Today is “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day” and, boy, is it ever! As Twitchy reported last week, the Left’s attempted boycott of Chick-fil-A has been a huge fail. That failure got even bigger today. Political figures joined in to express their support for free speech.

Governor Huckabee, who got the appreciation day ball rolling, is on the scene.

Thousands upon thousands of citizens from across the country came out in support of Chick-fil-A, in defense of freedom of speech, and in opposition to the tolerance tyrants.

Even Santa made it down from the North Pole to get him some yummy, freedom-loving chicken.

Success is the best revenge; and is best served with a peach shake!


Indeed! Now that is truth to power. With a side of waffle fries!

And freedom. The media can’t hide this; the proof is on the ground and in these inspiring photos.

Kudos, America.


Even some liberals are supporting Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day.

But only because “Bible thumpers” might choke to death on their Chick-n-Strips.

Update: Keep the pictures coming, America!

The long lines continue as Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day becomes Appreciation Night.

Some insight from an employee on a particularly busy day at work:

Update: Rick Warren has spoken with Chick-fil-A president and CEO Dan Cathy, who reports that the chain has set some sort of world record today.

We didn’t think we could top Santa Claus in the celebrity sightings, but isn’t that Pat Boone?

  • Doreen Beisel

    Gee looks like this restaurant could really bring business to Boston, Chicago and San Fran


      Looks like they do not really want job created in their areas… tsk tsk tsk…

    • Yetty Sudarman

      and New York

    • Pat

      Really? You think they would have opened up before today?

      Because this publicity stunt lasts one day.
      The actual fallout from donating their profits to harm Americans is forever.

      • SDN

        They open up anywhere they have customers…. which looks like everywhere.

      • Doreen Beisel

        Would not interest you Pat they do not serve crow with whine sauce

  • douchie

    I’ll have the 1st amendment value meal with a peach shake.

    • tkhk3746

      Oh! But..I think you’d like to try today’s special…A full order of “UP YOURS, LIBERALS” with a side order of “push back potatoes” and a large “shellacking2012 shake”

    • Pat

      That’s not how the 1st Amendment works.
      Cathy’s speech is protected by the 1st Amendment. Free speech.
      The people responding to what he said are protected by the 1st Amendment. Free speech.
      The hate groups Chik-Fil-A donates to who try to use religion-based hatred are VIOLATING the 1st Amendment (and Jesus’ actual teachings, but we all know they never cared about that). Religious freedom (enshrining one set of religious beliefs in law means there’s a state-sponsored religion–that’s the opposite of religious freedom which is why banning that is the first thing the 1st Amendment does).

      • SDN

        Private groups CAN’T violate the 1st Amendment. And you can’t point to a Scripture where Jesus endorsed homosexuality.

        • Donna Warren Bremerman

          Tell me where in the Bible can I find such scripture?

          • Joseph Noble

            uhh yeah… might want to try reading all of Romans chapter 1

          • JLP

            I think he/she was saying Jesus never spoke about homosexuality, which is true. But, what he failed to mention is Jesus was/is God and he would never say something was not a sin that was already a sin. God never contradicts Himself.

          • Ashley

            What people forget though is in Matthew Jesus did define marriage as a man & woman clearly. The scripture passages are talking about divorce but none the less He did define marriage.

      • douchie

        Government officials speaking publicly about blocking a business from opening new locations because the owner legally donates money to certain charities certainly does touch on first amendment issues.

        • Tasha22

          And what do they donate to–Fellowship of Christian Athletes, a great organization for years. Really helps athetes keep their lives in balance.

          • Shauna Phillips

            FCA saved me and a lot of my other friends from getting into mischief. My daddy worked THREE jobs and wasn’t there in the afternoons after school. FCA was there until 6p when he could pick me up with sodas, snacks, pool table, video games, and then a Bible lesson. I love Jesus and they really encouraged me in my faith. OOOOoo, darn that hate group!! They taught us to keep our school clean, bc God entrusted it to us. They were always the biggest fundraisers for the walk against cancer. Volunteered at the hospitals. Well, they didn’t teach us to screw around, give us free condoms/ birth control, use clean needles when we do drugs, etc. They gave us confidence and strength so that we stayed away from those things, instead of a band-aid to “fix” what is already broken!

        • new2la

          Please, enough of your ignorance!

      • Jon Galt


        I thought so…

        Libs try to destroy those they disagree with by boycotts. Conservatives SUPPORT those they agree with by $$$. Liberalism is a destructive philosophy, designed to destroy WEALTH. Conservatism is a constructive philosophy, building on the individual to CREATE WEALTH.

        • Lilly Slinger

          Very well said Jon Galt!!! Exactly how I see it.

          • Silverthreads


        • shimauma

          hope you don’t mind, I borrowed that statement about boycotts. It is too well said to be on one site!

        • Pat

          Starbucks. JC Penny. Etc. Lots of conservative boycotts, actually. They just don’t really… work. But y’all try anyway, and then lie about it and how mean the concept is.
          But hey, the statement here wasn’t conservative. It’s bigotry, donation to hate groups, hate speech–*I* wouldn’t call that conservative and say that the altruistic defense against it is liberal, that’s ALL you buddy.

          As for this destructive philosophy thing… People are standing up to CFA, call that destructive if you wish. But they’re standing up to them for being destructive TOWARDS A MINORITY GROUP THEY DON’T LIKE.
          That’s rather a more important kind of destructiveness.

          But then I’m not evil. And apparently not being evil makes me a liberal by your definition, but not mine. I don’t play for a political team.
          I just hold the truth to be self-evident that all are created equal, yadda yadda.

          • Fynelad

            All are CREATED equal. I think what some people forget is that God gave us the ten commandments to obey or suffer the consequences. He said many times in the bible that those who broke his commandments were those whom his wrath was laid upon. There are many stories in the bible of those who rejected Him and the wrath he placed upon them. He also sent many persons to ask those who were doing wrong to change their ways – but many times they refused. I think that is what is happening today.

          • Pat

            Oh, like the anti-gay hate groups that constantly bear false witness? Yeah, I can see that. I guess.

          • Fynelad

            Are you saying that gay people think they do not have to obey His commandments? Just because Christians believe that gays are not obeying the commandments doesn’t mean that they “hate” gays. It just means that they are trying to ask them not to disobey God and the only “laws” that really matter. God loves all people – BUT – He expects them to repent of their sins – not be proud of them. Gays are the ones who get mad at those who are trying to help them see this and to make this country one who obeys Him and trusts in Him. “One Nation Under God” was one of the most powerfull sayings and beliefs when this nation was founded and our Constitution was developed. It’s why this country is so great.Please justify how you believe God does not see gay relationships or marriage as being sinfull. Trying to push acceptance of ones sinfull behavior onto others by calling them (as you said above – “bigots”) or “racist” or “hatefull” if they won’t go along with their sinfull ways is what shows hate for others. There are many many missionaries who go to other parts of the world to bring the word of God to them. Do you think they “hate” these people because they do not believe in God. No, they try help them understand who God really is and to live according to His will. Please think deeply about this.

      • Michael Goodale

        You don’t have a clue

      • Tasha22

        You need to get your facts straight. HE had nothing hateful. He was asked what he thought of sodomite marriage and he answered. Sodomites work there and eat there –no one except perverts wants to hear the details of your sex life. Shut up about it and go about your life.

        • Roy Tillotson

          you are so right

      • Ron Lippy

        Jesus NEVER endorsed Homosexual behavior! Jesus IS God! Read the Bible.

      • Roy Tillotson

        forget it you have lost

      • DebEast

        Name one hate group ChicFil-A donates to. I know of two CHILDREN’S HOMES locally. Back up your remarks or admit that you’re just a “Hater” making it up as you go.

        • Pat

          We’re talking about the chain as a whole, not what one individual owner does.
          And even if the chain as a whole did that… does helping five people before you stab the sixth to death make that okay? You can still be judged for evil actions if you do nice ones.

      • OneofHisOwn

        No, no. no. Mr. Cathy has his 1st Amendment rights and so do his patrons. This is a free country! Those who are understanding their rights are also “exercising their right” to NOT violate their own conscience in social issues of the day no matter how intimidating liberally-minded individuals can be. Thomas Jefferson said, ‘We are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights . . . Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.’ Jesus (who was God) and His apostles taught there is no true Liberty without virtue!

      • Jim Th

        Are you for reelz

      • Pyrran

        er, wrong. So wrong, I don’t know where to begin.
        1st, the company isn’t donating, the president of the company is.
        2nd, it’s his money.
        3rd, the only speech worth protecting is speech that annoys you.

        • Pat

          No it’s not, it’s the company’s money.
          And his speech isn’t in any danger.
          I’m challenging what he said, not his right to say it. Actually, you’re the one trying to stop somebody from speaking freely.

      • Rick Spears

        @Pat938:disqus THIS COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED ON JUDAO-CHRISTIAN VALUES…. So for us to have those faiths deeply intertwined in our government is quite desirable and acceptable. There is NO STATE RELIGION. The state does not make me practice catholism or make me be Jewish. In fact I havent been to church since i was 10 years old. I do however agree with the values they promote.
        You don’t have to accept the dogma just be good to one another. Where ya think the golden rule comes from? Do unto other as you would have done to you. Or for those who know this one What goes around comes around… Means the same thing.
        Go read the constitution. I bet you havent ever read it. I think i was the last generation who was required to do a book report on the constitution and declaration of independance and the american revolution.
        Do we have a king demanding we all goto the same church? No we dont.. Before you go thinking we have anything like state sponcered religion go read about pre-revolution England and how brutal it was…
        Do you even know what Thanksgiving is all about? I bet not….

        • Pat

          Why are you posting about the golden rule while arguing against it?
          I’m pretty sure the golden rule actually makes up the majority of my arguments.

      •  Tainted Luv 

        Let me state today’s showing for you in just a different light. What you are witnessing is another form of America protesting the President that we now have. It is a silent protest, because all the main media is never expressing what is really happening out in America. This is just a prelude to Nov. 6 A tsunami coming. Mark. My. Words!

      • http://www.USAonly.US/ USAonlydotUS

        You sir/madam Only have the right to diasagree because we are FOUNDED on Biblical Principals that protect the individual……………..sorry, but God breathed life into this country because of a few men who recognized this. The first Bibles in America were printed by Congress. The first sessioin of Congress started with a 3-1/2 hour prayer meeting with men on their knees weeping for God to Bless this land. It wasn’t a state religion, it was men who just wanted a country of people to treat eachother how they wanted to be treated. “If all men followed the Ten Commandments, there would be no need for lawyers or the police” Dwight L. Moody early 1900’s

        • Pat

          If you people followed the 10 Commandments, we wouldn’t be having this problem.

          Just go leave other people alone, and the problem goes away–because you mistreating others IS the problem.

      • John Scurich

        Pat, did not your doctor say “stay on your meds?” Listen to your doctor, Pat. By the way, please name the so called “hate group” Chick-fil-A you say donates to??? Hmmm, can’t think of any of hand, huh? Like I said, get back on your meds, Pat!

        • Pat

          FRC. Exodus International. Off the top of my head.

          These aren’t secrets; go read an article.

      • Coco

        First, the First Amendment was written to not have a state run religion like the Church of England. It protects the free exercise of religion not the absence of religion.

        Second, pretty sure the Bible does not support a homosexual lifestyle. You may want to check out the Tale of Two Cities – Sodom and Gomorrah.

        What today was all about was the silent majority of Americans who support traditional family values finally getting sick of being preached to by the vocal minority. It’s not about hate or intolerance on our part, it’s about standing up to the intolerance we face when we vocalize our views and beliefs. Mr. Cathy has every right to have the opinion he does. When mayors refuse him the ability to build restaurants, that is discrimination. Having opinions that differ from the leftist progressive idealogy is not. Chick-fil-A does not discriminate on who they serve and who they employ.

        I think a sleeping giant woke up and wanted chicken!

        • ThankfultobeRepublican

          AWESOME…..Very Perfectly said Collette….I love it!!

          • Coco

            Thanks! I’m just sick and tired of trying not to offend people. Liberals certainly have no concern about offending me. Our country worked a lot better before the proliferation of politcal correctness. We need to learn from Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day that we can have each others back and stand up for what we believe. It’s time we all start speaking our beliefs and stand up for traditional values.

        • Pat

          If the idealogy that you differ from is that all people are equal, than YES that IS discrimination! That’s the definition!

          I know you people are evil and proud of it, so why do you lie about what the words mean? You just LOVE doing what you do and crow when innocents suffer–why don’t you embrace the words that describe you? You love their meanings so much!

      • Ken

        So you say a list of Christian organizations are hate groups. Now you see why we think this is all about an attack on Christianity more than any alleged anti-gay speech by a CEO.

        • Pat

          You say a list of hate groups are Christian organizations.
          I am NOT the one of us equating those two things.

      • paulrph1

        read 1 Cor 6:9 if you can read but then you have to accept.

      • RanierWest

        Usually when you get one of those Alinsky types: ” I know better what Jesus’ actual teachings were” … it’s coming from a Democrat Atheist… Don’ t want to lump actual intelligent and tolerant Atheists or any stripe on the right in with the Fascists on the left.

      • Shawn Smith

        The first amendment says that the government cannot punish someone for expressing their opinion. Attempting to shut out a business because you don’t like their ideas. The boycott is fine. I agree or disagree, whatever. This became first amendment when Emmanual, Menino, et al. stuck their noses in and threatened illegal bans.

        How, exactly is CFA (or the groups they sponsor) violating the first amendment? I’m very curious on your logic here.

        • Pat

          His position is anti-First Amendment since they want to enshrine their particular religious beliefs in law. That would be against the freedom of religion.
          It’s true that they aren’t technically violating it by that action (since they aren’t the government, they actually CAN’T violate the First Amendment), but the violation of the first amendment is what they are working on.

          Now the government thing might be a point, but officials are certainly allowed to express their opinion. And since this business DOES donate money to hate groups working to harm American citizens there might be grounds to block them from opening. Can’t shut ’em down, but I don’t think anybody suggested that?

  • Art Belmore

    I did lunch at the Citadel CFA in COS with my son

  • Jennifer F.

