Yesterday, alleged media outlets galore were reporting that 3-year-old Tripp Palin called his aunt Willow the gay slur F-word on his mom’s new Lifetime series “Life’s a Tripp.” Here are just a few examples:

Tripp Palin, 3, uses anti-gay slur on TV‎ San Francisco Chronicle (blog)
Bristol Palin laughs as 3-year-old son Tripp says ‘faggot‘ (video)‎

Tripp Palin’s gay slur Salon

Tripp Palin Gay Slur: Bristol’s Son Calls Aunt Willow A ‘Faggot’ On Reality Show Huffington Post

Immediately, the Left not only tried to politicize the words of a 3-year-old child, but also attacked the 3-year-old and his mother based on this false reporting. But, hey, they hear what they want to hear, as always. Facts shmacts! Truth doesn’t matter when there is a Palin to demonize, including a 3-year-old child.


This Twitter user tries to add some perspective.

But, wait! Tripp didn’t even use that F-word.

Bristol was forced to explain what her 3-year-old child said. Her 3-year-old child is being held to a higher standard than most leftist adult idols. From Dan Savage to Al Sharpton; calling people “pansy asses” and “punk f**ggots” is totally okay if a leftist hero does it.

Still, Bristol explained that little Tripp let slip the other F-word. Parents everywhere should understand that this happens from time to time.

From Bristol’s blog:

Lifetime filmed over 12 months (on and off) and they caught a moment on film that would cause any parent to be red in the face.  Tripp is always surrounded by adults – around the campfires with cousins and their friends, at the shop with my dad and his snowmachine buddies.  He’s apparently picked up some language that I’d prefer he not use. On national television or at home.

Not quite the demon child the Left is trying to make him out to be, huh? Bristol then made the point that instead of focusing on the “verbal slips of a 3-year-old,” let’s focus on real issues and on American self-reliance as highlighted in her #IBuiltThis campaign. Sane people everywhere will, Bristol.

Sane people, and those not easily led by the hateful leftist nose, are also calling out the media. Most “reports” of the “gay slur” have not been corrected.

First the media put words in Ann Romney’s mouth in order to try to demonize her. The Left also fell for that, and continue to push that lie. Now they are doing it to a 3-year-old child with the disgusting rationale that it’s totally okay, because they think his mom and his grandma are icky.

Lower than low. What say you, “real journalists?” Care to correct your vile false narrative record?

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  • Skags

    I’m not real concerned about parsing what the kid said. Either way it wasn’t good. Worse than what he said or didn’t say was her reaction.

    That was one of the worst displays of parenting I have ever seen in my life, from start to finish.

    • Richard Durkin

      Really, Worst Displays of Parenting you have ever seen? What about the lady in Houston that baked her child in the microwave, I guess its the worst from a conservative right?

      • Skags

        Hey Dick, Can you read? I didn’t say worst, I said one of I had seen. I have not seen the lady who baked her kid in a microwave, so how I could possibly count that as one of the worst displays of parenting?

        Also, in my universe, putting your kid in a microwave doesn’t fall under the axiom of parenting in any shape, manner, or form just because it’s done by a parent. Try mental illness. Good lord.

        I love Sarah Palin and consider myself a Reagan republican. But I watched that video and cringed. That’s a how-to on what not to do. You people are embarrassing.

    • weRbroke

      LMAO…you must be childless…or send a check every month…

      • Skags

        Actually I have three kids of my own and I’m state licensed foster parent.

        • weRbroke

          I’ve met some state licensed foster parents and they weren’t fit to take care of anyone’s DOG, let alone kids that the state has control of. On the other hand, I’ve met some wonderful foster parents. There is some dude in TN that has 30 kids…
          Do you think he knows jack about parenting?

          • Skags

            I have no idea. All I know is, what I saw in the video was pretty sad.

    • Ellen Riddle

      My 2 year old daughter heard my husband and I arguing once and she went over and said ‘F-you daddy!’ We laughed because it was so surprising and embarrassing. And then we stopped using those words and cleaned up our acts. You confuse a child when you make a big deal out of something they really don’t understand. Now…if she said it when she was a teenager, there would have been a whole different reaction.

