As Twitchy reported earlier, the 6 people killed by the Sikh temple shooter have been identified. The community is rallying around the families of the victims and a fund has been established.

One victim, Satwant Singh Kaleka, died valiantly trying to fight off the gunman. He put his life on the line to try to save others. Twitter users honor him as the hero he was.

Five others died at the hands of the gunman.

Bhai Seeta Singh, age 41.

Bhai Parkash Singh, age 49.

Bhai Ranjit Singh, age 39.

The oldest victim, Subegh Singh, age 84.

And Parmjit Kaur Toor, a woman, age 41.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the victims and their families.

Rest in peace.

  • David Beck

    Very sorry for your loss, I only wish you could have gotten your hands on that guy and crushed him….Bless you all……

  • John Fowler

    Absolutely heartbreaking. These Americans did nothing to deserve this tragedy.

  • Angelfire4280

    So glad to hear this fine man fought off the monster. Bravery, sacrifice and love for others knows no boundaries.

  • aardvark1956

    Christian culture of the West decries the violent attack! (just like the Muslims who denounce the Gaza rocketing of Israel, Muslims slaughtering Christians in Nigerian churches — no, wait…)