    I’m so happy for them and happy for us. There is hope for our country yet.

  • Nikechic619

    ChickFilA in North Charleston was packed and everyone was smiling. :) The waffle fries were HOT and CRISPY. Today was a huge success. The libs should boycott more often.

    • Joe Robinson

      darling, if you want to eat there all day, every day, go for it.

      too bad it wasn’t McDonalds that came out against gay marriage. I’m sure you eat a lot there as well.

      • Foxe

        Ah, love and tolerance. Such a beautiful sight.

      • Nikechic619

        I bet you would love it if we boycotted the anus. I’m sure you eat a lot there as well, darling.

    • Pat

      And there were no morals anywhere in the ENTIRE building forcing me to have compassion for others!
      It was a room full of pure selfishness! Some woman wiped her face on my T-shirt, but it was so worth it!

      • Shauna Phillips

        *LOL* Says the liberal who probably want to conserve water and now has to do a load of laundry for that greasy T-shirt….ooo, poor albino-shelled snail-slug….

      • Nikechic619

        ChickFilA and all who supported the appreciation day have compassion for all the poor that they feed charitably, and for the people that they employ.

  • SilviaB

    I missed ordering the shake when I was there for lunch, but will not forget when I go back to have dinner. Twice as nice….

  • Abigail

    So freaking amazing to see. Dare I wonder what the polls on November 6th will look like…?

    • righthook38

      From your lips (or fingers) to God’s ears….

  • Mark Jones

    I just went to Chick-fil-A for lunch and the line was out the door. Don’t worry, I will still boycott them on Sundays.

  • stacy meros

    AMAZING! Just waited an HOUR to get our Chik-Fil-A…so well worth it…people are jovial, friendly, all races, all ages, all committed to FREEDOM! Love this country, and love Chik-Fil-A!#ChikFilA

    • Patty Cakes

      What you meant is:

      “people are STRAIGHT, scared, hateful, all races (mostly white thought), all ages (mostly old), all committed to denying rights to an oppressed minority!”

      10 years from now, your children will be embarrassed to know that you fought against equal rights. Congrats!

      • MarkinGermany

        Your statement embarresses everyone who knows you NOW!

        • Patty Cakes

          People who know me now would be quite proud of that statement, thank you very much.

          My loving female partner would agree and so would my accepting (straight) parents.

          • Larry Baron

            Patty Cakes, we love and respect you also. We just feel that Dan Cathy has a right to express his opinion just like you do.

          • Nicki

            as a black person stop confusing this with racism this is not racism its about a choice of
            a lifestyle that is ungodly and the 2 don’t compare . you really need to look at yourself and realize that this is not about what you think it is it is about freedom of speech and I don’t agree!

          • GarrickandKelly Lewis-Browning

            Nicole, I wish I could “like” this a billion times!!!

          • Mainman12

            You are living in mortal sin as defined by God himself. What you two have together is not love. For love to is defined by God who is Love and he detests sodomitic acts. Yours is not love because it goes against what God had ordained for all time. Love requires desiring what is best in God’s sight, not yours. What is best to spend eternity with Him. Your action are working to send your “friend” and yourself to literally Hell.

          • MarkinGermany

            And yet the website found
            YOUR statement objectionable enough to have it censored. I personably do not
            condone any speech being censored so long as the speech does not actively
            promote violence to one person or a group of people. I will admit your
            statement did not meet that category IMO. I feel you are wrong, but I still
            wish you the freedom to state your opinion. I guess that’s just the
            conservative in me coming out.

      • Lisa Dulaney

        obviously you are a liberal who only allows freedom of speech to people who agree with you, sad

        • Pamela Engle Ramos


      • GarrickandKelly Lewis-Browning

        Ha!!! I love it Patty Cakes!! You have just shown the hypocrisy of your own argument!!! I’m neither old, scared, hateful, or committed to denying rights to an oppressed minority!!! However, you are bigoted, egocentric, obviously judgemental, definitely into stereotyping, and intolerant!! Dan Cathy never said he HATED gays, or was AGAINST homosexual marriage! He said he was in SUPPORT of the traditional definition of marriage. So, then, by your logic, if someone believes differently then you, then they are “committed to denying rights to an oppressed minority?” WOW! What’s even funnier that the idiocrisy of that statement, is the fact that you have as much sway in the ballott box as I do. If you want equal rights, then fight for it! Don’t expect to just be given the rights you think you deserve, just because YOU THINK you deserve it!!!

        • Pamela Engle Ramos

          Well said!

        • Junebug78

          I second that motion!

        • Al McCulley

          Very good indeed,,clean ya our house first….

        • Out_Fang_Thief

          Stop responding to Patty Cakes. It only encourages her. I used to moderate a conservative web site comment forum, and Patty Cakes comments were routinely unapproved/deleted because she was an agitator who did not expand the discussion. I sure miss torching disruptive trolls like Patty Cakes. My suggestion: just ignore her. You won’t change her mind.

        • cpkdr

          Becareful about buying into their language…”committed to denying rights to an oppressed minority”. To actually be classed as a minority a group must meet at least one of four criteria…
          1. They must be visually different (something you can see that can’t be changed, like skin color…you can’t see sexual preference).
          2. They must be politically disenfranchised. (the gay lobby is one of the best connected in the country…doesn’t qualify on this one)
          3. They must be economically disenfranchised. (as a group gays are quite affluent)
          4. They must be educationally disenfranchised. (again, as a group, homosexuals have a greater number of college degrees)
          Minority Status was set up to try to correct for these areas of potential discrimination. Homosexuals have (and with great success) tried to cast themselves as a minority in order to get rights and priviledges above and beyond the average citizen. That is why “gay rights” are actually correctly catagorized as “special rights”. “Gay marriage” is not a “right” to be assigned or denied. It is a change of deffinition of marriage. It is a deffinition of one man and one woman, not two men or two women…or for that matter one man and two women. We have laws aginst the latter. Definitions DO matter.

        • Mike Chandler

          I agree with you 100 % Well Said

      • Jhawk77

        Patty Cakes, this has nothing to do with “equal rights.” Marriage throughout history has been understood as between a man and a woman, it is the foundation of a society and designed to provide security for children. Same-sex relationships clearly cannot beget children. When we go against natural law, we go against how we as humans are designed. Same-sex “marriage” is as incongruous as a square circle. It will damage society.

        • GarrickandKelly Lewis-Browning

          But Jhawk77, remember, the way they think….”you just can’t help who you fall in love with.” Oh, and my favorite….”what goes on between two consenting adults in love, is nobody’s business! They should be given the rights of any other individual.” The reason that’s my favorite, is by that logic, it would be absolutely okay to bring back interfamily marriage! I mean, if a 40 year old dad and a 20 year old daughter decide that they just have to be “together forever” and they are consenting, then it should be okay? Right? Cracks me up!!!

          • Tasha22

            Absolutely you can help who you fall in love with by controlling what you think about. We are all required to control our emotions, lest we all kill each other at every slight or insult. We don’t accept adultery either, it is a betrayal and selfish. If the consenting adults kep their mouths shut and their sex lives behind closed doors as normal people do, there would be no issue. But sodomites are proud of their evil and love to stick it in everyone’s face because they have no respect and are compelled to continue in their evil.

          • GarrickandKelly Lewis-Browning

            Hey! I completely agree!!! I was just stating the way THEY believe! I mean, I remember having boyfriends that were no good for me, and having to CHOOSE to leave them. It’s not like I was a robot with no decision making ability. No, they just want to make excuses and whine to get what they want. We, Tasha22, are in complete agreement!!

        • Mr Tony

          And the chicken they serve comes from a rooster and a hen, not two roosters or two hens.

          • Al McCulley

            Darn, you are good, well said…

          • Pyrran


          • Don Maycumber

            Now THAT was entertaining……and SOOOO true!

        • Al McCulley

          Very well put, my support ….

      • ChicagoJohn

        If we’re all gay… 10 years from now, we won’t have children.

        • Patty Cakes

          Oh right, I totally forgot no gay couples have children.

          Anyway, you missed the point. In 10 years, people like Cathy will be a minority and being homophobic will be just as bad as being a racist.

          • GarrickandKelly Lewis-Browning

            Uh, yeah, WRONG AGAIN! Because in 10 years, the Bible will still be the Bible, and Christians will still follow it! Because, in the end, we answer to a much higher power than our groins!

          • Richard Easbey

            I have a better idea, Patty. In 10 years, FASCIST control-freak lefty “progressives” like you will either be extinct or will have moved to a “workers” paradise like Cuba.

          • Tasha22

            No one’s afraid of you, people are simply sick of your forcing your private shame on everyone else. Some are homonaseous and find it disgusting, but they’re not afraid of you.

          • DebEast

            Missed the point again Patty C. The issue is freedom of speech. Now, stop hurling insults and get back to studying. School starts soon.

          • Mr

            The word “homophobic” makes no sense. It translates directly as “a fear of the same”. Historically, people have been afraid of that which is different. If homosexuals are the same as Cathy, then you are saying he is afraid of himself.

            Also, since your belief in a person’s moral correctness seems to HINGE on whether or not they are an “oppressed minority”, in 10 years,the timeframe that you stipulate Cathy’s views will be “just as bad as being a racist” and therefore politically unpopular or oppressed, will you find yourself in the hypocritical position of defending Cathy?

      • Esther Kery Plastridge

        So many teens at our Chic-fil-A! My children are raised in truth and equal rights–not sin rights! We are NOT scared, surprised, surprise and absolutely no hatefulness was expressed–surprise, surprise. Tables were shared, conversations amongst tables, laughter, you would have loved the camaraderie–you should have been there!

      • Mr Tony

        GFY (2)

      • Richard Easbey

        Really, Patty? I’m GAY….conservative….Roman Catholic….loving…and I support Dan Cathy’s right to his beliefs and his RIGHT TO EXPRESS THEM. Why do you hate the constitution and especially the 1st Amendment, Patty?

        • DebEast

          I am in favor of GAY marriage. I absolutely support Dan Cathy’s right to his opinion.

        • Mainman12

          How can you be Roman Catholic and defy the teaching of the Church which from Christ’s being with us up to the present time has always condemned homosexual acts. The answer is simply, you cannot be authentically Catholic any more than Nancy Pelosi. And neither of you are free to redefine what the Church has taught from the beginning.

      • Tasha22

        Fool, homos are in teh top levels of govt and society, make more money on average than most people, have always been able to vote. We don’t let 60 year old men marry nine year olds (female or male) or women to marry dogs or horses (as some have tried). But no more special rights for sodomites, you don’t get special treatment. You are the oppressors, not the oppressed.

      • Mainman12

        There is no such thing a a right to sin and every homosexual act IS a mortal sin. Rights as mentioned in the Declaration of Independence come from God not from the human mind. Acting as a homosexual defies God, is called a sin by Him and no one has a right to act in this immoral way.

      • tinkup

        Patty Cake your statements are hateful and stupid, you just show how shallow your thinking is, why cant liberals have a debate without name calling those who have a different view point. Why should your beliefs be shoved down my throat because you feel you are an oppressed minority? My view of a marriage differs from yours plain and simple. I dont have to call you bigoted or racist to maintain my viewpoint, why do you?

      • biffula

        Ask black churches or hispanic catholics what they think about homosexuality Patty Cakes, you typical intellectually lazy liberal.

      • DebEast

        So, having an opinion that differs from yours is “fighting against equal rights”? Patty C. you don’t know what you’re lying about.

      • Raymond Brezinski

        marriage is not a right it’s an institution

    • Pat

      Committed to freedom… Didn’t you go there because they’re opposed to certain freedoms and actively trying to crush them?

      I know you people are liars, but why pretend that you’re supporting the thing you hate?

      • Larry Baron

        We are supporting Dan Cathy’s right to free speech. Period. You libs are reading way too much into this. And by the way, are calling me a liar?…you don’t know me…that sounds like hate to me.

        • Tasha22

          Because you have a reprobate mind, a mind devoid of judglment and spiritually dark.

          • Larry Baron

            Seriously?…and when did you become an expert on my life?

          • Raymond Brezinski

            It”s only free speach when the libs agree with you if they don’t it’s hate speach

          • BigJohnL

            You don’t have a life.

          • Larry Baron

            Really….and you are…?

          • herdzcatz

            Great answer, Larry.

          • Don Maycumber

            Larry, it looks like Tasha 22 inadvertently replied to your post by accident. By the looks of things, she’s on the same page as you (we) are. :)

          • Larry Baron

            I know

      • Corrie Seames Caldwell

        You know what? I support gay marriage. What I don’t support is the government choosing what businesses get to open in their district or city because of “values”? What would you say if a conservative mayor of a city said a business won’t be able to open there because the CEO donates his money to liberal causes? And guess what? I would not support that either.

        • janincali02

          Well said Corrie.

        • Tasha22

          Don’t agree with you about sodomite marriage which is no marriage any more than a woman and a dog is, but at least you have the integrity to accept that people have as much right to disagree with you as to agree.

        • Karen Lewis

          I really respect your post, it’s makes sense for both sides.

        • David Masche

          I agree with your point. About gay marriage…at what point do we draw the line? One can apply that logic to polygamy, siblings and pets. I have gay friends and as much as I appreciate their friendship, I value the 1st Amendment more. I’m pretty sure they will understand. This is not about homosexualtiy! This is about a group using armed thugs to make me think a certain way. It’s soooooo un-American.

      • Chuck Petersen

        Having sex with animals is not constitutionally protected. Gays have all the rights they are entitled to have, free speech, religion, right to bear arms, etc. Since marriage is between one man and one woman, this doesn’t encompass anything else (that’s the DEFINITION of marriage). Just as the definition of “insect” is not– A
        warm-blooded vertebrate animal of a class that is distinguished by the
        possession of hair or fur, the secretion of milk by females…” etc. Gays are trying to say that belief in the bible is hate speech.

        • Pat

          Wow, that thing that’s not constitutionally protected is exactly what I was talking about, and therefore highly relevant to the debate.
          Truly, I am defeated by your ability to disprove a point that is extraordinarily not the same as the one I made.

