As Twitchy reported last week, President Obama and his laser-like focus on himself prompted him to reach a milestone: 100 games of golf played as president. Today, he made it 101. What, can’t he just finish his Bogey?! It’s not like there is anything important that he needs to do!

Oh, wait.

The Hill reports that our fearless leader “braved the heat” to heroically hit the links. Gutsy call!

More from the hard-hitting report:

President Obama waited for the temperature to cool just a bit before heading to the golf course on Sunday.

Obama is golfing at the Fort Belvoir course, according to a White House pool report. The president is golfing with White House chef Sam Kass, staffer Mike Brush and White House trip director Marvin Nicholson, a frequent golf partner of Obama’s.

The temperature at the course is a steamy 89 degrees but a slight breeze makes it feel a little cooler, according to the Weather Channel. Washington is in the midst of a heat wave, with temperatures hitting 100 degrees on Thursday.

Wow! They should remake “Braveheart” in his honor!

But, but … Bush! Sorry, Lefties. Guess again.

Dude. Five hours?

These Twitter users sum it up.

President Obama is putting while Rome (and Colorado and the Middle East) burn.

  • Taxpayer1234

    Colorado is flyover country, so of course OZero doesn’t give a rip.

    • Denton Salle

      You been to Colorado lately? It’s Nuevo California. He knows he’s got it locked.

      • StepMJohn

        You can take Californians out of California but you can’t take California out of Californians.

        They’re creating the same situation in Colorado that they ran away from in California.

        Maybe we should build a fence around California rather than Mexico. Ex-Californians do more damage

        • King Leer

          We in the Great State of Washington were one of the first States ruined by the reflux of Californiagees.

      • Taxpayer1234

        Not in the part of Colorado where I live. It’s quite red here…

        • SpaceRacer423

          hey Tax-

          SpaceRacer just made the jump to twitter.
          Whats your handle there?

          • Taxpayer1234

            @Taxpayer1234. Easy, huh?

          • SpaceRacer423


          • Taxpayer1234

            Back atcha!

          • SpaceRacer423

            What did u do to get n2 trouble over @ twitter?

          • Taxpayer1234

            I have no clue! I sent my “case” to Twitter Court, so hopefully I’ll be let out of Twitter Jail soon….

          • SpaceRacer423

            @Tax1234:disqus while ur acct is “suspended” u dont show up as a follower, and all replies in my @ contact are gone.

            Yet twitter is still telling me about people u follow.

          • Taxpayer1234

            Carry on for me!

  • Marty Luther

    He is a man of the people. Why not? He’s always lived off them.

  • werewife

    Why is golf a silly, dorky game only when played by conservative white guys?
    Me, I think it’s silly and dorky in any hands – not to mention the world’s dullest sport on television. Really. If I had to choose, I’d sooner watch any other game. Poker. Bowling. Curling. Championship Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey. You name it.

  • TantoDang

    Dude is not making any sense dude.

  • BeeKaaay

    Obama is a principled man. His principles are Marxism. He has never compromised his principles.

    For those who don’t get my comment: This is not a good thing.

  • stuckinIL4now

    What a putz!

  • dennylee60

    RNC should make a commercial showing all the important events that happened on the days Obama is at the golf course.

  • el_polacko

    the whitehouse did release a statement about the egyptian election: they CONGRATULATED the muslim brotherhood !! talk about a facepalm moment !
    think of how thrilled they will be when the worldwide caliphate is established during barack hussein’s second term.

  • Forrest Sargente

    He’s setting a record…it’ll be recorded in Guinness!

  • TomJB

    5 hour session of golf? I guess Kim Jung Il’s record score of 18 will not be matched anytime soon.

  • rbeccah

    At least while He’s on the golf course we don’t have to listen to him blaming Bush for something, or telling us how great He is.