Well, it stands to reason that the liar in chief would have another total liar pants as his deputy campaign manager. And he found it, in Stephanie Cutter.

Ms. Cutter lied, with a straight face as only the pathological can, and pretended that she did not know the details of the steelworker’s story in the disgusting “Romney killed my wife” Obama SuperPAC ad. Even though that same man, being used and abused by the Democrats, has been featured in two previous ads.

Citizens are not only repulsed by the shameful and sewer-level ad; they are also disgusted with Stephanie Cutter.

And away we go.

Boom, indeed. Now that is rapid response at its best and most devastating.


Indeed. As Twitchy reported earlier, Ms. Pants on Fire has been conspicuously silent for 17 hours.

On the other hand …


She is exposing the sickening depths to which Democrats will sink, isn’t she?

Make it happen, Twitter.

If Ms. Cutter is finally allowed back out of radio silent exile, we suspect her first tweet may be “Ugh.

  • Donald Koller

    It’s who they are.

  • rivers

    Lying liar Cutter is well known for being a low and dirty gutter rat, there isn’t a level she won’t stoop to. On the one hand, I say take her down, give her a taste of her own medicine. On the other hand, why not let this lying scum be the spox for the Obama campaign? It speaks volumes about the candidate.

    • http://twitter.com/CatherineBarre4 Catherine Barrett

      It is ILLEGAL for the Obama campaign and a superpac to work together .. I SAY TAKE THEM DOWN!

      • freeinaz

        Just like it’s illegal for the senate to not have a budget, but still it goes on. I’m sick of hearing how this is illegal and that is illegal, but I NEVER see anyone being held accountable.

        • sreynolds

          As long as there is a liar who lies as the AG, and another lying liar in the whitehouse, why would they fire her? It’s business as usual in the “new” democrat party, they are now openly marxist/socialist, and proud of it.

  • BorderLine Guy

    “Proud Kennedy alum” on her twitter profile. I hope that means something different than what I’m thinking it means. #UncleTeddy

  • Orangeone

    OMG I love that pix but I wish you had put that nose on her twisted face from the video The Right Scoop has with the new ad calling her the liar she is.

  • Wigglesworth111

    This keeps the focus away from Obama’s lies.

    • storozhnik

      Mitt’s lies are numerous. Mormonism approves of this behavior?

      • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/UZ2BQVJ3C3VUF3MIIK6OPKFAAM Tailgunner

        Name three. Not policy disagreements, actual lies.

  • BorderLine Guy

    Fire her?!?! Hell no, #KeepLiarStef!

  • MikeD0722

    It’s sad. In a country with so many terminally stupid people, lying works.

    • emjem24

      Unfortunately, many who will vote for Obeyme are only interested in getting their “goodies,” not the wellbeing of the country at large. There are many, many gullible peole out there who resent the successful and want other people’s money to fund their security. I wonder what these people will say when the country goes broke and their precious “benefits” go away. Especially Social Security and Medicare.

      • Jim Crosby

        They will say, we need a place to live, we accidently burned down our homes or something like that. just sayin’.

  • Donna Retzer Phillips

    Too bad her nose doesn’t get longer with each lie, we could have a bridge to Europe!!!!

  • imgary3

    Why is anyone surprised, remember Joe the Plumber. People checking his bank account, invading his private life. He was not a candidate just someone who questioned Obama.

    • GaylePutt


  • Ron Chandler

    Talk about anything other than his record.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1597476066 Lisa Edward

    The word is out !! obama is going to make
    JOE SEPTIC director of his new Dept of Political Truth and of honesty

    • Terika

      Schmoe Sofdik.

      Yeah, I went there…

  • http://www.righthook38.com righthook38

    Only makes sense that Obama would have Little Laura Lies-A-Lot running his campaign….birds of a feather and all.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jcosentino Joey Cosentino

    She’s active on twitter now. Almost every tweet is a direct assault of Romney. She’s coming back fighting hard. How pathetic.