      • DebEast

        I’m only hearing one LIAR here Pat938. Chic-Fil-A doesn’t discriminate against anyone.

      • Pyrran

        Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and
        remove all doubt. Oops, too late for you Pat.
        I love Chick Fil A!!!! Eat there all the time! Went today and the line was around the block!!!

  • bengali

    Headed there for dinner, in support of free speech.

  • Kevin Mogee

    Actually, the main stream media can and will hide this. They will never show any of these pictures on TV and they will gloss over any coverage of the day. They have an agenda and they will do anything to force it down our throats. Fortunately, I’m already stuffed from my delicious Chick-fil-A lunch!

    • Jeffrey Harbin

      Tampa Tribune has this as their lead story online right now… And I noticed our Fox News affiliate has also been covering it pretty well. Sure there will be little or nothing in the LSM, however.

    • Chupah Kabra

      Don’t worry, honey. No one really watches the so called “main stream media” anymore.

      • Daniel Lewis Morkson

        No one with a brain anyway.

    • Joe Robinson

      i’ve seen the pictures. i see a lot of fat people.

      • Irony_Tag

        Not a surprise when you figure a 1/3rd of Americans are obese. Figures a 1/3 at a restaurant would be heavy.

  • tpartyerga

    Gotta love America! This groundswell of support for Chik fil A is heartwarming!

  • Blake Beverly

    DEEEstroyed my diet today in exchange for Liberty!

    • ChicagoJohn

      You made me happy to be an American on two levels, then. :)

    • Pat

      Your diet calls for more Chik-Fil-A food? Odd diet.

      …Oh, wait, you just don’t know what liberty is, do you? Oh, hang on, Liberty-with-a-capital-L? As in the goddess?
      Now I’m just confused.

      • Larry Baron

        A diet is what one consumes. Google the word. Yes, you are extremely confused.

      • Tasha22

        Grilled chicken is very good for you, and actually everyone needs some fat for processing vitamins A& D and for healthy skin, hair, nails, and connective tissue.

      • Blake Beverly

        Confused? I’m not surprised. Go back to trying to destroy the freedom you benefit from daily.

  • plus_tips

    Boston, Chicago and San Francisco must be kicking themselves for keeping out delicious chick fil-a. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  • felicityva

    This is absolutely AWESOME! God bless CFA!

  • Joe Robinson

    There was a time when people went out of their way to support segregated restaurants as well.

    back, we realize those folks were idiots and on the wrong side of
    history. They were free to do it, but they were wrong.

    Twenty years from now, your kids are going to be wondering why the heck you folks loved CFA so much.

    • Grandma HeadInjury

      Analogy fail. Don’t throw your back out grasping at those straws….

    • Mike McBurnett

      They are going to know because we follow God and His teachings and we are going to instill that same value in our children and hopefully keep them away from people like you!!!!!

      • Rebecca Kemnitz

        lol. I assume you follow the bible to the letter and don’t eat shrimp, or wear pesky clothes of more then one type of thread.

        • Jeff Hays

          Rebecca dont you know your bible? Ever hear of the New Testament?

        • CDR_N

          Answered that question 2,000 years ago Rebecca. Try to keep up. Ephesians 2:15, Colossians 2:14, Hebrews 7:18, 8:13, 10:1,

        • Jeffrey Harbin

          If you ever read the entire Bible with even a shred of understanding you would realize just how foolish your statement truly is.

    • allenbarr

      someone rain on your parade Joe? THIS IS A VICTORY IN JESUS.

    • frgough

      Oh, I doubt it. My kids actually learned about human anatomy.

    • Matt Woods

      B/c they served good chicken.

    • Pizza the Hutt

      Listen I support gay marriage 100% but anyone who was shocked that the CEO did not support gay marriage amuses me. Chick-fila markets to the Christian community and is even closed on Sunday’s for God’s sake.

      • Hazel

        It’s not about “not supporting gay marriage”. It is ACTIVELY FUNDING hate groups.

        • Pizza the Hutt

          WOW do you even know what a hate group is? Yes the CEO might not understand the concept of gay marriage but Chick-fil-a is not a hate group. The WBC Church, the KKK, the new black panthers are hate groups

          • Hazel

            Chick-Fil-A funds hate groups. Please look this up for yourself before mangling my own words.

          • Rena

            they support a group that is against LGBT marriage and homosexuality, simple as that and that is their right. But do you see them going out and lynching them? Do you see them telling their followers to stone them? That is what hate groups are doing, but please show me where this organization is ordering the murder of gays or lesbians? They want it made illegal, which btw homosexual acts are illegal in many states however not enforced.

    • fabal2

      This is about freedom–this restaurant DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE who they hire or serve– so this is NO comparison to that–I support gay rights and the rights of an American business family to have their own religious freedom
      how does a restaurant that doesn’t discrimibate compare to the South–save your hatred for another place

    • Sixtus66

      Personally, I support gay marriage; I see nothing wrong with it. But I’m sick to death of people who disagree with me being painted as intolerant bigots who need to be silenced.

      How insulting and offensive are you to compare the civil rights movement to gay marriage. How many gays were lynched? I seem to recall that there were close to 5000 blacks lynched from the end of the Civil War to the 70s. More specifically, when did Chick-fil-A bar gay people from entering their restaurant? When did they refuse to serve gay people? Gay couples? When did CFA set up “Gays Only” sections?

      They didn’t and they still don’t;

      • Sean Moore

        And that is why the gay marriage supporters are planning a “kiss off” protest at the restaurants. Go ahead kiss away. It is clear they are missing the whole point.

      • Hazel

        People are harassed and murdered for being gay. Don’t kid yourself. Even if the comparison isn’t as apt as it could be, homophobic bigotry is still harmful and dangerous.

        • Rena

          People are harassed and killed for being Christian as well or dont you read the news? Christians are being told they can’t gather for Bible study in many neighborhoods, they are being denied to wish others a Blessed Day in many stores or told they can’t say Merry Christmas because it might offend someone… the list goes on and on but of course that doesn’t matter as its just Christians…

    • Sig

      Wherever you stand on the gay marriage issue, this is the long and short of it right here. In this country, the very first amendment gives Dan Cathy the right to believe as he does, and it gives people the right to eat there – or not.

      Freedom of religion and freedom of speech weren’t tucked into page 147 as a footnote. They are the First Amendment; the LEAD OFF to our entire Bill of Rights. For government representatives to try to shut it down is disgraceful and disgusting; not to mention illegal.

      I don’t care what you think of Gay Marriage. I don’t care what I think of Gay Marriage. As Americans, enjoying the freedoms granted by our creator, as pursuers of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, as individuals working toward the American Dream, every single one of us needs to be pissed off, and feel very threatened by this tyrannous behavior. It could be you or something you believe in next.

      I’m not telling you to go stand in solidarity with Chick Fil A if you think Mr. Cathy is wrong. You have every right not to ever eat another chicken sandwich. But you need to stand in solidarity with every American’s right to his or her belief in his or her religion, and his or her right to express that view. It is the very core of what this nation was founded on. It is the opening Amendment in the Bill of Rights. When it is gone, the rest will fall like a house of cards.

      If you are complicit in its erosion, stop.

    • tkhk3746

      Only a idiot liberal would compare segregation to this! It’s not about “being gay”, “JOE” it’s about a GOVERNMENT entity ostracizing and silencing a person’s freedom of speech. It’s not YOUR JOB nor the government’s to determine that. That’s how The Constitution rolls here in America….you and dipshits like “becca” can’t handle that??/ Get the hell out!

    • journogal

      Have they denied service to anyone? Can you point to a time and place they have refused to allow a gay couple eat, owner or work at a CFA. You can’t can you? So, you pull up an inept straw argument. Dan Cathy was sharing his personal feelings, do you understand? Disagree with him, fine. That’s your right. Other people have rights, too. Is it so hard to understand?

    • Larry Baron

      Twenty years from will be a dead issue. Its not about anything except Freedom of Speech. Why are libs always throwing red herrings in a discussion?

      • Tasha22

        They do it because they can’t win on principle because they have no principles, it’s all about envy, lust, resentment, and self-pity. Principle carries you through to success when times are tough–if you have right and true princples.

  • Robert Moore

    Regency Square Mall, Florence Alabama

  • Dead Kennedy

    I am planning on dinner there. I hope they don’t run out of chicken and peach shakes before I get there. =(

  • righthook38

    AWESOME! I tried to find one for lunch, but there wasn’t one close enough…bummer. Maybe dinner?

  • S.Com

    Silent Majority no more!

    Cincinnati Ohio 2 hour wait for Chick-fil-a @ Bridgewater Falls.

  • Michael Hankins

    NO Chic-fil-A in 150 miles ;(

    • Chip

      If you can’t get to Chick-fil-A today, take the time to send a donation to the Christian candidate of your choice!!! God Bless the USA!!!

      • Hazel

        Yeah, like Barak Obama.

        • Orangeone

          Christian, not Muslim

          • Hazel

            Go home, children.

          • Orangeone

            He should go home to Kenya and take the rest of his illegal family membeers with him.

    • Cyborg0012

      Sorry to hear that.

  • David Neumann

    I didn’t see Obama at Chick-Fil-A building chicken sandwiches with those smart and hard-working employees.

    • Elizabeth Fisher

      Don’t you know that Obama built the roads leading to the CFA? :-)

      • Shauna Phillips

        BWAHAHAHHHA..Elizabeth, you are my hero *LOL*

      • NAVYCHEF

        Dont give any ideas… Obama might get those roads to CFA taken out

      • Wayne Williams

        Obama will travel that road on Friday to show support for the “Kiss protest”(if he is not trying to add to his 100+ Tee times)

  • Donald Koller

    Where is Obama, I thought he was for free speech? Guess not.

  • Karyn Kelly-Michael

    My 10 year old daughter and I decided to get to our Chester, VA CFA around 11:00 am this morning to try to beat the Noon rush…LOL…the restaurant was full with lines and the drive-through was full. The staff was a bit flustered, but they were getting it done! By the time we left, traffic was backed up horribly, people were parking all over the place and Route 10 was backed up in both directions…no one was turning away!!!! Way to go CFA! Way to go America…LIBERTY AND FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS SO worth the small inconvenience of waiting in line!!!!!!

    • Patty Cakes

      10 years from now, your 20 year old daughter will be proud to know her dear mommy was a bigot and fought against equal right. Please don’t forget to remind her!

      Who knows, she might end up being LGBT herself, but don’t worry, I’m sure she’ll understand you were fighting for “LIBERTY AND FREEDOM OF SPEECH”.

      Can’t wait.

      • jonah marley

        Er… I think you’re missing the point. I don’t care what Cathy’s opinions are. In fact, I disagree with them. But when government authorities threaten to shut down and ostracize businesses because they are opposed to their views, that is tyranny of the worst sort. To paraphrase: I may oppose what you say to my very core, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it.

      • Frank Shelton

        I’m playing my violin for you Patty Cakes. You can’t hear it because I’m not playing it very loud.

      • Rena

        Its funny how you keep on with this since its not a fight against gay rights its a fight for FREEDOM OF SPEECH. No one has the right to deny anyone the right to business because of their religious or political beliefs unless it is an act terrorism. Many gays and lesbians also support this as they don’t seem to have a hard time understanding what is going on, but apparently you are so stuck on stupid you can’t see it for what it really is.

        Stop being a narrow minded bigot and open your mind… you’d be surprised at what you might learn today…

        • ChicagoJohn

          The worst part of this is that the left doesn’t realize how this would play out if the tables were turned, and if gay Americans were being denied the right to own a business because of their views on gay marriage.

          • Tasha22

            That is correct. Some people might not patronize their business, but they would still support their right to open it and support themselves.

    • tbconrad

      Glenn Allen was packed for lunch. Took 30 minutes to get a quick order at 12:45. Breakfast was a breeze though.

  • Joel A. Ohmer

    i support Gay Rights … AND Freedom of Speech. Had Chick-Fil-A for lunch!

    • Patty Cakes

      Congratulations for giving money to a company that gives money to organizations (including a certified hate group) that, among other things, depict gay people as pedophiles, want to make “gay behavior” illegal, and even say gay people should be “exported” out of America.

      You seem like a very tolerant fellow.

      • Shauna Phillips

        Sounds like you had a side of sour grapes today. :)

        • Patty Cakes

          Not really, just another day that I woke up being an oppressed minority who is denied the same rights you take for granted.

          I know you can’t relate but TRUST ME, it’s not fun to have delusional people trying to deny you rights, all because they take a fiction book literally.

          • peteee363

            what rights are you denied? you are free to marry, you must just follow the rules. it is like me complaining i don’t get a farm subsidy. if i want farm money, all i need to do is become a farmer. if you want to get married, you must follow the are not denied any rights!

          • Richard Fincher

            Marriage is not a “right,” it is a privilege. A privilege performed by religious organizations. Until those religious organizations change their minds, civil unions between two people will have to suffice. I remember when it was hard for a Catholic to marry a Protestant, a Jew to marry a Christian, or a person of color to marry a white. Times change, perhaps even for your cause, I don’t know. But the majority of people support the privilege of traditional marriage between a man and a woman for now.

          • jim_m

            Or more correctly, Marriage is not a right. It is a rite and has been for centuries.

          • Tasha22

            One should also note that a very high percentage of those sodomites and lesbians who rushed in to get married almost immediately divorced. The ink was barely dry on the license. Sodomites and lesbians have lived together for years w/o marrying and can still do so. It’s about forcing their shame on everyone else, including churches.

          • Patty Cakes

            I just really have to thank you for “enlightening me” on how marriage works.

            See, the problem is that even though I consider myself pansexual (not that you’d know what that is), I have been in a committed relationship with my female partner for the past 5 years.

            As of right now we can’t:

            – Marry
            – Receive the same rights as married couples
            – File taxes like a married couple
            – Be on each others health insurance plan
            – Adopt children

            I’m sure I’m missing a couple, but you get the idea.

            Maybe I should just follow your advice and “follow the rules” and find a male partner instead. Would that make you more comfortable?

          • tbconrad

            Still didn’t see where any of the things you listed were rights. Big difference between benefits and rights. You liberals need to learn that.

