th, 2012 –In announcing the restructuring of Young Democrats of New Orleans, a division of Young Democrats of Louisiana, ydNOLA is proud to announce Executive Committee appointments. J.C. Romero and Samuel Cook, III will serve as Co-Chairmen. Troave’ Profice has been appointed 1st Vice Chair; Adam Preveau, 2nd Vice Chair; Durrell Laurent, 3rd Vice Chair; Kristine Breithaupt, Secretary and Jarrell Sanchez, Treasurer.

Samuel Cook, III joins ydNOLA as Co-Chairman serving actively as a Genn44 Coordinator for the Obama for America, 2012 Campaign. Mr. Cook has earned a B.A. in Public Relations from Alcorn State, an M.A. in History from the University of Toledo, and is currently completing his Ph.D. in Public Policy at Southern University (Baton Rouge).

Caught, Mr. Cook. Perhaps you should take some time away from the spewing of bigoted garbage and study up on the internet.

This Twitter user sums it up best.

That, he is. Will Obama for America denounce the lying liar Mr. Cook? Will the “Young Democrats of New Orleans,” of which he is was a co-chair, accept such bigotry and outright lying?

Likely not; we are still waiting for President Obama to denounce his “Million Dollar Man’s” disgusting misogyny, racism and sexism.

Update: Sam Cook “apologizes” for being inartful, crass and undignified. It looks bad, you see.

What about apologizing for your bigotry, sir?


On Aug. 19 — before parading his anti-Mormon bigotry on Twitter — Sam Cook announced his resignation from the Young Democrats of Louisiana and his intention to join the Republican Party.

But Cook didn’t have an epiphany about the pressing need for smaller government and fiscal sanity. Instead, he cited “a scandal involving an endorsement-for-pay operation by a member of the Young Democrats of New Orleans executive committee.”

Rather than act to root out what was obvious, documented corruption, several members of the Young Democrats of New Orleans and Young Democrats of Louisiana elected to attack me personally and professionally, going as far as to threaten my position as co-chairperson of the organization.  I am deeply troubled that corruption is condoned within the Young Democrats  on any level,  and can not, in good conscience, serve on any committee where individuals without an internal locus are in leadership positions.

More here. (h/t @Margie10)

Like all dedicated Republicans, Cook remains a loyal Obama supporter and promises he “will continue to work to re-elect President Obama to a second term in office.” Cook may have changed his party registration, but it seems like his crisis of faith in the Democratic Party has more to do with infighting and personal grievances than any genuine affinity for the Republican platform.

Exit question: Will he record a “Republicans for Obama” video now?

  • bobofromtexas

    This is what four more years of Hope&Change! will look like.

  • JeffWRidge

    There’s about as much chance of Cook being mistaken for either Allen West or Herman Cain, as there is that a Fisher-Price tricycle would be mistaken for a Harley. West and Cain are honest patriots, while Cook is a dishonest hater.


    The saddest part about seeing all of these liberals telling lies is that their lies actually work a lot of the time. That’s why they continue to lie. Getting caught is acceptable because they know it really doesn’t matter.

    • Larry Baron

      You are right…too many idiots out there believe this crap hook, line and sinker, and for some reason never seem to learn the truth. or, even learn from the truth.

    • Maria

      Because Liberal Zombies are just that.

    • Steven H

      They also know that the main stream media has their back and won’t even cover it.

  • manderso

    It’s interesting, what is Kolob? Why don’t you want to talk about it?

    • Penny Robinson Fan Club

      Haha, if there was a Mohammedan candidate somewhere, would you be grilling him about the mystical magical space rock he worships?

      • manderso

        Gosh, I don’t know, what is the mystical magical space rock, and I asked this group not any candidate.

    • Mark M Webster

      Why don’t you just look it up yourself? Start here:
      Or is that too hard?

      • manderso

        Gee Mark, it’s a religious site, no thanks. I’m perfectly happy with my own religion.

