Absolutely disgusting. Just when you think Democrat Bob Beckel can’t possibly sink any lower, he does. Misogyny isn’t enough for him, evidently. Anti-Semitic much, Bob? Or is it a dog whistle for the anti-Semitic Left? Either way, this is absolutely repugnant.

Here is a partial transcript, as Beckel talks about Romney fundraisers on Fox News’ “The Five” this evening, from @TRScoop:

“He had one in Israel with a bunch of diamond merchants, we don’t know the names of them”

Revolting, Mr. Beckel. Twitter users immediately demand action from ‘The Five’ in response to Bob Beckel’s vile remarks.


Vile bigotry is fine when a lefty does it, natch.

Twitchy will monitor and update with any developments. Hopefully, fellow “The Five” panelists will denounce the disgusting comments made by this poor excuse for a man.

Update: See Bob Beckel in all his revolting glory via this video courtesy of The Right Scoop.

More reaction rolls in taking the rabidly deranged Bob Beckel to task.


Dear “The Five”: It’s time to stop pretending that Beckel is oh-so-lovably crotchety. He, and his remarks, are beyond reprehensible. Here’s some background for you, as if what he said today wasn’t enough:

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Beckel’s co-host Dana Perino retweeted this Tuesday night:




Today on “The Five,” Beckel apologized … but not really:

He’s supposedly putting himself in the time-out chair:

Viewers, though, are convinced that Beckel’s taking himself out of the game voluntarily:

That mental image is just like Beckel: highly objectionable.

Let’s hope the producers of “The Five” stand up for decency and give Beckel the boot for good.

  • http://twitter.com/lazypadawan lazypadawan

    If the day has a “y” in it, Beckel will say something foolish and offensive.

  • rinodino

    Lol is this the so called fair and balanced viewers from FOX ? Lol

    • David Brown

      Fair and Balanced,,yes FOX sure is,,,Bob Beckel is who represents the Democrats at the table, he is another Obama supporter, and it seems that it’s always the Obama supporters who spew racism and accuse others of doing such. Maybe it’s me, but I don’t see anyone claiming they were viewers of FOX that you are responding to.

    • S OB

      Rush Limbaugh uses the term Slut to refer to an actual, self-proclaimed slut and its treated like the end of the world by Lefties…

      Former Carter employee Beckel says something about as antisemitic as you can get and people shouldnt say a word…

      got it!

      • J. Cox

        If the Hypocrats didn’t have double standards,they would have no standards at all.

        • http://www.facebook.com/leo.williams.7 Leo Williams

          If Lib’s didn’t have double standards, they would have no standards at all.

    • emjem24

      I have my issues with Fox… while I watch them, I know they have biases and readily admit them. Can you say the same for CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC? No, no, feel free to continue being intellectually dishonest.

  • Lucid_American

    Stupid Beckel…you’re like a bad dog who can’t stop pissing on it’s own leg!

  • oo

    many in the day of judgement will say Lord Lord i did all these things in your name…and Jesus will say depart from me,,,I NEVER KNEW YOU……Mat 7:21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.
    Mat 7:22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
    Mat 7:23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

  • Becky Fields Johnson

    I am sure the backlash from that remark may do him in! Surely, Fox will not tolerate this errogance much longer!

  • http://elcampeador.wordpress.com elcampeador

    Reblogged this on et cetera*.

  • oo

    it begs to be asked …and i will ask it….can you be a lib-demoncrap and believe what they believe and be a Christian???…i say no… Lib-demoncraps are by they’re very nature antichrist…and B.Beckel is up to his eye balls in the lib camp…Just the Facts…

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jessica-Smith/100003257562513 Jessica Smith

      I agree it would be hard to believe their way and be Christian. Yet, while they don’t believe in Christ, they try to claim that Christ would have been a liberal. But even IF you could believe it’s okay to steal from some to give to others that are better off (that’s what libs believe, it’s okay to steal from lower middle class to give to poor and make them better off than lower middle class), you could NOT behave the way Beckel does on a DAILY basis and be Christian. Then again, who believes Obama is Christian? He’s played golf 100 TIMES as many times as he’s been in a NON-JERIMIAH Wright church.

  • blogagog

    A lot of people don’t seem to know this, but the diamond trade is no longer a Jewish thing. It’s almost entirely run by people from India.

    • JoeMyGodNYC

      All of Manhattan is laughing at you. Clearly you’ve never been to West 47th Street. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diamond_District,_Manhattan

    • http://pennyrobinsonfanclub.net/ PennyRobinsonFanClub

      Is that really relevant?

      • blogagog

        Yes. It’s relevant and informative. Thanks for asking!