          • Angelfire4280

            How about you move to Syria, Iran, or Jordan? At least then
            you would have an actual REASON to whine like a child. Your lack of gratitude does not help your cause at all.

          • ChicagoJohn

            I completely get what pansexual is.
            Its when you only want to make love on skillets that have a Teflon coating. Yes?
            You really don’t give me enough credit for understanding you.

          • Tasha22

            WE get what pansexual is,–it means you’ll screw anything, male, female, animal, maybe even inanimate objects.

          • GarrickandKelly Lewis-Browning

            Hahah!!! You are CRACKING ME UP!! Number one, you can’t even commit to who you are or what you want! That’s what pansexual means….the inability to control your own desires to anything, sexually, causing the inability to commit to one side or the other. But because you are weak minded (as stated by being “pansexual,” which, by the way, I don’t remember the LGBT community calling themselves the LGBTP community) you want everyone, and I do mean, EVERYONE, to bow and kiss your behind and give you the rights that you think you deserve. GROW UP!!! You ABSOLUTELY have the right to marry, you just need to get in your Prius and drive to one of the 6 states or DC, that currently allow it. Let’s see, as far as rights, you have the right to live together, share expenses, adopt children, see each other in the hospital, receive inheritance and become beneficiaries on insurance policies, share bank accounts, buy vehicles together, buy houses together, many companies allow “partners” to be on health insurance plans….so yeah, not sure what you are whining about. Oh, and by the way, I don’t give a rat’s bottom if you are gay, straight, or “pansexual,” but I do care about my right to vote my convictions on the matter. Like I said before, being that you want to whine and cry because you think you are the “oppressed minority”, get up, put your big girl panties on, and fight for whatever rights you want. Don’t blame others because you aren’t getting what you want!!!

          • Teresa Nelson

            Patty Cakes you are very free to “marry” in a private ceremony like everyone else, exchange rings, have bridesmaids/groomsmen, a reception, what ever floats your boat. The only diff is that the state won’t make you take a blood test first. Trust me, you don’t WANT to file taxes like a married couple. There is no ‘savings’ and the marriage penalty kicks back in with the expiration of the Bush tax rates. You most certainly can adopt children if you wish, assuming you aren’t a felon. As for health insurance, buy your own plan. Obama’s requiring it anyways. If you or your sig other currently have employer provided insurance, expect that to be gone. The tax on employers is waaay less than the cost of providing employees with insurance. So everyone is going to be buying their own policies. Get a “power of attorney” for your Healthcare (which you need to do even if “married”) so your loved one can make medical decisions for you in the event you are unable. It doesn’t have to be a spouse, its just a legal document that says who can make decisions for you, and whether you want to be resusitated, ventilated, feeding tubed an/or left in a vegetative state in the event something extremely severe were to happen. You already have just as many “rights” as everyone else in this country.

          • Tasha22

            She lies anyway, most major cities have long allowed sodomites to claim their home partner (their committed relationships almost always involve days of massive promiscuity, which is why there is still so much AIDS and STDs.) on their insurance, but if you are working you would have insurance anyway, and iif you aren’t the taxpayers are paying for it. You can put anyone you want on your will, beneficiary forms or next of kin notifications.

          • Sweetie Pie

            as to everyone having the same privilege, politicians get better benefits than I ever did, single people do not receive same rights as people who choose to marry, health insurance plans vary in benefits because not all benefits are suited to what people pay, taxes are not fair, because some of us do not even receive income enough to pay rent, utilities, buy food and medicine and receive medical care, yet have to cough up taxes even though our income is below poverty level (unless we still have dependents at home) and life is just not equal. Best thing to do is man up or woman up, and deal with what we have. It is more about politics than marriage in reality. Living in a free society or living under a socialistic regime. I prefer the inequities for the freedom, myself.

          • maxineusa

            You must have missed the part about a civil union. That’s when you go to a courthouse and get married. IDIOT!

          • Tasha22

            Actually tehre are many places where sodomite and lesbian couples can adopt. But THINK, kids need a mother and a father. Just look at any inner city and see what wolf packs kids are when they have no father. BTW we know what pansexual means–it means you will screw anything that has breath, male, female or animal.

          • Frank Shelton

            There are untold numbers of people that wish and hope for fulfillment of their hearts desires… but it doesn’t make them “oppressed”. You are a member of a small but vocal MINORITY of people that want to change thousands of years of how the vast and overwhelming majority of people have viewed the world. More power to you, but for now… sorry. One persons whinning is oppression to another, I guess, but don’t go yelling about rights. Rights are earned, they don’t just appear because someone has a desire. There are innumerable people that lay claim to “rights” to all sorts of things from smoking dope to polygamy, but society in general has another view. Gay Marriage might well become the norm some day, but for now it would appear that there is a mass of people that say otherwise. Sorry.

          • Patty Cakes

            You’re wrong. Honestly, I know it sounds horrible, but the majority of us are just waiting for your generation to die off and let us progress as a society. Sorry.

          • Tasha22

            Let’s see, you’re here whining that what, you can’t speak? You seem to be? Do you vote? Do you own a car? Do you have a job? Seems like you are freely exercising your rights. Do you have 4th and 5th amendment rights? There is no right to marry anyone and anything. We have age restrictions, degrees of consanguinity restrictions, even to some extent, state of mind restrictions. Marriage is a privillege for those who are capable. of it, and it was set up by God for one man and one woman who are believers. It was never intended for the unbeliever, they just copied it (and did a bad job of it.)

          • tinkup

            You are a very angry woman who is so confused about so much. You continue to defile the things that many of us believe in, a fiction book?? You dont seem to be able to argue your point without trying to take down those who simply believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. You dont have to accept that but I dont have to accept your view either. Now silence the name calling and stop trying to belittle others, grow up.

      • edgdco1

        Name the hate groups and show me the proof,. I’m tired of hearing all of you gay liberals spouting facts with no proof. You haven’t a clue what you are talking about. For that matter, show me proof that hate groups exist besides Westboro and their kind, which most despise including Mr. Cathy of Chick-Fil-a, as well. Go spew your HATE somewhere else and weep at the long lines waiting for a chicken sandwich. Show me some proof! Didn’t think so. . . .

        • Steven Rauzi

          Some of the other anti-gay organizations and hate groups Chick-Fil-A’s money has supported include Marriage & Family Foundation, Fellowship Of Christian Athletes, and the Georgia Family Council. The Family Research Council (FRC), mentioned above, is a certified anti-gay hate group.

          • Linda Po

            Certified hate group? Where could we view a copy of that certificate? And…you think the fellowship of Christian Athletes is a hate group too? Seriously?

          • Lisa Williams

            Can someone please explain how one becomes a certified hate group?

          • Tasha22

            Disagree with a sodomite, lesbian, obamazombie or any other socialist-leftist-islamistic hate-America, antiChristian, anti-Semitic group. They call you what THEY ARE.

          • Kit Sterling

            No they aren’t. Your definition of hate is simply people who disagree with you. Grow up. The good Lord gave everyone a free will to choose whatever. The consequences of those choices are ours. We support the FREEDOM TO CHOOSE….Traditional or Gay.

        • Patty Cakes
          • Larry S

            Gladd is such an unbiased group. With the exception of the NAALCP (National Association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People), Most legitimate civil rights groups cring when gays and lesbians say this is a civil rights issue. MLK Jr. I suspect is turning over in his grave over this.

      • ChicagoJohn

        I’m curious; where does one certify a group as being a “hate group”?
        You do realize that there is no statement to support that the owner wants to make “gay behavior” illegal… right?
        Of course you do.
        But you’ll still spread the lie, anyway.

        • Junebug78

          Let me be the “hate group”. I already hate everybody!!

      • jim_m


        Now you’re just making stuff up. Why don’t you pony up some links to show that Dan Cathy has said that. Or are you simply every bit of the strident bigot you profess to oppose?

        Sounds like you are doing an awful lot of projection here.

      • SDN

        Certified by who? SPLC aka Morris Dees scam?

      • maxineusa

        “GAY” used to mean happy, content, at peace with the world until it was highjacked by your friends “Pattycakes”.

      • Junebug78

        I’ll vote for that if you are the first to go!

      • Tasha22

        Tell us, what is NAMBLA all about? IS that about men raping little boys?

        • Shauna Phillips

          You are so right…GLAAD is the parent-organization of NAMBLA. Go to NAMBLA’s website (if you can stomach it)…it says it’s a sect of GLAAD (gay marriage activist group and lobbyist). That means, when you monetarily support GLAAD..your money goes to NAMBLA (National Association of Man-Boy Love Acceptance). I guarantee…that’s next.

      • Larry S

        I would much more like to give my money to CFA and there by FCA than to companies that support abortion. But I don’t raise a stink about it. I like most people just go about our lives.

    • ChicagoJohn

      Joel; in that case, I support you.
      You and I may disagree, but I will never, ever, ever try to silence you. And I will always support your decision to open a business that supports gay rights.

    • Pat

      Perhaps you should figure out what the Freedom of Speech is before you support it. Standing up to what people say is PART of the freedom of speech.

      Oh, and they’re actively harming gay people. Donating to hate groups. That’s kinda important.

      • jim_m

        And it’s all legal. Your objection is that you want to make what they say illegal dependent upon your political ideology. There are countries in the 20th century that believed that too. Some of them perished at the end of WWII, the rest hung on until the Berlin Wall came down. Perhaps you would feel more comfortable under a similar government, although none of those governments were that gay friendly.

      • Irony_Tag

        Groups you disagree with = Hate group

        • Pat

          If what I disagree with them about is whether or not some people are more equal than others… then yes.
          If they’re a group who thinks that chocolate is better than strawberry, well they’re wrong. But not a hate group.

          If you’re a group dedicated to saying how much you don’t like a certain minority group, then you’re a hate group.

          It has a meaning!

      • Dale Williamson

        They are not harming anyone! The only hate I have seen in this whole thing is coming from the left. btw…I support gay rights too.

      • Tasha22

        Since when is the Fellowship of Christian Athletes a hate group? Or is it simply that, like most Christian groups, it is hated by homos?

    • Linda Po

      I’m with you. I support gay rights but when you have government officials threatening to block or destroy businesses because their owners don’t have the “correct” religious or political views, that’s fascism, and I will never support that.

  • kpistol

    I love it. Dinner there tonight

  • Sherra G. Vongehr

    I stand for the 1st Amendment and will donate meals for our military men and women! Thank you Chick-Fil-A!

  • Rebecca Kemnitz

    Enjoy your bigotry with a side order of early onset diabetes and a coronary!

    • SonofHawg

      Enjoy your Big Whaaah, with your whinnnnne!

    • George Bentley

      Not gonna do you much good to complain to the mirror.

    • tkhk3746

      Your idiocy causes you embarrassment, “becca”. You’re too stupid to see it has nothing to do with “being gay”…it’s a government entity using the bully pulpit to ostracize and silence Constitutional rights of citizens. IT IS YOU AND THE LOONEY LIBERALS who banter about “tolerance”…oh! Wait! That’s only if people agree with your lunacy! You’re obviously not a Christian. You have no comprehension skills about the old testament and the new testament. Which only makes you look even more stupid!

    • journogal

      Can you provide credible proof that Chick-Fil-A has refused service to gay and/or gay couples? Have they refused employment to a gay? Have they refused ownership of a franchise to a gay? Can you prove any of this? No, you can’t. You are bent out of shape because someone shared their personal feelings. Get that – personal feelings. Oh, and your cute statement about on-set diabetes and a coronary also proves you have never visit a CFA. If you had, you see they offer quite a variety of healthy alternatives. Furthermore, you can’t get diabetes from food, there is a lot more to it.
      Before you call others bigots, take a good look in the mirror.

      • Hazel

        Chick-Fil-A fired a new mother because they wanted her to stay at home.

        • journogal

          Really, where? Do you have a link? Why hasn’t that been in the news? If this is true, then she has a case. Was she gay also?

        • journogal

          Hate CFA, I don’t care. But I am tired of being a bigot, racist and whatever else liberals come up with because I don’t immediate curl into a ball, scream, cry and play victim. Live and let live. Cathy was talking about his OWN PERSONAL OPINION, not that of every CFA operator and manager.

          • Hazel

            CFA actively funds homophobic hate groups. This is beyond personal opinion.

          • frgough

            As defined by the GLBT. Which basically translates to: They say our sexual deviancy is a sin, so they are a homophobic hate group.

          • Shauna Phillips

            Intriguing…I thought the reason I was soliciting CFA was that I *WASN’T* afraid or intimidated by the gays…(definition of homophobic–> “Fear of homosexuality”)

        • frgough

          You know, lying is a form of hate.

    • salgofnir

      Do you even know what the word bigotry means? Just because someone has an opinion different than yours does not make them a bigot. Using your view, since you hate Christians I guess you are a bigot. Also, do you know the cause of type II diabetes and atherosclerosis?

    • Jeffrey Harbin

      Thank you. I will.

    • Tasha22

      Such love and sweetness and complete medical ignorance. Since when does chicken and unsweetened lemonade give someone diabetes

    • Shauna Phillips

      Such love, tolerance, and “co-exist”-ness in that lovely sentence. :)

    • Tasha22

      So tolerant, sweet, loving, LOL, and medically ignorant. Since when does chicken cause diabetes or a coronary?

    • Shauna Phillips

      Wow…to support us not harming gays (as ya’ll call it) , you wish for fatal diseases on us. Enjoy your pacifier with a side of sour grapes :)

  • $17044315


  • CMS

    Conserves Are Stuffing their Faces wit Chicken Samiches. My Plan is Working Perfectly Muahhhhhh

  • Katrina Kirby Welch


  • Gail Wakefield


  • Tony Adams

    Saint Simons Island Georgia …. 45 min wait for lunch !! This has really restored my faith that the silent majority is still alive and well !!! If we can turn out in these numbers in November …. Maybe we can take our Country back !!! God Bless America !!!

    • Dan

      Well said.

