Huh. Why the faux-apology? Well, keeping with its tradition of being among the lapdoggiest of lapdog media, The Washington Post pulled a doozy this afternoon, by assuming that a huge Obama gaffe was invented. With magic. As Twitchy reported, Obama finally discovered one of those missing seven states: Oiho.

Smartest man alive! Remember Dan Quayle’s spelling error? “Just bloggers” do.

The lapdog media, however? They would have started a media frenzy were it, say, Sarah Palin. What did they do here? Immediately jump to cover for The One, like the sycophants they always are. Oh, Barack! You can’t possibly ever make a mistake! You are so unprecedented and awesome and stuff. Also, so dreamy!

ABC’s Jake Tapper piled on.

Although he has since deleted this tweet.

Those who aren’t dragged down by heavy drool buckets were quick to point out how inane The Washington Post’s Obama-butt-covering claim was.

Even Tapper then sees that photoshopping two different photos would have required dark magic that even an evil “math witch” doesn’t have.

And, a lame correction!

More from The Washington Post, from an article originally titled “Yes, Obama Can Spell Ohio” (the slug still remains with original title).

Correction: There are different photographs of Obama’s attempt to spell Ohio from a similar angle. We incorrectly stated the first one appeared photoshopped.

The title has now been changed to “Can Obama Spell Ohio?” Yet, Ms. Weiner, in her  tweet, is still claiming she doesn’t know if it was photoshopped. Oh, honey. Put the water down. But, hey, what else can we expect from a media outlet that called the shooting at Family Research Council “a scuffle.

Twitter users quickly call out the blatant media bias.

Bingo. Everything is about The One and covering for him. Remember this: Their first instinct was to immediately jump to cover for President Obama. And, once again, “just bloggers” immediately debunk.

Kudos, happy warriors!

  • d1comment

    Yet, Jake Tapper is the most unbiased of the White House corpse..?

    • SpaceRacer423

      yes. Sadly.

  • sdwwb

    This is funny, neither image was photoshoped, everyone just thinks Obama is God, and he’s not, I really hope this ass doesn’t get elected again

  • weRbroke

    LMAO! projection at it’s finest. They lay awake dreaming up ways to photoshop anything to make the oppostion look evil or dumb… In reality, the Oblamo, can’t spell for the camera.

  • Right Wired

    You didn’t spell that!

  • journogal

    I am really surprised WaPo doesn’t tweet “not photoshopped, but it’s Romney’s /GOPs/Ryan’s fault we thought it was, wingnuts.”

  • Political Smackdown

    here is the thing. WHO cares if he can spell Ohio either way he is bad for America.

    • Frustrated Teacher

      It would have been nothing but a chuckle at his expense if reported correctly. However, with the media response, it becomes just another prime example of media bias and their love affair with ‘His Holiness’.

  • James Hall

    They’re actually spelling “OIHI”. The guy to O’s left (far rt in pic) is holding up wrong letter as well. Maybe O coached him? Wait…HI is the abbreviation for Hawaii no? It’s leftist coding to counter the Donald!

  • pabarge

    Twitchy did not pickup my tweet. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

  • Dano481971

    Go BCUKS!

  • TLKensington

    I assumed it was photoshopped. The internet has made it nearly impossible for me to trust a photo.

  • Keith_Indy

    I’m willing to give the O the benefit of the doubt on this gaffe.

    Perhaps, they were doing this for someone on the other side of the restaurant, when someone asked them to turn around and do it for other cameras…

  • LouAnnWatson

    they always told us not to smoke pot like obama did in high school and that we wouldn’t know the damage it did until later on in life. just as plausible as reagan having alzheimers as president, don’t you think?

  • Maliheh Banoo looks to me obama corrected the grammatical error or could be teabaggers did a photo shop

    • Wesley Yelsew

      Why do venereal disease airheads like yourself sit on Twitchy all day just to say the word “teabagger” in each of your posts?

    • Mary Leonesio

      Teabaggers is a perjorative sexual slur and is inappropriate. I’m tired of hearing people denigrate the Tea Party. Those who use the term “teabaggers” have no class.

    • Vermin McCann

      Oh good. He can spell the name of the 57th state correctly if you give him two tries. Smartest man evah!

    • megapotamus

      Tea bag THIS, skank. No photoshop, you need to stay current with a fat stupid mouth like that.

