After more than two weeks of deafening silence as fires blaze, President Obama finally remembers that Colorado exists and that people there are suffering.

Twitter users aren’t prostrating themselves because His Majesty has finally deigned to pay attention.

It is a desperate situation and has been for some time. Hopefully, President Obama will finally do something to help someone other than himself. Or, eco-nuts. Maybe President Obama will do something about the aerial fighting fleet that his policies shrunk.

“Less than a year ago, the same administration seemed to be doing its best to leave the Forest Service ill-equipped to deal with the mounting wildfire threat, by summarily cancelling a contract with a company that furnished roughly one third of the wildfire-fighting tankers in the agency’s already-depleted fleet. That action might loom large as calls mount for an investigation into why the agency’s air assets seem inadequate to meet the threat.”

Washington-based Human Events magazine reported in September of 2011 that nearly half of the federal government’s air tankers sat idle at a California airport, as wildfires ripped through national forests throughout California, Texas, New Mexico, and other states.

It turns out the Obama administration ended a long-standing contract, leaving the Forest Service with only 11 tankers to battle 50 wildfires that were burning nationwide. A decade ago, the Forest Service had 40 firefighting tankers.

The Obama administration canceled the government’s contract with Aero Union — a company with 60 employees that had been under contract with the Forest Service for 50 years. Though it canceled that contract, the administration had no plan for an immediate replacement. Aero Union CEO Britt Gourley told Human Events the administration provided no details on why the contract was ended.

“They didn’t want to talk about it,” Gourley said of Obama administration officials.

  • pabarge

    Remember the Bastrop fires in Texas and all the help the Texans got from Obama? Funny, neither do I.

    • LindsayKYoung

      I’m glad to see commenters making this point. I haven’t really seen a lot of the pundits point this out yet. Texas never did get a visit from the president, and I understand that it was difficult to impossible for people to get help from the government after the Bastrop Complex Fire. But then again, Texans don’t generally vote Democrat, and they aren’t in a swing state, so I guess our president couldn’t be bothered.

  • Jim

    The Obama administration cancelled its 6-plane contract with AU because the company couldn’t get the planes to meet safety inspections, violating the contract. AU couldn’t run a profit even with a $30M/yr from the US government, and went bankrupt.

    • jdkchem

      If that were the case then jug-ears would have been there with a bail-out.

  • SavEcig

    Maybe they can bring down those greek columns from Mile High Stadium he used the last time he was in Colorado.

  • HWGood

    Whaddya mean he hasn’t been there? Don’t you know how many times he’s flown across, as he goes to and from his fundraisers?

  • Michael Kennedy

    I wonder if the Aero Union president donated to republicans ? That would explain it. All the auto dealers that had donated to the GOP were the ones that got closed.

  • Old Patriot

    We’ll soon know how serious Obama is about helping put out the fires twenty miles from my front door, or whether this is nothing but a concealed campaign contribution shakedown. I don’t hold my breath.

  • rbeccah

    Hey! President Me is up for reelection, so all you Coloradan clingers and thumpers pay up!

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    He had to wait for the 50k lb of wague steaks to arrive, didn’t want to jinx it by premature mention.

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    Couldn’t meet safety standards.Absolutely correct! Seems they all had this?really?big door in the belly that could open while in flight…

  • qcubed

    Seems to me the Tea Partiers would likely eliminate the Forest Service and all firefighting activities…let the states take care of it after all. Only a fool builds his house in dry and dying forests that haven’t seen a major fire in a hundred years. A fool and his money are soon parted…then they beg the government for help. Let them eat cake!

    • jdkchem

      Are you being intentionally stupid or are you as clueless as the idiot you voted for? Dying forests? Let me guess you’ve never been to Colorado and all of your information comes from thinkprogress. Here is a tidbit moron. The pine beetle infestaion is West of the continental divide. Can you guess which side Colorado Springs is on? Go fuck yourself you ignorant bastard.

      • qcubed

        OOOO…someone is feeling spunky today. Forests that are stressed from drought are dying, like it or not. I feel sorry for people losing their homes but only an idiot buys a house surrounded by firewood. Are you an idiot?

        • qcubed

          Also, let us look at some facts…Which party touts eliminating government agencies and making states pay for things? Which party also thinks that eliminating teaching, police and firefighting positions is a great way to shave bloated state budgets? Yea, let us not forget that even though you love to attack our current President for his failings, every President has things you can speak poorly about. Luckily you live in AMERICA, dipshit, and not North Korea, where they can imprison your or put you to death for speaking ill of your ruler. Forests burn, it’s a fact, most especially when you have prevented the natural cycle of forest fires for over a century. Now…do us all a favor and go DIAF.

          • Bristel

            Which party touts growing government in order to control our lives down to the most inane of things, plus raising taxes for all levels in order to pay for it all? Oh look, it’s the Democrats, mismanaging our money yet again.

          • qcubed

            Indeed, so pick your poison, that or the party that endorses multi-trillion dollar wars and then hides to costs, deferring them till after they leave office and leading to the deaths of thousands of men and women. Scoundrels everyone…there is no good party to vote for anymore sadly. One bankrupts and the other steals from our pockets to make themselves and their owners more wealthy.

          • qcubed

            Indeed, so pick your poison, that or the party that endorses multi-trillion dollar wars and then hides to costs, deferring them till after they leave office and leading to the deaths of thousands of men and women. Scoundrels everyone…there is no good party to vote for anymore sadly. One bankrupts and the other steals from our pockets to make themselves and their owners more wealthy. Oh and as for “control”? Which party is it that wants invasive ultrasounds before a woman gets an abortion? Inane? Pot calls kettle black.

