Predictably, scratch a leftist and find a bigot. And in case her bigotry didn’t stand out enough, she kindly screamed it out in capital letters for you. She’s a giver.

Of course, we already knew that about Cher. Remember, she doesn’t even want to breathe the same air as Romney and his ‘racist homophobic women hating tea bagger masters.’ Wow, how enlightened and tolerant!

She ups the “tolerance” ante by hopping aboard the Mormon bigotry train today. This does help explain all her disjointed and unhinged meltdowns over Mitt Romney. It’s not really Mitt Romney; she just hates Mormons. Much like Obama’s Million Dollar Man, Bill Maher.

What caused her to expose her hatred today? Who knows? Cuckoo pants is incredibly hard to translate. But it had something to do with the Supreme Court’s decision on Obamacare yesterday. Last night, she threatened to kiss Chief Justice Roberts. *Shudder* Today? Noted economist Cher thinks President Obama isn’t explaining it right. Or something. It entails a lot of screeching capital letters, though.

Oh, well, MSNBC. It’s not like they are proven liars who are in the tank for Obama or anything. Plus, it makes sense to Cher. Honey, that isn’t a selling point. If it makes sense to someone for whom reality is hard, then that’s a con, not a pro.

Buy some thingamajigs! Problem. Solved.

Mormon bigotry is hilarious? To the bigoted Left it is, apparently. Cher’s fellow bigoted travelers spew their anti-Mormon remarks as well.

That’s just the tip of the disgusting iceberg and is par for the course for the anti-Mormon Left.

As for queen of the meltdowns, screeching capital letters and insane rants? She’s also a fan of Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren, natch. It must be the headdresses.

Oh, Cher. Seek help.

Update: The rant continues. Save some capital letters for others, Cher!

What about treating people like they are nothing for simply disagreeing with your politics? Or for being wealthy and successful? Or, you know, for being Mormon?

Babe, you need to work on your own English. Just a little tip for you.

  • The Monster

    “if MORE ppl buy,prices will go down”? Has this woman never heard of the Law of Demand? The more people (want to) buy something, the more the price goes up.

    • gauffrette

      Plus, you missed “supply”. Fewer doctors, prices rise. More “customers” competing for those fewer doctors, prices rise even more.

    • Sonya A. Willis

      You know Economics isn’t exactly a Liberal’s strong point.

      • Peter Braverman

        liberals and economics make about as much sense as a screen door in a submarine…

      • CrystalClear

        Because they are always searching someone else’s pocket book for their money……..that is why!

    • CrystalClear

      For some reason the stupid Hollywood people think they are invincible but I tell you not so. They will find that their pocket books shrink after speaking their mind politically which is fine with me. We just dont watch their movies, buy their cd’s -no market for them.


    Cher; one name, one syllable, one brain cell.

    • aelfheld

      You overestimate her capacity.

    • rank

      When the wind blows her head whistles!

      • patriot_act

        When you blow, they guys in the neighborhood whistle.

    • Jim1937

      You are being overly generous.

    • CrystalClear

      No Cher has two the other one is on drugs and that is the one she is using.

    • C.K.

      Is it possible that Cher is asexual? That is, she had herself. And therefore suffers from extreme inbreeding?

  • Jonathan Gardner

    Cher’s estimated net worth: $600 million. Romney’s? $200 million. Funny how that works.

    • Phillip Bias

      it has nothing to do with romney having money, most of the left that are complaigning have more money than romney.its because they know there followers are just to stupid to figuar out the truth

      • mishong

        Complaign? That’s a good word for Obambam’s effort – “He’s out complaigning”

        • CrystalClear

          Hard for Oblamer to leave the Banana Republic but when you are on the whining tour ……………you gotta go!

      • Mike Callahan

        Phillip you most likely hit the nail on the head. Too bad we couldn’t hit these hollywood phonies on the head and knock some sense into them.

        • Muttley49

          Stop buying their sh!t, that will either put them out of business or wake them up enough to learn how to shut up.

          • Jose Rodriguez

            Good point Muttley49, I refuse to see any movie with a Liberal actor/actress in it………………………………….That includes Will Smith who I used to love, not after he went to bed with Obama.

          • LouAnnWatson

            the racist morgan freeman is also on that list

          • $26278289

            If Morgan has a sore throat, he’s virtually useless… The Voice most loved by Guilty White Liberals and Progressives – The Hog Caller on the Democrat Vote Plantation.

          • CrystalClear

            Sarah Horseface Parker, George Clooney, Roseanne Barr, Bruce Springsteen, Charlize Therzon (oh by the way has a movie coming out soon-boycott her) and especially Tom Hanks! Boycott these people dont get involved in politics because your career can go downhill quite fast.

          • NotFondOfLibs

            I am glad to hear that there are other people urging Americans to boycott the movies of these Obama supporters in Hollywood. Clooney is in Europe raising money for Obama. Hanks, Clooney, Theron, Damon (the idiot), Glover, Pitt, Jolie (another idiot), Roberts, Freeman, The list is huge. Spread the word.

          • patriot_act

            Yeah all these people are on Hollywood Blvd. with a tin cup selling pencils to make ends meet. Six mooks boycotting doesn’t make much of a statement.

          • $1718659

            Rather than naming a few names, why not do what I do and boycott ALL films? There are few if any in Hollyweird worth supporting, and almost all the studios are in Obowtome’s pocket anyway. Plus – why spend $15 a ticket to see swill?

          • $1718659

            Rather than naming a few names, why not do what I do and boycott ALL films? There are few if any in Hollyweird worth supporting, and almost all the studios are in Obowtome’s pocket anyway. Plus – why spend $15 a ticket to see swill?

          • Play Righter

            But Tom Hanks is such a great actor. He can say “He will not dwell in blame” regarding Obama and not choke on the words.

          • Play Righter

            But Tom Hanks is such a great actor. He can say “He will not dwell in blame” regarding Obama and not choke on the words.

          • Sloane ranger

            I have spent a grand total of $8.50 in the past five years and that was to see an English film with great actors, the talent of which modern Hollywood can only dream. I shan’t go to any Hollywood movie until they SHARE THEIR MONEY WITH THE POOR. OBAMA AND HIS WIFE ARE NOT POOR! Obama is going through their contributions like he has gone through our taxpayer money. These Hollywood types need to give up their huge mansions, private planes etc. and reduce their carbon footprints to come in line with the rest of us. That will be equality!

          • patriot_act

            Who the F cares what YOU THINK???

        • CrystalClear

          I wouldnt want to get that close whatever they have might be contagious!

        • C.K.

          Hit’em on the head? Each would shatter like a cheap empty clay pot.

        • iRick

          You cant fix stupid

      • CrystalClear

        You are so right it is not about the money it is about integrity, honesty, class and character something ‘the annointed one’ has neither of!

      • patriot_act

        Dear God, learn how to spell!

        • $1718659

          It was intentional, idiot! You are a prime example of why there should be an IQ test before being allowed to reproduce.

    • Joy Compton

      Just shows that it does not take much to entertain a liberal.