  • Rick Nelson

    She is a Democrat attempting to get the liar-in-chief reelected.What else can she do?Run on his recoed?You can’t make that look good no matter what you do,so she lies.What I find even more discgusting is the husband blaming his wife’s death on Romney.It goes to show that libs have no shame and will use dead people in elections even if they don’t have them vote.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=789862165 Dorothy Kettle

    It is so very obvious that the Obama administration is spewing all this sewage in order to DETRACT FROM WHAT THEY ARE ACTUALLY UP TO underneath it all. If he continues UNCHECKED – even until next January, our nation is in jeapordy.
    We (common sense Americans) need to quit paying attention to these idiots and FORCE him/them and his re-election campaign to address the real issues that are important to grassroots Americans. If we do not, their shenanigans will accomplish what they intend them to do.

  • Martin Joseph Baer

    Love it that the repub swift boat tactics have been turned on THEM..LOL. Mitt for brains muttering “Obamaloney” was a hilarious reaction. You guys want that idiot in the White House? The guy Sarah Palin beat out for VP last time? LOL really? LOL

    • Love of Country

      Swift Boat “tactics”?

      Oh, you mean when Kerry’s peers came out and told the truth about him?

      Only in the mind of a democrat is the truth called a “tactic”, lol.

      • joeboken

        Don’t worry Mr. Romney, Geppetto will one day turn you into a real boy, but you have to stop lying.

        • Minda McGill

          hey! your boy obama is the lying in chief! why don’t you ask him to show his records from the past? ask him why he used so many different ss#’s? how did he got in to harvard when all he did as a young man was doing drugs? why was he cozy with people that are known to be communist sympatizer? I have many more questions that your boy obama needs answering

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7QQ3PNPLTYDCI27HYOQGMNJGVA Ignorance is NOT Bliss

      Talk about a colossal failure at an insult Martin. Pathetic.

    • joeboken

      It’s really sad when the slightly more intelligent than Romney followers actually come up with more interesting made up words, LMFAO. Obamaloney, now that’s slap your knee hilarious, you show em Mitt, way to comeback, lol.

      • emjem24

        It’s really sad that Obamabots like you can’t talk up Obeyme because you’ve got nothing. There is no marketable economic improvement, we’re still in Afghanistan (it’s going swimmingly), and well, the country doesn’t look quite united like Mr. Hope and Change promised, now does it? I live in the real world where people don’t have jobs, there are foreclosures and short sales on the market, but it’s A-Okay in your book. Yay. Four more years….of what? This? People like you? Please.
        And BTW I’m no Mitt fan by any means. I have no respect for either party and your diehard attachment to the Dems says a lot more about you and the general Dem constituency than it does about Mitt Romney and those who support him.

        • joeboken

          I don’t have a diehard attachment to anyone, except my Country, I don’t want to see it go down the tubes again, and Romney will do just that, he will finish the job Bush started and we may never recover from that. This is the only reason I will vote for Obama, he is a calculating smart man, who will make the tough decisions on behalf of everyone, not just the rich. Oh, and by the way, things in this Country have improved since Obama took office, 29 straight months of private sector job growth, as opposed to losing 750,000 jobs a month at the end of the Bush administration, a healthcare system that is much more inclusive and fair, people are no longer at the mercy of health insurance companies in that, now you can’t be thrown off your policy because you got sick, you can’t be denied insurance due to a pre-existing condition, and many preventative tests are covered. I’d say that’s a big improvement over the way things were before, and I’m only scratching the surface. So Romney wants to undo all this progress because he puts the insurance companies over the people, and wants to redirect more of our money to the top 1%, that to me is insane, especially since we’ve been trying this for the last at least 12 years or so and look where it got us. It’s not about helping the economy for these guys, it’s about taking care of their own, do you really think they give a crap about you? That’s a laugh.

