President Obama does not seem to remember much that isn’t, of course, about himself. While devastating fires blaze in Colorado, he doesn’t even seem to remember that Colorado is one of our 57 states. His silence is deafening. And shameful.

Oh, he’s fundraising. And whining about not receiving enough money. He’s also hitting the links incessantly.

Priorities, indeed. Disgraceful. Caring about people affected by dangerous and devastating fires is above his pay grade, evidently.

Twitter users, who have stepped up to the plate on their own to aid those affected by the Waldo Canyon fire, also stepped up to the plate to aid the president. Today, they decided to help President Obama remember other things that he seems to have forgotten.

Doing fine!

  • traffic_robot

    Knoller tweeted that the prez will be in CO on Friday, and asked the governor and mayor to id any additional fed resources they may need. Wow talk about Johnny on the Spot…

  • Joe Newman

    He doesn’t remember that President’s don’t get muligans!


    Oh yes, the punk-in-chief is coming to my city of fire to survey the destruction. I hope he turns on my radio show. I will have lots to say to him and about him. Like, that he’s the punk-in-chief and he’s the biggest wuss I’ve ever seen or heard in my 45 years on this earth. I’m sure our lib gov. will be his huckleberry during his visit. How I loathe libs.

    • cscape

      you can be sure that he has set in motion the full effort of his Administration to find a suitable GOLF COURSE for him to visit, following his brief fly-over


        Well said!

    • rinodino

      Shut up, what were you saying about Bush when he flew over Nola?…. Yep, not a damn thing


        Funny, I was just discussing Bush’s flyover just minutes ago. We both consider any president to better off to wait for the immediacy of action to pass before an on-ground visit. We don’t want to take away resources that are truly needed. Also, you shut up. Unless of course you have something intelligent to say; and I’m waiting. {:

    • Catherine Barrett

      TRON .. Hope you are okay .. missed you on The Blaze .. stay safe … CATB .. btw .. Obama came to Florida tuesday for a fundraiser in Miami and left without saying anything regarding TS Debby and half the state flooded! POS

  • cscape

    What about BUSHHHHHHHHh……. as Michelle said to Juan Williams, “BUSHHHHHH” Hey folks – remember “Hurricane Katrina” (2005)?….. BUT, the media has no problem about the absentee Campaigner-in-Chief Obama, do they…… In fact, they will be only too thrilled to follow him around as he frames himself for several photo-ops in an effort to convince the great unwashed that he is actually “on the job”

  • qcubed

    What has Romney said?

    • rinodino

      not a damn thing, but it’s Obama’s fault as usual

      • Grumpa Grumpus

        Well, yes. Yes it is.

        Cancel the equipment, cancel REPLACEMENT parts… yep, his fault.

        Good thing he’s bought 50,000 lb wague steak from the porkulus… at least The First Appetite, Mooooshel will have a snack while PUTzUS reads his script…


      I will second that. I have spoken to his people and they have not returned an answer. Though I’m voting for him, he is not free and clear from this disaster. He needs to step up on this ASAP.

  • A Willful Boy

    You have to balance a budget at least once in order to forget how to do it.