      • Warren Wilson

        Sure. A rubber band…… “The Trojans”

      • CrystalClear

        All you have to be is a good con artist, habitual liar and be corrupt. These are prerequisites of the job!

    • Big_Bear

      $600 million for what? Song and dance? It seems these Hollyweird types are a great source of tax revenue that the government is not exploiting. Tax them at 95%. That would still leave Cher with $28 million more than she deserves.

      • CrystalClear

        You dont see them handing over their money to Oblamer no they ask all of us to part with our money …….not theirs that is why they have so much of it!

      • cisco7819

        Funny too that all the OWS crowd (the so called 99%), don’t seem to have a problem with the one percenters in Hollywood. Michael Moore berates the American Capitalist system that he has made his money from. Same for all the Hollywood libs that bash the country that made them rich. Libs think they won the lottery with the scotus decision but only the rich libs will have any real healthcare choice because they can afford it and of course have their fame. Wake up people your liberties are being stripped from you. Time for a change in the White House and the Senate. BTW, Cher …you stoppped being relevant years ago.

        • Ruth Kaempf

          In my opinion she was always irrelevant, however I had a soft spot for Sonny and was sad when he died while skiing. Still he had a good few years after his divorce from Cher.

      • Play Righter

        For a great and educational read, pick up “Hollywood Hypocrites”.

    • 60sGirl

      EXACTLY right. Thank you. Hypocrites of the first order.

    • Rosewould

      But her car elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top.

    • $1718659

      Not to mention the fact that Romney gave away an entire fortune left him by his father. How much has the vapid one given away to anyone/anything?

  • localsavage

    I love when one rich person berates another for being rich. I guess she is another example of a celebrity who surrounds themselves with people who always tell them what they want to hear so that they don’t have to think before they speak or “tweet” in this case.

    • Josh Dunn

      Richy Rich is more aimed at him being an aristocrat than just having money.

      • Vincent

        There’s no aristocracy in America, or didn’t you get the memo?

    • Jbmw1

      But like it was said earlier, they rich liberals are counting on the poor liberals to be too stupid to realize the hypocrisy.

    • CrystalClear

      LIke I said boycott her cd’s, her bon voyages how many has it been now?
      Conservatives keep the economy going where liberals look in our pockets to see what they can spend!

  • bigjohn767

    I feel sorry for Chaz..having to explain his mother’s hatred and bigotry…

  • Tomas Cruz

    Hey Cher, how much did you pay on capital gains taxes this year? Did you think John Kerrys wealth made him Richy Rich Kerry in silky white under wear? Silly girl!

  • AmericanGal

    I guess Richy Rich Cher has nothing to do. She attacks others for being rich, what the heck is she. What does she do for our country, except tweet nonsense on twitter. She is a no good richy rich bitch

    • CrystalClear

      Cher spends her days getting lipo, face lifts, butt lifts and I think what she needs next is a good colon cleansing it might help the way she thinks. Until then lighten up on the Spanx Cher I think they are toooo tight!

  • Johnny

    I would love to see Cher survive and talk s–t if she had no money like us poor working class people..

  • ak47rocks

    I would offer Cher a couple of brain cells to beat together, but I can see she already has “one”.

    • CrystalClear

      I think that might be the problem when she goes to the dr and he looks in her ears you can see the light on the wall on the other side….LOL

  • rich34952

    The more Cher comments on Republicans and Conservatives, the more i realize that she is a complete idiot. All she does is ramble on without making any sense. I guess after a while, loud music makes you brain dead.

    • Grumpa Grumpus

      Uuuhhh, that happened *way* before the music…

      Being old, I saw her interviews w/Sonny Bono. Poor man, he *really* tried to not show up her intelligence, and it certainly came across whenever they did interviews.

      She seems to do well at rote tasks… if not *too* complex (like a chord change transition in song).

  • Charlestownjack

    Check out Google. Mormon underwear is simply a symbolic item to “remind Mormons of the promises they have made “to God in the Temple to be honest and faithful to the commandments of the Lord”. I would no sooner mock them than I would Cher’s tattoos that must remind her of her pact with you know…..

    • MadCharles

      Being hypocritical is a Cher strong suit.

    • bolsen00

      That was well said…Thank you for a coherent, compassionate post. Now if only Cher could read…

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Your daughters’ role model, America.

  • dr_bugsy

    Who is Cher?

  • EmeraldAl

    Cher looks awfully rich and white and certainly has some funky underwear.

    • CrystalClear

      Her underwear of choice is SPANX. But they are so unconfortable that you cant breathe ……….so you can now see she is not getting enough oxygen to the brain!

    • Grumpa Grumpus

      I’m an old man… I remember when “funky” meant “smelling of putrification mold”…

      *That’s* why when it is used as it is today I start laughing…

  • Mike Jackson

    Obama/Romneycare, yet another violation of our rights. The gov’t constantly violates our rights.
    They violate the 1st Amendment by caging protesters and banning books like “America Deceived II”.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by allowing TSA to grope you.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars.
    Impeach Obama, support Ron Paul.
    Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely banned:

  • rudeyobnoxious

    Cher who?

  • John

    Another celeb that thinks her utterances are the most important in history. Her words no more important than anyone else’s. We are supposed to fain all over statements by people that are good at can remember their lines and show emotion.

    So. Here is another important idea. If you don’t like Romney, or don’t want to vote to show everyone you don’t care. You will get Obama/Biden/Clinton for four more years. And WE CANNOT AFFORD THEM!

  • Frank

    Cher’s awful career died a long time ago so now she has nothing better to do than act like she’s politically savvy in talking smack in giving her two cents about something she obviously knows nothing about. If she’s going to criticize, then she should try a better choice of words because these tweets just sound childish.

  • DGJ

    Who cares what the richest wrinkly white woman who only preforms in underwear thinks?

    • CrystalClear


  • UCannotBelieveThisClown

    Cher? Cher of Sonny and Cher? The bimbo turned collagen freak show? She is relevant, how?

  • gv416

    Richy Rich Romney??? and how many millions does working class Cher have in the bank? Whitest man in magic underwear….but she doesn’t mind collecting the money from her white fans. So she has insulted Mormons and White people….all her white fans should be insulted….the sixty odd year old mattress really should keep her yap shut and just sing!

  • gauffrette

    Sonny had the brains in that family.

  • cm1515

    Wow…I just lost all respect for Cher. That is a good thing. When low living value lacking people think they have the upper hand in something that is when their crassness comes out. They can’t help it. It’s part of them. I really thought Cher had some values. She’s just another vile liberal nitwit.

  • aelfheld

    I do so love the Left’s firm and unwavering commitment to civil discourse.

  • Barry Obozo

    Even I don’t like Cher

  • Joan Lussier

    Hey Cher, You bigot. I wonder if you know that Dem. senator Harry Reid is a Mormon.

    • Tim

      That’s what I was wondering too. So to be consistent, she should be actively mocking these guys for being Mormon also.

      Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nevada
      Sen. Tom Udall, D-New Mexico, elected in 2008.
      Rep. Jim Matheson, D-Utah, elected in 2000.
      Rep. Eni Faleomavaega, D-American Samoa, is one of five territorial representatives in the House. He is in his 13th term as American Samoa’s nonvoting delegate.

