Bada-zing! Nice one, Mitt Romney! He totally foiled Brian Williams’ lame race-card-playing attempt.

Twitter users got a great kick out of Romney’s response.

And this Twitter user makes a great point.

Bingo! We also don’t recall anyone asking President Obama why he wanted an old plagiarist white dude with doll hair as his VP.

Our only regret is that Mitt Romney didn’t call out NBC partner MSNBC for its monochromatic masthead.

Why do they want only “incredibly boring white guys” as anchors?

Or as company bigwigs?

Lean forward? More like Lean vanilla.

Romney also should have called out the unbearable whiteness of being … Obama’s campaign headquarters.

  • DeadBuffalo Blog

    Alt. answer: Joe Biden is already taken.

  • AZcommenter

    Nice comeback, Mitt! They don’t make men more boring and white (and arrogant and biased) as Brian Williams.
    Stay on offense, and don’t let Obama’s PR machine (a/k/a the MSM) get away with anything.

  • Booker T.

    These libs think that Romney is a pushover. Ann Romney said it best, that he is good at jokes in the family house. Don’t forget the opponents that Romney faced. He tore them to pieces.

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    “Boring white guy”? Brian Williams sounds like a RAAAAAAAAAAAACIST.

    • Lee Barrows

      he can’t be a racist if you liberal its in their rule book!

  • BeeKaaay

    Romney = WIN.

    Let’s hope he continues his winning streak.

  • NCR Elite

    Brian Williams is a douche bag, seriously. Don’t we want competent people running this country? So the fuck what if they’re boring and/or white, I want someone that can handle the fucking job! /fume

  • midnightgolfer

    I wish we’d seen more of this type of spiciness from W.

  • stillinthe60s

    Brian looked like a Minnesota deer caught in the headlights. o(Q.Q)o

  • lillymckim

    Priceless and done with a smile I just loved it!

  • Leeta Sweet

    “…old plagiarist white dude with doll hair…” Doll Hair! OMG LMAO I’ll never look at Biden the same way again.

  • Amy LaViolette

    Awesome! Romney showing his spunk…lol

  • genomega

    I’m sure that if Romney was forced to surrender his law license Williams would be all over it. Both of the Obama’s were forced to surrender their law licenses and Williams is clueless?