        • http://pennyrobinsonfanclub.net/ PennyRobinsonFanClub

          How? How is that relevant to an anti-Semitic slur? Would you dismiss an ugly remark about a black man picking cotton on the basis that most cotton is picked by machines these days?

          • blogagog

            I don’t think I’d dismiss it, but I’d mention that few black people pick cotton these days as you’ve just said. It’s important to realize when a slur is no longer true. It gives the anti-Semites less ammo. And the big diamond organizations like deBeers are no longer run by Jews.

            Anti-Semites will have to come up with a new attack, because this one doesn’t cut the mustard anymore.

  • Pivko

    Never trust a lib.

  • http://twitter.com/Mrjake08 Mike Hamilton

    I guess old Bob was exercising his freedom of speech. Stir em up Bob, nowadays anything people say is offensive.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BGB7PNJ3ZT6X6S5LRB3NHCXRGU charleybronson

      So then don’t get offended if I tell you you’re a liberal brain washed Kool-Aid drinking homosexual ding dong.

  • milletime810

    I usually find Beckel harmlessly amusing but he is so out of touch with what is and isnt socially acceptable it is amazing that he has a job. Everyday he seems to say something outlandish or utterly profane/offensive, this one takes the cake.

    • S OB

      And just think of all the Democrats he has worked for…

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jessica-Smith/100003257562513 Jessica Smith

        And he’s SO full of himself. He actually BRAGS about working for Carter.

    • brianmouland

      The only reason he is on TV is for comic relief

  • Aunt Waffle

    As long as people like Bob Beckel continue to promote their brand of anti-Semitic hatred and hostility… they will inspire radicals to murder people in a Colorado theater… and a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin… Beckel advocates hostility and animosity of the worst kind… he is repulsive!

  • Wigglesworth111

    Bob was having a bad day. He forgot his hemorrhoid meds at home.

    • NWFL Conservative

      Or maybe he inadvertently switched them with his toothpaste…………

  • James Connelly

    Sorry I love Beckel and his uncouth approach to the show. I do wish they would all stop talking over each other, but other than that, love the show. Bob also chasticed the Muslims for killing a group of Christians as they gathered to worship in Nigeria. He isn’t all bad people

    • radjahshelduck

      I agree.

    • J. Cox

      So dropping the F-bomb a few times,making remarks that are at best stereotyping jewish people,and calling the RNC chairman a Pu**y is O.K. if he says that slaughtering Christians is not a good idea?Care to set the bar a little lower?

    • http://pennyrobinsonfanclub.net/ PennyRobinsonFanClub

      I bet you love the videos from the zoo when the monkeys are throwing handfuls of sh1t at each other, too.

    • emjem24

      Yeah, Bobby is just some sweet, lovable, misunderstood liberal. How nice. Too bad he’s got a filthy mind, heart, and mouth. That’s why his wife threw him out and divorced his a$$.

  • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.baranowski1 Thomas Baranowski

    I think people need to take a serious look at all the mouth pieces supporting Obama, no matter what anyone says they are a clear reflection of the thinking at the top..the big O!! Maybe our choices aren’t perfect but they are certainly better than the divisive nature of what has been coming out of the cracks the last couple of weeks. If Romney is only 30% better than O but stops this path of dividing our country into factions of intolerance giving back decades of growth then I say it is a far better choice than what we have in the White house now!

  • indboo

    Sorry to point this out, but nothing will happen to Beckel. Conservatives are burned at the stake for comments (Remember Trent Lott, anyone?? A nice comment to an aging old man??) but the media as a whole turns a deaf ear when libs slander, libel and spew hate from their potty mouths. I mean really! It’s a BFD, right Joe? I’ve decided that stands for Big Fat Dolt.

  • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

    As much as Beckel sickens me, without even saying anything hateful, I say keep him on to show just how effed up the Democrat party has become.

    He really is a loathsome critter.

  • NWFL Conservative

    Bob Beckel is Fox’s secret weapon. He is a PERFECT mouthpiece for the unhinged left. If you ask me, it’s brilliant that they keep him on there.

    Keep the great stuff coming Billy Bob, you slimy pile of liberal OOZE………..

    • S OB

      exactly. Anyone who watches the show will come away thinking “this man is disgusting” – and ya know, he just happened to work for Jimmy Carter and other political Lefties…

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jessica-Smith/100003257562513 Jessica Smith

      And when Juan Williams fills in for him, he can’t make cogent arguments defending his president. He’s def. an Obama apologist.

  • Chip

    He’s full of Obaloney.

    • brianmouland

      And pizza,fried chicken,whoppers,ding dongs………………………………

  • Nikechic619

    Bob Beckel is the progressive left. I can’t stand that guy. Not because he has a different view of the world than me, but because he has no class. I am sure they can get a wiitier liberal than him.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jessica-Smith/100003257562513 Jessica Smith

      Hate to say this, wish it weren’t true: But liberals today have to resort to dirty underhanded tricks (and ads and rhetoric, etc.) a la Alinsky because the truth is NOT on their side.