  • kenj41ne

    anyone who would report on what a 3 year old would say has got to be starved for anything meaningful to report on. The LameStreamMedia are completely and utterly disgusting.

    • TonyMontana3

      Even more disgusting is Bristol who is willing to exploit her own child to get attention.

      • Armando

        Even more disgusting the twitchy team that reports all of this.

        • weRbroke

          Even more disgusting is that it was even “news” to libtards…

      • larry

        you’re one sick puppy, she isn’t whoring out her child like the Clintons did

        • TonyMontana3

          She’s whoring her kid much much more.

      • rivers

        LOL oh yeah, I’ll bet your indignation is causing all the fat you’ve accumulated from sitting around trolling conservative sites to jiggle all over the place.

      • lainer51

        you mean like Barry keeps using his kids names
        when referring to any tragedy that happens, anytime, anywhere…. I am the greatest father, husband and KING!

        • TonyMontana3

          So when you can’t defend Bristol you change the subject to someone else?

          • Ken Colditz

            Oh I get it. It is OK when a liberal does it, but when comes to people who are on the right… it is OK to attack them?

      • Ellen Riddle

        How did she do that?

      • captaingrumpy

        Tony……She didn’t ,the media did. DH

        • TonyMontana3

          Yes….the media made Bristol do this reality show…sigh…

      • Hello Jerry (D)


    • thetroll01

      Just a small suggestion, if I may? I find the term the term “YellowStreamMedia” to be more fitting

      • jdkchem

        Are you implying they have value?

  • TonyMontana3

    It’s disgusting how Bristol is exploiting her own kid to get attention. No matter what Tripp says the media is always there to criticize. Bristol doesn’t seem to care about that. She’s going to continue her reality show career anyway. She’s so desperate for attention. She’s the next Kim Kardashian.

    • Botzilla

      I don’t mind the Palins but I would have to agree, there is absolutely no value to her reality show and she is just being exploited because of her mother.

      • Ellen Riddle

        It’s the networks and advertisers that are ‘exploiting’ Bristol…I say, let her laugh all the way to the bank. If you don’t like it, don’t watch. And please…show me a ‘reality’ show that has ‘value’!!

  • Laurel

    The left has the nerve to scream about a three year old when their mouths issue gay slurs all of the time?! Not to mention other filth…Problem is they are too stupid to know what the words ‘hypocrite’ and ‘bully’ mean.

  • Botzilla

    she’s a Palin, it’s the medias duty to take what she or her family says out of context or just make things up to get their followers foaming at the mouth.

    • catb55

      Yes .. and aren’t they the ones who lecture the right to “leave the children alone” . even when they AREN’T the ones attacking people’s kids .. IT IS THE LEFT!

  • kateorjane

    Why on earth are people who hate the Palins wasting one millisecond of their time watching or being concerned about what goes on in Bristol’s show? I supported Gov Palin but have absolutely zero interest in watching a reality show about Bristol’s life. Whether the kid said this F word or that F word is not going to shatter civiliazation. .

  • Josephine (D)

    Funny how they enjoy calling Bristol a “c*nt” and a “wh*re”, etc.

  • Monica

    I would like to see the video of him saying this before I believe the main-stream media says. It sounds to me that you all want him to be homophobic……

    • Ellen Riddle


  • larry

    Hey, don’t ever say something derogatory ( and that is about anything you say) about a gay person, a black person, a Muslim, a hispanic, a liberal, Obama or an illegal alien, Christians, conservatives or Jews….fire away…call them any name you want, you can even call their under age daughters names, you can call them sluts, as Sgt Schultz did, it is not only okay, it expected…

    • lonestar

      However, if you are a Christian or a conservative, you are not allowed to make any comments about anyone or else you will be treated like Mel Gibson.