      • CrystalClear

        Cher is delusional bleeding heart liberal activist. We will see who buys her cd’s after this?

    • CrystalClear

      She doesnt care about Reid that jacka$$ isn’t running for presidency!
      Makes me laugh I think Pelosi looks like Cher just put a long black wig on her….=LOL

  • CQ50

    Not only has Cher proven once again that she is a washed-up old plastic hag, but she is now officially a religious bigot.

    • N

      sadly, they do have special underwear…

      • bolsen00

        Huh? Are you a bigot too?

      • Greg Barton

        Hey N, your Depends are leaking…..

      • CrystalClear

        How do you know are you wearing some?

      • CypressSteve

        @N: Yes, we do. Could you explain to me what is so “sad” about this? Why does it create a problem for you such that is makes you sad? What special remembrances do you have? A wedding ring, perhaps? Anything?
        I can promise you this: Regardless of what symbols you find sacred, it does not bother me in the least and it certainly does not make me sad.

    • CrystalClear

      All the liberals are in bed with one another.

  • Gary Figg

    I think Richy Bitch’s hair extensions are in too tight.

  • Tumbleweed

    Is Cher on drugs again?


    At least he wears underwear. By the way, you (Cher) don’t seem to have the slightest grasp of spelling, punctuation, grammar, or composition. Spend some time on that, please.

    • cisco7819

      would tax her brain and she’d wind up in a hospital with TBI.

  • Joy Compton

    Cher just cannot shut up, obviously unaware of the adage “keep mouth shut and appear stupid–open it and leave no doubt”. Romney may be white but at least he looks alive. Cher could easily be confused with an animated wax museum figure. Are there any original parts left.on that old “chaise”?

    • 60sGirl

      Maye she is on make you talk too much drugs?

  • Jason_Kahl

    obama can goto hell with the rest of the lib trash

  • TraderJo

    Looks like she escaped the asylum . . . .

  • Dunnyveg

    The conversation above reminds me of the taunts and silly insults I used to hear on the playgrounds in grade school. Like much of the feelin’ groovy generation, Cher is growing old without ever having grown up. What a shame.

  • Paul__Revere

    It is truly amazing to watch people publicly display that they have completely become the very thing they claim they are opposed to. The inherent ignorance of it is mindblowing.

  • bewaretheprophetwhoseeksprofit

    Wow the hatred of the left is evident again. Now do you people understand that the left is pure evil?

    • CrystalClear

      Yes alot of them are atheists how do we know she is not?

  • bolsen00

    So Cher is an anti-Mormon bigot, trash talking racist socialist who believes she is better than everybody else…one more uneducated intolerant hateful person in the democrat Hollywood party taking her mask off so we can see the troll that lurks beneath…..ugly ugly!

    • cisco7819

      and unfortunately dangerous because far to many listen to her trash.

  • Andylit

    Gotta love the web. It allows folks to show their inner self to all the world.

    Of course, there is a downside. All the world gets to see your inner self. TMI

  • Guest

    Cher is wealthier than Romney by tens, possibly hundreds of millions of dollars. Last year Romney donated 16% of his income to charity. I understand Cher also donates money and her name to causes she deems charitable. These are admirable actions for both of them.

    So by what logic does she criticize someone who is less wealthy and more charitable than her for being a mean old “richy rich” guy? I don’t hear Romney calling her a “rich b*tch.”

    • Joan Lussier

      Do you know that mormons are more patriotic then most people. That is
      why Romney loves this country so much and it’s greatness. At least he does
      not try and shove his religion down our throats and try to fundamentally
      change this country. Romney is a capitalist and Obama is a communist/
      Go Mitt 2012 !!

      • CypressSteve

        Joan, you are mostly correct about Mormons being patriotic. It is actually part of their theology that America is a “choice” land. Unfortunately, people like Bill Maher have construed this to mean that Mormons believe Jesus is an American, which is patently untrue (as if that matters to Maher).

  • Dookie LaFlair

    Conservatives believe in a magic man in the sky. They use ancient superstitions to justify bigotry against fellow Americans.

  • Samantha

    If she really believes that Obama cares about what happens to the poor then she is gullible beyond all help.

    • cisco7819

      Just like all the gullible people who voted for Obama. This is what happens when our education is dumbed down.

  • vegasdomar

    Don’t know why the downing of Mormans, when the head of the Senate Harry Reid is a very prominant Mormon here and even went so far as to have his Jewish wife convert to Mormonism. What do you have against Harry Reid the Mormon. He and his very large family donate to the church and are admired for his contributions.

  • Goyo

    ……………………my grandparents really like cher

  • spooky2626

    This is one old sick lady. If I recall it was a conservative
    who made her famous? The person who was all heart and kindness was Sonny Bono.
    I am just wondering if she had something to do with his death.

    • CrystalClear

      The smartest thing he ever did was leave her to her own vices!

  • Mike Callahan

    These stars that have all this money and then try to pretend they are not rich. Give me a break and tell her to take the 3rd grade education she has an move to another country. Most of us can count.

    • Greg Barton

      Pretend to be not rich…. that fat oaf Michael Moore comes to mind with his dopey baseball hat.
      You libs think you’re slick but…… you ain’t.

  • ernst1776

    When did Cher turn 16 years old? what an immature dimwit.

  • MaryASanDiego

    Cher is a disgusting hater! And to think I used to like her music. It’s a shame that celebs have to get involved so loudly in politics. They should just stick to what they’re paid to do.

  • David Powell

    Why is Cher hating on “The Whitest White person?” She’s white herself. Facepalm.

  • Mike

    Anyone know if Cher has ever made “magic underpants” slurs against Mormon Harry Reid? The hypocrisy with some of these folk is unbelievable.

  • giavs

    see how plastic surgery can make you think your beautiful, but rots the brain…oh, father time, come and claim your lost child…..

    • CrystalClear

      It is the botox baby……they have put too much in her face to get rid of the wrinkles.

  • Jbmw1

    She is a nutter along with her “followers”. I think that is apparent with the “magic underwear”. Cher, drugs are bad, you shouldn’t do drugss.

  • Al

    Who cares what Cher thinks. She can think what she wants. What bothers me is the millions of idiots who think she’s important.

  • Scott Mohr

    Funny no one has noticed her play on the phoney Rush ‘ Magic Negro’ song that was written, and sang by…..what for it….a BLACK MAN! Idiot’s around every corner.

  • Byron

    maybe don’t repost every dumb thing this blithering idiot says

  • Dustin Parks

    Just another old,washed up has-been.Some of us age with grace and honor.This old sea hag named Cher will never have those qualities.

  • RIChris

    Poor old thing. Cher thinks Twitter can turn back time and make her relevant again.

    • Shepherd

      LOL. Best come back ever!

    • CrystalClear

      Not especially now! You can never go back Cher you opened your big fat mouth.

    • 60sGirl


  • Independent “Terrorist”

    Botox Brain…..

    • cisco7819

      Love it! Have to remember that one.