  • JJooeey

    Bob Beckel, watch out how much toilet paper you use in the john, one wipe a little too hard and POOF! you’re gone! What’s that Bob? You’d have to be a POS for that to happen?!?! You’re not so dumb after all!

  • Tom James

    So Rush and Cosell are fired by media execs. But the View, Maher, and Beckel get free pass after free pass…

    How does it work leftist > socialist > facist > communist > anarchist > tyranny.

    Fox lost me as a viewer until Beckel is gone!!!

    • brianmouland

      Maher is on a cable network and The Viiew is not on in Primetime

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jessica-Smith/100003257562513 Jessica Smith

      Um, don’t forget E.D. Hill.

  • 10thGroup

    Get rid of Beckel….he’s a moron. Let’s see, love to see the women of the Five take out the dweeb Alan Combs. Beckel is getting quite regular with the ‘not good’ comments.

  • http://www.facebook.com/barbara.carlomagno Barbara Flowers Carlomagno

    I shut the show off today before he whistled. I will start watching again when he is gone. He belongs to the liberal cult.

  • AtTheRubicon

    somewhere deep in an RNC bunker, someone is splicing together all these hate-filled clips of Beckel, Pelosi, Dave Savage, etc. And on the night before the election, it plays on every Tv in the country. It ends with “This is the face of liberalism. Tomorrow you have a choice.”

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/T4QVIGWM7L7FCX47BFHX6PVY7E Mom Of three

      That would be a really good one

    • http://pennyrobinsonfanclub.net/ PennyRobinsonFanClub

      From your mouth to God’s ears…..

  • NixTyranny

    Having the classless Beckel on The Five is FNC’s version of the Jerry Springer Show.

  • http://twitter.com/afontana Anthony Fontana

    He’s a fat @sswipe who needs to be shoved out the door. Sickening idiot.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jessica-Smith/100003257562513 Jessica Smith

      Um, get Eric to QUIT going to eat with him.

  • Mark James

    The left can do or say anything it wants to because there are no watchdogs left. There are no journalists left. Journalism in America is dead.

    • http://pennyrobinsonfanclub.net/ PennyRobinsonFanClub

      The Collaborationist Media.

  • Tanker74

    Herr Beckel is getting worse by the day. Perhaps he’s inhaled too many fumes from his gas chamber.

  • http://twitter.com/BLeFonque Buckshot LeFonque

    Sorry to announce Beckel will be leaving the Five…he has a new role as Fat Bastard in the next Austin Power’s installment…

    • emjem24


  • http://twitter.com/LizHasse1 Liz Hasse

    As a “fiver” and a lover of the five, I am just about where the comments above were made re: Beckel’s days of being a “lovable crochety crank” being over. It’s one thing to maintain a friendship with someone who doesn’t share your political views…..it’s another to allow them to make vile, indefensible, mean-spirited comments and not take that person to task…..and do it on the air! It’s got to be more than “you’re wrong, Bob, that’s not true, Bob…..”etc. He’s been getting away with this for too long, but then again, he’s a liberal with virtually no moral compass with which to live his life. That CAN’T be all right with FoxNews. He belongs on MSNBC.

  • lillymckim

    Bob being Bob what’s new

  • okusa12

    Obama has fund raisers in China,BOOB.I mean Bob Beckel…Obama and Eric Holder should be in jail for Fast and Furious…Obama
    the worse President in American history…Obama is so transparent then
    why not release all the Documents on Fast and Furious???Obama,the
    biggest mistake in Americas history…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/T4QVIGWM7L7FCX47BFHX6PVY7E Mom Of three

    They really should have someone classier on the show at 5:00, he’s gone beyond crass to down right trashy

  • http://www.facebook.com/pjcitro Paul J. Citro

    What a low class moron. He does this crap at least once a week.

  • Rob Stevely

    First he drops the F bomb on Hannity, then calls Preibus a pussy and now this. I think he is having a meltdown.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jessica-Smith/100003257562513 Jessica Smith

      If Obama ever faced the media he’d be having a similar meltdown. Wait, he only has to talk without his teleprompter. Guess what, Obama? I DID build my career. I worked my way through college (no loans) and I paid taxes to cover my share of the roads, too. I ate ramen noodles and tuna from the can. It built character. I did TOO build that character. You should try it.

  • http://apostrophejones.com/ Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    Beckel is actually a typical TV lib.
    It’s a shock to see one with manners.

  • http://apostrophejones.com/ Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    Whoever has to sit next to Beckel should keep a rolled up magazine and smack him with it when needed. When the smacker’s arm gets tired, pass the magazine to the next person.

