Obama’s deputy campaign manager, Stephanie “pants on fire” Cutter, is back making appearances, after bravely running away last week. She started off her Sunday show rounds with a slam at Giuliani and Palin, in order to defend the idjit known as Vice President Biden. But she didn’t stop there. First, her appearance on ABC’s “This Week.”

Like the incredulous statements that she made claiming she was unaware of the details of the steelworker’s story in the disgusting “Romney killed my wife” Obama SuperPAC ad. That same man, Joe Soptic, was previously used (and abused) by the Democrats; he was  featured in two previous ads. But Stephanie had no clue, we are to believe. Stephanie clearly thinks that the American public is full of imbeciles.

And in Stephanie’s case, you can tell by the fact that her lips are moving.

Oh, Stephanie. Pathological liar, heal thyself. Next, she tries to deflect with the old stand-by; bashing Sarah Palin. Criminy! She’s a liar and not very creative.


Next she hit CNN’s “State of the Union,” where she doubled-down on her repugnant defense of and agreement with Joe Biden’s reprehensible “they’re going to put you back in chains” race-baiting.


And more lies.



Oh, and you silly rubes who think that President Obama shouldn’t spend his time fielding softball questions from flirting talk radio hosts?

Not The Onion. Just a lying liar who lies.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.g.garrett.3 Michael G. Garrett

    What a bunch of damn fools the democrats are. I pray, yes pray for a big change in November. May GOD help us!!

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    That she finds no difference between “entertainment” shows and “news” reporters is unsurprising. People who look at the serfs in terms of how to best Propagandize them won’t be fussy about distribution methodology or dissemination points.

    OTOH, seeing as how both media groups use WH scripted unreality in their creation, she might just have a point. The B-O Soap is running out of episodes… will it be renewed for another run?

    I just wish the rest of us weren’t pressed into service as unpaid extras.

    OTOH, being both a Constitutionalist and 96yrs old, when the Stinky!Care(tm) sitcom get into full production, I’m certain The Director and The Casting Panel will task me to fulfill another fine tradition: Red Shirt Crewman.

  • lisalake

    Can someone please explain why Giulanai, Palin and McCain had to make this an issue?? WHY state the obvious; that Biden is an a**hole—and then continue to push it, instead of just accepting the jacka**?? They HAD to know it would be a BFD to the left…WHY are they PUSHING for a more viable VP pick for oBozo????? Seems to me this is WAY more than a distraction…it’s dangerous.

    • http://twitter.com/JLG1956 Jerome Goolsby

      Probably to remind everyone that The Obamassiah made a colossal error in judgement in picking Clueless Joe in the first place. The Obamassiah isn’t going to replace Clueless Joe because that will prove everyone was right about his original choice of Biden to be VP and that would be a disaster.

      • bucky321

        they won’t now that sarah told them too. smart lady

    • digitalPimple

      Who are they really going to put in there? Anyone joining the ticket just damns their career. I hope Hilary joins at the convention.. 2 birds..one stone.

    • diablo135

      The Libtards practically ruined Palin’s family. Joey Plugs deserves everything he gets.


    Yeah, Steph! Keep up the obvious lies and your general creepiness. You are a wonderful example of what not to be when someone grows up.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pjcitro Paul J. Citro

    The Obama team and this administration are the most arrogant people I have ever seen. We the people are for stepping on if we get in their way. Change is in the wind

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CSTU75LKT4QZ3WTKYIUGZNSGX4 gracepmc

    Steffy the Cutter, career goal, female Axelrod.

  • https://twitter.com/Steven_Moyer The Bog

    OK, I get it. They rushed Biden off to Delaware for the weekend because he is bad for the campaign but they are keeping him on the ticket because they think he is good enough to be one heartbeat away from the presidency. LOL

    • nc

      Expain to me how Biden needs a “time-out” but SC doesn’t? Wait, maybe it’s only bad if you anger your base. Decency never is part of the decision.

    • http://pennyrobinsonfanclub.net/ Penny Robinson Fan Club

      Please! Can’t admit Dear Leader made a mistake!

    • create1

      I thought they were keeping Biden on the ticket as ins that Obama will remain alive cos we want Biden even less than Obama.

  • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

    If she is equating the WH press corpse with ET and People, it is the fault of today’s “journalists.” They are the ones that have ignored time tested methods of gathering, writing and reporting news, in favor of fluff pieces for the left and “unnamed source” smears for the right.

