For reals. Evidently, the genius ‘real journalists’ are mystified by terms like ‘forcible rape.’ They must be; they keep hounding every Republican, including Rep. Paul Ryan, to answer questions about rape and categorizations thereof. Over and over.

“Just a blogger” Ace of Spades helps them out, as only he hilariously can.

What? Playing offense and covering for President Obama? Who would have thunk it?

But, bless their hearts! Perhaps they just need further dumbing down.

And, enter Law & Order:SVU’s Detective Munch! Ace is a giver and all.

Other Twitter users also help out with some questions to aid “real journalists.”

You don’t say? Tell us more, Detective Munch.

Oh, my. The lapdogs must be hurting right now. That mocking must smart! We know it is making our sides totally ache … from fits of giggle-snorts.

Yes. Or why he voted against saving the lives of babies who survive abortion attempts. Well, according to him, “babies who just don’t come out limp and dead.

But, hey. That doesn’t help the media demagogue rape and use women as a means to an end only now, does it?

Detective Munch, stay on the case!

  • Chris Ar

    Yay. My third Twitchy mention. Watch out world, I’m gonna get SO large ….

  • The Monster

    Every time any of the 57 state legislatures modify any of their state statutes that define “rape”, they, redefine “rape”. To write a law that says “We won’t pay for abortions except in cases of rape” you kind of have to, you know, define “rape”. Last time I checked, Representative Ryan’s job description was to define crimes. Good grief.

  • tdpwells

    God I love Ace.

  • Nick

    Ridicule is the answer. We must use it on them often.

  • Penny Robinson Fan Club

    Oh that’s a riot! Well done sir. But possibly the most pungentest line of all:

    “It’d probably be better to illustrate the various crimes by associating it with their corresponding democrat perpetrator. ”


  • oic

    its simply media attempt to create controversy where there is none. Its like the media going bonkers when Palin used the phrase blood libel. OMG how dare you use that phrase! Didn’t you know you can ONLY used it in the most narrow sense of the definition, you’re not allowed to use that phrase to refer to modern libels

  • Maria

    Ace is just..ace! <3 you man! Also, SVU is the best Law & Order!

    • TommysDad

      I would have to agree completely! So much better that the others…outpaces them by leaps and bounds!!!

  • New Class Traitor

    Best ROTFL in weeks. And these over-credentialed, under-educated, pompous fools in the OTMSM (0bama-tromboning mainstream media) have the gall to call *us* “ignorant”, “unsophisticated”, and “un-nuanced”. All of the latter are codewords for “not part of our clique”, as befits a bunch of perennial middle schoolers.

  • massjim

    Lets make it easier for journalists. Forceable rape is what Bill Clinton was accused of.

  • Daisy

    Chicago homicide numbers have gone down, because officers have been instructed to classify violent deaths as “murders”, not “homicides”. Murders are not tracked (it’s not a real LE term) but homicides have dropped significantly. Not kidding – dig in the archives of for verification.

  • friendly_passer_by

    Do women who are impregnated “forcibly ” or “non-forcibly” via rape get to make a choice about their body being pregnant or not? Does the women make this choice or does the government?

    • richard40

      It depends on whether you consider the featus to be a human life. If you do, then the question to ask is whether a woman has a right to take the life of the unborn child insider her, no matter how trying the circumstances are.

  • Streetiebird

    WOW “Twitchy Staff”, who the heck are you to put “Real Journalists” in quotes?!?!?!? You won’t even put your name on your articles LOL

    • DavidKramer

      Says Streetiebird. The irony, it hurts!

  • richard40

    Reminds me of when these idiot journalists were asking whether the court should overturn the decision making contraceptives legal. Santorum was stupid enough to answer them. Romney sensible responded with an incredulous “why in the world do you ask such a stupid question, since no legislator I know of in the entire country advocates making contraception illegal, so when would such a case ever come up”.

  • ric

    More like Butt Munch

  • RebeccaH

    I can’t help it. I laughed out loud.

  • TommysDad

    Gotta love Det. Munch!!!

  • Gmama

    massjim, I think you are confused, there are in liberals minds two types of rape.

    There is forceable which is committed by someone they don’t like, even if initially the woman said yes, but later her boyfriend found out, because women never lie about rape. This is also called rape-rape by Whoopie Goldberg.

    There is “why is anyone calling this rape, that girl got lucky” which occurs when Bill Clinton or Roman Polanski or someone they like, or who believes in a woman’s right to choose, commits a rape.