Candidate Mitt Romney gave a speech in Pennsylvania today and, boy, did he hit it out of the park!

Citizens, business owners among them, have been fighting back against President Obama’s blatant sneering contempt for them. They have been teaching President Obama a little something about hard work and freedom; they built their own businesses, contrary to President Obama’s disdainful opinion and attempted credit-grabbing.

An unintended consequence of President Obama’s mask slippage? It brought out a fired up Mitt Romney, who said “Hell, no.” Okay, maybe he said “Heck, no.” But, still! Mitt Romney is at his best when he is passionately speaking about the  pro-freedom principles upon which this country was founded.

Read this, and cheer! NRO’s Jim Geraghty provided some live coverage of the rousing speech.

A new Mitt Romney?

Why, thank you, President Obama. You have accomplished something positive, for once!

Yes. And if President Obama keeps letting his own mask slip, it’s guaranteed.

Watch the whole speech here, via The Right Scoop. More of this, Mitt Romney, please.

Fired up, ready to go?” Mitt Romney is. And so are freedom-loving Americans.

  • James Atkins

    Oh yes, more of this Romney please… *thumbs up*

  • Teritd

    What a great speech! Romney has to keep this up and stay on the attack.

  • Dio Heerai

    THAT!!!!! was Obama’s “the economy is doing fine” statement of this campaign and just like Mccain the fallout starts out slow then hits like an mile wide asteriod

  • rinodino

    Yeah he hit it out the park Twitchy, if you count jimgerathy 50 times, lol

    • Dio Heerai

      Yeah like that stammering idiot Obama without his teleprompter er er er er er er er…. LOL

      • gtwreck

        hmmmmm no Teleprompter???? Need to understand why the late MSM used to claim Obama was so smart. Romney was speaking from the heart. No external Teleprompter needed.

  • mayorofshadyvil

    It’s increasingly clear nothing he does woo have legs in the media. Unless of course its negative. In which case its put on blast. Shit he does something positive and its labeled racist/anti-women/elitist/birther. It’s nauseating. How can the media keep a straight face and parrot Axelrod and Wasserman-Shultz so consistently? Easy, they’re not playing fair anymore, and thus they have entered the campaign themselves. They are just another misleading Obama surrogate. Thank God Al Gore created the internet is all i can say.

  • 58iup65

    Romney spoke from the heart of an American loving patriot, and without a teleprompter. Obama’s critic of small business success last week was without his faithful teleprompter. I’ll bet his handlers were pissed. If he keeps it up, that is speaking extemporaneously, he will make many more gaffes. Go get em Mitt!