    • tbconrad

      Oh how I miss SSI. Glad they finally got a CFA there

  • Hazel

    Supporting Chick-Fil-A actually has literally zero to do with upholding freedom of speech. It’s supporting the hideous causes that Chick-Fil-A funds. So, good job everyone. Well done. You decided to counter-protest and support a homophobic bigot. You really won that righteous cause, there.

    • jim_m

      No. It has everything to do with standing up and supporting a person’s right to believe whatever they want. No one has demonstrated where Chick-fil-a has broken any laws. All they have done is offend leftist sensibilities.

      If the ACLU can defend neo-NAZI’s in court for their 1st amendment rights we can stand up for a fast food restaurant owner’s 1st amendment rights. Nobody on the left complained when the NAZI’s wanted to march in Skokie, IL (a large Jewish community).

      Standing up for free speech means standing up for the speech you don’t always agree with not just the speech you like. You have a lot of growing up to do,

      • Hazel

        Is the government shutting down Chick-Fil-A because of what the President said? No? Then it’s not a 1st amendment issue, it’s a personal morality issue. I refuse to patronize businesses that actively fund hateful groups. Hateful people can believe whatever hateful thing they want, feel free. But that does not place them above criticism, and that does not mean it will not affect how people treat them. Plus Chick-Fil-A is in a whole heap of other trouble for its hiring practices, particularly the case on right now when a new mother was fired because they wanted her to stay at home. So you need to sit down and perhaps read a little bit about constitutional law and about this issue as a whole.

        • frgough

          One of the most hateful groups out there is the GLBT crowd. I’ll lay money right now you patronize their businesses.

          • Patty Cakes

            Oh really? Please prove to us how an oppressed minority is the most “hateful group” out there?

          • jim_m

            Please explain how the gay community is “oppressed” when every demographic study I have ever seen shows that they are far more educated that the general population and earn more income.

            Please, show me the same discrimination.

          • Hazel

            Show me where heterosexual people are murdered because of their sexual orientation. Show me where heterosexual teenagers are bullied into suicide. Oppression isn’t just economic; to claim that is facetiousness at best.

          • jim_m

            Oh, you are referring to the radical muslims who believe that gays should be hanged or stoned? I seem to have missed the left wing protests against their muslim political allies.

          • Hazel

            I’m referring to Matthew Shephard in particular. Don’t pretend that a religious America is so different from a religious Iran, and don’t pretend that all Muslims are “radical”.

          • jim_m

            You have one isolated incident and in your hate and bigotry you are going to ascribe that to ALL Christians and yet you sit there and cannot see the irony that you complain that not all muslims believe that gays should be put to death (despite their governments doing that daily)

          • Tasha22

            We were told that this University of Wyoming student was murdered simply because he was a homosexual. The truth is that he was the victim of a robbery gone bad by two drug addicts. What’s more, Shepard was also a heavy drug user who was HIV-positive. Not only were the perpetrators of this brutal crime not “homophobes,” but one of them knew Shepherd and was allegedly bisexual. The real story of the Matthew Shepard case, as the prosecutor says on “20/20,” concerns the dangers of methamphetamine. The two killers and Shepard were big meth users.
            Why were the stories about this crime so wrong? The gay rights movement wanted to depict Shepard as an innocent victim of a homophobic society. This played into their demands for legislation to curb so-called “hate crimes.” One of the perpetrators used that to his advantage, arguing when he went on trial that he went into a panic when Shepard tried to proposition him at a bar.

            However it didn’t work—the two got life in prison.

          • Tasha22

            THe truth is that a lot of homos are abused and murdered by their homo spouses–and that’s not including the ones who murder dozens with their promiscuity when they have AIDS and don’;t tell their partners. This THe law says that people must inform their partners if they have an STD, but homos are exempted from that law and are not legally required to tell their partners they have AIDs. But after they giu a lethal disease, you can sue them. The homo on homo and lesbian on lesbian abuse is highly unreported and info highly suppressed, particularly in San Francisco

          • Hazel

            It must be really tough that an enormous Gay Lobby is pumping so much money into forbidding you from marrying and promoting groups that claim they can pray the heterosexuality away.

          • Shauna Phillips

            How about Christians out there that can’t go to worship, because they
            are forced to work on Sun and Wed? Or can’t celebrate their holidays
            such as Christmas and Easter (Ash Wednesday, even). What about Christian
            teens who are harassed at See You at the Pole every year (including
            being egged or beaten up to “challenge the Christian LOVE” we talk
            about). The Senior prank at my high school was to “Booze up the Nun
            before she goes to Bible College.” Every time she put her punch down,
            they poured large amounts of booze in it. They let her drive drunk, took
            video, and blasted it before the whole school. Let alone the football
            team (that weren’t Christians) feeling up the Christian girls, because
            “they don’t know what they’re missing.” or “I’ll conquer here.” So,
            don’t talk to me about being bullied because of who you are. You libs
            are all the same…bitter, dried up, whiny babies.

        • jim_m

          Civil rights complaints were lodged with the Illinois Atty General and the Illinois Dept of Human Rights today against Mayor Emmanuel and Alderman Moreno for their positions denying Chick-fil-a the right to operate legally within the city of Chicago.

          • Hazel

            Perhaps when they sort out their egregious hiring and firing practices and obey the law they will be allowed to build a new restaurant.

        • Chupah Kabra

          Then, by all means, Hazel, don’t go to Chick Fil A. See ya at Jack in the Crack after I have finished at CFA.

        • PuritanD71

          Hateful group like what??? The only hate so far that has been spewed has been by you Hazel. You may need to get a mirror out before speaking.

        • Shauna Phillips

          No, but a mayor is not the same thing as a king. A monarch says “You can’t do business here.” A mayor has no place to deny CFA from operating within legal rights. Why don’t *you* read a little something called The Constitution. Nowhere does it give the right to ANY ruling body to deny a business from coming and operating LEGALLY in a city/state. I will say that ACORN was allowed to operate with federal subsidy while involving itself in human sex trade and trafficking (yes, there is video and news reports on such). Where were you liberals then? CFA has NEVER denied a homosexual service, employment, or access.

      • Shauna Phillips

        Speaking of the ACLU…even THEY have said they would be the FIRST to file a lawsuit in Chicago, Boston, San Fran, etc. for keeping them out due to their speech and beliefs. And by the way, you have business owners in your town that you do business with EVERY day that have the same beliefs. There are businesses out there that are an affront to Christians and say HATEFUL, MEAN things about Christians, their beliefs, etc. It’s my right to boycott and I may not want them in my city, but I nor ANYONE else has the sole right to block them from my city.

  • crazedPartisan

    Excellent! Can we start rounding up the gays now?

  • American Uprising

    I know this is a fairly small issue considering the enormous amount of problems the libs have caused our country, but this is sure great to see and very inspiring! Can’t wait til November!!

    • Shauna Phillips

      I hope the momentum keeps going…

  • tkhk3746

    make sure you check out my reply! :)

  • tinker_thinker

    Amazing! Take that lefties!

  • Carter_Burger67

    Disagreeing With Chick Fil A is American. Banning them because of their beliefs is fascism. Know the difference.

    • Roy Tillotson


    • Janet Saab

      Thank you for the bottom line!

    • Vinnie Law

      Agree with the disagreement.
      Vinnie from

      • Linda Ann McBride

        2% of children of 2 parent families (man and wife) are sexually molested. 5% with a step parent. 22% with same sex parents. Also more suicides, depression, etc. That seems to be the best reason of
        all for marriage is between a man and a woman. Do not let them adopt……the % is just too high……that’s more than 1 out of 5

        • Shawn Smith

          Please understand I’m not arguing, but am genuinely curious: where did those numbers come from? If I mention them, I’d like to be able to point to the source.

    • Carabella1

      No one really gives a shit about obese morons chowing down their junk food just like any other day. Let’s celebrate Arteriosclerosis Day!

      • Bobbwil

        Hmmm…I looked through all the pics above and didn’t see one person I would label as obese. And they are “morons” because….oh, yes, because they disagree with YOU! I get it now.

      • Shelby is a Patriot

        AW, someone is a sore loser. =(

        Go pout. We win.

        • Carabella1

          Win… At… What…? The obesity game? Sorry, hon. We don’t play that. Disgusting.

          • Shelby is a Patriot

            We win at your pathetic attempt at a boycott, hon. =)

          • Shell

            Carabella, you missed the point of it all and so filled with hatred, you jumped to the arteriosclerosis, which has nothing to do with the freedom of speech, the Constitution, or choice. You sound as if you are a liberal, hateful bully, but I hope not.

      • Linda Ann McBride

        Sour grapes

        • Carabella1

          Seriously? Over you people? Wow. The derangement of the Reichwing continues.

          • Ashley

            Then quit responding.

          • Carabella1

            I think not. Your false bravado is musing.

      • Ken

        I see you guys are planning a kiss-in on Friday at CFA restaurants. So you want them to have another record breaking day this week?

        • Tpsurvey 1

          Isn’t capitalism great

      • Randy Person

        would a nice peach shake help?

        they have them at Chik Fil A, I think..

        • Carabella1

          I don’t eat that crap, Randy. For instance, tonight I had a commie-pinko-gay-loving salmon salad over radicchio, with macadamia nut oil and coconut vinegar. And then I worked out while watching MSNBC.
          See, we “dumbocrats” like to keep fit… while we laugh at you obese thugs crushing on Mittwit like a Twihard on Edward and Bella.

          • CyclingFoodmanPA

            Yea, right. I do 100 mile bike rides, hit a bullseye at 300m and I eat what I want. The Democrats used to be for American values, hard work, etc. Now all they do is support worthless lazy unions, and a Communist agenda. The Communist agenda is what I served my country to destroy. Didn’t kill any commies serving in Europe, guess I will have to kill them in my own country.

          • Carabella1

            We still are for American values, [email protected]
            You will never be one of them. No matter how hard you wish for it, you will never, ever be rich.And… wow. Now you’re threatening to kill people? This has been reported to my father who is in the FBI.Rest well. Until a SWAT team trashes your front door, Keith, you lean, mean, fighting machine.Are you done now? Live strong, dude.

          • a1NannaGail2u

            Carabella: You know, I don’t think any of us are really “afraid” of the FBI. As for your whimpy attempt at intimidation, weeelll, I hope when they TRY to trash in someones front door, they are met with one heck of a surprize. I for one, am too old to be worried about them. Life is short, enjoy it while you can. The end comes to each of us eventually.

          • Shell


          • Randy Person

            well, aren’t you the elite teat..

            very much impressed w yerself

            that makes one of you

          • Carabella1

            Oh, Darlin’, you have no idea. Jealous much? Keep living that dream, Cupcake.

          • Randy Person

            I thought it was Carabella

            are you sure you know who you are?

      • a1NannaGail2u

        I believe the saying goes… Blub, Blub, Blub, Blub. Do pick up that bottom lip before you trip over it please.

      • Carol Durgin

        You’re a sore looser.
        The language is not called for.

        • Carabella1

          I’m quite sure you meant “loser”. Your education is showing, Dear… Or shall I say lack thereof.

      • Randy Person

        obese morons chewing on their junk–
        are who caused this trouble in the first place.

        but oddly, they helped CFA.

        Homosexuals are Not victimized. Frankly, that’s bs for the most part. Neither are they interested in marriage–except for the destruction/ manipulation of it.

    • Brandon Edwards

      Amen, brother. I’m arguing with someone who compared chick-fil-a’s stance with racism & beating women. #ignorance

  • Patty Cakes

    Why not take a moment to learn about
    what Chick-fil-A really does, and — even if you’re opposed to same-sex
    marriage — what your money is buying.

    Here are five reasons why Chick-fil-A isn’t what you think:

    1) Chick-fil-A has donated at least $5 million to organizations (including a certified hate group) that, among other things, depict gay people as pedophiles, want to make “gay behavior” illegal, and even say gay people should be “exported” out of America.

    Even if you oppose same-sex marriage, do you really want to support a
    company that advocates putting gay people in jail, or “exporting” them,
    just because they’re gay?

    2) Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy didn’t merely say he supports traditional marriage. Dan Cathy said
    if you support gay marriage, you “are inviting God’s judgment on our
    nation,” and that we “shake our fist at Him” when we do. Dan Cathy also
    said same-sex marriage is the result of a “deprived” mind and called it “twisted up kind of stuff.”

    Even if you don’t support same-sex marriage, do you really think gay
    marriage is “inviting God’s judgment on our nation”? Haven’t we all
    heard enough blame from those who claim to speak for the Lord, like
    after Katrina or, more recently, after the shooting in Aurora, Colo.?

    3) Chick-fil-A supports organizations that have claimed they can change gay people into straight people — “pray away the gay”
    — despite the fact that practically every major medical organization
    has stated that this is not only impossible but dangerous and harmful.

    Even if you don’t support same-sex marriage, do you support fake
    “science” that is known to harm the very people it claims to help?

    4) The media keep saying Chick-fil-A has never discriminated, but the
    truth is that Chick-fil-A has been sued over a dozen times for
    employment discrimination. That’s what a leading business publication, Forbes, stated
    in 2007, when they also called Chick-fil-A a “cult” and reported that
    Chick-fil-A’s founder and CEO Truett Cathy said he wanted to hire
    married people because they are more industrious and productive. Truett
    Cathy has also said he would probably fire someone who “has been sinful
    or done something harmful to their family members.”

    Even if you don’t support same-sex marriage, do you want to support
    what some call a “cult” whose CEO says he would fire employees for
    “being sinful”?

    5) Chick-fil-A is just exercising their First Amendment rights by
    running a business based on the Bible, right? Wrong. There’s a line
    between the “free exercise of religion” and violating the law.
    If Chick-fil-A is violating the law by discriminating against gay
    people, or by firing women so that they can be “stay home” moms, as one
    woman who is suing Chick-fil-A says
    in court documents, that’s not exercising religious expression or free
    speech, and that’s not a First Amendment issue. It may be, if the court
    decides, a violation of the law.

    Even if you don’t support same-sex marriage, do you want to support a
    company that might fire women to force them to be “stay home” moms
    against their will?

    There are plenty of good restaurants that are happy to work hard for
    your hard-earned dollar. Why support a company that is working so hard
    to deny people their rights?

