Disgusting. Almost as disgusting as when they had a mourning child at Ted Kennedy’s funeral push for passage of Obamacare.

Wait, her face moves enough to form a smile? That’s new!

Oh, well, Teddy. As long as he can rest in peace.

Beyond reprehensible.


Indeed. But she doesn’t matter at all, to the morally bankrupt Left. Remember the repulsive hagiography when he died? For The Women “feminists” like Eleanor Clift, Melissa Lafsky and Joyce Carol Oates all weighed in with various levels of repugnant. Clift  said that she was “willing to measure the benefits that Kennedy brought to countless people through his politics, and give them proper weight on the scales of the man’s record.”

Leaving a woman to die? Whatever! It resulted in sweet, sweet lefty policy. Joyce Carol Oates called Chappaquiddick a “fortunate fall” and just a little “notorious behavior.”  No big whoop! Ted Kennedy left a woman to die, but then totally refashioned himself into a super cool leftist. Isn’t that really all that matters? To the morally bankrupt, yes. Lafsky went one step further into Vile-town and called Kopechne a “footnote” who would like feel her death was worth it. Because, Ted Kennedy.

They glorify a man who left a woman to die. Alone in the dark, in a sinking car. For hours. Mary Jo Kopechne didn’t drown; she suffocated and gasped her last breaths as the tiny air pocket left in the car was used up.

While Senator Kennedy chatted with his buddies. And slept, likely peacefully.

Nancy Pelosi is not only repulsively glorifying Ted Kennedy, but she is planning a bash.

This is the Left. Never forget that.


Like Kopechne, Brian Terry’s life doesn’t matter; Ted Kennedy and Eric Holder are more important than the lives lost, to the Left.


  • http://twitter.com/777TRUTH Warren Grisafi

    Only in liberal lala land can a murderer and drunk like Ted Kennedy gain such high praise.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UESAPZFXV3Y2EWR46RSHAHG5VU Ruben

    even after he murdered a woman???

    • TheGrimCreeper

      Maybe she’ll send him a snowcone in hell.

  • Kurt

    Hard to rest in peace when you are burning in hell.

  • TheGrimCreeper

    I wonder if Nancy will be getting her facelifts with ObamaCare now…

    • CoffeeNerves

      One more face-lift on this miserable Troll will put her belly-button right under her mouth!

    • TheGrimCreeper

      Do you suppose Mary Jo Kopechne can rest now, you old bat? I’d like to take that oversized gavel you have and shove it someplace extremely uncomfortable.

  • CoffeeNerves

    This wild-eyed Hag is a delusional Dingbat who will get her comeuppance on November 6, 2012 when the 45th President-Elect will start the ball rolling on REPEALING AND REPLACING the smelly pile of crap called ObozoCare!
    Thank you, Justice Roberts! These low-life Liberal SOB’s don’t have any idea of the MISERY they will be subjected to, come November!
    Romney 2012!


    You betcha Nancy! Whatever you wanna believe. It’s your fantasy world, dream big, silly woman.

  • RanierWest

    So we can all go out and drown a girl and then rest in peace… pathetic showing of the CBC entire group bowing heads as if in adoration to God after walking out on Justice for Brian Terry! It all made me sick to my stomach!

  • RanierWest

    BTW I just saw @sfpelosi talking to @shoq on twitter… that’s one ugly apple that fell from that tree! As good as Pelosi’s Healthcare was compared to less, much less fortunate Americans she couldn’t help that problem with all the best healthcare they get for “free”.

  • Mom2Ian03

    How can Ted rest in peace when he is already in Hell? Remember Chappaquiddick

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    Well, cut Nancy some slack:
    she knows all about swimmers, she got her swimmer training after she was denied passage on Noah’s ship!

    And remember to show her respect, folks:
    Nancy Palosi, the pinnacle of Voodoo’s Zombie Art

    …b/c if you !don’t! she’ll eat your brain!

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    Many have said: “A person must be brainless to be a Progressive!”

    A zombie’s penchant for “Brains on the Half-shell” would both come in handy to keep’em from creating unsightly piles AND explain the actions of the average Progressive.

    So you see, there IS a use for Nancy after all!