          • emjem24

            I don’t a crap about either party but if you think that Obeyme gives a crap about you or anybody who votes for him you’re deluding yourself. You sound like another person who’s had a tough life based on your own flawed choices and points the finger at the rich or anybody who fits the narrative for why you’re not succeeding. You don’t have a diehard “attachment” to this country, only to what you think is owed you.
            Boohoo…. everybody can get healthcare now…. really? what about the millions who still can’t? What about them? Do you ever do any research outside the Dem sphere? Do you ever just listen to the other side? For someone who says they’re not attached to any entity that assertion rings hollow.
            I’m sorry, but having been a military spouse for the past 13 years I’ve actually met people who care about this country. You sir, don’t fit into that category. You sound like a bitter husk of an individual out for revenge and what’s owed him because the 1% are getting richer (although they’re not since they lost a lot more money than the middle class when the Great Recession hit).
            To be rich is to manage your money wisely. To be morally and economically poor is to point the finger and fail to make your life individually better on your own.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=848055091 John Kneeland

            Military spouse? You get low-cost healthcare, don’t you? Well, “Obeyme,” whom you so desperately hate, has extended the advantage of healthcare to many more people. Your “millions” figure comes out of your own imagination. By the way, since you claim to be a teacher on other posts, learn how to consolidate your thoughts. The essence of your last post is “Some welfare black who doesn’t want to get a job tore down my McCain sign.” Just come out and say it. By the way, the Swiftboat crew has been completely debunked by the navy’s own records. You seem poorly educated. Best not be pointing the finger at others who may not get the extraordinary opportunities you do simply by being attached to a military man.

      • emjem24

        One more thing, LMFAO is an abbreviation used commonly in texting these days. You’re really dating yourself. Get with the times or stop pretending. Maybe when Obeyme stops lying his a$$ off you’ll finally have something relevant to say.

        • joeboken

          LMFAO, really? Whatever you just said, I probably don’t agree, lol. I have lots of relevant stuff to say, all you have to do is look. I’m not the one who started the name calling, that is done to hide the fact that they have nothing else to say, you know, like the schoolyard crap we all used to know? The right loves to name call, like comparing Obama to Hitler, or saying he’s not an American, ever since Obama was elected I have heard stuff I’ve never heard said about any previous President, and if you want to address the elephant in the room, I think we all know why. Some people in this Country are simply not ready to have a black guy lead us, it’s called racism and it has shown it’s ugly head from day one when Obama took office, unless you’re blind or in denial. You can say it’s because you disagree with his policies, but we all know that’s a bunch of crap, bottom line is it’s because he’s black, period.

          • emjem24

            It’s really sad that you don’t seem to understand the hypocrisy of the Left. You embrace them and put them forth as some shining light of truth when they shill for the rich and entitled just as much as you think the Right does.
            I do not like this president based on his policies not his race. It’s a laugh that you paint such a broud brush and expect that that’s what ultimately signifies as the truth. I grew up in a blue collar family and am interracial (Native American blood). I grew up with different races and had a black best friend in high school. I’ve gotten a lot out of those interactions.
            So, let me get this straight: when a black person votes for a black president because he’s “black” that’s not racism but when someone criticises him it’s racist? You, sir, have a very thin skin if you think that’s the case.
            Is it racism when a couple of years ago a black teenager I saw with my own two eyes in SE Virginia tore down the McCain sign I put up in my front yard and destroyed it? I lived in a predoninantly black city and I do not think that that was a coincidence.
            You, sir, have nothing to defend when all you seem to harken to to the very last is racism. I guess when your candidate cannot produce it’s time for some smear. That is shameful but it’s something I pretty much expect from those like you who want something for nothing. That’s a deplorable way to convince others that Obeyme is the right person for the job when he’s really done nothing. Keep believing in the hope and dream rainbow. I’ll take the cold, stark reality that’s staring most of us in the face right now.