        • Mark M Webster

          Um, Dude. You asked about Kolob. I sent you to the source of that information. If you do not want to know about a relegion, don’t ask. If you do ask, have the integrity to read the answer.

        • Maria

          Then if you are not willing to look it up, don’t ask what it is. Logic.

          • Penny Robinson Fan Club

            Ain’t he priceless?
            Bless his heart.

    • Grumpa Grumpus


      For heaven’s sake! You want the answer, do a site search at the LDS web site, silly!

      I’m 96 and even I can do a web site search! And All the Scriptures that The Church uses: The Old & New Testaments, The Book of Mormon, The Pearl of Great Price, Doctrine and Covenants are available online: readable as webpages linked with study tools, for download in pdf & html format, along with all the manuals the Church publishes!

      This is a twitter site, silly fellow! Would you come to talk about the complexities of Catholicism (such as when JFK was running…) or Southern Baptist doctrine?

      Of course not! I know people have posted those fabrications of “Jewish World Domination”… that Elders of Zion stuff!

      It just lets people know how unserious you are when you yell squirrel! like that.

      Go! Do your site search at the LDS site, come back w/substantive arguments!

      BTW, I’m LDS, and I would rather it wasn’t Romney, also. And there are more than a few “Mormons” who feel that way…

      But, given the alternative, and that we won’t get our ideal candidate (mine was West…) most of us have made peace with the situation.

      • Maria

        My beloved Grandfather, before he died earlier this year, was 80 years old and he could search the internet like a pro too! Never did he spout off about things he didn’t research first whether it was researched by reputable sites on the internet or *gasp* by good ole book learnin’! He taught us the same thing. Younger people these days just make me sad with how they are led astray by the MSM, believe anything, and are too lazy to look things up for themselves.

        I’m pretty sure had he known about Twitchy he could have educated some of these Liberals who like to post here. Thank you, Grumpa, for educating the ignorant! <3

  • stuckinIL4now

    Republicans for Obama? There couldn’t be any such thing unless it’s a misnomer for the Charlie Crist Party. It’s becoming quite transparent and evident that the Obama campaign is just based on hate and lies–punitive liberalism at its worst.

    • Nick Sterio

      Don’t be too hard on Charlie Crist – he showed us what happens when you are a lying liberal in your first and only term, much like Obama will be one and done.

    • Armando

      That would be as ridiculous as women for Romney-Ryan!

  • Carlos Myers

    If Sam Cook is a Republican, it is only because he switched his party affiliation out of spite of other Republican. His heart and soul are still Democrat/Socialist

  • peteee363

    all of obama minions think they can lie, and get away with it. little do they know, nobody gets away with lies, not even obama!

    • GaylePutt

      They probably don’t even know they’re lies….they’ve been brainwashed to believe those lies.

  • Wade Grant

    I think this guy took one too many hits from Marion Barry’s crack pipe.

  • Cary

    We will know in just a few short months whether or not ignorant people are the majority of this country.

  • Christian_person

    obama equals = liar. that is true of all who follow this obamanation. lies are expected and lauded by this obamanation administration.

  • Diggs

    Are we sure this guy is actually Samuel Cook III? He’s black, he probably can’t get a photo ID, so can we ever really be sure that he’s who he says he is?

  • digitalPimple

    Once the internet catches them… then they apologize. Shows how utter meaningless an apology from a leftist is. It’s all Kabuki theater.

  • Love of Country

    One day the word “democrats” will be simply known as a pejorative used to insult large groups of people …. prolly end up on a list of words deemed as hate speech, lol.

    I know on its best day, the term “democrats” already conjures feelings and evokes imagery of the lazy, clueless, desperate, dishonest, racist dregs of society.

  • Margie8

    Actually, he is a Republican…since six days ago. He left the Young Democrats of NO after the president had to BEG HIM and threaten him with legal action. Very interesting character!

