As if former Vice President Dick Cheney is ever anything but candid. That’s just the media’s way of now swooning over Dick Cheney, a man members of the media demonized for years. Their unhinged hatred of Sarah Palin over-rides all that, you see.

ABC is pushing this story hard and other media outlets are sure to follow.

More from The Hill:

“The test to get on that small list has to be, ‘Is this person capable of being president of the United States?,” he said, adding that Palin had failed to meet that qualification.

“I like Gov. Palin. I’ve met her. I know her. She – attractive candidate. But based on her background, she’d only been governor for, what, two years. I don’t think she passed that test…of being ready to take over. And I think that was a mistake,” he said.
Cheney said he had spoken with Romney and Beth Myers, the campaign adviser heading the search for the vice presidential pick but would not publically share his advice.

Why? Did he recommend himself again? Or Jeb Bush? Yet, he chose to share his views on McCain’s VP pick. Conservative Twitter users aren’t pleased with Mr. Cheney’s remarks.


“Real journalists” and the Left (redundant), however, are swooning.

Indeed they are.

At least Mr. Cheney didn’t further the horrible “she’s too damaged” narrative. It is incredibly harmful when the GOP eats its own that way; saying that Sarah Palin is “too damaged” by the media and attacks from the Left does nothing but encourage such systematic misogyny. You are basically letting them know to keep doing it, because it works. Conservatives should defend conservative women from such vile attacks, not encourage them.

Still, the Left is pouncing on this and will continue to do so. Be wary of giving them what they want, folks, even if Dick Cheney is encouraging it himself with his unnecessary and out of touch remarks.

When the media swoons over Dick Cheney, you know there is an ulterior motive. You know, like a distraction from Obama’s abysmal record. They are water-carriers to the end!

  • Avniel

    NO, picking McCain was the mistake,

    • JJooeey

      Not my choice and they lost!

    • Catherine Barrett

      Sounds like Cheney got that new heart from a bleeding heart liberal.

  • rrpjr

    So, Dick, if Palin, with 15 years successful executive management experience at local, regional and state levels including command of the Alaska National Guard and after having instituted the most significant ethical reforms and visionary energy policies in Alaskan and perhaps national history was a “mistake”, what is Obama? Furthermore, what was McCain, who had no executive experience at all and panicked over TARP, betraying total executive ineptitude?
    The fact is, Dick, you attempted to pressure Palin to favor big oil companies in her bidding process in Alaska and she wanted no part of it. You couldn’t handle a competent and independent female executive who stood up to you and your crony capitalism. You’re also a RINO, and were threatened by Palin’s determination to challenge the establishment. It’s also true, Dick, that you slurred all Americans when you defended amnesty by claiming illegal immigrants were doing jobs that Americans refused to do.
    Your RINO crowd is discredited, Dick, and headed out the door.

    • JJooeey

      Hate to say this about a Republican, but facts are facts! I believe that Cheny, was picked to be the VP, by the good old boy selection process, rather than the necessity for an excellent choice for a successor to Greorge W.

      • Corey Dennison

        Sorry…post was meant for deegeejay below.

      • munchausen

        You can’t even spell Cheney, so of what value is your somber reflection? Zero I would say. Do you even know what the establishment is?

        • JJooeey

          It’s my fingers and I don’t care what you think about my spelling or about my fingers, you have to make sense and you can’t even do that, therefore you must be a libtard. Munchausen is a disease, you picked the right minicker, libatrd!

          • JJooeey

            Misspelled for you!

    • $2943864

      Oh brother, speaking truth about Palin’s qualifications does not make him a RINO. lol – He has also said she was far more qualified than Obama.

      • rrpjr

        No, it doesn’t in and of itself make him a RINO. As I indicated, as others have stated more comprehensively, there are many more reasons to conclude this. For example, amnesty. In any case, the eight years Bush and Cheney allowed themselves to be abused and slandered by the Left greatly undermined conservatism. This remark by Cheney was petty and especially revealing (not least because it exposes an emotional irrationality and sense of threat so common among RINOs and establishment figures in the face of Palin’s obvious appeal in 2008 and her continued role in the tea party).