          • Grumpa Grumpus

            I was born 1916. Classes were larger, were better educated (search internet for examples of tests to see what was expected as base knowledge), and often contained multiple grades — so discipline was more of an effort.

            A simple logic exercise:
            GIVEN: more children/teacher taught more knowledge AND skills such as critical thinking, debate, and rhetoric.

            GIVEN: The product of the US school systems led the world until a few yrs after the creation of the Dept.of Ed.

            GIVEN: there is a correlation between drop in quality and amount INCREASE in ed spending.

            Given the above objectively provable fact, we either pay too much into Ed, we have too few children/teacher OR The Dept.of Ed’s gumming-up the works.

            I think it is probably #3.

          • qcubed

            I cannot and will not disagree that the Dept of Education is part of the problem, but firing teachers is probably the last thing we need to do to improve our situation. Learning starts at home and distractions like computers, cellphones and television don’t help the issue, certainly. The bigger issue is that politicians believe that they can correct the situation by throwing money at it but since they are not experts and since there is no accountability in spending it usually does no good. I thank you for your respectful and thoughtful reply, unlike some other posters here who think that vile and reprehensible attitudes and rebukes pass for debate. It’s good to be able to see intelligent people here. Thank you sir and many more years of good health to you!

          • jdkchem

            You can STFU shitbird. Perhaps before you flush the toilet that is your mouth you should know what the facts are. Not only are you a lying sack of shut, you don’t have a clue as to what you’re talking about. Equating not having the federal government pay for teachers, firefighters and cops to to cutting jobs is yet another in the long line of lies ignorant assholes like you like to spread. I live in the state you fucking bastard. We have fires every fucking year so you can shove your pseudo-science bullshit up your ass. Furthermore fuckstick, you shitsacks have been at the forfront of calling any criticism of your jug earded messiah racist. You can do the world a favor and finish the late term abortion your mother started. Speaking of being lucky to live in America. You’re the one who should be thankful. I’ve served you lacked the stones to do so. Now go fuck yourself.

          • qcubed

            You are a rude dumbass. hopefully someone shoots you in the face. Arrogance is ugly and precludes any reasonable discussion.Assuming I am a liberal because I respond in opposition to your ignorance. You are clearly unworthy of further response. Have a great day.

          • jdkchem

            In other words you’ve got nothing. You made several statements that were categorically wrong. Furthermore you started the mud slinging and
            like a true arrogant libturd coward you couldn’t take it. If you’re not
            a liberal then why to you spew the same bullshit? Go fuck yourself
            ignorant libturd trash. If you don’t like being treated rudely then you should not have started with the rude ignorant comment.

        • jdkchem

          Obviously you are. Where do you get this drought bullshit? Funny how the same forests survived the last drought. Maybe you would like to take a science class before you continue to look like an ignorant asshole. The forests aren’t dying because you imagine there is a drought. You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. Again you can go fuck yourself and you can STFU.

          • qcubed

            Drought stresses forest, it doesn’t kill them overnight. Sounds like you’re the one needed to get some.

          • jdkchem

            Fact moron, There is no fucking drought. Learn the fuck how to read shitsack.

      • qcubed

        Perhaps you have beetles in your brain. Anyway, if Colorado “has fires all the time” then why are you whining about Obama not visiting your state for two weeks?

        • jdkchem

          Maybe you can get chocolate jesus to buy you a brain. If you’re going to include reports then perhap you should take the time to actually read them.
          Furthermore did I say anything about your sac-less heroin coming to Colorado? That would be no shitbird. I said you were fucking stupid and you’ve gone out of your way to prove the point. You still have no fucking clue. Go back to fucking yourself.

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    Actually,IF the forest service allowed the removal of deadwood, as they did prior to late 1980s there wouldn’t be 3?5 yrs of dry wood for fuel on forest floor. The leftist deadwood stopped the removal of deadwood (it’s a family thing…) which is why we now get these super fires which are SO HOT THAT THEY EVEN KILL SAQUOIA (giant redwoods).

    So, yes, the TEA party’s right, less overbearing government would fix this too :~)}

    • jdkchem

      We used to be able to get fire wood until the genius bastards like qcubed decided the government knew better. As is the case with scumbags like he/she/it it’s always someone else’s fault.

    • LindsayKYoung

      Guys — it’s not just the brush and normal levels of dead wood. We have whole forests of dead lodgepole pines due to the pine beetles. It’s a tinder-box in the Rockies right now.

      • jdkchem

        That is West of the continental divide moron. Can you guess which side Colorado Springs is on?

  • schlachtwerk666

    There must be a $34,500/couple fundraiser in Denver Friday night; otherwise, why would he bother?

    • Catherine Barrett

      He came to Miami for his fundraiser .. got the money and ignored the fact that half the state was being blown away and underwater from T.S. Debby .. didn’t even do a phony photo op!

  • jb

    And he will stretch our already limited forces to provide protection for his photo op visit.

  • ToursLepantoVienna

    A lot can be explained by the fact that Eric Holder wouldn’t describe the people made homeless by the Colorado fires as “my people”.

  • Sarah Lise

    Really obnoxious those fires, he has campaign stops to make!

  • lillymckim

    Too hot for golf?

  • lillymckim

    If Michelle wasn’t planning her latest European Vacation I’m sure she would be there as well… I’m sure.