  • NathanMBickel

    I predicted the anti-Mormon political advantage that the Dems would have, back in April. But, few listen to a non mainstream independent blogger news / commentary source such as I. The Ann Coulters and Karl Roves of the Republican Party had to have a moderate. But, they disregarded that Romney isn’t a traditional “Christian’ candidate. Now, they are smarting. Please Google:


    Romney’s Albatross – Cult Stigma – Republican Establishment’s Big Mistake

    • NathanMBickel

      Personally, I think that the anti-Mormon sentiment will increase on the Dem side. They are the political party to use anything to gain an edge and an advantage.

      And, I think that those Conservatives who desired a “Christian” candidate like Gingrich, were pushed aside and not even considered by the country club high rollers of the GOP. Their thinking is that Romney will gather all around him the moderate and Independent voters. Was that decision wise? We will see come election time when we will, most likely know how many Conservatives failed to vote. And, why should they? The country club Republicans don’t need the Conservatives anymore because they have all the Independents and moderates they are [supposedly] gathering.


      Romney’s Albatross – Cult Stigma – Republican Establishment’s Big Mistake

      • Penny Robinson Fan Club

        Ya know — you need to but advertising space.
        And get a room for yourself.

      • Chase C.

        Are you saying members of the LDS/Mormon church are not Christians? I was raised LDS and the majority of my family is LDS and I can tell you without a doubt that they believe Jesus Christ is their Savior.

        Definition of CHRISTIAN1a : one who professes belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ

        • Maria

          Exactly. Mormons are just another denomination of Christianity.

          • rinodino

            HA HA, yeah ok, maybe you should do a little research on that one DI Ann

      • tofubamboo

        and what about that wonderful Harry Reid????? He is a Mormon, you know. So do you think he will sit by and let Mormonism by zapped by his fellow Dems? Well, probably, but that makes them all look stupider than they already are.

        • Maria

          I think Harry is only Mormon in name.

      • Guglielmo Boogliodemus

        Democrat alert. Go back to your lefty stinkhole, “Nate”, you aren’t fooling anybody. The problem with you Obamaphiles, is that you can’t even fake it. Idiot.

      • Maria

        There’s a function called Edit, Nate. :)
        Also, I think we as Republicans want a candidate who is stable, has had successful job experience outside of politics, has morals, is a family man and doesn’t cheat on his wife. We want to pull ourselves out of the hole, not dig ourselves deeper ala Gingrich or Obama. Conservatives love Romney and Ryan (who is Catholic).

        • Timothy Reaka

          Yup…the Dums continually confuse the functions of a shovel and a ladder…

        • NathanMBickel

          Di Ann –

          What did I need to edit? Were not my comments perfect enough?

          As to your remarks; I’ve always said that I’d rather have a repentant Catholic Christian, than no Christian at all. However, I will vote for Romney, as he is the better choice of the two undesireables.

        • NathanMBickel

          Di Ann – You generalize. Not all Conservatives love Romney. That’s why his decision of Ryan helped him. Romney apparently knew more than what you assume.

  • Live Free

    Tune: “Feed the Birds” with apologies to Mary Poppins. [She was a Mormon you know, oh yes, Magic underwear; Magic umbrella; secret powers; secretive, crazy beliefs…oh, yes.]

    “FEED COOK’S FOOLS” – for Tweeters world-wide.

    Early each day as Obama’s choice whore,
    The Demo-Rats’ Sam Cook will come,
    In his own lying way, to our nation he’ll tweet,
    “Come drink the Kool-Aid of THE WON.”

    “Then suckle his minions, and show them you care,
    And you’ll be, oh so glad, if you do.
    For the PEOPLE want truth,
    But our cupboards are bare;
    So he needs MORMON BASHING from you.”

    “Feed the Cook’s fools, just a few lies apiece,
    They can drink of the Kool-Aid for a few lies apiece.
    “Feed ‘Bama’s minions” that’s what he cries,
    And throughout our nation his tweets fills the skies.

    From someplace that’s not hot for the wicked,
    Mitt’s attackers are slaving away,
    And although we can’t see it, we know they are smiling,
    For each honest soul led astray.
    Though Cook’s lies are foolish (its true)
    If you listen, he’s tweeting to you:

    “Feed my fools, just a few tweets apiece,
    A few “lies”, a few “frauds”, just a few “tweets” apiece.”