        • $2943864

          I’m sorry but you STILL haven’t convinced anyone he is a RINO but you have convinced me you are uninformed.

          • rrpjr

            You mean I haven’t convinced you (you don’t speak for “anyone”). But so be it.

          • $2943864

            Well – I’m sure EVERYONE who actually thinks simply telling the truth about Sarah Palin’s qualifications makes someone a “RINO” will let me know. lol #dumberthandirt

            but feel free to backup your position any time you wish – I feel like I’m “debating” a lib. “It’s true just because it just feels right to me.” lol

          • rrpjr

            Now I’m “dumber than dirt”? Charming. What brought this on? Because you know the incontestable “truth about Sarah Palin’s qualifications”?
            Sorry, this Palin-hating game is too old.
            By the way, here is what Dick Cheney said about Hillary Clinton:
            ““I have a sense that she is one of the more competent members of the current administration and it would be interesting to speculate about how she might perform were she to be president.”
            Absolutely laughable. “Competence” and “Hillary Clinton” are entirely immiscible concepts. That Cheney also could not resist making this comment just underscores his default Establishment fealty. He is far more concerned with how he sounds in the beltway, more or less, than with the kind of “sudden and relentless reform” of the political system both reflected in Palin’s words and exemplified by her record. Palin is a foreign and frightening creature to Dick Cheney — he neither understands her nor wants to. So he does what RINOs of his sort do best — existentially deny her.

          • $2943864

            Ok he’s a RINO genius lol – That makes me one too then because I’d vote for him in a heartbeat (so to speak) over Palin. Regardless, you clearly have 0 evidence that he is a RINO. If YOU are the “establishment” count me out.

          • Terrenceor

            He is proud of his service in the Ford, Bush I and Bush II White Houses. All three were RINO failures that implemented bigger Govt and expanded entitlements. How is that?

          • Susan Ally

            I was just going to say, Cheney served as VP under Republican President George Bush who out-spent Democrat President Bill Clinton!
            Cheney should retire since his legacy is that of being the MOST HATED administration in recent history-the American people hate Bush/Cheney more than they hate Carter.
            I’ll never vote Democrat again-I’m done with the Party of Evil however DICK Cheney’s Republican Party of Evil Enablers is beginning to get on my nerves.

          • JJooeey

            You can criticize Bush for growing Govt and entitlement in the face of what Obama has done, deegeejay, you’re an unqualified idiot!

          • Benny Ace

            You forgot Reagan, Nixon and Eisenhower. Implemented bigger government? Check. Expanded entitlements? Check. When did we ever have a REAL Republican president? Hoover? Coolidge?

          • Terrenceor

            Reagan not add any Govt programs and he restrained the growth of Govt. Nixon, who Chaney served, created the EPA and numerous other programs. Eisenhower also restrained Govt spending after the spendthrift FDR and Truman years.

      • Corey Dennison

        Hi there deegeejay. Half-term Governors Theodore Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge and Woodrow Wilson all say you’re full of crapola.

  • Couranto

    Odd statement. It served no purpose whatsoever. UNforced error, in my opinion.

    The only objective it served was to make Cheney look reasonable (for a news cycle) to the anti Palin left and the lib media. But then again, that’s the goal of most RINOs.

    Overall, a bad PR move.

    • $2943864

      Cheney has never been, by any stretch of the imagination, a RINO. As long as the base is going to just react to ANY news with a knee jerk – it is no wonder the populace thinks there is no difference between Dhimmicrats and Republicans. Get it under control. sheesh

    • $24161998

      Anyone who believes Cheney is attempting to ingratiate himself to the pop media, or well, pretty much anyone in the world, doesn’t really know anything about the man…
      He’s honest…simple as that. No pretense, no angles, no weak attempts to salvage his image…
      He has been at least as hard on Dems as he’s been on Repubs, and according to the rest of the interview they were pimping on ABC, his strongest comments to date regarding the prez are on the way…

  • TugboatPhil

    The GOP establishment has no idea how badly McCain would have lost without Palin. She’s what gave McCain any energy at all in his milquetoast campaign. If not for his staff assigned to Palin, he might have been POTUS.

