Predictably, some on the Left are grossly trying to score political points on the backs of the dead after the tragedy in Aurora, Colo. Daily Kos editor David Waldman goes one revolting step further and says it’s totally cool to do so.

Oh, it’s just a little bit messy! Dancing on graves can be that way. Beyond reprehensible. This isn’t just spiking the football; it’s spiking the football in a cemetery at the expense of lives lost. What’s a little moral bankruptcy when there is a tragedy to exploit, huh, lefties?

Fired John Edwards blogger Amanda Marcotte also jumps aboard the bilious train.


When you’ve lost Keith Olbermann …

Of course, Keith Olbermann is only upset that Mr. Waldman exposed the truth about the Left. This is what they do; never let a tragedy go to waste.

The mentally unstable and morally bankrupt chime in.

Many others like that disgraceful Twitter user haveĀ also tried to score points against Rush Limbaugh using the tragic loss of life. Contemptible.

All about them and their agenda, you see. Look, ghouls: People died. Loves ones were lost, forever. People are in pain, devastated with grief.

Those with souls, and functioning brains, respond.

They can’t. That’s what happens when one has no moral compass.

Update: Geraldo Rivera also ghoulishly defends politicizing tragedy on the backs of the dead while pushing for gun control.

  • Yvonne DuBose

    God bless those victims families and the community of Aurora. May he also forgive these heartless misguided souls that spread vile thoughts during a time of pain, may they find God before they find themselves in need of his comfort because there but for the grace of God go any of us.

  • jdkchem

    Olbermann the voice of reason?

    • BorderLine Guy

      Hell no, ONE day to mourn, then it’s kill the GOP!

  • cscape

    tomorrow’s not going to work either…… i keep thinking of the Paul Wellstone Memorial – that was the day that “reasonable republican aisle crossers” discovered that there are no boundaries on Liberal Democrat crassness!

  • MaddMedic

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    Daily Kooks….Sheit heads..

  • FunnyFaceKing

    Tears or GTFO

  • lazypadawan

    Tell me again how the left really cares about people…there are still bodies in the theater and these boobs are running around gleefully going, “See! See! I’m right! You wrong!” and then they get all self-righteous when they get called on it. And Geraldo has always been a loudmouth, annoying showboat.

  • Nergal

    The term “Ghoul” was pretty apt. In Arab mythology a Ghoul was a creature that fed on dead bodies, and spread misery wherever it went. If that doesn’t describe the leftist, statist media, then I don’t know what does.

  • Marty Luther

    Never waste a crisis. That’s the Liberal/Obama way. #sick

  • Donnertparty

    Explain to me why what you said in the story line about is any different than “scoring political points.” Dancing on graves? Dude, you are doing the can-can.

  • V the K

    Liberals would rather punish 100M law abiding gun owners than one murderous criminal.

    • bluewaternavy

      the One murderous crimal will be coddled by them. At his trial (should there be one) will tell of his awful childhood, the stress of life in a recession-for which Bush will be blamed-and they will claim this is society’s fault.

  • John Hanover

    If the left extended their hands to reach out and help instead of take they might understand what real compassion is. If they want to politicise this horrible tragedy just tell them Oslo and Toronto.

  • Mid Lo

    -‘Responding to a shooting with calls for gun control is “politicizing” in the same way demanding for dams in response to floods is.’-

    Technically the analogy is correct because of it being incorrect.

    Actually most flooding is not a result of a lack of dams. Most shootings are not due to a lack of gun laws. Chicago, 2,217 shootings in 2011 and on a record pace to top that this year. Also home to some of the strictest gun control laws in the land. How’s that working out? I also seem to recall that’s the home of a certain “community organizer.”

  • CMS

    What in the World are You Twitchas Talking About? Nobody is Trying to Punish Gun Owners or Conservatives for this Horrible Act and Nobody is Supporting the Murder,Fucking Disgusting,What Planet Do YOU PEOPLE Live On.Talk about Politicizing. Grow Some Integrity

  • Psycho Sock Puppet

    How soon they forget or won’t read. The Federalist No.29 speaks to the 2nd Amendment and gives one reason for it: to protect the People from an oppressive government. Seems approprate as LibTards want to extend govt into all aspects of our lives. Jefferson was right about the Tree of Liberty:
    “The tree of liberty must be
    refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is it’s
    natural manure.”