  • shimauma

    Any good conservative parent knows that a 3 yr old cursing means a dose of dishwashing soap on the tongue. And when they get older you make them gargle the Dawn…

    • $5326605

      Any good conservative knows you are an abusive SOB who’s brains should be rinsed out with clorox bleach.

      • Foxe

        Why? Dawn won’t hurt them, just teach them a lesson. If you can bathe a flea-covered kitten in Dawn, you can get a little in your mouth. I’d prefer that to that orange Dial. Had an orthodontist that used that stuff to wash his hands. Bleh. I only have to smell the stuff for the taste to return to my mouth.

        • shimauma

          LIFEBOY SOAP!!!

      • shimauma

        Guess you must be a libturd, because you don’t know a thing about disciplining kids…

  • lainer51

    typical desperate media, has no clue what is Real news..
    only trying to slur those they hate.

  • Jaynie59

    It’s a pretty sorry world when everyone agrees the 4 letter F word is better than saying the 6 letter F word.
    I don’t care what the kid said. He’s 3. I also don’t care that Bristol is making as much money now as she can while she can. It shows she’s got brains. Hopefully, she’ll make enough money now, while the opportunity is there, to provide a secure future for her and her son. More power to her. Also, hopefully, she learned her lesson with the money she made on DWTS and spend this money more wisely than on a house in a place she really didn’t want to live. Live and learn.
    This “controversy” may even help her ratings and make her even more money. Now wouldn’t that be nice?

    • Ken Colditz

      You have to remember the Leftest do not believe in earning money… they believe in hand outs. But I could imagine if Bristol was on welfare, they would criticize her for that… because she is a Palin.

  • $23629333

    No one is more notorious for his use of homophobic slurs than Alec Baldwin. Whenever he is upset with someone, he resorts to them. He referred to the Daily News’ Colin Myler as “that English Queen,” and addressed him as “Her Highness.” He told a photographer he was a “little girl.”
    Can you imagine the stink there would be if one of the Palins, or Rush, or some other conservative or Republican were to refer to Elton John as an “English Queen”? Or, imagine the rage there’d be if Tripp had said that Stephen Hanks was a “little girl.”
    But – of course – Baldwin, like misogynist Bill Maher, is beyond reproach because he is a Democrat, and – more importantly – a staunch supporter of the party and its standard bearer. This hypocrisy of the Democrats is nothing new; read Christopher Hitchens’ “No One Left to Lie To.” You’ll be reminded of the ugly saga that was the Dems’ defense of Bill Clinton.

  • NCRelite

    The MSM is one big stinking pile of misinformation

  • Darcy

    Why didn’t Bristol the Brainiac have that particular scene edited out? Then, she just left Gino on the side of the road? Real nice. Its funny to keep hearing her pine for Levi Johnston, as if he’d ever touch that thing again. She claims its so Tripp will know his dad. Sure, Bristol…What a Saint, your Bristol. Whining about how no body helps her with HER BABY, so she can go out riding bulls. Guilt trip, anyone, if you don’t do what she demand you do?

  • Hello Jerry (D)

    Not surprising, most liberals are child molesters anyway.

  • LM Shed

    So-called adults who verbally assault a three year old are just as bad as child abusers. What a bunch of ** idiots. Please insert the F word that the little dude let slip. Of course, you shouldn’t expect good to come out of Lisa Lampanelli’s mouth anyway. I’m sure when she opens it, flies escape from it from all the trash that resides there.

  • CaptainWhitebread

    The only way to keep very young kids from hearing (and repeating) those words is to a) not use them yourselves and b)totally seal them off from any other human contact. Since the second is not practical and we sometimes fail to follow the first, then every once in a while, this will happen. It did with both my kids when they were toddlers. I’ve taught them not to use those words in public, and to my knowledge, they don’t. This is all the usual “much ado about nothing” the lefties throw out to distract folks from real issues, and nothing more.

  • jdkchem

    So a three year old is held to higher standards of speach than the grate orator of our times, chocolate jesus. Amazing!

  • Paul J. Citro

    Libs are the cancer of any society.