          • Minda McGill

            you are so racist! and by the way, obama is not all black if you did not know! he is also part caucasian

    • emjem24

      Sweatheart, you wouldn’t know a swiftboat tactic if it hit you in the face. Kerry didn’t give a DAMN about the military or his career and people witnessed his duplicity and cowardice in Vietnam. What did those guys get out of it? Eternal disdain for telling the truth. Yeah…. you Dems, you really know what’s important don’t you?

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=848055091 John Kneeland

        You idiot, “emjem24”. The NY Times debunked the Swift Boat crew in a detailed article. Quote: “In many cases, material offered as proof by these veterans is undercut by official Navy records and the men’s own statements.” All there for you to read, assuming you know how to read.

  • bruce patrick

    no shame! Embarrasing….

  • JoeMyGod

    Infighting is HILARIOUS!

  • Michael Wild

    How bout Romney advisor that bragged the plumber whose wife died without insurance would have done better in Massachusetts due to their health care laws instigated and promoted by Mittens himself. Seems he would like forget his past. Tsk Tsk

    • joeboken

      Michael, Romney has told so many lies, he forgets which ones he’s supposed to tell, and once in a while it slips him up, because it must be very confusing to keep up with his lies.

  • http://www.facebook.com/drtimhaupt Drtim Haupt

    If Romney were to just tell the truth about Obama, the fuzz would fly off the peach

  • Love of Country

    I’m aware of only three democrats who ever told the truth …

    Pat Caddell, Doug Schoen and Peter Johnson Jr.

    I believe all three have been thoroughly disowned.

  • Love of Country

    The DNC is no place for honest people.

    You can’t sell liberalism telling the truth and unbelievably …. whistleblowers are now perceived by Democrats as enemies of the highest order and are treated as such.

    If you want to speak truth to power, save it for a Republican Administration or we will destroy you.

    And don’t give us that crap about how dissent is the highest form of patriotism …. that is soooo four years ago and we all know now that it is racist!

  • freeinaz

    Forget the war on women theme, they now have a new one, “the war on the truth”.

  • CafeNetAmerica

    Stephanie Cutter could be liable for civil charges or more from the Federal Election Commission for making misleading statements saying that she was not familiar with Joe Soptic. Joe Soptic also appeared in other pro-Obama ads and on a conference call with Stephanie Cutter.

  • joeboken

    What is actually happening here is she’s not a liar, you just don’t choose to believe her.

    • http://twitter.com/abegirljka Julee Abrahamson

      How can you say she is not a liar when the evidence (ie interview that was videotaped and shared for public viewing) says differently. Typical, talking out of both sides of your mouth…you’ve got to be kidding.

      • joeboken

        What evidence, the same evidence that you site saying she’s lying I have seen, but I don’t see the lie, that’s because you are willing to accept what you’re being told instead of figuring things out for yourself, another right wing part of the sheep herd, follow thy leader and believe everything he says without questioning anything. Think for yourself little Julee.

        • emjem24

          Uh, say what? There is a recording of a call between herself and Mr. Soptic. Are you kidding me? Are you so blatantly in the tank for Obeyme that you cannot even admit that Cutter has had prervious deelings with Mr. Soptic?

  • joeboken

    If you look up the word “Liar” in the dictionary, Romney’s picture is there. And everyone who doesn’t hate Obama knows it.

    • SineWaveII


      • joeboken

        That’s a good one SineWavell, now learn a few more words and you’ll be able to form a sentence. You can even turn more sentences into a paragraph, but we’ll get to that in another lesson, let’s work on a simple sentence for now, lol.

        • emjem24

          How about you get to the point about your beef with Romney? Or, like the cowardly, middle-aged, white, male troll that you are run along and try to get tickets to the next Obeyme rally? Okay?

          • joeboken

            I’m not the only one with a beef with Romney, most of the Republican party agrees he’s not exactly the sharpest tool in the drawer, lol.