    • SanDiegoSteve

      You are a freakin moron.

    • Maria

      There has been no “photoshopping” or simple picture flipping. There are TWO pictures. TWO. The picture you posted and the one here are two different pictures from two different vantage points. Everyone looks the same in both pictures in the way of features and background. Any person with a moderate IQ would see this. And you didn’t see this..guess that means you–

      P.S.- Yes, I like little bags filled with crushed dried tea leaves.

    • Penny Robinson Fan Club

      Aw, bless your heart.

  • Carlos Myers

    I can easily see how Obama made this gaffe. He forgot that his left became the photographers’ right. Therefore he had to sell Ohio backwards from his prospective in order to be seen correctly from the photographers’ prospective. But the real scandal here is WashPo attempting to pass off the gaffe as someone nefariously photoshopping the image rather than an innocent mistake by Obama.

  • Diggs

    Is that like the bumper stickers I see that say “Buck Ofama”?

  • Peter Alexander Bares

    There are two guys in that photo who don’t know how to spell “OHIO.” Obama and the 2nd guy from the left.

  • Diane Stephan

    I’m waiting for, “they were looking in a mirror”, excuse.

    • Vermin McCann

      A common explanation I’ve heard is that everyone else is stupid for not knowing that they spelled it wrong on purpose so it would look right when the picture was taken. Derp!

  • usaman

    If you were looking at them from behind it is spelled correctly. What a waste of Twitchy space. Who cares.

    • Maria

      Where’s the other O?!

  • Owen007

    Seeing this photo, I must again ask the same question: and we’re worried about Biden?

    As for the “reporters,” wow. The covering for Obama has always been pathetic, but now it’s just getting inept.

  • Michael Grace

    There is a very easy way to tell if a photo was photoshopped by reversing the negative, wedding rings are on the wrong hands, watches are not on the traditional arm they were worn in the past, and the buttons on a guys shits are reversed. What do you see?

    • Maria

      Looks legit to me.

  • muzicdox

    This photo is just backward… somebody just goofed up… although I’m not an Obama supporter… and never will be.

    • TundraThunder

      The photo is NOT backward! If you know anything about which side has the buttons on mens shirts, you’ll understand.

      • Vermin McCann

        And his watch is on the correct side. And you can read the other writing in the pic. Etc. Etc…

    • Maria

      Did you not see the other picture where they tried to spell it correctly? The people look exactly the same except Obama’s traded places with someone. It’s not a photo flip.

  • Randy

    I’m no Obama fan but the photo is flipped not photoshoped ……

  • michael

    the spelling isn’t that important, it’s that the paper tried to make excuses for him that needs to be looked at.

  • muzicdox

    The photo is backwards…. somebody just goofed up… although I’m not an Obama supporter… and never will be.

    • Vermin McCann


    • megapotamus

      Can’t see any rings but the shirts are not reversed. It’s a straight image, definitely not reversed.

    • SanDiegoSteve

      Incorrect. Watch pocket on Levis, watch on left wrist, buttons on shirts correct, belt pointing right direction. Second photo same but they got it right. They had a genuine Dan Quayle moment. Liberals are drinking the Photoshop, mirror image Kool-Aid on this one.

  • geddys_uncle

    the last guy looks like he’s making an “A”, rather than an “O”… Oiha! Must be a new Hawaiian island! *Jon Lovitz voice on* “Yeaaaah, thaaat’s th’ ticket!” *JLv off*

    • RealityBitesBack

      Good catch…. I hadn’t considered an “A”.

      I was thinking it looked more like the guy making the “I”… OIHI

      • Timothy Reaka

        Personally, I thought it looked like O-A-U-A….maybe they were trying to spell Oahu??

  • sustantivo


    I see one H, one O, and two I’s…which can’t be right no matter how you spin it…backwards, frontwards, photoshopped or not…Barack and his lads cannot spell…

    Given his new obesssion with the letter I, he shall from this moment forward be known as Obami…

    • Allen Grim

      “new obsession with the letter I”? Hardly, this narcissist has always been obsessed with it. Just count the times he says it in any one of his speeches. Turn it into a drinking game and you’d be hammered in the first ten minutes.

      • megapotamus

        Yeah, I is definitely this Melvin’s favorite word and THAT he can spell!