    • frgough

      Translation: You have the right to agree with me. Period. Otherwise you are a hateful bigot.

      • Patty Cakes

        If you knowingly give money to organizations that fight to take away others’ rights, then yes, you are a hateful bigot.

        Now go cry to your imaginary fairy in the sky.

        • SgtRed

          I am sad for you

        • jim_m

          How do you take away someone’s right when they don’t currently have that right and never have had it in the past?

          BTW, just keep on demonstrating what a hateful anti-Christian bigot you are, that way we can safely ignore anything you say as serious and we can dismiss your cause as something stemming from that hate and bigotry.

      • Shauna Phillips

        Exactly. You see how she attacked your belief. That anti-God bigot. *LOL*

    • Chupah Kabra

      Thanks for your clarification, Patty. I will double down on my support for Chick Fil A.

      • Patty Cakes

        You must be such a loving, kind, and accepting person.

        in 10 years, your kind will be equated to the KKK. Just wait.

      • Shauna Phillips

        You see, Chupah, when they can’t argue with facts, they resort to name-calling…aren’t they cuuuuuuute. :)

    • Shauna Phillips

      All I see is that Chic-Fil-A quoted the Bible. The Bible says that homosexuality is depravity. It is in Romans where Paul speaks of women and men giving themselves over to sexual acts that were against nature and in and of themselves depravity. Our sentiments are not just those we came up with, this was a standard that God gave us to hold. When you go against God’s law (even if it were, say, lying…not just being gay), you shake your fist at Him.

      • Tasha22

        And everything GOD tells us to do is out of love, out of what is best for us. You can never be truly blessed by sodomy or lesbianism, it’s a counterfeit that a) defies GOD’s loving design and stated Word, and b) can never be satisfied because men were designed physically and emotionally for women, and women for men. IF you can’t control what you do, then what possesses you to be out of control?

  • Ohiobob69

    Wish there was one close to me, MMMMM…CHICKEN

  • xcxv

    Not a single authenticated pic. I guess Repubs really do hate newspapers.

  • Count Hogula

    Obama must be hating this because these are all Romney voters.

    • Rena

      They may not be all Romney voters as even some on the left think some of these mayors and ilk have gone a bit far

  • Chupah Kabra

    This does my heart good to see people standing up to political correctness.

  • Naomi Nomi Roy

    what a great day today! Chik-fil-a tasted oh so good! waited almost an hour in the drive thru but, well worth it! Good job America!

  • Pastor Tammy Campos

    AMERICA…continue on your QUEST to show the World that we stand for Righteousness, PLEASE CHRISTIANS go and VOTE for a President that believes in a BIBLICAL MARRIAGE! Great Show of Support!

    • Hazel

      And a President that believes in BIBLICAL SLAVERY! That’s the true Christian way.

      • Patty Cakes

        Haven’t you heard? Jesus was “just kidding” about slavery.

  • Hazel

    Let’s see this same rush tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day. You can’t photograph people NOT going to Chick-Fil-A. Believe me, the boycott is larger than however many people can be bothered to think eating fried chicken amounts to activism.

    • Shauna Phillips

      Wah, Wah, Wah…sour grapes and a pacifier…

    • Ricky Bobby

      What you see is people recognizing that bullying a company that has given a huge amount of their fortune to the homeless, orphaned, hungry, and disadvantaged. What is apparent is that the issue of gay marriage trumps everything in some peoples minds. I feel sorry for you.

    • S OB

      Around here (LA, Cali) you cant walk around long without hearing people talk about not only having tried Chick-Fil-A for the first time after this nonsense, but also loving it so much.

      This nonsensical temper-tantrum by the extreme fringe Left has done nothing more then open the eyes of millions and millions across the US to not only a fantastic business with a great product they want to support, but also the totalitarian views of the “you must think exactly what we want you to think or we will try and shut you down” Democrats who scream merely hypocritically “tolerance”

      Protests are supposed to get people to stay away from businesses – the Left managed to spread Chick-Fil-A’s popularity and customer base to levels it could have never imagined prior.

      For that, they should probably thank you for your unbridled hatred and bigotry! (which the Left hysterically doesn’t seem to recognize in themselves)

  • stuckinIL4now

    This all looks like good practice for Nov 6 Election Day as conservative voters swarm the polling places. Libturds, be afraid, be very afraid.

  • thetimmysmalls

    Making a political statement by eating fast food. Welcome to Merica. :/

  • David S. Everett

    Pick any picture here. That is what the polls in November will look like.

  • patti cohen

    the best chicken ever,and all the support we got today.we must do this on election day and show King Obama who is:,” BOSS”, and we want him out of the White House for good…….

  • Joe Robinson

    In honor of chickfila appreciation day I will continue planning my fall wedding to my partner of 12 years.

    he’s my soul mate, my best friend, my partner in life.

    with our friends and family who want the best for us.

    In a Texas church and in the eyes of our Lord.

    • Patty Cakes


      I hope you guys have a happy life filled with love and acceptance. <3

      Things will be different 5-10 years from now.

      • Rena

        You know, that may be but the right to freedom of speech, freedom of religion or the right to none will not be as long as we allow the government to determine whether or not we can build a business based on our beliefs… open your eyes and see this for what it really is… our 1st amendment rights…

    • Daniel Lewis Morkson

      Joe is a funny name for a girl.

  • Thomas Baranowski

    I just had a random and funny thought…if Chick-Fil-A was giving the food away I bet the left would be in line…just sayin!!

  • Christopher Lorens

    “The last thing anyone, liberal or conservative, should want is local
    government censoring what a private citizen can say by way of
    withholding permits and licenses,” Granderson wrote on CNN. “So members
    of the Ku Klux Klan can legally rally and spew hate about black people.
    Westboro Baptist Church can protest and say terrible things about a
    soldier during his funeral. And Cathy can say whatever he wants about
    gay people. That’s the U.S. Constitution at work.” -LZ Granderson, the
    2011 National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association’s journalist of
    the year

    • Mr Tony

      He did NOT say anything against gays. He said he is for biblical marriage. Period.

    • Tasha22

      I have a majorproblem with those haters abusing a grieving family at a PRIVATE event. A funeral is not a parade.

  • peteee363

    just think how pissed pita will be when they count up the piles of chicken bones made to feed us hungry bigots? oh wait, are we bigots for supporting cfa, or are we still racists for not supporting obama? turns out the silent majority loves chicken, my kinda people! just leave some for me, i will stop by later on today.

    • Patty Cakes

      PITA. LULZ

  • Lisa Dulaney

    chik-fil-a in st charles mo, lines out the door, 5 registers working as fast as they could, 2 lane drive thru out of the parking lot and everyone was happy and patient! SUCCESS

  • JPT

    I am gay and I am also offended by the gay political machine trying to destroy these poor people.
    I would go to Chick Fil A today if it wasn’t so far across town from me. The hateful things that people have posted about MR Cathy are taken very personal by me. My parents are good Christians and they actively demonstrate the love of Jesus to me. They love me no matter what.

    I have always found that the people that scream the loudest for tolerance are usually the least tolerant. And judging by some of the comments I am right.

    • Rena

      Thank you… Im glad you posted this cause many like you also see this for what it really is… a stand for freedom of speech and beliefs <3

  • ChelieinTX

    Mail your CFA receipts to Rahm Emmanuel: 121 N LaSalle Street Chicago City Hall 4th Floor Chicago, IL 60602. Good idea from a commenter on Legal Insurrection.

    • Tasha22

      Resist totalitarian socialism (aka bommunism) Rebel against usurpations of power that belong to the states and to the people and Revolt—bring back the princples of the American Revolution!!

  • MaMa1

    I went to Chick-fil-a for lunch today to show my support for them. Unfortunately it was crazy crowded and I didn’t have time to wait. The line snaked through the parking lot and out onto the main road where the line continued for nearly half a block! I would have had to wait at least an hour before I could even get in. It looked like Disney World!

    • Daniel Lewis Morkson

      Excellent that you went there to show your support! Not everyone had the luxury of being able to stay for lunch (some of us have set lunch hours) but just showing up was what counted!

  • tbconrad

    It’s a bad, bad day to be a chicken! Now CFA will be accused genocide of chickens

  • Ed Alberts

    Looks like the silent majority has spoken the way that Americans do – with our wallets.

  • Pencilpal

    Guy in the car ahead of me at Warrington, PA, Chick-Fil-A drivethru paid for my order and for the 2 cars behind me. #randomactsofchicken

    • ChicagoJohn

      oh man… that’s just beautiful.

    • Daniel Lewis Morkson

      Was he driving a Bentley!?

    • Shauna Phillips

      That is just a glimpse of Heaven…a CFA and a peach shake in each hand :) And no weight gain…just yummy angellic goodness! *lol*

  • Corrie Seames Caldwell

    Heard on the radio today that the wait to place an order in Tinley Park, IL was 2 hours.

  • Bob Rohr

    Patty,,,give it rest

  • Lisa Edward

    CHICAGO VALUE RAHM ASHOLE/OBAMA VALUE= BRIBE ,LIES, FRAUD ,THEFT RAPE MURDER DRUG,WOMANIZER ..Thats wht slick willy clinton/ted oblama kennedy GOD of democrats communist party

  • JAS D DI

    Huge turnout in Valrico, FL. I’ll bet the anti-free speech, intolerant crowd never thought it would turn out like this. I’ve even seen some articles postulating how the boycott is hurting Chick-fil-A. What world are they living in? I think this is probably one of the biggest demonstrations in support of freedom in this country. Staff was great and deserve much of the credit for making this a fantastic day for Chick-fil-A

  • maxineusa

    I am so glad, wish we had one in Nebraska, I would most certainly to to Chik-Fil-A. Have been to the one in Charleston,SC. Love their chicken, also like that they give their employees Sundays off. I grew up in a small town in Nebraska, and nothing was open on Sundays. If you had an emergency (company coming, and dinner was burned) you knew the grocer’s phone # and you could call him, he would come down and get you what you absolutely had to have. My family doctor also came to our house when we were sick, imagine that. It’s a wonder that we all didn’t die from lack of shopping. My family doctor saved me. I was born in 1943 and had a potassium deficiency, he just knew it and told my folks to use their ration coupons to buy me bananas to mash up with Carnation evaporated milk and I ate that (along with breast feeding). If he wouldn’t have done that I wouldn’t be here. GOD BLESS YOU DR. FORNEY.

  • Jon Galt

    Even at 3 PM, the Chick-Fil-A in Hammilton, NJ was packed! The #4 was delicious!

    Conservatives LOVE IT when libs boycott… it causes RECORD SALES!!

  • janincali02

    Tried to get a CFA today, but we only have one in Bakersfield and it looks a lot like the pics above. Had to get back to work before we closed! Will try again this evening. Congrats CFA

  • Donna Calvin

    Just got back from Chick-fil-A.Food great
    tasting! Help courteous.Customers although packed were not loud or obnoxious. All very nice! Served
    very quickly by wonderful servers. Lines at every register and drive thru.

  • Edward Cox

    Lancaster South Carolina! Nutramax Manufacturing purchased Chick-fil-A sandwiches for the whole company. That was a lot of Sandwiches! God Bless Chick-fil-A and Nutramax!

  • Author Daniel Ramos

    i ate more chicken and boy AM I STUFFED!! thanks homo militants, you earned Mr Cathy a few mil at least HAHAHAHA!!

  • S OB

    Huge turnout in Long Beach, California too (which is heavy Liberal with a large percentage of population being gay)

    Cars lined up all thru parking lot and in both turn lanes off street. People lined up out the door, around the corner and to the street. People forced to park across the street and walk over despite there being a large (but jam packed) parking lot. Firemen and Police both in attendance as well.

    Oh, and the percentage of Minorities in the crowd was pretty extreme (mainly Black and Hispanic), while there wasnt a protestor anywhere in sight and the Starbucks next door was just short of empty the entire time I was in line.

    (had run out quick to drop someone off for car repairs, and forgot cell for pic unfortunately. Person at window helping me said they havent seen this many people since the Grand Opening though, and even it wasnt as packed.)

  • jeff nc

    My boss bought the whole office Chick-Fil-A today and they delivered it! We sat around and made fun of the boycott and talked about how delicious the WHOLE MENU is!

  • Karen Lewis

    Not all of us who support biblical marriage are republicans, however I do support free speech and biblical principals! I am an African American woman and I disagree with the gay community that this is the same as the African American Civil Rights Movement, there are no signs in the Chick Fil A window stating “straights or Christians only,” they serve everyone and the employees there are hardworking and very polite. I’m very proud as a Christian that we took a stance to show that God is in control, not man! We all sin, God hates the sin, not the person. Yes we all have the right to protest and voice our opinions on both sides but we don’t have the right to attempt to destroy a business because their beliefs are not the same as yours, it’s simply unconstitutional. At the end of the day it’s God who’s going to judge us and hold us all accountable for actions, how we treated each other and how much we love Him. I side with God because He’s bigger than all of this. I’d rather believe in in God and live my life the best I could according to His word, and if He’s not real then at least I lived a righteous life than to not believe and find out He is real and missed out on the opportunity to know him… It’s called FAITH. With that being said, off to Chick Fil A I go!

    • Tasha22

      Well Karen, I hope in November you will vote for the Republican who supports Biblical marriage. Bama as an IL Senator voted (in one of his few votes adn attendances) to deny medical care to babies who survived an abortion. Note that the Republican party was formed to end slavery, the KLan was democrat. It was Eisenhower and Nixon who pushed for civil rights laws while dems like FUllbright fillibustered against it. See the National Black Republican Association, AMerican History in Black and White. The KKK was formed by democrats against REpublicans to keep blacks from voting, and later added Catholics and Jews to their hate list. It’s Republicans who want to see blacks prosperous and independent not dependent on taxypayer funds handed out as bribes called welfare. We need married couples and working fathers in our inner cities to bring them back to the prosperity blacks had during the Harlem Renaissance.