  • http://www.facebook.com/eric.rasmussen.92 Eric Rasmussen
  • http://www.facebook.com/Sebastian.404.Tre Sebastian Morgan

    Yeah, People, ET and the Top 40 are EXTREMELY important to the Dems! Of course! That’s where their core constituency is, in the zombie masses!

  • http://twitter.com/jim_js Jim smith

    RT @bccohan: @stefcutter just said that ET and People and top 40 are “equally important” as the WH press corps. I believe you’re correct if you believe Biden is smart.

  • Taxpayer1234

    I heard somewhere that Hillary was approached to take Biden’s place on the ticket and she said no. Most likely her answer was something like this: Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! No f’in way.
    PS–Help me get out of Twitter Jail! @Taxpayers1234

  • Hello Jerry (D)

    Stephanie Bin Lying.

  • http://www.shockandblog.com/ Jay McHue

    I’m starting to think these rats are realizing that they’re in a sinking ship that isn’t saveable, so they’re just throwing out anything they can in the hopes that something will stick.

  • michael s

    the question you need to ask is whether her statement regarding rudy giuliani was accurate?

    • bucky321

      rudy called him a dumb ass and that is correct. thats all there is

      • michael s

        i see your being deceptive. you didn’t answer my question.

  • JoeMyGod

    Teabagger desperation is hilarious. Seen any electoral college maps this week?

    • bucky321


    • gitarfan

      I’ve got your tea bag right here. Stupid peckerwood.

      • JoeMyGod

        Stop flirting with me, you cad.

        • gitarfan

          Laugh now, you’ll be crying on Nov. 7th.

    • Lemuel Vargas

      This week. Wait for the electoral maps to change in the coming weeks and then you could comment again.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000363328649 JOe Dutra

    In defense of our VP; Last winter Biden got his tongue stuck on a freezing lamp post. Anyone
    want to tell me how bright his intellectual beacon shines?

  • Jim Rasmussen

    Anybody want to speculate what black people would be saying if a Republican VP had used that “chains” line of ole Mr. Big F*****g Deal?

  • http://www.facebook.com/delohouse Dennis Lohouse

    Ok so I gave her the benefit of the doubt….now I get it …she is just a moron….

  • http://twitter.com/jr61020 Jason

    What a bunch of friggin, lying idiots these clowns are. I have never seen a more pathetic group of people in my life.

  • Alfred Alfie Norris

    MM, you’re a hypocrite until you measure Faux News with the same yardstick as the rest of the media you complain about above. It’s also pretty unconscionable to repost insulting tweets that you haven’t checked out first…or can support, as you do above.

    And if you think I’m an Obama shill, you’re off target. I’m tired of both sides having morally bankrupt cheerleaders.

    • Lemuel Vargas

      So what do you think of Sarah Palin, then? Oh, she might be one of the morally bankrupt cheerleaders because she is a (as you put it) a Faux News contributor..

      Wonder what would be your reaction if Obama won because your tired of both parties and just stayed home..

  • http://www.facebook.com/jcosentino Joey Cosentino

    Steph Cutter is everything that’s wrong with politics. She will fight tooth and nail, lie, smear, deceive, and lie again JUST to see her policies and beliefs take place in the country. She has no regard for people only her own democratic ideology! And hey, about the whole ET story thing… who would have thought it’d take Nancy O’Dell of ET to ask the hard hitting questions. The only reason I point it out is because Nancy is known as a celebrity reporter and host not an investigative journalist. I don’t want anyone to think I’m trashing Nancy. She’s seems to be pretty genuine and very sweet.

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.hanover.35 John Hanover

    If the Democrats ever want to take back their party to become a legitimate voice in any debate they need to rid itself of it’s current Nematodes including the Hollywood and Media divisions. Look up Nematodes it’s a perfect metaphor for Cutter and pals.

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.wyrick.71 James Wyrick

    another typical liberal dumbass – most of what she verbalizes is lies, or have no relationship with reality. I wonder if they really expect people to believe their dribble.

  • Jim Elmo

    Want to win an election? Keep Stephanie “In The Gutter”, Debbie “Suffering Succotash” Wasserman-Schultz and VP Joe Joe Bi Bi as your front line surrogates.