  • Paul E Guiteau

    I thought Cher was part Cherokee like Elizabeth Warren.

  • Peter Braverman

    i think all of the plastic surgeries have finally caught up with her – she’s more screwed up than Obamacare

  • LysolMotorola

    How sad. I would call it “early dementia”, except that Cher is soooo OLD. What a pity they do not have plastic surgery for your brain.

  • JWales

    parameter check

  • Malcolm_X

    Two letters, Cher:

    F & U

    I’ll tattoo that on my ass for you.

  • OutInTheOC

    WOW…….Sounds like Cher is loosing it…….age has not done her well!

  • JWales

    Slutty Slut Cher… the least cerebral, chemically tanned slut in female undergarments.

  • libwithIQ

    Cherie Cher…the whitest bigot in need of a looney bin.

  • joe

    Gee, Cher, how bigoted are you?

  • $293332

    at least he is wearing underwear

  • a bison

    Is there a good reason why there are articles about this dumb old trash mouth?

  • trigger

    and your so poor and dark skinned. Cher, your rich pasty rear end has no room to talk. now give all your money to the poor and go get a tan. dont forget to pay your white tax on that tan.

  • libwithIQ

    Cher…poster child for what drugs and botox can do to a sub par human brain.

  • Maluka

    Who really cares what a silicone and dope filled a$$hole like her says? Crawl back in your hole cher.

  • Sue Gonzalez

    Cher became irrelevant when she left Sonny. Who cares what this Botox overdoser thinks? At least Romney WEARS underwear!

  • In_the_OC

    What a nasty, unkind person is the real Cherilyn Sarkisan. Add to that the fact that she is grossly uninformed, cruel, and generally moronic and you have another Hollywood idiot – nothing more.

  • David D’Esposito

    Hey… you guys remember when Cher was relevant??
    ….Nope. Neither do I.

  • violetvirginia

    Cher, a washed up has been who is irrelevant!
    She should become a recluse and grow old gracefully.
    However, to do this requires class which she has never been blessed with this virtue.

  • astralweeks

    Keep in mind this is the woman who once thought the moon was the back side of the sun.

  • Heartland Patriot

    That woman is one sorry piece of trash.

  • $6557272

    Works two jobs because of high insurance premiums? How stupid does this wealthy weirdo think we are. What a freak!

  • John

    Cher’s networth is 305 million, Romney’s is 200 million. What?

  • $6557272

    “Don’t you presume to tell me”, what a whiner. Dishes it out but can’t take it. FREAK FREAKER FREAKEST.

  • Chief544

    In liberalville she is considered normal. Sonny Bono used to say that Cher thought Mt. Rushmore was a natural phenomenon. I thought he was making a joke.

  • ReggieHammond73

    Is this skank still alive?

  • Ill Duce

    So the pretentious old has been who’s net worth is $500,000,000 is is calling Romney (who’s net worth is half of hers) “richey, rich”! What a moron.

  • FB

    Cher has gone from unhinged to certifiable.

  • tkayvegas

    Just information for those who may have questions: LDS members make promises to God in our temples to keep ourselves morally clean. The garments we wear under our clothes remind us of those promises and help us dress modestly. Because of this we feel they are a protection for us. Not “magic” but a symbol of Gods love and protection for us by keeping His commandments.

  • IAmAProudAmerican

    The Hollywood elite are so insulated from the real world, that they feel everyone thinks as they do. Not true Cher. We see through Obama and his fascist administration. Romney believes in his religion and I have no problem with that. As long as he is true to the Constitution and does what is best for the American people I will vote for him.

  • Ron Auriemma/Leone

    Anyone speaking of so call “Magic Underwear” don’t know the first thing about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I don’t hear anyone addressing Dying for Allah and being rewarded with 72 Virgins.

  • slconfidential

    She needs to go out into the sun and have a meltdown from all the plastic surgeries done on her.

  • Honest Abe

    Cher never could sing…she has what we musicians call a Billy Goat vibrato ….brutal to listen to!!

  • jpd272

    Who is Cher????

  • MichaelT

    I imagine Cher’s underwear looks like the mainsail from the Santa Maria.

  • Voulezvu

    And this besotted old cow is relevant in what way???

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Lip

    Cher, the most bizarre curiosity that cosmetic surgery can buy.

    And you know what repeated general anesthesia does to brain cells.

    You didn’t?

    Well, you do now…

  • rank

    Another Hollywood has been looking for attention.

  • Noellane

    John Kerry is way cool should have been pres right. Cheri

  • Deb

    Cher needs to STFU cuz no one cares what she thinks

  • Jean

    “my grandparents escaped genocide” but she made a career out of being native American, remember all those indian customers complete with beads and BIG headdresses.On Sonny, she could never stand him until it ment time on camera. And her son or daugher, whichever he/she is today, we all must support he/she because he/she is a’ human being entitled to his /her own thoughts,rights, pursuit of happiness”. Just not republicans. If we disagee with policy we are racist. So tired of crap. Time to get rid of the freaks in Hollywood

  • Clover11111

    If they blocked her access to plastic surgery and botox under Obamacare she wouldn’t be happy. Would the Hollywood elites understand that by putting themselves out here for Obama, they are just making matters worse with any “fans” they might have?

  • Unhappy Again

    She so boring and stupid. Who does anything other than laugh at what she says because she’s unintentionally funny?

  • Guest

    Another desperate attempt by a fading celeb from the past to remain relevant. Yawn.

  • Slim Picnic

    Cher probably hasn’t even owned underwear since 1967. Eeeewwwwww…

    • CoffeeNerves

      omg………………..that visual just made me lose my lunch! Ugh!

      • Bubba

        Yeah, I just threw up a little in my mouth as well…

  • RichardHalloran
  • Jim Olson

    Cher should sing about the LIBERAL GYPSIES, TRAMPS, & THIEVES who are destroying America!!!!

  • Jim Burke

    Cher, Michael Jordan undoubtedly supports Obama but he doesn’t talk about politics. Why? Because he’s a businessman. You could learn from him. But in the mean time, I think you’re just jealous because most people didn’t care for your slutty look in your underwear. What a shame and waste of someone who actually had talent. A real shame.

  • MikenPA

    Obsessed with crotches, once again we have the leftards playing crotch politics.

  • Michael Baram

    Romney – Law degree and MBA from Harvard.
    Cher – high school diploma? Maybe?
    Romney – career in business, saved the Olympics, created thousands of jobs.
    Cher – working overtime to save a dying career.
    Lemme think about which has credibility. I’ll get back to you.

    • CoffeeNerves

      That saggy old hag is a HS dropout! Can’t you tell everytime she opens her stupid mouth?

  • Robyn Bjorsen

    All of this religious bigot talk. As if the Mormons weren’t perscuted enough in the 1800’s. They were driven out of their homes and some were even killed (Haws Mill masscure) are we going for that again? I am Independent, but now count me on Mitt’s side, with all this hate, how dare the Democrats pull the race card. Quit with the gossip and hate, Some of you people would make perfecft Nazi’s.

