To what was this Twitter user referring? U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis sent a strange, cryptic tweet out this morning.

It was a tweet consisting only of a seemingly incredibly random picture.

The photo:

What was missing? “Deer Park that’s good water!” Or, “someone else built this water?” Perhaps Ms. Solis was showing how she is a true woman of the people … she and her Louis Vuitton purse. Or maybe a staffer was desperately crying out for a drink of water and commandeered Ms. Solis’ account?

Who knows? The options are endless. Sadly, we may never know.

Ms. Solis swiftly deleted the tweet moments later.

  • Jordan Alcock

    Sure hope that water was American-sourced and bottled in a union shop Ms. Secretary of Labor.

    • Glen Wishard

      Deer Park is owned by the Nestle division that previously marketed Perrier.

      • Jordan Alcock


  • $29032208

    It’s real. The patina is the give-away.

  • Patricia Prasser

    Looks like a tiny newborn bird at the bottom of the bottle??

  • Orangeone

    Plastic water bottle, where are the environmentalists to protest?

    • Jesse Malkin

      I was thinking the same thing. -JM

  • Robert Reynolds

    Purse…Real LV…Louis Vuitton

  • halcrawford

    Not so sure that purse is a real LV – the tell-tale red dye along the leather edge of the handle isn’t visible.

  • Tully

    I think she was taking a photo of the opening instructions so she wouldn’t forget them, but the pic was too fuzzy so she deleted. :)

  • Rich

    Wat. Why is this mysterious? Looks like one of those: How does this phone work? Oops took a picture, whoa posted it to twitter… god dammit! *delete*

  • $4157533

    Meh… probably has a smartphone with a feature to upload photos to Twitter, and she hit the wrong button. Nothing to see here.

  • MarcAllenJohnson

    Some bottles show the source of the water. Maybe this one says municipal water source. Nice job Barack……NOT!!!!!!

  • ClydeS

    Maybe she butt-dialed her camera…

  • Rob Stevely

    Times are tough when the Sec of Labor has to work in a cubicle.

  • JohnPSquibob

    Fellow AoSHQ Morons and others: There’s a purse in the background! She wants to know if it’s Louis Vuitton.

  • RetiredE9

    One word…….just sayin’

  • Psiwolf

    As much as I like reading Twitchy, I’ve gotta comment that this doesn’t really seem newsworthy.. Slow day perhaps? 😛

    • Jesse Malkin

      Disagree. This was a fun post. -JM

  • cbinflux

    Is the purse a real Louis Vitton?

  • Denise May

    Maybe she wanted to see just how much attention she would get from this one tweet?

  • Snarky D

    A plastic bottle and not water from the tap? Why does Hilda Solis hate the planet so much?