      • IrateTexan

        Well stated, Tasha, thank you! I’ll just add that it was the party today that is called “Republican” that fought to allow the newly freed slaves to be educated so they would be able to support themselves in their newfound freedom, as well as be educated voters. This is and has always been the stance of the party, education and hard work = success, respect, dignity and independence. Unfortunately, the Demonrats spin more effective campaigns and have kept the minorities, via welfare and victim mentality, for the most part, ignorant and on their voter rolls. Hopefully, they will begin to see the truth soon.

  • disqus_15zinB13UJ


  • Elaine Johnson

    look in your dictionary and the bible for the meaning of marriage.

  • Carol Groves

    Send your empty wrappers to Rahm Emanuel!!

    Mr. Rahm Emanuel
    Office of the Mayor
    City Hall – 121 N. LaSalle, Room 507
    Chicago, IL 60602

    • IrateTexan

      Oh Carol…now THIS is a great idea!! Cheers!!

  • melhornh

    I am sick and tired of the radical leftist pigs in this country trying to dictate and rule America, it’s high time to run them into the ground

  • Nadine Faber

    I love it. There is a spirit of fighting back against those who condemn those who both protecting our freedoms of speech and of religion. I hope that this fired up enough people to really take a good look at what this current administration believes and what kinds of policies and practices they are going to continue if Obama is reelected. Our Government at all levels have NO RIGHT TO RESTRICT OUR FREEDOMS AND RIGHTS guaranteed to us by and for the “We the people”. This is OUR COUNTRY and those in positions of authority and decision making need to heed the power of the people and what they want our country to look like or be run. Right now, the Obama Administration is wanting to hide the fact that thousands of people are going to be laid off before voting because of the refusal to work on cutting programs by Congress. Those people have a right to know what is going to happen since it is law and it is a result of bad or an inactive congress who are not doing their jobs and need fired. The abortion option along with providing other health care without co-payments started today and that is also going against religious believes to either comply and lose your business or refuse and pay the huge fines and penalties Roberts helped with his vote in the Supreme Court. All over this Country, you can’t practice your faith or beliefs if it is based on Christianity and kicked out of school, told what you can wear or not say, must do or not do like pray or bring a bible to read during your breaks, listen to a religious station even if you are working in a back room by yourself, can’t put the flag on a window or hang up to be seen on grave sites or poles …. Regardless whether you view this as a freedom of speech or religion being restricted and illegally banded , we as a people need to stand up like this and take back our Country and tell those in government what they are doing is wrong and they need to stop by voting them out of office and lets put in people who share the same values and beliefs as the MAJORITY of WE THE PEOPLE. This kind of movement needs to happen all over the US and it will force “those who think they are above the law and superior to “we the people” will have no choice but to comply to our will and our demands to restore and bring back the reason this Country was established in the first place, freedoms of religion and speech and the ability to make choices that are in the best interest of their families and themselves.

    • Mr Tony

      Well said.

  • Karen Lewis

    Not all who support biblical marriage are republicans, however I do support freedom of speech and biblical principals! I am an African American woman and I disagree with the gay community that this is similar to the Civil Rights Movement. There are no signs in the Chick Fil A windows stating “straights or Christians only,” they serve everyone and their employees are hardworking and very polite people. We all sin, God hates the sin, not the person. I’m very proud as a Christian that we took a stance to show that God is still in control, not man! Yes we all have the right to protest, disagree, on both sides, but I find it appalling that city officials can decide what businesses they want in their town based on their personal beliefs or agendas, they attempt to try and destroy a business because you don’t agree with their beliefs is unconstitutional, which goes for both sides. It’s simply your choice if you want to do business there or not. At the end of the day it’s God who’s going to judge us and hold us ALL accountable for our actions, how we treated each other and how much we love him. I side with God because he’s bigger than all of this. I’d rather believe that he exists and live my life the best I could according to his word and if so happens not to exist at least I know I lived the best I could than not to believe and find out he does exist and miss the opportunity of getting to know him… It’s called FAITH. With that being said, off to Chick Fil A I go! Guess what I’m Christian and I don’t hate anyone 😉

    • Shauna Phillips

      FINALLY!!!!!!! SOMEONE SAID IT! Homosexuals have never been denied: the right to vote, the right to own property, the freedom to have a business, forced to sit at the back of the bus, having to shop in “gay only” stores and restaurants, sent to “gay only” schools. They have never been killed for whistling at a straight person (Re: Emmett Till, who sparked the Civil Rights Movement). Never woke up to a burning cross and their family member lynched. And NOT ONCE has it been ILLEGAL for gays and straights to associate with one another under penalty of imprisonment.

    • Paula L. Truluck Brown

      Good for you, Karen! I agree with you and I am a Conservative. God Bless!

  • KarenLynnStaffordAntley

    That is a sign of our true numbers being hidden by the polls.

  • J’taime HaShem

    Great turn out – now let’s have as big a turn out in NOVEMBER !!!!!!!

  • MCzwz

    What we all have to do is keep this up. We can’t slack off these next few months, most especially. We’ve got to stay focused, and keep up the good, quiet, respectful, courteous and intense fight for the life and future of our Republic and everything we stand for.
    This can’t be a one-shot thing. As impressive as it was — my 84 year old mother, my 70 year old husband and I stood in line for almost a half hour to show our support with our money. (We were surprised and impressed at the extraordinary reasonableness of the prices!)
    We’d never been there before but we will be there every Wednesday (and some Fridays!) simply to keep showing our support.
    Hope you all, do, too.

  • Amanda Huston

    I’m going to start a movement where gays, straights, conservatives, and liberals all get together and drink lemonade, eat chicken nuggets, and share some stinkin waffle fries and you are all invited =P….it’ll be better then this rift splitting Americans farther apart.

  • $7099023

    Just talked to my brother in Gastonia, NC. He has been sitting in his car on I-85 for over almost two hours and the line is backed up for miles with people still trying to get into the Chick-fil-A parking lot. Talk about dedication and determination to stand up for God, these people are! I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo proud of our Christians. Thank you, Glenn Beck for uniting us to do this. What a wonderful thing. I just pray that this will take momentum and put a fire underneath us. It’s past time for this to happen. I don’t know about you, but I am so sick of the liberal dems it makes me angry. I’m tired of gays forcing their crap on me, and tired of obama and his Chicago mob dictating to us. We CAN fight back, we CAN defeat them, we CAN, WE CAN, WE CAN!!!!!!!!

    • Shauna Phillips

      I just got goosebumps at that last sentence…preach on, Preacha! (*lol* That’s a little of my Pentecostal roots coming out)

  • Dick

    America, you are great.. it is fantastic that so many people went and supported a business that is under fire to show the left that freedom of speech is alive and well in the USA..

  • Azarkhan

    Support free speech, support Chick-Fil-A!

  • new2la

    It was with pleasure that my husband and I ate in Torrance, CA…….it was packed!

  • Chip

    The majority of OPEC member nations subscribe to the belief that homosexuals should be beheaded. Does this mean all of these people boycotting a chicken sandwich restaurant are going to start walking and riding their bikes?

    • Angelfire4280

      Amen, Chip! This needs to be screamed from the rooftops. IMO, those who seriously care about homosexuals should speak and act against these murderous practices! Of course, we know that the left doesn’t really care about gays, they simply want their votes.

  • Brian Barkley

    Marriage is more than a ceremony. It is also a plea and a pledge. The plea is that God gift the couple with a healthy and happy new vessel for God to gift with a Soul. The pledge is that they will remain together for the rest of their days in love and faithfulness to God and each other. They also pledge to raise any children together with love and understanding of God. Everything else falls short as a plea or a pledge.

  • Kit Sterling

    WE SUPPORT Chick-fil-A and the FREEDOM to CHOOSE……TRADITIONAL OR GAY!! Freedom, choice, freedom, choice, freedom, choice, freedom, choice!!!! The good Lord gave each and everyone of us the free will to choose….whatever. The consequences for OUR choices are fully ours.

  • Joe Cook

    We barely got though this mob of protesters outside of Chick-Fil-A this afternoon. For a moment, I even thought the police were going to have to break out the tear gas…

  • Pamela Kramer

    I went to Chik-Fil-A today, waited my 2 hours for food, had a great time supporting Chik-Fil-A with freedom of speech and free enterprise and also had a lot of good conversation with individuals also waiting for great food. Had a good time! May God Bless Chik-Fil-A and may everyone who supported Chik-Fil-A today remember to vote in November.

  • edwardwagner

    BTW: The two Chick Fil As nearest Boston are in Peabody and the Burlington Mall, so if you’re passing through the Bay State …

  • gtwreck

    Chick-fil-a should create a first amendment value pack: A chicken sandwich, fries and soft drink with a copy of the Founding Documents.

  • mermaid123

    I am especially enjoying the libs on facebook absolutely freaking out about this! The just hate INTOLERANCE!!!!!1!!!

  • ksweet

    These photos give me hope – that people WILL get out and vote the Muslim out of office, no matter what! The Constitution lives in spite of this government that would have it trashed, and our freedoms with it. GOD BLESS AMERICA and her citizens, and all who turned out to show the respectful support for this deserving company!!

  • kps2005

    Our family is in full support of Chik-Fil-A’s 1st Amendment rights and we also agree with their moral values of marriage between a man and a woman.

  • Off Duty

    OH, Boy-o-boya….The loony-left has gotta be squirming in delirium.This might be a good time to invest in Chik-Fil-A stock or buy a franchise.

  • kps2005

    These are the lines we saw at Chik-Fil-A this evening in Pleasant Hills, PA. The wait was worth it even though they had run out of fries. The hash browns were just as good!

  • Erica Callaway

    I waited 45 min in the drive thru line for my dinner tonight! Worth the wait to honor the right of Freedom of Speech!

  • Carolyn Ford Witt

    Now, can we do this for the election?

  • camxyz

    Everyone who had some waffle fries today, are you registered to vote? If not, register tomorrow. We want this type of turnout on election day in November. Our votes will prove that you can’t buy the 2012 presidenhcy with stimulus money!

    • camxyz

      Of course, there are limits. Don’t register children under 18. If you don’t meet state residency requirements, mark on your calendar the first date when you are a qualified resident. I especially want to turn out my fellow tarheels who eat more chicken. We will prove that the definition of marriage here was no fluke.

      • camxyz

        Hey, Indiana! Do you want to generate sales tax revenue? Allow a dozen Cfas to open just over the border from Chicago. The people in the windy city must be starving for courteous service and good food. A friend in MD told me that the nearest Cfa fed a huge crowd on derecho day when most of the power went out. Who needs govt handout food after a storm when Cfa can feed the hungry masses.

  • Fredddd

    West Virginia Chick Fil A still going strong at 8 p.m., lined up out to the highway, full inside, wrapped around the drive thru…it was awesome.

  • Jay17145

    I had to travel a bit for my Chick-fil-A today. I am looking forward to Chick-fil-A opening at least 10,000 more franchise locations in the near future, because the market is certainly there. As I waited in line for 2.5 hours, I felt a little sorry for the red-shirted guys standing in the empty Arby’s parking lot across the street, waiting for some overflow customers to come their way.

    Make EVERY day a Chick-fil-A day. Try including their grilled chicken choices with your luncheon menu rotation to keep that slender figure!

  • Nancy

    We had a fabulous time at Chic-Fil-A today! Sure, the car line was 2 hrs long and we drove an hour to get there but it was like a huge happy parade! People smiling, thumbs upping each other, just awesome! We ate near Polaris Pkwy in Columbus, Ohio.

  • Brinley

    I have never seen so many men lining up for cock-a-doodle-do.

  • Brinley

    Friday will be National Kiss-In Day at Chick-Fil-A. Come and watch men passionately tonguing each other.

  • Doreen Beisel

    Must be rough to be a lefty loon today sitting alone in mommys basement snacking on crow with whine sauce

  • Angelfire4280

    God bless America!
    Land that I love
    Stand beside her
    And Guide her
    Through the night
    With the light from above.
    From the mountains
    To the prairies
    To the oceans
    White with foam!
    God bless America
    My home sweet home!!!

    • Jay17145

      And may God bless you and those you love.

      • Angelfire4280

        Thanks! God bless you and all those on Twitchy! Wish I would have found this site long ago. It’s awesome!

  • GPetie

    Couldn’t get to Chick-fil-a today. Lines were too long for the time I had. So, we’re taking a raincheck and going tomorrow. But we WILL support!

  • http://www.USAonly.US/ USAonlydotUS

    Bummer, The Fil’a Stores won’t come to Sin City, even though people go to The Chik for their beautiful Breasts and Buns

  • Dr Devil

    Went to the Chick-Fil-A in Scottsdale, Arizona today. The lines were so long and was just a pleasure to see others there. The food was great and I will go back on Thursday.

  • Kristie Hope Gentry

    this is going to be a rather lengthy post. I am not doing this other than to
    make a point to those who believed that the support of Chic-Fil-A is solely
    based upon religious beliefs. I was a
    large supporter of the Chic-Fil-A Appreciation Day held today primarily because
    it is a RIGHT for people to have their opinion and to support the groups they
    feel to be more closely related to their own beliefs.

    I am beginning now with a reflection upon the
    definition of the First Amendment from the Constitution of the United States of
    America: “Congress shall make no law
    respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise
    thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of
    the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress
    of grievances.” Okay, so what does this
    not cover? The answer to this is also
    simple: In light of this background, the
    U.S. Supreme Court has afforded dissident political speech unparalleled
    constitutional protection. However, all speech is not equal under the First
    Amendment. The high court has identified five areas of expression that the
    government may legitimately restrict under certain circumstances. These areas
    are speech that incites illegal activity and subversive speech, fighting words,
    obscenity and pornography, commercial speech, and symbolic expression.” Recognizing this, does a company, who has
    always openly admitted that their company was founded on their personal
    Christian beliefs, fail to abide by any of these restrictions when they are
    asked to express their personal opinions regarding certain subjects, or even
    limit who they can choose to make charitable donations to?

