As Twitchy reported earlier, President Obama’s newest arrogance-filled fundraising scheme tells people to forego wedding gifts in lieu of donations … to him. 

That conceit sparked the hashtag #obamafundraisingideas. The mocking could not possibly be contained in just one hashtag, spurring Twitter user and columnist @Derekhunter into starting a second one: #ObamaGiftRegistrySlogans.

Our sides can’t take much more! Still, keep them coming. It’s a hilarious way to start the weekend!


Obama says ‘all your wedding gifts belong to me,’ sparks #Obamafundraisingideas

  • HWGood

    For Obamafundraisingideas, how about a “Women of the DNC” Topless Car Wash?

    • Fred LaSor

      I just lost lunch.

    • mhojai


    • Old Patriot

      Talk about a superfund sight! “Women of the DNC” Topless Car Wash with Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Barbara Boxer, Jean Sebelius, Whassername (the Labor Secretary… Holis?), and Elizabeth Warren, among others. Maybe Rosanne Barr, Janet Garafolo, and Andrea Mitchell could drop by to add some “class”.

      • GM Roper

        Blinders, I need blinders (and maybe some eyebleach.)

      • LouAnnWatson

        you forgot the administrations beauty queen herself, janet napolitano

  • Billy___Bob

    Obama: “Give me your money and I’ll show up for the wedding photos … and wave my hand covering your face and ruin every picture!”

  • Colorado Wellington

    All your wedding gift are belong to us.

    • Jane Plain

      Gifts are ME

      • Mike Rogers

        Or “thieves are us”

  • palintologist

    Like the invite said: Who needs another gravy BOWL?

    • Acajoe

      Right, he wants the whole damn train.

    • hutch1200

      Gotta be a bundler to get on the Gravy Train. Otherwise, it’s US in hot water w/a bullion cube.

    • Mike Rogers

      When you can be on the people’s gravy train for life!

  • juliusstahl

    Dear God, and I thought Romney had a tin ear.

  • Gina Short Gentry

    Give me your Job your House your Car. And i’ll make sure you have no food stamps no cash assistance and no retirement. You fell for it the first time.

    • hutch1200

      Well I lost my dilling job, even though a judge mandated opening the Gulf twice. Maybe the EPA is hiring, as they seem to be busy closing proven energy production down. My house is undewater and I’m using my Volt rebate to rebuild my detatched garage, after the fire. I’ll split all my scratch-off losings w/you!

  • ss396

    Barack Obama
    [email protected]

    “Hell no.” http://OFA.BO/sb9s3P

    10:09 AM – 20 Jun 12

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  • Armando

    #ObamaGiftRegistrySlogans How else can 3 months’ salary last for another four years?

  • Patrick_McHargue

    It’s not really YOUR money anyway…

  • BabaTutu

    At some point, you’ve had enough wedding presents.

  • Dave Clark

    Loss a tooth? Give Obama the dollar.

  • Dave Clark

    You had a baby? Give Obama the money. Your new baby can go without.

  • Dave Clark

    Don’t spread the wealth around … send it to Obama.

  • Dave Clark

    Stop paying your mortgage … send it to Obama .. he will payoff your loan when elected.

  • DavidKramer

    #ObamaGiftRegistrySlogans maybe we should bring back that jus primae noctis

    • Jane Plain

      Well, MO said Bosnatch is our husband, ya know?

      • DavidKramer


  • Frank DiSalle

    In lieu of contributions to the Obama campaign, make a donation to … ME !

  • effinayright

    Some future suggestions from Moochelle:

    “It’s patriotic to recycle. So when your obese Grandma passes, yank out those gold crowns she got through Medicaid, and send them to us”.

    “Hock your Rock for Barack”

  • Mike Rogers

    Raise funds for America: sell Obama to Venezuela as a standin for Hugo Chavez

  • JFrary

    I see an opportunity for some substantial economies here. I plan to send word to everyone on my Christmas list that I’ve sent Obama a pre-emptive Christmas gift in lieu of something for them. They will have no way of checking.