          • emjem24

            He’s is starting to consolidate that base. The people who have a beef with him are conservatives like myself. Are you speaking for them and for me?
            You don’t seem to recognize that there is more to the Republican party than just moderates and the party faithful. There are conservatives who want answers as well.
            You know, for a statist class hater like yourself, it seems you’re not nearly as sharp in your opinion of Romney. It takes a lot to succeed in business, run the Olympics, and run a dysfunctional state like Mass. Though, as a former New York resident, my home state is even more of a dysfunctional mess than is Mass.
            Then again, it doesn’t take the “sharpest” tools like yourself to vote for Obama when he’s promising patronage gifts and goodies.

        • Rob

          Really? Sentences and paragraphs huh? Typical lib, all you can do is insult your oppostion since of course you can’t rely on your record.

          • joeboken

            All I can do is insult? So you’ve completely overlooked the person I was responding to I guess, you know, the one who called me a moron? Typical righty, sees only what they want to see.

          • emjem24

            You’ve done your share of insulting, smearing, and lying…. just like your idol Obama. Why don’t you just kiss his a$$ and kneel before Zod while you’re at it? Typical ignoble, ignorant lefty, sees only what he wants to see.
            At least many here are honest that both parties suck you cannot even be honest about what Obeyme actually has done.

          • joeboken

            And what of Romney’s record? He runs from it, and what of the Bush’s record, he made a mess that will take years for the Democrats to fix, like they always have to do after the Republicoids get through with it.

          • Minda McGill

            right! obama fixed the unemployment from President Bush which was a little over 4% to obama which is now over 8%! businesses in my community are shutting down left and right…I guess if that is what you mean by “fix”

          • joeboken

            At the end of the Bush Presidency, we were bleeding over 750,000 jobs a month, and it went south quick, Obama stopped the bleeding and now we are creating jobs.

    • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

      I tried looking up “booger-eating moron” and the only result was Obama’s campaign website.

      • joeboken

        It’s good that we have geniuses of your caliber who can write so eloquently.

        • emjem24

          I’m sorry but your intellect doesn’t rise to “genius caliber.” That’s an insult to geniuses. MENSA material you are not. Try again.

          • joeboken

            Never said I was a genius, I was simply pointing out the ignorance of a comment. Try again.

          • emjem24

            You certainly do not embrace integrity or honesty. You are a shill for Obama. You have been called on it and when it gets hot you deflect.
            I’m sorry that, as a white, middle-aged, male liberal like yourself you don’t seem to respect anybody else’s opinions. According to you, if you criticize this president you’re a racist. There is no room for disagreement only for groupthink and loyalty to the federal government and its handouts to buy votes.
            Have you been bought with those handouts? Is that your price for voting for Obama? You demonstrate a blind ignorance to facts that do not suit your narrative. You have fun with that.

      • joeboken

        And you actually spelled everything correctly, good for you, here’s a treat……. That’s a good boy, lol.

    • emjem24

      Because Obeyme is, what, honest? Romney has his issues (like Romneycare) but what exactly has he lied about? Care to elaborate? Or do you just want to spew and be another typical, white, frustrated, middle-aged liberal who clings to others for want of doing something for himself?

      • joeboken

        Well let’s see, he lied about Obama in several ads, taking a snippet of what he said and taking it out of context, he lied about his position on Romneycare, first saying it was a good model for the Country, then saying he wants to repeal it, lol, I could go on, have you even been paying attention? The man has no character, and cannot keep track of his lies. Obama wasn’t lying when he promised the things he did, he simply mistakenly thought he’d be treated with the same respect as every President and would have some cooperation, and boy was he wrong huh?