    • emjem24

      Better yet, put out a bag of ding dongs and booze and maybe that will distract him.

  • MaeBelle Barger

    Bob Beckel is the reason I no longer watch “The Five”…I know they’re trying to be “Fair and Balanced”, BUT surely they could find a libtard who is smarter, smoother and less abrasive than this Moron…..I absolutely cannot stand to see his mug or hear his voice anymore….GET RID OF HIM !!!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jessica-Smith/100003257562513 Jessica Smith

      I’m with ya, I can’t stand to hear his filth. But Juan Williams is only SLIGHTLY better. Same tortured logic, just less brash.

  • cscape

    we shouldn’t be too harsh on Bob….. after all, he is a recovering alcoholic and coke head (did you know that he was fired as a Campaign aid because he wrote personal checks to secure the services of prostitutes)

  • http://www.facebook.com/tom.mistretta1 Tom Mistretta

    He needs a drink

  • http://pennyrobinsonfanclub.net/ PennyRobinsonFanClub

    I hear a lot of that same “dog whistle” whenever the Occutards/Demonrats start spitting about the “Wall Street/International Banks.” Very thinly disguised anti-Semitism or a hair away from it at best.

  • Madley

    Aren’t there four other people on The Five that should have said something on the spot?

    What a crappy show.

    • emjem24

      The only thing that really saves it (when I occassionally tune in) is Greg Gutfeld. He deftly rips Beckel to shreds but with a snicker, a quip, and a smile. Oh, and the salmon sweater is a crowd pleaser too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.nadeau.79 Joseph Nadeau

    has that fat loser Beckel in his illustrious career ever backed a winner?

  • rinodino

    So the big bad beckel gets suspended for a day and you righties still are complaining you guys whine and complain more than the liberals that you say whine and complain lmao

    • emjem24

      Yeahhhhhh….. is this your big point or were you going to make a relevant one. Here’s some food for thought… when a liberal hater basically chews out and is disrespectful to a Chick-Fil-A cashier he’s a hero and shouldn’t face any fallout, right? Oh, that’s right he lost his job just like Beckel should.

  • http://twitter.com/tulsalooks Tracy Carden Splain

    I can’t believe that Beckel is still on @FNTheFive at all! He can’t control himself on his best day. He never shuts his big mouth and he’s just socially unacceptable.

    • emjem24

      He needs to go back to rehab… and maybe Jenny Craig. And the suspenders….really? Ick.

  • DorothyGrissom

    After watching the then new @TheFive I was immediately disgusted with Bob Beckle and chose to email my concerns to FoxNews. Shortly afterward @DanaPerino followed me on Twitter. After I publicly commented my disappointment with Bob Beckle on Twitter Dana then BLOCKED me. I took that to mean that Dana supported Beckle. So, I have not tuned into “The Five” ever since then, and will not until Bob Beckle is gone. I refuse to support any television program that supports such HATE as that which Beckle spews.

    • emjem24

      While I like Dana, she’s another Bush hack… there are way too many of them hanging around Fox. I’m not surprised…. if you’re not part of the Washington wine and cheese crowd (which includes her RINO and Dem friends) you’re not on the list.

  • emjem24

    Dear God, why is this man still on the air? Stereotypes, slander, and rhetoric are Bobby’s bread and butter. Hey Bobby, if somebody threw some liquer and a hooker your way, would you just go quietly? We all know you’re better in that realm than actually making a cogent, well-thought out statement.

  • lillymckim

    How many times can he jump the shark without getting bit.

  • CJ Oakwood

    Why would a Jew vote for a man that wants them to give away the money they worked hard for??????????? Come on folks!!!

  • http://twitter.com/evelynohlsen Evelyn Ohlsen

    His repeated language is not a mistake, it’s intentional and typical. The left can’t operate in the arena of ideas, or differing opinions. What a fool, he has it made on this program. Fox can’t continue to turn their head when he’s dropping the “F” word. Beckel gone!

  • catholic_citizen

    Antisemitism is very big with the Left right about now. Beckel is just saying what a lot of the power elite has been thinking the past few years. Look at how disrespectful, dismissive – even contemptuous – this administration has been towards Israel.

  • Dayal Krsna Das

    Can him and get Juan Wiliams.

  • Edgar DeCanniere

    Leave him on there! He shows the true side of liberturds!

  • JimB

    Its time Beckel goes.He has no respect for many people and feeds us left liberal lies constantly. I know Fox want to project a “fair and Balanced” mind set, however with that goes respect and responsibility.

  • AllTheGoodNamesWereTaken

    Why would anyone want to have fired the best example of Left Wing logic on Fox News? That is like Romney demanding that Obama dump Biden.