Unbelievable. According to spokesperson and deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter, President Obama agrees with Joe Biden’s reprehensible “they’re going to put you back in chains” remarks given at a rally in Danville, Va., today. Meet the “new tone.” Civility for thee, but not for me, as always. Now with more slavery metaphors and American citizen demonizing!

Citizens react with disgust … and snark, natch.


  • digitalPimple

    Obama just lost the election with that statement. No self respecting person will back this. Shows our president is nothing more then a common lowlife.

    • doctor__d

      There won’t be an election.

  • http://pennyrobinsonfanclub.net/ Penny Robinson Fan Club

    Look at the bright side. If they’ve already sunk to the level of stupidity we’re seeing here today, they’re going to be utter laughingstocks by October. The only support they’re going to have is what the Collaborationist Media will be able to fabricate out of their phony polls.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/34YGZ5C6IPAHZ6EUOM2YK2LEYQ Chad

    Now you know they have nothing when they appeal to irrational fears, and use flattery.

  • J.N. Ashby

    I’m increasingly convinced that not only is Obama not as smart as everyone would have had me believe, but that he’s as dumb as everyone knows Biden is.

  • weRbroke

    Oh goody…when liberals spout “Chains”…I can LMAO at them for being the pathetic tools that they really are.

  • rivers

    Joe Biden is not goofy, stupid and lovable, he’s an evil unprincipled shmuck, Grandpa to the cameras, a snarling villain straight off of a Columbo episode when he thinks nobody is looking. If it doesn’t scare the pants off of you that this guy is currently second in the chain of command, then it’s your head up where it doesn’t belong that’s keeping them on.

  • dennylee60

    Every time I think they have jumped the shark, they find a new shark to jump.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/5OJKWQFFFRJ4PO43RD7MNYZFZI Mark

    Republicans want to put blacks “back in chains”? (*Does a snarky Seinfeld eye-roll*) Yeah, THAT’S what we wanna do.
    I’ll bet Obama is already looking for a custom-fitted “Hannibal Lecter” face mask for “Crazy Joe.”

  • http://elcampeador.wordpress.com elcampeador

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    Still don’t think this administration is racist, think again..

  • Donna G

    How about Dems are putting people #backinchains with their welfare & “more bang for the buck” PelosiStamps.

  • JoeMyGod

    “How low can they go?” Let’s ask the Romney supporter who burned a cat to death and staked it a Obama campaign sign outside a Minnesota polling station. You’re OUTRAGED about that, right? Yeah…thought so.

    • Ukisociety Jones

      Oh, did Romney approve that act?

      • JoeMyGod

        Don’t try and kid yourself that if the situation were reversed that dead cat wouldn’t be the subject of screaming headlines on this and other RWNJ sites.

    • stillinthe60s

      Factually..they have not caught the person(s) who did this vile act so your statement it was a Romney supporter is not based on anything other than your partisan fervor for supporting Obama’s gutter sniping campaign. Appears you have just added another bit of evidence answering the question of how low will the Democrats go. Heh!

    • stillinthe60s

      PS. Hey Joe, you wouldn’t push the meme about Republicans putting the AA’s back in chains would you?

      • JoeMyGod

        Why don’t you ask the GOP presidential candidates who signed a hate group’s pledge which affirmed that black people lived better as slaves? Signees: Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, etc.

        • stillinthe60s

          I’ll take that as an emphatic yes!!! to my question. Thank you Mr Vice President.

          • JoeMyGod

            Take that complaint to the Republican group that wrote the pledge. Unless you agree with them, as I suspect you do.

          • stillinthe60s

            Sorry, but I think everyone reading this thread will see who’s defensively complaining and who’s illustrating how low you Libs will go, without offering anything positive your side can run on. All you offer is demagoguery and innuendo.

          • http://www.facebook.com/diego.sainz.779 Diego Supermeanjerk Sainz

            Joe, you have truly lost your little mind haven’t you. Because they don’t agree with you, racist. If they ask you a question, they are racist. What a good little empty minded useful idiot you are. If anyone disagrees, yell racism.

          • JoeMyGod

            Hmm. So far I haven’t seen any “disagreement” here with the GOP candidates who signed that affirmation that blacks had happier lives under slavery.

          • J. Cox

            Thats because your entire argument on said statement is false.She did not say that blacks were better off as slaves.Quote the entire marriage pact and stop trying to racebait.Your just a sad excuse of someone trying to be an intellectual.

          • JoeMyGod

            Two misspelled words in a comment denouncing my intelligence. #LOLteabaggers

          • J. Cox

            And the best argument you can reply with is my spelling. Squawk goes the parrot with no facts,just lame tripe.Proof positive your a bad troll.

          • JoeMyGod

            You’re. It’s spelled “you’re.”

          • J. Cox

            Squawkkkk..want a cracker parrot?LOL you have no defense for the garbage you posted,so you go after grammar.Fail harder plox1!!11!

          • cloudshe

            the spelling argument! the fat lady has truly sung on yr cred, joe

          • stillinthe60s

            I forgot to thank you for calling me out with the dreaded “race card.” I take that as a badge of honor as no one has ever dropped that old hackneyed trope on me before and I’ve been so hoping a lib would use it on me. I take it as a confirmation that I have won the argument. It is so apparent to everyone these days a lib only uses it when he has no legit argument to further the debate. Once again, thank you for making my day.

    • weRbroke

      Did you watch the perp and interview him/her to find out how they vote?

  • IN_RadioGuy

    Yet mentioning the increase in people on food stamps is a “dog whistle.”

  • Ol’greySurfDude

    As long as the O’biden twins deliver “free stuff” the blue-ies don’t care what they say. “I want my free stuff!!”

  • Chip

    The Democrats already have them in chains. Check out http://www.runawayslavemovie.com/ Help get the word out on this amazing movie.

  • bret robertson

    so let me get this straight the party of Lincoln and MLK jr wants to put people back in chains , am I missing something or do obama and biden have no recollection of history

  • unclebuck7

    These guys (Prez and VP) are soooooooooooo much like Pinky and the Brain.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Benson/100001398849676 John Benson

    Biden hit the main punchline on cue just like he was instructed not to forget to do at the strategy session.
    Barry gets a little bit of a Sista Soldier moment by appearing to be dissapointed in him then gave him an “attaboy” and told him “Joe, this is a big f’n deal! Look how much mileage we are getting with the free publicity continuously stoking a major piece of our constituancy”