Facts are hard, to the Left.

As Twitchy reported, Mitt Romney totally scored the Jenna Jameson endorsement. Liberals, sexist to the core, swiftly turned on the former porn star and spewed their predictably vile insults. The insults are continuing, with this classy liberal telling Ms. Jameson, “kill yourself.”


To that misogynist, Ms. Jameson should only be reduced to the sum of her girly bits. Speak? Not allowed; she must get back into the kitchen or the bedroom. Another Twitter user tries to explain life, and class, to the cretin and a supporter.


Of course. If attempts at silencing women with misogyny don’t work, try the race card! Ms. Jameson can handle herself, however, and takes this one to task with yet another fantastic “your mom” slam.

And composure, which always ticks off the unhinged Left.

Awesome, Jenna. She’s also learning something that Jon Lovitz learned recently; The “tolerant” Left will attack you in a hate-filled rage merely for expressing your opinion.

Ms. Jameson is continuing to try to explain her positions to the willfully ignorant, who think everything is about porn. Well, and Bush. He’s still to blame for everything under the sun, natch.

Shrinking in fear, huh, Left? That’s apparent by your impotent insult-throwing. When you’ve lost Jenna Jameson, election night no longer looks like a sure thing, does it?

Change, the real kind not the HopeandChange ™ kind, is coming,


  • douchie

    When any opinion that differs from yours is considered to be not only unenlightened but evil, then there is no insulting language or violent action that is off limits to silence such views.
    The left considers all differing viewpoints to be on the wrong side of history, i.e., evil.

  • Guest

    It’s both refreshing and sad to see a former porn star handling herself with more grace than these hateful people. As long as she responds as she has, I’ll consider her to be much more deserving of my respect than these cretins.

  • TonyMontana3

    Obama 2012

    • digitalPimple

      Yup… the party that’s only ideas come from the early 20th century. Who exactly is trying to take us back again? No thanks.

      • Tel-Jonah Stern

        What ideas are you referring?

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/RFQCNQZWFAFRSVP2MIHPXUM4SY Mr

          Welfare, “Progressivism”, Democratic economic policy.In contrast,the general time period libs use as a foil all the time was about civil rights,American Exceptionalism,enjoying Americana,backyard barbecues,etc. Sure, we were a bit paranoid at that time,but the rest of it wouldn’t be too bad for America to revisit,in my opinion.

          The crap about being backwards,misogynist, and all that,is historical revisionism.I doubt you’ve ever received any objective education about America during those times, and probably wouldn’t look at the information if you had it sitting in front of you.

    • Hello Jerry (D)


    • Alexander_Mundy

      Every measure of America is worse now than it was 4 years ago. Obama hasn’t earned another term. The fact that an ex-porn star understands that, but the average liberal doesn’t, portends a diminished future for the US. Young people today should start looking to Singapore, Australia, or New Zealand for their future.

    • http://www.facebook.com/john.hanover.35 John Hanover

      Sitting in seclusion on a French beach.

    • John_Frank

      Obama … endorsed by the Communist Party USA for re-election. Go Marx. Share the wealth. Anyone who disagrees is a racist.

      Yes sir. At least we know who we are dealing with.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/OORC7BFAEOHVLQGLCFHHI6WVZQ Tyketto

      Vote Obama, millions of Americans sucking off the public teet – probably this tool being one of them – are depending on it.

  • http://twitter.com/Cris43130 Cris Allen

    “F-ing kill yourself.” Libs have tried to turn much milder rebukes that that into “credible death threats.” I think Jenna Jameson should prosecute.

  • Ntr

    If Jameson was an unquestioning, lockstep Democrat she’d be a female-empowering heroine. But since she is more independent-minded she’s a “insert insult towards females here.” And all the insults come from the same people who claim to back gender equality, anti-bullying, and being non-judgmental. Yes, as long as you support their irrational, unthinking leftist views.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OORC7BFAEOHVLQGLCFHHI6WVZQ Tyketto

    I purposely stayed away from this story thinking it was going be really stupid. But she really handled herself well and made good points. I love the libs and their “go kill yourself” line.I also find great irony that a group that screams about letting a woman do what she wants with her body was assailed for working in porn. Libs are now against the porn industry? Did I miss that? Or is it just the dudes who are laying all the babes that they respect? Not the women? I’m starting to think libs don’t actually BELIEVE in anything. They just kneejerk scream and whine about whatever tickles their fancy.

  • LeighLeigh

    Sure, I can understand why people feel the way they do about Jenna.That woman worked her ASS off during her career…she is responsible for helping out many a woman, who would never admit to watching her movies, learn how to please their man….what I find sooooo hypocritical with everyone and their opinions is that EVERYONE has watched porn…the feminists in this world forget the fact that Gloria Steinhem POSED FOR PLAYBOY to show the world how very liberated she was!!! Gloria Steinham, the leader of the feminist movement, probably inspired Jenna Jameson. From JJ’s biography, she loved sex, from a young age. She was good at it and worked hard in her career to set herself up to run her own production company to produce and direct films for WOMEN….I’m a nice Catholic Girl who appreciates Ms. Jameson’s talents in that she is not apologetic and has made a career for HERSELF on HER TERMS. Some people think it is immoral, but if America is anything, it allows one express themselves in the way they wish and make a nice life for themselves. Ms. Jameson is a mother now and I know she wonders what she will tell her children about her career when they are older, but I embrace her on our side of the asile, because she has made a success of herself on her own terms. SHE IS THE EPITOMY OF HOW SUPPLY AND DEMAND WORKS IN THIS COUNTRY. SUPPLY SIDE ECONOMICS CAN BE SAID TO BE THE ULTIMATE EQUALIZER, NO?


    Every liberal in America supports porn and Playboy….because the left is so misogynist and sexist, towards pretty women at least, if those same women do more than the stereotypical box (pun intended) such as having an opinion, she must be torn down…Liberals can’t understand that all women have depth and just because they were stupid enough to pay Jenna for 5 minutes of ecstasy in their mother’s basement, doesn’t mean they should take it out on her….Go Jenna! Kick their ass.