    • cisco7819

      The race card is a staple of the Democratic party. So is class warfare. Thus the presidential approval of the Occupy Wall Street crowd. Trying to con the people, well a segment of our society, that being rich some how is inherently bad. One question for all the libs/Obama supporters…how many poor people do you know that created a job for someone?

  • DJH

    Let’s not pretend like this twit is convincing anyone of anything. The people who would even listen to her ignorant drivel are already the people who blindly follow barry, giggling, over the cliff. The fact that the $3 trolip is capable of using twitter is some what amazing.


    Cher, go sit in the corner…IF we NEED you, we will let YOU know…..Cher and Sonny’s life are open books…why is worried about her life with Sonny? Back in the 60″s…we are now in the 2012’s

  • Pronghorn

    The racist Cher is rather rich, isn’t she? Probably has more ill-gotten loot than Romney.

  • Muttley49

    HEY Cher, HATE MUCH???

  • Jon Galt

    Better than wearing Depends underwear though—right old girl?

  • Amie Spikes McCoy

    This twit is actually worth more (obviously, I’m referring to net, not as a human) than Romney is. Fake face, fake outrage, terrible mother, nothing to do but tweet hate. What a sad, sad life.

  • Jim

    I would say this in response to Cher’s ignorant bigoted comment about Mitt’s underwear, at least he has underwear. Cher often appears to be without them. But then that is an old wrinkle on an old prune.

    Why would anybody care about what she thinks, I know, Cher and think is an oxymoron.

    Mitt, on the other hand is an oxymormon. Clean underwear through the magic of Oxydol. It put the soap in soap opera. Thank you Procter and Gamble.

    Now if you could only clean up Cher’s mouth!

  • Big_Bear

    Hey Cher: Go buy another $40,000 meal for your Dear Leader. Be sure to wear a $20,000 dress, $10,000 shoes, and $100,000 worth of bling to the event. Your media sycophants will be waiting to fawn over you.

    Celebrity worship is a mental illness. No wonder the celebrities become mentally ill themselves, with those sorts of fans.

    • CoffeeNerves

      Anyone who “worships” this old gal is one sick dude, or dudette.

  • MA Jack

    Cher is dumb as a box of hammers. Surgically enhanced, high school drop out hammers.

  • Jose Rodriguez

    Is this woman still alive? I thought she had died years ago? She looks more like the “Walking Dead” than a real live person. Hey Cher, stop with the plastic surgery woman, they have pulled your ass so far forward it’s starting to meet your forehead!

    • cisco7819

      Are you sure that was her ass they pulled forward?

  • Jack76

    Ah, more of the liberal left’s tolerance, understanding, compassion and acceptance on display. How disgusting – Cher has turned off thousands of former fans while destroying her legacy as a performer.

  • Brinley

    Isn’t Cher mega-rich herself? Such hypocrisy, Cher. A career based on swanning around in revealing clothing isn’t something I’d be proud of Cher, dearie.

  • Fishsnot

    Why doesn’t she (Cher) and Roseanne just go away

    • CoffeeNerves

      And they can take that big mouthed broad, Rosie O’Donnell with them!

  • Jim1937

    Cher why don’t you take your skinny ugly old butt back to your boy toy and STFU?

  • Chipp H Williams

    The “tolerant” left is so transparent.
    The sick, evil left oppresses the poor and attempts to destroy anyone who disagrees with them. I think our president is a dictator who is usurping the Constitution-to the left I am a racist.
    I also believe he is incompetant, inept, corrupt and surrounds himself with those that are the same.
    We need to vote out all of them. Send them home.

  • Obamammy

    To put it in language that Cherilicone can understand:

    “Do you believe in life after loss (Nov 2012)?”

  • CoffeeNerves

    I knew this OLD HAG had a Room Temperature IQ, but I didn’t think she was a RELIGIOUS BIGOT!
    DemocRATS, the party of “tolerance!” Pfft! Hypocritical Slime Bags!
    Come on, November!
    Romney 2012! REPEAL AND REPLACE!

    • cisco7819

      It would also be nice if we could take control of the Senate as well. Then we could really get rid of this monstrosity called Obamacare.

  • BJC

    Wonder how many “poor” the old Ho hag has put in her many empty bedrooms? Wonder how many she has fed out of her kitchens? She’s all mouth just like the Community Agitator In Chief.
    I can just imagine the smell of the old Ho!!!

  • TaxedUpTheWazoo

    So in addition to tossing her homosexual daughter out of the house Cher now hates rich white men.

    • CrystalClear

      Ahhh… I think she hates all men.
      I dont think she has had a relationship in years now who wants her?
      So that might be the reason she is against Romney she doesnt like men either ??
      I dont think she considers Oblamer a man……….he looks like a whimp unlike Romney he has class, morals and conviction and integrity. Most hollywood people dont even know how to spell those words much less know what they mean!

      • cisco7819

        Nor do they really care about morals…which explains the hedonistic bed hopping and partner swapping in LA LA land.

  • CrystalClear

    Take off the spanx they are constricting the blood vessels in your head.

  • CrystalClear

    P.S. News Alert:
    You are yesterdays news Cher sorry I even made a comment who cares what you think!

  • RightStuff

    Idiot savant. Cher is one mentally deficient human being.

  • Kevin Groenhagen

    Leave Cher alone. All those venereal diseases apparently have affected her brain in unkind ways.

  • ClareD

    Cher, I used to like you but as other entertainers like you who think they need to tell me how much they don’t know about politics, your positions interfere with my listening to your music. I’m erasing you songs, I can’t listen to them without thinking of how really, really stupid you are.

  • JPalm

    Mother of the year!

  • mirted

    Cher has probably put more money up her nose than Romney has spent on second homes.

  • Pouncekitty

    Oh, Cher! You keep digging that liberal grave deeper and deeper. This is a HUGE help to Romney and Republicans. People don’t like BIGOTS, hon. You need to keep talking and expose how liberals really think. LOVE IT !!!

  • 60sGirl

    Cher, I spent a lot of money on your records and your tours. I always watched your TV shows and I really liked you. So did my folks. Sorry…Now, not so much. Actually now I dislike you and think you are ignorant and arrogant.Yours are not the words from the person I thought you were. Very sad. I don’t want to listen to you anymore . You have ruined your talent for me. Shame on you. You are the bigot. Shame on you making fun of someones religion. Why don’t you be a real brave smarty pants and make fun of Islam.Or call some black man the blackest black man you ever saw. See how that works. See how that goes over. You have really disappointed a long time fan. I am hoping you dont have some kind of brain tumor or mental problem but I am wondering if there is something medical that could possibly turn you into such a mean person. Talk about hatred. Where did it all come from. ?? You are not the Cher we all loved back in the60’s. SB you don’t know anything about Mormons or their garments. You sound like a child. Pretty sure Sonny wouldn’t back you on this hate speech. Ps you are RICH!!!