  • Dan Williams

    Dick was just being honest, Palin was a terrible choice made simply to try to combat the fact that McCain was running against a black guy. McCain needed a “shock and awe” running mate and ended up with a shockingly awful one. <– I wrote that line myself. McCain was a bad choice for president, but it really wouldn't have mattered. We republicans could have nominated Jesus and lost.

    • JJooeey

      As for me, the problem was that the ticket became up-side-down, when Palin was chosen. Figure it out!

      • $2943864

        That is true but it doesn’t mean she had solid qualifications. Better than Obama – but not solid. Cheney spoke truth.

        • JJooeey

          I have four dogs, pick one, they are all better qualified than Obama!

          • JJooeey

            PS, Cheney spoke his truth, I would rather have been selected as a viable candidate for the office than been given the nod for all the good old boy reasons Cheney was selected. I don’t dislike Cheney, he’s also better qualified for the office than Oldumbdumb, see commects above, the problem here is opinion vs. facts! And Sarah Palin beats all of the subject guys here hands down!

  • TexSizzle

    When McCain was anointed by the leftist press and the establishment country-club Republicans, I had Obama to vote against. When he chose Palin as his running-mate, I had something to vote for. And among the hundreds of people I’ve spoken with about their choice in 2008, only one said she voted against McCain because he chose Palin, but I doubt that she would have voted for him anyway.

  • senator20526

    First Rove and now Chaney….with friends like these, who needs enemies? Yet, not a word about what a dipstick Joe Biden is…

  • sherlock1234

    The Republicans should have picked someone with Character and Integrity. You know, someone like John Edwards.

    The Republicans should have picked someone with Intelligence and Insight. You know, someone like Joe Biden.

    Or maybe, a “Crazed sex-poodle.”

  • lazypadawan

    The GOP insiders have never liked Sarah Palin. She wasn’t an Ivy Leaguer turned Beltway jockey and people like her, especially her, are changing the party from the grassroots level.

    • $2943864

      Cheney is from Wyoming for crying out loud – went to the same colleges I did and Sarah went to the same college my brother did. Please people, let’s inform ourselves – you look ignorant.

  • JJooeey

    What the ticket needs is the balance that will bring us VICTORY!!!!!

  • $24161998

    Sorry, but Cheney is right…painfully so.

    I am a Palin fan,. but the timing of her emergence on the national stage was off…she would have been better suited to have served a few more years in Alaska, continuing to do the things on behalf of conservative ideals, eventually becoming a force nationally.

    It has been the Democrat way in recent years to have never really done anything significant politically or any other critical area of society before jumping headlong into presidential politics…John Edwards, Barack Obama…and we see clear evidence as to how they’ve both worked out…one a disgraced and failed hack, and the other one is John Edwards…Jon Corzine anyone?

    But I digress…

    To those who still insist that she could have done the job because she was more experienced than Obama…just stop. Of course she was, but that’s not a reason to elect someone.

    That’s akin to saying that the athlete who’s just a little bit chubby, and moderately out of shape should represent us in the Olympics because the alternative is an obese couch potato. Neither one should represent us, and neither Obama or Palin were well prepared to hold the most important position in the land.

    Palin has emerged as someone who excites the conservative base, and her debut on the national level was premature…it’s a fact.

    Now, whether or not Dick Cheney should have been as honest as he was regarding her involvement on the GOP ticket in 2008 is another matter…

    At the end of the day I believe his commentary in this regard is more of a reflection on the decision making ability of John McCain, his campaign and the GOP establishment, than it is an indictment of Sarah Palin’s qualifications (at some point) to become a relevant candidate for higher office.

    • $2943864

      I agree.

    • hrh40

      No, it’s not a fact.

      It is your opinion.

      Do some homework on all that Palin had accomplished in 2 terms as mayor, as oil and gas regulator, and in 2 years as governor.

      I dare you.

      Research her record.

      She has a much better record of conservative accomplishments than Mitt Romney. Let alone McCain, Obama, or Biden.

      If you dare actually research her record.

  • James Atkins

    This is good. Like we really care about an election that was lost 4 years ago. Let the MSM feed on this for awhile. It is totally irrelevant. Everyone saw that Obama was going to win the election in 2008. Nothing was going to stop it. So, why not go deep and choose an unknown for VP? The lost, but Palin has been for more effective than Cheney or McCain in rallying conservatives. I call this a win. Furthermore, it’s just more proof that if you agree with the leftist agenda, you will get praise from them, if not, they try to destroy you.

