Over the weekend, NBC meteorologist  Doug Kammerer said this about the heat wave on the east coast: “If we did not have global warming, we wouldn’t see this.” No, really.

Another NBC meteorologist said “We’ve never really seen a heat wave like this in the month of June.” See, it’s not like normally summer is hot or anything.

We are confused: What happened to “climate change,” which is the reason always given for the apparently unheard of sight of snow in the winter? Twitter users have similar questions and, once again, are ready to school the so-called experts.

Of course, some useful idiots giddily climb aboard the global warming scam train.

Sigh. That guy is likely taking cues from Democrat congressmen John Spratt and Don Fowler, the former chair of the DNC, who crowed happily about Hurricane Katrina. Because, Bush. Suffering is totally hilarious, if it happens around a Republican, you see.

Morally bankrupt much?

Today, the Associated Press also jumped on the absurd, and lie-filled, bandwagon.


Sorry, NBC and Associated Press. There are some real “inconvenient truths” for you. But nice propaganda try, Liar McLiarpants! The only science that is settled is this: Global warming nuts and fraudsters lie.

Luckily, those who aren’t “real journalists” aren’t falling for it. We know, media, truth is hard. It is especially when distracted by all that heavy water carrying and all. So, this Twitter user sums it up in a nutshell for y’all:

  • Dostoyevsky23

    We just had the 12 hottest months on record. Human behavior is altering the finely-tuned balance of life on this planet. It’s not a one-world government conspiracy to take freedom away. It is a reality that the vast majority of the scientific community supports. Is every heat record and tropical storm directly attributable to human behavior? Of course not. There are billions and billions of variables, so no one is going to pin down exactly what road we are going down.

  • Frustrated Teacher

    so you expect the Earth’s temperature to remain exactly stable for all time? Of COURSE the temperature of Earth is changing….it is ALWAYS changing. Do humans contribute to it? So what if they do? Can we change/reverse it? NOBODY can say for sure. SHOULD we change/reverse it? Will it be a disaster if the temperature of Earth changes? I doubt it. Can humans adapt to it? Yes, since we seem to have adapted to 50,000 years of change since the last Ice Age. Did we screw up building all of our major cities too close to the unstable ocean? Yes! What is the solution? It is NOT ruining our economy and freedoms in a possibly foolish attempt to change what occurs naturally on Earth! The fear-mongers have an agenda….DEAL with it!