Oh, our sides!

President Obama’s account actually tweeted out a Joe Biden quote with “well said, Joe.” With what we can only assume was a straight face and straight fingers! First, are we sure Joe “What would Neil Kinnock say” Biden actually thought of it himself? Secondly, well said?


Yikes! President Obama has shown that he doesn’t understand the words in The Constitution, and now his team just exposed that they do not even know what “well said” means.

Twitter users quickly stepped in with a little lesson for the bumbling pair. Middle class also does not mean what they think it means. But, but … Amtrak and stuff!

No one is buying it.


Even Obama supporters are forced to admit the absurdity.

Men of the people? Wow, talk about out of touch.

  • traffic_robot

    If being middle class is a set of values including making repeated racist gaffes or calling a taxpayer who dares to challenge you an a-hole, then perhaps Joe is part of the middle class.

  • http://www.spacecoastconservative.com/ SpaceCoastConservative.com

    http://www.zillow.com/blog/2008-08-25/joe-bidens-house-endures-the-media-swarm/ Joe Biden’s “Middle Class” home in Delaware: Value $2,856,950 . Sorry. My middle class (lower case, apparently) home is somewhere lower than $100,000. Which puts Biden’s Middle Class way above mine. Sigh… Something to aspire to.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SRFHCDIQKBXCZVCFOLSZF44RC4 Christian_person

    the obamanation does appreciate a lie well told.

  • cscape

    Obama is history’s first PHONE-IT-IN President…… He might well have tweeted this from the Golf Course….. so, who says he isn’t doing his job? (LOL)

  • Fred Zanfardino

    Is it just me, or was that Joe Biden quote about the most vapid and convoluted bunch of drivel ever written? Has anyone ever seen a “polluted” playground? When did walking the streets safely become a class issue? Isn’t that a law enforcement issue as well as a individual person issue? Rich and poor people have crime too after all. As long as the home is nice and well cared for, why care whether you own it outright or not? Materialistic much, Joe? Does he really think people would be better off without the option and flexibility to rent a home? Using that logic, it’s better to live in a shack that you own instead of living in a nice two story home that you rent.

    And I’m sure rich people for instance owns their own own home (or several), send their kids to decent schools, walks safely through their neighborhoods and live near non-polluted (again, the hell?) playgrounds. So now Warren Buffet is middle class apparently.

    Saying being middle class (which covers a broad range of people, many who share little to nothing in common *especially* values) is a set of values is beyond stupid. Apparently to Biden the middle class is a kind of Borg Collective. But see, this is the essence of class warfare/identity politics, it arbitrarily changes mere descriptive terms for income levels into ideological castes regardless if the people involved actually agree with the ideology they are assumed to have or not.