  • [email protected]

    Cher is richer than **** and knocking someone because they’re rich. This is a perfect example of liberal insanity. They never make sense. What a dumb argument. ” I hate you because your’re rich”. She must hate herself too since she’s rich. Weird

  • Nick099

    What an imbecile bigot. I wonder what Cher would do if she did not have the money to pay for Chastity’s ( now Chaz) half-a-sex change operation???? Perhaps her bigotry towards a successful white guy running for office would not be so harsh????
    Really….how dumb can you be???? Oh wait, I forgot it’s Hollyweird…anything is possible.

  • Branden Sloan

    Whatever share says, it just relates to her inability to produce anything that is “normal”, not unlike her ability to produce a daughter. She’s old, now, she doesn’t work anymore, she has no talent-related following (even Sonny didn’t want to stay around. He broke his neck getting away from her) and she needs attention.

    Really sad when a has-been tries to be relevant.

  • robert g

    Does it really surprise anyone anymore that these leftwing creeps harbor their own bigotries. Hell, their God up in the White House belonged to his own racist church. They seem be completely fine with that.

    • 60sGirl

      WHY oh WHY does no one ever talk about Obama attending a Church for 20 years , which preached hatred for America and Americans and Whities, a Reverend who blamed 911 on us—-you and me..Blamed 911 on me??.. Where is the outcry about Obama attending a Church that hates hates hates? Its so easy to mock Christians. But you cannot ever question the reasoning behind a future President of the United States of America attending a Church for years … which underlying theme was hatred for America.? Help? I am going crazy with all this crap.

  • Von Russell

    Crazy talk.

  • MoscowMike

    And cher wins the sweepstakes for the first expression of bigotry and intolerance!
    It was only a matter of time, and it was going to be cher, michael moore, or joy behar.
    Is it sad that knuckle dragging bigots still pollute the national conversation, or is it merely an inevitability which needs to be pointed out like a pothole in the road to be avoided?

  • HappyAsALark

    i thought cher was dead.

    the last picture i saw of her she looked dead.

  • AmericanMan2012

    If it wasn’t for Sonny , this woman would have been washing toilets and repeating 8th grade her entire life.

    • Kevin Pearson


  • cassisanass

    Cher, Moore, Springsteen, Barr, all the working class truth seekers out there, putting down those rich white men. They are such an inspiration, have such class. I kinda like the way they think, do, whatever the hell you want, and only obey laws you agree with. Learned from the best. Chicago Thugs.What would you get if you crossed Michael Moore with Rosie O?

  • Jeff Crooks

    Yeah really like Joe Biden is that much better to listen too, she obviously didnt see the speech were big Joey told us were in a depression….hello News Flash Joe get us out of the depression don’t remind us…

  • Sanity Check

    Liberals, intolerant of differing belief systems.

  • Man Cave

    You just can’t teach some people how to recognize when to keep their mouths closed or their fingers still.

  • Chuck Pelto

    TO: All
    RE: Too Funny

    When women behave like Cher is about Romney, it means she wants to get into those underwear.


    [The Truth will out….]

    P.S. The more flagrant she gets in her comments would indicate she’s getting more frustrated that he isn’t paying attention to her.

    What was it some wit said….

    Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned?

  • Opernhaus

    Funny…I have a job thanks to rich guys. Never got a job from the poor.

  • NotFondOfLibs

    It’s surprising that she didn’t throw in a vulgarity or 6.

  • TimShawSr

    From watching the ever so bigoted left these manny years, the one attribute that sticks me that they lack in comparison to some on the right, is that they seem to hold nothing sacred. They view everything through cynical eyes, and hold no principles or truths to be foundational. Everything is subjective, so their opinions wave in the breeze like Political Correctness, they always have to check if their current line of political attack or bigotry is ok with the NY trend setters, lest they be cutt off from the A list and their lives have lost all meaning. There are some lines of attack that are always safe, Patriotism is to be tolerated on 4th of July, put don’t you red necks push it on me the rest of the time. Anyone that actually believes in a God who hears prayers and thinks he takes an active interest in your life is dangerous, dillousanal and a fool. If anyone actually believes in sexual abstenece for their own life and practices it privately, is “pushing their religion on the rest of us and are full of hate.” These are a few of the bedrock truths they do hold. But mocking the believing Christian is the greatest sport of all, they will spare no discussing filth, nor hate speech in an attempt to be “Bill Mahr” funny, of course always failing right along with Mahr.

  • mscol

    I wouldn’t listen to one thing this lady says. One thing is certian. There will only be back alley face lifts after 2014. She’s so hung up on the Republicans that she forgets that someday her face will need a new lift and there won’t be any doctors in America to do it. I once thought she was hot, but then I grew up.

    • Kevin Pearson

      Remember, when she was 17, when she met Sonny, she thought that Mount Rushmore was a natural phenomenon.

  • SuperstionQueen

    That woman is as idiotic as the day is long. Wow.

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    Leave it to Methuselah’s Mom to know about magic, Hum?

    I wonder if Cher’s eaten her brains today?
    (Zombies *still* do that, right?)

    Cher: Best preserved Pharaoh ever!

  • Klaatu2

    The beat goes on…this serial buffoon keeps on giving. It really is sad that she’s so far out of it that she believes herself relevant. She should have spent half the time that she spends to concoct her inane rants against Mitt in loving her husband and daughter while she had the chance rather than fawning over her reflection in the mirror. What a toatally F***ed up human being. Soon however, she’ll pass.

  • TimShawSr

    Alright, Cher has never been bright. She is trying to do the best standup with the few neurons left. She sucks, but let her think she is important still in her old folks home.

  • Philip Livingston

    I thought Cher was dead.

  • Rkowalski1954

    wasn’t Cher a half-breed.

    • Rosewould

      Half baked.

    • Dugway

      She’s probably as much Cherokee Indian as whatsername in Mass.

  • TiLiNi

    Well, Cher doesn’t wear any So who do you trust more? 😉

  • CypressSteve

    It is unfortunate the way Cher displays her intolerance and ignorance by denigrating the sacred covenants and commitments Mormons have made to God. Is this a problem for her? How, exactly, does a candidate’s underwear affect their candidacy for president? The same goes for Bill Maher.
    I am a Mormon. I wear underwear that has symbolic marks on it. It helps me remember covenants I have made to live a Christ-like life. I can tell you without equivocation that it is not magic.
    I am also married. I wear a simple wedding band to remind me of the covenants I have made to my wife. I can tell you with absolute clarity that it, also, is not magic. I have friends that wear crosses around their necks to remind them of their commitments to lead Christ-like lives. They have all told me that the cross is not magic. None of these symbols should be construed as some sort of test for office.
    I would like to make one, and only one, request of Cher. Please put on some underwear, magic or not. I believe it would make you seem far more credible.

    • Dugway

      The Constitution forbids a religious test for Presidential candidates. Underwear tests however, are not banned.


  • J price

    so says the one that has a net worth over 3 times of Romney.

  • William

    Hey Cher…National bankruptcy “does not rock!”

  • HA

    Cher has a net worth of $600,000,000.00 (yes, that is 600 million, aka: 60% of a billion), and she has the gall to call anyone “rich”?

    Man, her pie hole needs training.

  • Kelli Erin McKinney

    Who died and made Cher the goddess of wisdom and judgment? . Foul mouthed plastic old woman who has had her days of fame. Yuck.