    • Grumpa Grumpus

      @Russel Hicks:
      That wonderful Lady, Ms Andrews, was a member?

      Wow! I didn’t know that! Fantastic!

      Thanks for clueing me in!
      But, I’m not too surprised I didn’t know… I’ve never been one to follow that sort of thing — though there are some who, knowing a particular actor or actress is a member the Church, enjoy the artist’s performance more.

      Not so strange a reaction, I guess. I know Jews who take vicarious pride from Nimoy’s career, for example. Catholics, Baptists, Methodists, too. People are more the same than different.

      Even we Mormons…

      • AMSilver

        Actually, Julie Andrews wasn’t Mormon. She was into Freudian psychoanalysis as an adult, rather than religion. I think Mr. Hicks was jesting that the ‘actual’ Mary Poppins was Mormon.

  • Booker T.

    These guys apologies are always half-baked. Just like Toure. They are half-baked so it can give them some wiggle room to make another stupid swipe tomorrow.

  • LadyImpactOhio

    If he quit OFA he didn’t change his linked in profile.

  • Amy LaViolette

    Don’t you just LOVE screenshots? LOL.. morons think they can get away with it and they did for a very long time, but no more. WE are Andrew Breitbart and we are forever vigilent going forward
    …. 😉

  • Donna W

    Hmmmm..what happended to all that ‘religious tolerance’ that Obama preaches?
    Where’d it go??

  • allenbarr

    9th ward and 7th ward of N.O.,L.A. have a republican. they are all liberals. and convicts

  • spiv

    Awesome job @twitchy !!! #WAR

  • GeeGee

    The more they lie, the more I wonder about the authorization to lie to infidels I’ve heard about.

  • Paul C.

    The Obama team are like the Keystone Cops it just never ends.

  • Mike Middleton

    Challenge a liberal and be prepared for a personal attach; pull out the facts and they resort to slander…

  • 1911HeadBanger

    Hahahahahaha….. the little jerk says he “refuses to be Allen West of Herman Cain”. Trust me Sam Cook. You would amount to a mole on the scrotum of either one of them. They are real men.

    • driveswift

      Real men like Allen West who fired a gun behind the head of an unarmed man in an attempt to intimidate him? Yea, that’s a real man right there, working for taxpayer dollars for his ENTIRE LIFE, and then claiming to hate the government. Big tough guy working for himself, right?

      • Spook

        Saved the life of his soldiers. Need more leaders like him.

  • Kelli

    I just have to say that if Mitt Romney was a hard core, all the way through the book, Mormon…he wouldn’t have a CATHOLIC running mate.

  • Count Hogula

    Typical cowardly scumbag democrat.

  • Larry Miller

    When Anderson Cooper pointed out to Debbie W. Schultz that she was lying, she said doesn’t matter. Cooper, by the way is a Liberal…..shocking!

  • Jumatul

    Obama is a plagued

  • DebEast

    Sam Cook claims he “works for himself,” but we know PUPPETS aren’t able to do that.

  • Norma T, Brown

    Bigotry, lies and deception are the Hallmark of the democratic party. It is time for time for the sane members to take their party back from the far left loons and restore their reputation, integrity,and decentcy to help our country get back on track. Mr. Cook is an example of what is so wrong about the Obama administration.

  • Link Hogthrob

    So let’s see: do I want a decent Mormon in the White House? Or a covert muslime anarchist?
    Amazing how hard these @$$h0les work to get the focus off 0’s record…and still it backfires on them EVERY time.

  • James McLarey

    All this criticism of Cook is fine to read, but I don’t see anywhere on this page WHAT HIS ORIGINAL TWEET WAS!!!! Does ANYONE think that is important to show? Jeeeezzz….

  • lainer51

    No, YOU are crass, undignified and, the one you forgot, a horses *ss.

  • $22639970

    Imagine that! A lying, Obama- worshiping Democrat. What a stunning surprise!