As Twitchy reported this morning, yet another abysmal jobs report was released today. As always, the White House blamed President Bush; his wizard wand of evil knows no bounds!

The American people, being sane, put the blame where it should be: on President Obama and his fellow travelers.

Some are using the hashtag #oneterm, also tying in Obama’s absurd and mockable #BettingOnAmerica slogan, while others are going with #ObamaIsntWorking.

Bingo! Maybe then he’d see that he is not wearing any clothes.


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  • Grumpa Grumpus

    Headwinds: The high velocity air currents traipsing around between The One‘s bat-ears.

  • dadvocate

    Obama’s more interested in saving his job than yours.

  • Brian P.T. Blake

    This Commie rat couldn’t care less about unemployment. He loves it! Like Lenin, the worse it gets the more he thinks Workers of the World will unite behind his sinister plot for a Soviet Utopia. Poor Obozo, 95 years out of date! We’re not in 1917 anymore, Totto. Unite Americans certainly will — to kick The Kenyan’s sorry butt out and get on with the lives he has worked so hard to wreck.

  • massjim

    I would love to see a chart comparing the rise in unemployment with the fall in Obama’s golf handicap over the his term of office.

  • Terri Sweeney

    Sometimes the patient just doesn’t get better, no matter how many leeches the skilled physician places on them.

    Who knows why?