        • emjem24

          Again, for somebody not attached to either party you’re a beaming example of a liberal. If you cannot give me examples I must conclude that you have nothing. I do not like Romney’s stance on his healthcare program. I’ve never liked it. Having dealt with the military’s version (Tricare) I’m very familiar with what it’s like not to be able to make your own healthcare decisions.
          I’m pretty astute when it comes to politics. I’m a politics junkie whereas my husband, a military officer, despises it and what the left and the right agreed to with sequestration. Obeyme promised a new tone, he promised we’d get out of Afghanistan and close Gitmo, he promised that the economy would improve and I’ve seen none of that. He’s made my life more difficult. I lost my job last year, took no UI, and have been looking for one ever since. I live in an area with an approx 10% unemployment rate and with foreclosuers and short sales still on the market. Where’s the hope and change in that?
          I respect the office not the person holding it. Respect is earned, sir, not owed when you take on the position. He has not earned my respect because he doesn’t know what he is doing. He is in over his head. Will you be completely satisfied when the military is completely gutted after sequestration hits?
          I honestly think that Romney cares and is trying to paint a different future for this country: one of propserity and tomorrows whereas Obeyme is painting a future of despair and yesterdays. I do not blame the Republicans for not playing along with you or Dear Leader’s socialist vision. I want opportunity and self-reliance in this country not dependency and economic stagnation which now stands as the platform of Obeyme.
          You ask for respect but I cannot respect a man who will use anyone, women, children, different groups of people for his own ends. That doesn’t speak of character that speaks of manipulative, politcal opportunism…. something this president said he wouldn’t enbody. While Romney is far from perfect I have even less faith in someone who looks down his nose at hard-working business owners.
          Whoever wins the country won’t recover. We’ve become Europe and you’re fine with that. You don’t believe in the Republic your believe in what you think is owed you because of your “citizenship.” If you really, honestly called yourself an American citizen, you wouldn’t sell it so cheeply. You’d examine the issues carefully, dilligently, instead of encapsulating them in commecial soundbites.
          You are not unique or special. You are one of millions of Americans who no longer want to take care of themselves and have sold their souls to the State. If I have had any hope for our country I’d feel sorry for you and those like you but I do not.
          Reality will be a cold slap to you and other babyboomers (like my mother) who will see their precious Social Security and Medicare benefits dry up. As a 37 year old I’m tired of supporting you when I can’t even freaking find a job, buy a home, or start a family. If you had any shame, or knew what the word meant, you would think twice about your beliefs but you can’t because you are devoted, not to this country, but to your own selfish ends.

  • Angelgreg

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the Obama tree.

  • ClayManBob

    Nothing to see here. Just Obama haters. Move along…. Move along….

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5JHSYDF2TYIMR6XJFMQQ56AZIM Tellusthetruth

    She needs to be ashamed of herself. I also believe Stu about Dirty Harry. Both need to explain to the American public if they have stopped practicing their dark secrets.LOL

  • $22639970

    This would only be news if they told the truth, something that Pootie Tang and his Muslim Mafia have never done!

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/UZ2BQVJ3C3VUF3MIIK6OPKFAAM Tailgunner


  • Mackie72

    CUtter aiNT telling the truth. Look at this woman’s eyes: pure evil — Like Linda Blair/Exorcist evil.

  • cscape

    Who’s the FELLON now, Steph? (LOL)

  • sb36695

    Birds of a feather, flock together.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4B5NQK5UHG4SUNW4UOV2JA7C4Y LaurenceB

    Why should Resident Obama hold blatant lying against Ms. Cutter? He engages in the practice so routinely that he must think it’s perfectly acceptable behavior. He, also, never constrains his lying to be consistent with his past statements. I imagine they admire each other for the boldness with which they lie. (Well, to the extent any narcissist can admire anybody else.)

  • http://www.facebook.com/juan.mafnas Mafnas Juan

    Why concentrate on her lying when the entire congress lie and cheat the people

  • West_Coast

    What’s the difference between Obama and Jesus? Jesus doesn’t think he’s Obama