      • Timothy Reaka

        “first ten minutes” is a generous gift, AG.

    • Babs

      LOL, good one!

  • Chip

    Wedding ring on left hand.. breast pocket of shirt on correct side…. not reversed…

  • Sigivald

    I might have suggested a reversed negative, except for two things:

    1) Nobody uses film anymore.
    2) Their buttons are on the right-hand halves of their shirts (their right, not ours) – just as is true on all men’s shirts. Thus, the image isn’t flipped left-for-right.

    (That said, this is no real negative on the President, who was doubtless just told to stand there and form the letter… and whoever got it wrong was probably just standing behind them and got confused by the reversal of order caused by the reversed view.

    A mistake anyone could make, even competent people.

    I’d call it a non-issue if used against a Republican or a Libertarian, and it’s a non-issue against a Democrat.

    The Post’s hysteria is amusing, though.)

    • Vermin McCann

      I’d agree with you about this being blown out of proportion except for
      on thing. Barrack Hussein isn’t one of us. A human president could
      reasonably claim to have made a mistake or not caught a mistake by his
      staff. But Obama is not a human politician. He’s an immortal lightworker
      descended from God for the benefit of mankind. He’s the smartest man
      alive and the smartest president ever-evah. Neither such a man nor those
      who grovel at his feet can now claim the benefit of the doubt on his
      behalf. Gods don’t make mistakes.

    • Maria

      They could use a simple Paint program to flip a picture..doesn’t have to be film. Heck I can do that on my digital camera. But yeah it’s not a flip or photoshop at all.

  • Cruz2016!!!

    Thank God for internet bloggers to give us the real truth about Obama on a daily basis. Keep it up!!

  • stillinthe60s

    Project we much?????

  • Lloyd S


  • andycanuck

    It figures that in the retake Obama is the “I” in Ohio.

    • Penny Robinson Fan Club


  • RanierWest

    I’ve also considered is this the mirror, mirror on the wall image- meant only for their consumption? but no, that’s wrong… What a dunce!

  • Rebecca Blubaugh-Brown

    I looked at all the ones immediately available and none were photo-shopped, but all were funny and everyone was laughing, misspelled and all! Big deal. Only shows our President isn’t afraid of appearing silly right along with the young fellows. Y’all are always trying to make a big deal out of something only meant to be funny or silly – you know the things that we all do every day, it all only proves we are human.

    • Babs

      He is a clown! We don’t need a clown for a president, out with him!!!

    • JohnWest

      Not look silly … look stupid and he is. A brilliant stupid person. Brilliant because his ascent to the leadership of the county was stunning, but stupid because he believes a failed philosophy, Marxism, is a good thing for human beings.

      • Maria

        And that there was 57 states. lol

    • Shelby is a Patriot

      Yup. Dear Leader Obama is sooo normal! Such a people person! Who cares if he’s never had an actual paycheck up until he was a senator, was apart of the New Party (socialism) in 1996, eats dogs, is okay with killing unborn babies, and that we know very little about his past! He can’t spell! He’s human, he’s silly! He’s half white, black, asian, Irish, etc. He’s from Kenya, Philippines, Chicago, Hawaii, O-I-H-O, and has been to all 57 states and met our corpsemen! He’s messiah! Blah, blah, blah.
      Honestly, there is no logical way to defend this guy. I don’t even know why you guys even try. =/

    • Maria

      If a Right Winger did it, they’d be called vile things.

  • BeeKaaay

    Isn’t that picture technically OIHI? Still a dumb move.

    • TomJB

      OAHA. I is putting 1 arm straight up with the other at your side. Unless, of course, the Village People were spelling out YMCI

      • BeeKaaay

        OK because in the pic the 2nd and 4th guy seem to have similar poses.

  • JohnWest

    Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA bastard son of Frank Marshall AKA president of the 57 united states of America would never misspell the name of Ohio … a state he desperately needs to be re elected and continue his destruction of the USA.

  • dwpittelli

    They didn’t misspell “Ohio” — they were just too dumb to realize that the camera in front of them was facing the opposite direction, and thus creating a mirror image of what they expected.

    • Shelby is a Patriot

      So what you’re saying is…Obama is dumb and they were expecting it to be I-H-I-O? Seeing as the guy on the end next to Obummer is making what seems more like an I than an O.


