President Obama received a ringing endorsement from Hugo Chavez today.

Hugo Chavez, of course, also slammed Mitt Romney and his “extreme agenda.” This is not surprising. Back in 2009, the Venezuelan dictator slammed “stupid” Fox News and praised President Obama, saying “the smell of sulphur has been replaced by the smell of hope.”

Sigh. Excuse us while we grab our hurl buckets.

Twitter users aren’t really surprised by this turn of events, either.

However, some think it may make a great campaign ad … for Romney.

Heh. Take it under advisement Team Romney. There is something to this Japanese proverb: “When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends.”

Nice guy? Or, as strongman Chavez says, “good guy?” We think not.

  • Soopermexican

    What does the “smell of hope” smell like? Bankrupted Green Energy companies garnished with arugula and pond scum?

  • MaddMedic
  • Botzilla

    Lets see , who has endorsed Obama so far, Hugo Chavez, Vladimir Putin, the Communist party USA, the Socialist party, NAMBLA, and Hollywood. What else is it going to take before people start seeing what i am seeing?

  • John Beam

    I agree with those who think that using this as a campaign ad is a profoundly good idea. Just line up all of the tyrants of the would who speak glowingly of Obama’s reelection, while showing the evil and degradation of their countries. I hope that Kim Jung Un follows suit.

  • stillinthe60s

    Smells more like desperation on Obama campaign’s part.

  • Norbit Peters

    Obama’s Democrats and Chavez’ Revolutionaries – Great minds think alike!

  • stillinthe60s

    Chavez’s “smell of hope” is the fact he’s still alive and getting a whiff of his own colostomy bag.
    Don’t worry Chavezy, TSA won’t manhandle yours. Your not a citizen.

  • Dionysios Anninos

    Son of a gun! I thought RE-RUN from “What’s Happening” was dead!

  • John Hanover

    The poster child for ” working example of Socialism ” ( which still fails humanity since 1936 and an advocate for dictatorship supports Obama. Oh sarcastically what does that mean? Ha ha what a joke, Chavez will be replaced the hard way some day.

  • Paul J. Citro

    That alone tells it all. Birds of a feather stick together.

  • Diane Kissee’

    Like Americans are going to rest a whole lot easier now that Chavez (another Communist ) has endorsed Obama !! …… Shudder !!