    Anyway, again, I ask, who cares about this? We have four years of history to show us who is still relevant and who is not.

  • BeeKaaay

    Cheny? No surprise. Marxists have taken over the RINOpublican party.

  • leftybegone

    Cheney didn’t dis her in any way. He said she wasn’t the right choice for VP. Saying Chris Christie is not the right choice for Romney’s VP is not a dis on Christie. It’s just making an assessment of the situation.

  • Patrick Wickersham

    He may have meant it was a mistake, in poitical tactics. I notice there is “nothing follows” as an explanation. I doubt very much he means her personal qualifications…

  • Kenneth Berger

    Sarah Palin was not the mistake that brought Obama in the whitehouse. The mistake was nominating John McCain.

  • allenbarr

    Chaney helping to divid our country even more. he was not liked as a VP. he now is trying to make up for it. very sad. very sad. YOU saw it everywhere a beautiful woman (Sara Palin) wonderful household. great mind and wonderful ideas. She should have been the president.

  • TonyMontana3

    Cheney is right. Palin was a huge mistake. She was the reason why Obama won.

    • DRA2010

      B*llsh*t!! He won because he lied about only accepting public campaign financing and as a result raised seven times as much advertising money. He won because the MSM news outlets have become mouthpieces for the DNC, and suppressed any negative reporting about THEIR candidate. He won because so many students thought he was a “cool” guy. There are lots of reasons he won, but she wasn’t one of them

      Gov. Palin’s being on the ticket was the only reason McCaine wasn’t slaughtered in the polls, and her support for the Conservative movement has been a major factor in the revitalization of the Repub Party. Why else do you think that the entire leftist media has been constantly (and viciously) attacking her despite that she isn’t running for election?

      The reality is that people she endorses, win.

    • DRA2010

      B*llsh*t!! He won because he lied about only accepting public campaign financing and as a result raised seven times as much advertising money. He won because the MSM news outlets have become mouthpieces for the DNC, and suppressed any negative reporting about THEIR candidate. He won because so many students thought he was a “cool” guy. There are lots of reasons he won, but she wasn’t one of them

      Gov. Palin’s being on the ticket was the only reason McCaine wasn’t slaughtered in the polls, and her support for the Conservative movement has been a major factor in the revitalization of the Repub Party. Why else do you think that the entire leftist media has been constantly (and viciously) attacking her despite that she isn’t running for election?

      The reality is that people she endorses, win.

  • slyefocks

    What the hell is Cheney talking about when he says that Palin wasn’t experienced enough? Comrade/mullah Barry Soetoro (aka Barak Hussein Obama) was far more inexperienced than Palin. And Barry is so transparent! McCain was the one of the worst candidates in history and would have lost even worse. Come on, he lost to Marxist-Leninist!

  • usaman

    Dick Cheney is a nasty old war mongering neo-con. HATED him as VP. I am one inch from leaving the big gubmint, debt busting Republican Party AKA, RepubliCrat Party for the Libertarian Party. Someone hast to start standing up for the Constitution and against the single party system that has been head faking us for the last 4 decades.

  • AndreaB

    This is the kind of crap that makes me not want to vote. I’m so sick and tired of the establishment telling us who can and can’t be our candidates. None of them have fixed a feakin thing so whey don’t they all shut the hell up. Palin was a great Governor and accomplished more in half a term than most two term governors.

  • Greg Halvorson

    Cheney was Gerald Ford’s chief-of-staff, an anti-Reagan, Big Government RINO out of the gate….. He was not then, and never has been, a Conservative.

  • $3838536

    Say, Ticker Dick: How many dead, maimed, & tortured people is Sarah Palin responsible for? How many homes & lives destroyed? How many trillions down the drain for vanity wars based upon lies? Get back to us on that, would you?

  • Delroy_Monjo

    Only thing I’ve learned here, after 41 posts, is the word “immiscible”. (Googled it)
    I already knew that politicians of all stripes have a tendency to stick their foot in their mouth.