    As you ponder this very point, I will first
    establish the various organizations which Chic-Fil-A openly admits to
    supporting, after which, I will then turn the tables and elect some other
    companies which support charities and companies which hold a totally different
    aspect of their views and challenge all to admit that if they still feel that
    Chic-Fil-A is guilty of going against the First Amendment, then these companies
    too are guilty of the same actions. Once
    I am complete, I hope many who feel that the support of Chic-Fil-A is solely
    based upon “prejudiced beliefs” will finally be able to recognize the support
    many held today for Chic-Fil-A was not solely based upon religious
    beliefs/affiliations, but instead a support of a company’s choice to practice
    their First Amendment right to the “freedom of speech” in regards to their

    Also, if you feel that the companies they support are a clear and
    precise belief that a company should be boycotted for, then also reflect upon
    the other companies, and see if you can without bias argue they too are guilty
    of the same actions, just on a different level.

    Also, consider how you would feel if you were
    instructed that because it might offend someone else you were not allowed to
    make a donation to the charity of your choice with your own money you have
    earned, either through your job or because of a business you begun on your
    own. If after a deep consideration and
    reflection of these points, then perhaps there is nothing further to be stated,
    and you are free to hold your own opinion.
    However, if you take your own beliefs and elected to hold the same light
    that is being held towards Dan Cathy’s, then I believe you will truly have a
    deeper understanding of the truth behind much of the support which was garnered
    towards Chic-Fil-A today, who coincidently did not ask for such support.

    The different organizations which Chic-Fil-A has
    admitted to supporting included: Exodus
    International, the National Christian Foundation, the Fellowship of Christian
    Athletes, the Family Research Council, the Marriage and Family Foundation, and
    the Georgia Family Council. Admittedly,
    all these organizations do hold the same beliefs of Chic-Fil-A and thus do hold
    the same beliefs in regards to the “Christian definition of marriage”. However, the entire attack was not because of
    these donations, but instead of the clear statement made by Mr. Cathy, which we
    have all heard over the past few days: Chick-fil-A
    Chief Executive Dan Cathy said in a recent interview with the Baptist Press
    that although he doesn’t consider Chick-fil-A a “Christian business,” he
    does operate on “biblical principles.” “We are very much
    supportive of the family — the biblical definition of the family unit,”
    Cathy continued. “We are a family-owned business, a family-led business,
    and we are married to our first wives. We give God thanks for that.”

    So, perhaps you can make the argument that the
    support surrounding Chic-Fil-A today, August 1, 2012 as being based upon
    religious beliefs; however, I must ask, how many Christians do own a product,
    or even multiple products, or even shop with the following companies: Levi’s, American Apparel, Nike, Microsoft,
    American Airlines, Apple, Google, Starbucks, Boeing, & IBM? Many are probably asking the point I am
    attempting to make with this. The answer
    is simple, if today was merely about the religious values, which if one truly
    reflects upon various conversations it is not, then they could not support any
    of the companies I just listed for any reason.
    Why you might ask? Well, the
    following is easily accessible and verifiable contributions made by these 10

    Levi’s: Big
    supporters of the No to Prop 8 campaign in California, Levi’s
    have continued their backing of the LGBT community by joining the White Knot
    movement earlier this year and tying white ribbons to their mannequins in
    continued support of gay marriage. The company is also as supportive of its LGBT
    workforce being the first Fortune 500 company to offer unmarried domestic
    partners health benefits.

    American Apparel:
    Another Californian company putting its support behind the repeal of
    Proposition 8, American Apparel went very
    public with its support producing a Legalize Gay T-shirt in 2008 for
    protestors. Overwhelmed by the response of the tee American Apparel went on to
    sell it in stores and online.

    Nike: Going on
    record in support of Referendum 71 in Washington, Nike
    have made a very clear statement that they are in support of equal rights for
    all. In the past they have also shown their willingness to listen to and
    support the views of the LGBT community by shelving an advertising campaign
    after there were complaints that it was sending out anti-gay messages.

    Microsoft: Another
    company that received some criticism from the LGBT community in the past, Microsoft recently
    made its position on gay rights crystal clear by donating $100,000 to
    Washington Families Standing Together in support of Referendum 71. Bill Gates,
    the chairman, and Steven A Ballmer, the chief executive also showed their
    personal support with additional contributions.

    American Airlines:
    By setting up the Rainbow Team, the first LGBT dedicated airline sales
    division and website, American Airlines have
    made themselves stand out for the rest of the airlines, and don’t just stop at
    this service. Also working hard to offer the LGBT community useful
    services, American Airlines also list gay themed national events on their
    events calendars and often attend Pride parades with their very own floats.

    Apple: Speaking
    out in support of gay marriage and opposing Proposition 8, Apple
    put its money where its mouth was donating $100,000 to the No on Prop 8
    campaign, and also like Levi’s shows it’s support through the benefits it
    offers start which includes equal rights and benefits to their employees’ same
    sex partners.

    Google: Not a
    company usually known for speaking out on social issues, Google
    made the unusual step to do just that last September, releasing a statement
    stating that “while there are many objections to this proposition – further
    government encroachment on personal lives, ambiguously written text – it is the
    chilling and discriminatory effect of the proposition on many of our employees
    that brings Google to publicly oppose Proposition 8.” Alongside this Sergey
    Brin and Larry Page, the founders of Google, also donated $140,000 to the No

    Starbucks: Calling
    for the approval of Referendum 71 Starbucks are another company showing their support for gay
    rights, and whilst they haven’t donated to the campaign in the same way as
    Microsoft have, they have been long term supporters of the LGBT community
    featuring a pro-gay message by Armistead Maupin on their coffee cups back in

    Boeing: Standing
    alongside Starbucks, Nike and Microsoft in their support of Referendum 71, Boeing,
    the commercial airline manufacturer has shown that it is in full support of
    equal rights for gays and lesbians.

    10) IBM: Constantly finding itself at the top of gay
    friendly employee lists, IBM has worked hard to make its work
    environment an inclusive one, offering health benefits to its employees’ same
    sex partners and also having an anti-discrimination clause. And it’s definitely
    not just all talk with the Human Rights Campaign having rated IBM 100% on
    its gay friendly index since 2003, and IBM winning over 40 LGBT awards

    So, again if this was solely because of religious
    beliefs and the stand which Dan Cathy took in regards to his family’s belief
    regarding the definition of marriage, then Christians would obviously never
    support the above mentioned companies.
    Instead, they would take the stance which led to the support called for
    today that we not allow any of these companies or their products within our

    The call to support Chic-Fil-A is not based upon
    their beliefs, but instead the right they have to stand by and state their

    Not only this, but would also
    like to leave those of you who took the time to consider all this to also not
    the following: Chi-Fil-A response to the
    controversy surrounding their statements:
    “The first says that its restaurants “treat every person with
    honor, dignity and respect – regardless of their belief, race, creed, sexual
    orientation or gender. We will continue this tradition in the over 1,600
    Restaurants run by independent Owner/Operators. Going forward, our intent is to
    leave the policy debate over same-sex marriage to the government and political

    The second is a statement by an owner of a
    Chic-Fil-A franchise: “In
    Chicago, Lauren Silich, the owner of Chicago’s only Chick-fil-A,
    told Windy City
    Times that her store donated to LGBT groups this year,
    including the Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame, that the store has several
    lesbian and gay employees, and that she’s a big supporter of LGBT
    rights. Silich told the Times,
    “What I find interesting is how people have taken the personal views of
    our CEO and have translated that into discriminatory policy. It hurts my heart
    that people would think I would run my restaurant in any way that was
    discriminatory. … The fact is that Dan Cathy’s comments are his personal
    views, and every CEO in the country has personal views. That doesn’t
    necessarily mean that their stores on a local level, or their employees believe
    that.” She also said that people who are concerned about the money that
    Chick-fil-A has given to anti-LGBT causes have “a valid point. If people
    choose not to eat here because a percentage of my profits going to corporate,
    then that’s definitely their choice. I think it’s great that we live in a
    country where we can vote with our wallets. The only thing that I would
    challenge people is that let’s make sure on a holistic level that we’re voting

    So, was the call today really because people felt
    that the challenge was to respond to the beliefs of the CEO Dan Cathy or
    instead, was it instead a proclamation that we are to support every person’s
    right to their beliefs and choices, despite them being different from our
    own? To me, it was about the First
    Amendment, and while I may hold the same beliefs as Dan Cathy, I still support
    the right he has to state his beliefs without criticism and the threat of boycotts. I would even find myself supporting the ten
    companies I have mentioned should they too be told they could not provide their
    services or products merely because of their beliefs. Perhaps our money does contribute to their
    beliefs, but that is a small percentage, and not only this, but as we were able
    to see with one of the franchise owners that there are still others within a
    company who may still support our views even if not at the same level as the

  • Roy Callahan

    The Oaks Mall Chic-fil-A was jammed packed with a waiting line that lasted until after 1400. I’m told there was a traffic tie up on Archer Road Chic-Fil-A that wouldn’t quit too. I attended the Oaks Mall event – I couldn’t believe, and still can’t believe, what I saw.

  • Roy Callahan

    The only people who didn’t appreciate Chic-Fil-A stands for is the people with their pans down and their hands out.

  • AmericanPatriot52

    Proud of you, America! Well done!!!

  • $3045313

    I bought $20.00 worth today. How to you like that libtards?

  • Earl Conlon

    Now we need to Ban Bloomberg..

  • Don August

    I am not a fan of gay “marriage” per se as I believe that a true marriage’s purpose is for procreation of the human race. I also strongly believe that ANY two people should be allowed to have a union (whatever you may call it, except “marriage”) and be entitled to all the rights that a married couple enjoys. Love of one person for another is the same, whether it be between two males, two females or a male and a female and nothing should deprive them of enjoying all the rights and priviledges of a marriage. What it boils down to, basically, is a matter of semantics. Some people just do not like the use of the word “marriage” to describe their union. Just as a rose is a rose despite what it’s called, their “marriage” will still be a “marriage” in every sense with the exception of the use of the word. It can be called a “loving partnership” or something similar!

  • Shelby is a Patriot

    I don’t even like chicken all that much, and I still wish I could have gone. Unfortunately, the closest Chick-fil-a is about an hour and half away. Still a great victory for free speech!

  • joeinz

    I believe I have figured something out . . . the Left believes that if they can shut a philanthropic (successful) business down, that is dedicated to a myriad of worthwhile charities and results-oriented ministries . . . in the name of Christ (oooh, a real sore spot) . . . then the only resort to “helping” to eradicate the stark need that exists is MORE governmental encroachment . . . YES ! It’s the job of GOVERNMENT to keep us well . . . . and fed . . . and employed . . . and numb to the needs of others !

    Have I hit a vein ??

  • FlatFoot

    It was hardworking ordinary average everyday residents and citizens who’d had enough of enough that built this free and independent country — and it will be hardworking ordinary average everyday residents and citizens who’ve had enough of enough that will take. it. back.

    Don’t Tread On Me, bro!

  • markinidaho

    We went to Chic-a-filet today at 2:30 – wanted to miss the biggest part of the rush. There were 15 cars in the drive through and about a hundred people inside. Across the street at Taco Bell – empty. People here in Idaho Falls support one man, one woman, the biblical concept of marriage, and think that gay marriage is an abomination.

    And, they are right. It is an Obamanation. So is the current usurper of the White House.

    When we left, there were 16 cars in the drive through and still about a hundred people inside. Difficult to find a table, but we got a 2 seater. Amazing place – it took them only about 10 minutes to get our order out. All hands were on deck, and when I talked to them, they told me it had been that way since they opened the doors this morning.

    I support Chick-a-filet!

    Thy Kingdom come.

  • Tpsurvey 1

    Lets hope the election lines are like this come Nov.6 to vote these liberals out

  • gsreagan

    Mr. Boone is a patriot. Long live Chick-fil-a. Damn good food.

  • denbren52

    Wait! With all those haters gathered in such concentration, how were the police ever able to handle the violence, the rioting, the looting, the ….. Oh, never mind. This was not the liberals of the Occupy movement. This was freedom-loving Americans opposed to tyrannical Marxists like Rahm Emmanuel, Tom Menino, Elizabeth Warren and B. Hussein Obama.

  • DeArley Green

    Somthing I noticed is in all the pics & tweets – peaceful, everyone happy & waiting turn. Love it. Don’t see or hear about any fights or disagreements. America YOU are wonderful.

  • Kathryn Mills

    This is the way to go America … stay alert… remember this is still a free country … it is not un-American to disagree … and it can be done respectfully. Proud of those who can do this peacefully.

  • Jayne Nielsen

    The radical Libtards always use the words “intolerance” and “homophobes” when describing Conservatives and Republicans. How come society NEVER hears about the Libtards’ “normaphobic” attitude towards Conservatives and Republicans?
    That’s right…they have Pavlov’s dog, thrill up his leg Chris Matthews and Demwit morons like Bill Mahar doing all the Libtards’ reporting.

  • Michael J. Churlin

    God bless you all, God bless Chick-Fil-A, God Bless the 1st Amendment, God Bless the U.S.A. I like to consider myself a strong man but reading about the experiences of this coming together over respect for religous thought, and repect for free speech moved me to tears. Their is HOPE the ideas of liberty are still our greatest strength. Someone please have a something from a Chick-Fil-A for me, the nearest one is around 70 miles and I’m immobile for a week or so.

  • KerfuffleHogback

    2% of children of 2 parent families (man and wife) are sexually
    molested. 5% with a step parent. 22% with same sex parents. Also more
    suicides, depression, etc. That seems to be the best reason of all for marriage is between a man and a woman.

  • Travis O’Neal

    my wife and I went Tuesday and Wednesday to show double support for first amendment rights and to show obama that there are a lot more straight people than gays. He better learn how to judge people. Of course if he did it would be the first thing he has done right in 4 yrs. Travis O’Neal

  • Hydrofoxx

    I support Chick-fil-A because I support the 1st Amendment, and a persons right to spend their money however they please.
    I do not support homosexuality, BUT… they have the right to the same freedoms everyone else has. There is absolutely no reason for the discrimination.
    If a person wants to talk about how they support one persons freedoms, then talk about denying another theirs, that is also fine, but at least recognize the hypocrisy of that skewed view.
    People would do well to mind their own damn business.

  • M Colon

    I would love to see what would happen to Ben & Jerrys icecream sales if the public was made aware of the amount of money they contribute to Planned Parenthood! Ben & Jerrys are huge supporters of PP.