  • StageCoachDriver

    God, I’m glad I never signed up for tweeter and get stuck paying text messaging fees for that kind of trite.
    Next to the definition of “More Money Than Brains” is a picture of Cher. And to think Sonny put up with her for years before he grew up.

  • freecheese

    Cher: I think all of that silacone and botox has seeped into your brain.

  • StevenBall

    Cher is worth about 300 million – she is probably richer than Romney. Adam Sandler is also worth about 300 million. Ross Perot was a billionaire when he ran for president & no one seemed to care.

  • spaceman99

    Hey Cheritol, it looks like your brain quit maturing at age eleven. Obviously the rest of you kept aging.

    • GoneApe

      Good one there spaceman. She is an old hole.

  • Richard Bolles

    So what is Cher doing bad mouthing Mr. ( soon to be known as Mr. Presdient) Romney when she took a cab ride from NY to LA and while Grag A. was sleeping ( the whole way ) she continually banged the cab driver Bernie X.
    So Cher were saying?…………………..

  • Graymalkin


  • kpeugh

    Oh, yeah. Cher wearing the blood clotted, ragged panties. Working on the 6th face lift I see.

  • Dugway

    If folks had spent as much time obsessed about what is in Obama’s background as they do about what is in Romney’s pants, we probably would have John McCain as President.

  • Sandra

    What a bunch of idiots that follow the idiot cher on Twitter.

  • Sophia Randall

    What a piece of trash this woman is, I am embarrassed for her lack of intelligence and maturity. It just goes to show that age does not equal wisdom. Can’t wait to see how soon she begins to bad mouth Romney’s family. She needs to take her money and distribute it to the poor if she’s so worried about the injustice on the poor. You hypocrite!

  • freecheese

    Why would I pay attention to your “wisdom,” Cher. You’re an ultra liberal high school drop out !
    You have forgotten what life is like between Manhattan and Malibu. Better known as “fly-over-country.”
    You are nothing but an anorexic, plastic enhanced, Botox aided petutlent Hollywood Limousine Liberal. YOUR OPINION SUX.

  • John Farrar

    Does anyone care what the insignificant “Cher” has to say? Sonny has to be rolling in his grave.

  • A E

    Why can’t the old hag has been, just retire peacefully??? Is it the addiction and the possibility of getting just 15 more minutes of fame so overwhelming that it provokes narcissistic tendencies??? Who cares what cher thinks!!!

  • Tanker74

    She represents all that is good about leftists.

  • $1718659

    Still struggling to be relevant, eh dipshit?

  • Avoicenmany

    The magic of chers underwear is the industrial strength fungicide and germicide..

    • GoneApe


  • Lee Long

    Shen is one of the most disgusting idiots in the world. Ugly, old and a slob pig. Plus she is an idot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Gas_Passer

    Cher just plain sucks.

  • techneon

    I would rather vote for a rich white guy than a corrupt statists halfrican! At least Romney has integrity as well as business experience something that is foreign to obozo and his regime! Wasn’t John F. Kennedy a rich white guy too?

  • E. Daniel Arey

    What a hateful bigot Cher is. Talk about hypocrisy. Never, ever buy another entertainment item from this moron again.

  • joeastroturf

    No one should mess with old lady Cher. She’ll get her
    big hulky son to rip you a new one. Don’t ever forget Brian Terry , Jaime
    Zapata and the 200 Mexicans killed by Obama’s Fast and Furious guns. Trying to
    get rid of the 2nd amendment is backfiring on them. We’ll be counting more dead bodies while Obama
    and Holder are trying to cover it up.

    Song “Arizona we’re proud of you” .


    Even though Fast and Furious
    Holder hasn’t read it

    If you’re an American
    , not Jihadi or Hamas he’ll discredit it

    The Chief Organizer may not think a hard worker like Robert
    Krentz a winner

    A month after he died he had
    a good laugh at the correspondence dinner

    He wants illegals to
    be able to vote some day

    If they kill American heros like Brian Terry

    I guess that’s OK

    Semper Fi Brian it’s a shame you had to fight with bean bags

    Against Obama’s Fast and Furious bullets

  • GoneApe

    This stinky called Cher actually thinks anyone cares what she has to say. I think of all that skin tightening actually crushed her brain. Stupid cow.

  • techneon

    The statists left always devoid of reality the majority the washed-out HollyWeird has beens have IQ’s of an amoeba!

    • Winslow

      Wrong. The amoeba has her beat by a mile!

  • Owen007

    She sure talks big for someone that has more money than I do.

  • Lou Ellen Brown

    I don’t tweet, but I read rather well and used to have respect for Cher’s talent as both singer and actor. Cher, please hush before you hurt yourself any more. You should seek help, perhaps. I am actually a 74 year old married woman, and retired after teaching for 43 years. Please change my avatar to female.

  • terpsez108

    has been…never trust a tramp with one name…

  • Winslow

    And her underpants are what color???????
    Oh yea the same green as HER money?????

  • teapartydoc

    At least Romney wears his under his clothes.

  • William Reynolds

    That brilliant entertainer Cher, once nominated for mother of the year, who barely finished the 9th grade, has once again shared her vast knowledge of politics, and found that nobody cares about her or what she thinks about anything.

    • Sophia Randall

      Great work William!

  • Anne Daniels

    Shouldn’t she be back at the old folks home eating butterscotch pudding and watching re-runs of Murder She Wrote?

  • Jim K

    Why is this mummy given such a podeum? Shouldn’t she be home applying chemicals to her plastic face and body?

  • Victoria McIntyre

    Cher is calling someone “richy rich”…that’s really rich.

  • bobedee

    She reminds me of the Sea Hag from Popeye…lol

  • Ura Dumphuck

    Peace brothers and sisters. The great prophet Moroni (anybody else think this is an apt name for a Mormon prophet / angel) is coming back from his own galaxy where he is a god and to hand out magic underwear tp all patriotic Americans. Possibly the new Secretary of State will be a Scientologist and cure the planet simulatneously of thetans.
    Everyone juggle snakes. Yeah religion.

  • Red_Ruffansore

    Stankfish alert, clear the beaches and save the children.

  • William

    Cher believes that to fight “injustice” on behalf of the poor and unenducated she needs to slander and denigrate successful white men. She is no different from the President.

  • Raymond Smith

    bitter old untalented hag. Not to mention a bigot and a rat.

  • gator37

    Who gives a Rats A$$ what that over the hill Hippy says. It’s better to appear stupid than to open your mouth and prove it.

  • Verbena Street

    Wow! Obsessed by race, isn’t she? She must make a lot of money by being a bigot!

  • Jamie

    Seriously, Cher thinks she has any rational or relevant to contribute to an intelligent discussion about two candidates? She’s a tired has been who just needs to Shut up!

  • another_engineer

    Maybe cher should have paid a little more attention to her daughter so the outcome would not have been as tragic as it is.

  • Mary

    This from a gypsy, tramp and a thief….. old washed up has been

  • patriot_act

    Mormonism was just an excuse to have more than one wife (underage too). Scientology isn’t any better, if nothing else they’re on the same level.