  • lainer51

    Is that a picture from his high school days? Who are those losers sweating and giggling? Is that really the President of the United States? Urkel comes to mind.

  • youcancallmecrazybut

    If it was photo-shopped they should have used that person to photo-shop his goofy birth certificate! By the way, how was this for real media reporting! Nope, fail, nothing has changed.

  • JohaniKanada

    Hmm, from left to right, from the perspective of Obama et al, it reads Ohio.
    Not sure if this is much of a gaffe.

    • Maria

      Doesn’t look like there’s two O’s to me..

  • anilpetra

    Wow, and he was spelling it himself not reading a card written by an agent provocateur. It’s already widely thought Obama lacks even Quayle’s chops, sans teleprompter; this adds to that impression. What an effete little man.

  • captaingrumpy

    You are right “Rich” , the letters are arse up anyway. Two I’s One H and one O. One of the I’s should be another O. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .

  • Az_A

    It is so obvious that they were spelling out Ohio for the people that were standing BEHIND him! What a bunch of rubes you right-wingers are!

    Signed, the editors of the Washington Post.

    • Maria

      LoL They probably would have said that.

  • Ralph Moore

    but it will be played off as a simple mistake..which it is..the difference?If this had been a republican it would be front page news nd the lead story every night for the next month.

  • Maria

    Well upon looking closely at the two pictures, one with the reversed spelling and “man swap” and the more misspelled photo, it’s NOT a reversal of the picture due to certain features on their faces remaining the same on both photos as well as background. Either way, misspell fail.

  • Paul C.

    I’m not surprised, we could write a library on this administrations mistakes.

  • TugboatPhil

    It’s sadly pathetic that the Washington Post is concerned about Photoshopping a picture, when they relied on a Wikipedia definition of the word “macaca”, that was manufactured after the fact by a couple of paid, Democrat bloggers to destroy Virginia Senator George Allen.

    • CrashFroelich

      Right on, Phil. Bad enough their political bias is always showing, but there never seems to be any real effort to verify anything before they react to it.

  • buzzer7

    Maybe they should re-right the lyric’s to “…Four Dumb in Oiho…”

  • friendly_passer_by

    Obama did not even spell a word: written or orally. It is human bodies forming letters to make a word. Why are people foaming in the mouth over something so stupid?

    This does not even contain irony.

    • Penny Robinson Fan Club

      Read all again very carefully. What we are laughing so hard at is more the reaction of the Collaborationist Media to denounce the photo as the work of Enemies of the State, despite unambiguous evidence that it was indeed the actual photo and not a Photoshopped hoax.
      Bless your heart.

  • CrashFroelich

    WaPo’s knee-jerk defense of something so utterly trivial says a lot more about the journos than it does Obama. For Pete’s sake, laugh, don’t laugh, whatever. Who cares?

  • TomJB

    Soon to be breaking news from CBS: Documents found showing that the state of Ohio is, in fact, named Oiho but due to a typographical error not caught by Microsoft Word’s spell checker on the Ohio dedication ceremony programs from 1803, the name stuck. President Obama is merely educating the world once again on what is correct.


    To quote Mad-iline Al-not so-bright “Blame George Bush forever”

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    Interestingly enough — “potatoe” is an “old-time-y” spelling, what many call an “archaic spell”, or one that has fallen into disuse. Perhaps it’s even been dropped.

    You can still see “echoes” of it in the plural: “potatoes”. Eventually the competing spelling, “potatos” will completely displace it.

    If you want a hoot, watch a 1950s show that recreates an earlier era… say like “The Untouchables”, and keep your eyes open to read the signs in the background.

    They strove to portray little things, like signs in the background, accurately.

    Those signs where the spellings don’t look right, or plurals that don’t exist are accurate… sometimes I’m tripped because words have been either accidentally or purposely redefined or the spelling changed, (…but more often it’s the aftermath of the strokes ::frown::)

    You’ll sometimes see signs with plurals that don’t exist today because even in the 1920s they were on their way out.

    Sorry about running on so! I find the benign changes in American culture that have occurred during my lifetime fascinating! Even in 85 yrs, (I didn’t notice before I was 5 ::wink::) the changes are breathtaking!

    Everything changes so fast, yet month-to-month doesn’t seem to change at all!