  • blueniner

    Cheney is stil DICK Cheney, so tell me Dick, is Rooooobio and Christy creame more qualified than Palin,…. no way! You RINO Bushies are exposing yourselves and trying to sabatage true Conservatives and the Tea Party in favor of your Crony Capitalist GOPe games. Go back to Wyoming DICK……

  • MikeAT_ACW

    Gee, if you had comments like this would they be pushed by ABC, et all
    “The test to get on that small list has to be, ‘Is this person capable of being president of the United States?,” he said, adding that Obama had failed to meet that qualification.

    “I like Senator Obama. I’ve met him. I know him. He – attractive candidate. But based on his background, he’d only been senator for, what, two years. I don’t think he passed that test…of being ready to take over. And I think that was a mistake,” he said.
    Oh yea, we did. (

    The McCain campaign has released a new TV ad that features statements by Sen. Joe Biden criticizing Barack Obama’s experience and praising the presumptive GOP nominee.”Is he ready?” George Stephanopoulos asks Biden at an August 2007 debate. “You said, ‘I think he can be ready but right now, I don’t believe he is. The presidency is not something that lends itself to on-the-job training.'””I think that I stand by the statement,” Biden says, seen standing directly next to Obama.And of John McCain, Biden says: “I would be honored to run with or against John McCain, because I think the country would be better off.”For once, Joe Bite-Me gets it right. As usual, the usual suspects try to cover it.

  • Dan Galvin

    Palin ? Has anyone noticed what the h-ll is sitting in the White House ?

  • Christian Collins

    There WAS a mistake on a presidential ticket in 2008. The American people are going to rectify that mistake in 100 days (and throw it out in 175 days).

  • n4cerinc

    Cheney is free to have an opinion about the Palin nomination, but what good does it do in the fight to take out Obama?

  • munchausen

    So dissing a conservative superstar makes Cheney a genius? Hardly, he can go to hell. RINOs do this so that they can get a thumbs up from the left. Secret handshakes all around because they all know that IF SHE WERE EVER IN POWER THE F-ING PARTY AT THE COMPANY STORE WOULD BE OVER.

  • Chip

    He is just jealous because she can use a rifle without shooting someone in her hunting party.

    • JJooeey

      Right on!

  • JJooeey

    For Cory , Same goes for you, when responding one has to make sense. If you have a point in your charactersit’s not apparent. What’s the point?

  • Tim Johns

    Cheney’s opinion is just that, his opinion and nothing can change the fact that Obama wasn’t then and isn’t now presidential material.The guy is simply a Bolshevik that needs the press blocking,hiding and manipulating the real Obama while at the same time tearing down Obama’s opponents.

    Can you imagine where Obama and most everyone else would be if it wasn’t for the mainstreet press literally hiding news on these people.We never had confirmation of the Breck girl cheating on his dying wife during his election because the media hid the story just as the LA Times to this day hold a video of Obama speaking at an event of his PLO terrorist buddies get together, to this day that video hasn’t seen the light of day.

  • MikeRios

    I’m sorry Dick, maybe your blood thinning medicine is clouding your judgement. Sara Palin’s time as Governor of Alaska and Mayor of Wasilla qualified her 10 times than what Obama is qualified to be President and that is even after 4 years of being President. You owe her an apology and then, please, be quiet. The scoundrel libs stick together better than that.

  • Fred914

    Palin was the ONLY reason I was excited by the Republican ticket in 2008. I still have her half of the bumper sticker on my car! She cleaned up Alaska, and would have cleaned up DC as well!

  • Teresa Nelson

    What I caught from Mr. Cheney’s comments (more than is quoted above, I saw the segment and heard all of his comments on the subject) was that the McCain campaign was inept. I didn’t see it as a slam of Palin, at all. He was really saying McCain wasn’t ready for prime time, and he was right about that. The reason it was a “mistake” to pick Palin was that the McCain campaign let the media immediately vilify her and McCain is too squishy to stand up for himself, let alone anyone else. He let the media set the narrative. Fast forward 4 years and too many people still think Palin is “stupid” even though they know nothing about her. Mr. Cheney was right, and I still respect him and Sarah.