    • Joan Lussier

      You are an idiot. You know nothing about Mormons. There is a book out
      right now called “mormon book for dummies” You should buy it.

  • $1718659

    Romney gave away trhe entire fortune he inherited from his father. How much has this pig given away? Any bets?

  • BenJones1

    Cher is still a skank. Who cares what she thinks?

  • John Stark

    Cher is an uneducated liberal tramp.

  • Victoria

    Cher has the magic “T” string or thong. Aren’t you too old to be wearing your skimpy outfit, you hateful Grandma!

  • red_fez

    Thin skinned Liberals… they think they can comment with impunity… but, unflattering comments about them get deleted. I still hope someone drops a house on her.

  • UL Tron Hubbard

    hmm rich white people hating on rich white people

  • Scott McDaniel

    Does anybody listen to this has-been slut anyway???

  • tomas moray

    Glad to see one of the great philosophers of the 21st century weigh in with her opinion. I can’t wait to hear the thoughts of the rest of the great minds from the Skank School of Philosophy, Roseanne Barr, Rosie O’Donnell and Madonna.

  • Barbye Brigeston

    Isn’t Cher rich and white? Isn’t 99% of the people she hangs out with billionaire rich and white?

  • TaxedUpTheWazoo

    Who cares what that washed up old bag says?

  • Joey Shmoey

    Wow, Cher, dementia .

  • K9_00BK

    Cher isn’t worth a comment….

  • Morey Ladini

    Didn’t Cher’s own “magic” g-string help make her millions?

    And considering she’s up to 76% surgical implants now, all that plastic must be enchanted too. (just keep it out of the sun)

  • Michael Veritas

    If I could turn back Twitter…I’d keep my old trap shut…I don’t know why I said the things I said…If I could turn back Twitter…I’d keep my old trap shut…

  • —–

    Why is anyone paying attention to Cher? She is no longer relevant and hasn’t been relevant in years. At this point she is nothing more than a bit of trivia. Humorous and pointless.

  • DocHollidayAZ

    I got you Who’s got you Cher? is there any part of the real you that’s left in you anymore? you human mannequin. it’s amazing and unfortunate that you can still speak.

  • Mike

    So is Obama the blackest man in brown underwear? Or is THAT a racist remark?

  • Tim

    Is she still around? Whodda guessed.

  • MBlueraider

    Coming from someone who did such a good job raising her child….a true intellectual authority.

  • cmag1971

    This is a joke correct? Are people really this pathetically low and uncivil? No fan of President Obama, but I would not act like a five year old and call him derogatory names. I think the guy is wrong on most issues, but he has a right to believe what he believes, as do I. Hopefully we get a change in November. Time will tell.

  • Steelyal

    How do you spell smelly skank??? CHER

  • Mr. Mom Jeans

    This creature still walks the earth? Scary.

  • Steelyal

    Be Carefull !!! If you critisize Obama you must be a redneck hehehe

  • gekkobear

    “if MORE ppl buy,prices will go down”

    So in a market with a limited commodity more demand and limited supply = lower prices?

    I guess taking economics advice from Cher is about as clever as I expected it to be.

    When demand is down, do gas prices go up or down? How about when demand goes up?

    This isn’t complicated stuff here.

  • Steelyal

    Roberts did us all a gigantic favor. He outed Obama for the tax man that he is. Roberts outed all Obama’s lies. Here here for the Republic.

  • Miles

    I think some of the plastic surgery has melted affecting the brain

  • Steelyal

    Please please get your townhalls and Teaparties cranking. We have a mission now.
    God Bless America END OF AN ERROR NOBAMA 2012

  • 18square

    Just another liberal socialist democrap slut…

  • $10059668

    What’s Cher’s problem with white men? Obviously her daughter thought highly enough of them to become one…

  • Grendel007

    Please bear in mind that we need to be nice to cher. She has been through a lot, of drugs, men, andtime, and hasn’t lived in the real world since the 60s, and even then, her only realtionship with reality was adversarial.
    If she wasn’t a hippie icon, by singing a few songs and dancing around naked, no one would care what she has to say.
    Besides, she will be one of he first to have their medication withheld under the health travesty act.

  • Micah Masada

    where can i get a pair of magic underwear? sounds pretty pimp!

  • iRick

    Golly, Cher, you must still be high from snorting the Koolaid. All the things you love about America are what Obama is killing off. You are a fruit cake. Thank God for auto tune or you couldn’t sell a song. Please retire and STFU OMG Obama Must Go 2012

  • nulife02

    Cher – wow, what a mental giant as shown by the self-absorbed trite posts above. Mormon bashing is in style this year with the brainless left.

  • John Scott

    You are a sick bunch, and you wonder why this country is going to hell!

  • Joan Lussier

    Hey Cher, I remember you when I worked at a womens health Club in Calif.
    You were a stuck up snob then and still are now.
    She took up the whole top floor of the club for her special makeup and her special massages.You were never a friendly person and you snubbed your fans.

  • cobraman299

    you really can’t pay attention to a person like Cher… I loved her to death in the 70’s but it just shows that celebrities have no real grasp on reality… she has simply lost her her mind with the death of her ex husband… the death of her relationships… the death of her daughter… and the death of her career… your just pandering now Cher… Stop it… it’s unbecoming.

  • JimWeneedrubio

    More idiocy from the lefties in Hollywood. What is about that place? Her parents came here and made it and she doesn’t even know why or how. Fantasyland dimwit.

  • Warren Stallings

    I think most have missed the overall point. Yes she is rich. Yes, a short guy made her famously rich. Not going to mention the offspring. What should be analyzed is this. Barbara Streisand is most likely lip loading Cher as an alter ego. Cher probably has financial problems and Babs told her what to say for a monetary arrangement. Gregg was bored with the slinging of black hair years ago, i can only imagine her oral skills are about as good as her oratory prowess in the mensa arena

  • windycitygurl

    Looks like her mom was right – she fell for anything aka obamaTAX

  • windycitygurl

    Cher – maybe you should quit peeking at Mitts underwear….just sayin

  • Alela S

    What Cher apparently is too stupid to realize is that the Obamas are plenty rich. Remember, he was selling TWO autobiographies prior to his election. They were both lawyers. They have millions of dollars and libs are too stupid to understand that.

  • ali_Shabazz_Kingfish_Stevens

    How can that hairy Armenian bitch stand her own smell? She was dumb when Sonny used her as a prop, and she’s gotten dumber since her ovaries dried up. Smells like tuna in here.

  • Major Beatdown

    What day is the first day, we can start beating these filty libs to death? Please make it tomorow! Cher the yoddler…as we all laugh at your lack of education, thank what ever deity you worship for Sonny to make you famous! Without him, you’re just another useless, talentless yoddler that someone made a buck off of. That’s right, you yoddle! NOTHING ELSE! Who wants a good laugh? Youtube Pricilla Paris “I love how you love me”. Then look at maddame yoddlington’s version….you’ll laugh at the no talent turd!

  • comprof

    Cher needs to star in a new movie “Dumb, Dumber, and Most Dumb. What a kook!